Kim Namjoon aka RM, a koala demon, extremely extremely intelligent but are considered one of the weakest type of demons

Kim Seokjin aka Jin, a naga, extremely beautiful beings but also extremely possessive of what they consider theirs

Min Yoongi aka Suga, a nekomata, they loves sleeping in a sunny spot more than anything and they also are more possessive than nagas

Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope, a fallen angel, aren't really different than normal angels except that they were fallen and had their magic corrupted with the burning of their wings (to becomme a fallen angel, other angels have to deem them as sinners, then they will put the sinner angel's wings on fire by using a type of hellish fire, making them go black and damaging them forever, the hellish fire also becone one with their magic, corrupting it) (Hoseok was deemed a sinner because one of his soul mates is considered a dark crearure, he didn't actually do anything deserving being fallen)

Park Jimin aka Jiminie, a kitsune, sly and cunning beings who, when loving someone, will love them until their own death, extremely protective of their loved ones

Kim Taehyung aka V, a merman, loving and quirky beings, are extremely beautiful beings with magneficient voices, aren't the same as siren who look more fish than humans

Jeon Jungkook aka JK, a born vampire, born vampire are very different from their bitten relatives, by example, they don't burn in the sun, they don't go crazy at the smell of blood, they aren't white as a sheet and unlike bitten vampire, they don't need to drink blood every few days, instead they only need to drink blood every century, unless they have found their soulmate from whom they can take blood whenever they want


RM : all-know, it allows him, when using it, to know everything, and destruction magic

Jin : healing magic and lightning element

Suga : Seer, telepath, legiliment, occlument, telekinesis

J-Hope : necromancy (it came with his corrupting) and empath

Jiminie : fire and wind element, illusion

V : water and earth element, magical voice

JK : blood magic and mind control

Soul Bond

JK/Suga/J-Hope are soulmates with Suga as the submissive

V/Jin are soulmates with V as the submissive

Jiminie/RM are soulmates with RM as the submissive


Lord Seokjin of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Kim with his Consort Taehyung

Lord Jimin of the Most Ancient and Royal House of Park with his Consort Namjoon

Lord Hoseok of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Jung with his Consorts Yoongi and Jungkook

Lord Jungkook of the Most Ancient and Royal House of Jeon with his Consorts Hoseok and Yoongi

Lord Yoongi of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Min, of the Most Ancient and Most Imperial House of LeFey and Emrys with his Consorts Jungkook and Hoseok

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