A/N:This is the last chapter of my Christmas story before we go back to normalcy and as we left off our Christmas Party, Bart had to be inviting his friends over as they get to party as they get to make sure as they could get as they might had to celebrate as they could, Will Bart get it under control? Only one way to find out.

Story 3:Bart's Christmas Party Gone Wrong

Chapter 3:A Big disater

As Jenda get to Bart, she asked "Bart?" As she looked in the bathroom. "Bart, are you okay?"

"Oh Jenda, how could I throw a big Christmas party if there's no way that they could celebrate responsibly?" It's uncanny."

"I know bart, but they're are our friends and sure they don't know how to celebrate it right but they get to have fun and live with jt."

"Look, I know the party has gone off to an unusual start but if you can try to have some fun, I think that you're going to have a great time."

"And what you make so sure that we're going to do it?"

"Well, I bet that we could get to make sure that if you could get the party to make it a one to remember, I bet that we can do anything together." And so, they get up as they can. "You're right, maybe that we could get the right key, and I bet that we could get a chance as they get to celebrate with our friends."

And so, they get back to the party as possible.

As they get inside, they're having fun as they get to make sure as they had to make sure that the party can go without a hitch.

"Bart," Said Homer as he comes to him. "Don't tell the Kids Next Door but I think that I took one of the ugly sweaters." As it turns out that Numbuh 3 screams as she gets to chase him. "Come back with my ugly sweater!" As Bart get to Daffy. "Listen here Bartman, I went to a lot of Christmas parties in my past but yours has never been so incredibly entertaining with that rabbit." As Bugs appear. "What's Up Doc?" Asked Bugs. "You're Discpicble." Daffy said to Bugs.

As Suzie Charmichel gets to announce the part of the party. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to take it slow with the couples as we get to give them a dance to the couples." As we see Danny and Sam, Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4, Mickey and Minnie and Bugs and Lola dance as Bart get to do the same.

"You know Bart, you're quite the dancer." said Jenda. "You're not so bad yourself." Replied Bart. As they see the mistletoe under them, they get to know that Manny and Frieda was looking at the same. "I think that we should-" asked Manny nervously. "Kiss? Well, I haven't done that since you and your dad and grandpapi had defeated every super villain."

"That's true Frieda," said Manny. "Of course, if I haven't become El Tigre in the first place, you were never able to see it."

"Oh Manny." Said Frieda as she giggled.

As Bart gets up the microphone, he announced "Okay everyone, it's time to one one present now and get to open it the next day!" As the other toons get to cheer, they get to go their presents as they get to see that Homer get to open up his present first as he get to open up as he reveal his working dummy.

"Oh this is great, my very own working dummy," he said. "Now that I can get it at home as well as I can be at work, and just was well, I bet that I can take it to work and then leave it there as I can work in my get rich schemes.

As Homer goes into his fantasy.

(Homer's POV)

And then, I can make money faster as I could get, and then I could get this as far as they knew that I could be at two places at once and then I can treat !arge out for dinner every week.

(End POV)

"Homer?" said Bart's voice in his mom's head. "Yes my sweetheart?" As Bart snaps him back into reality. " Homer!"

"Well that's nothing to my giftl" said Rodolfo as he gets to open up as he has got new business clothes. "Well, will you look at that," he said. "my new business clothes."

"I don't know Dad," said Manny. "They're the same ones from before."

"I know and now that I'm retired as the White Pandera, I'll tell you how am I going to be continue my normal life." As he goes into his dream.

(Rolodlfo's POV)

It was that Manny's old enough to save the day as El Tigre, I had to go to work as I get to pay my Bill's, then I receive a promotion , and then Maria and I get to take a nice long vacation.

(End Pov)

As Rolodofo came as he said "Sorry everyone, I guess that I don't know my own imagination." "Spoken like a true finally retired superhero." Said Maria. "I don't know why ai remarried you." "Yes you do."

"Okay." As Maria quickly smiled.

"Okay everyone, I think ifyou want to be celebrating Christmas, then you'll have to come back to a follow up Christmas party." said Bart as Numbuh 3 came in. "Okay, I think that you might get to see I got a story that you won't soon forget."

As we go into a story where she and her teammates get to see that they could get them off the naughty list. "Okay team," said Numbuh 1. "We need to get those elves to understand that we don't get to be on the naughty list, we've been framed and I bet that we had to get Santa to clear our names."

And so, Sector "V" had to force the elves to get some answers as they get to make it so the could get back to the nice list.

As they had to go through struggle, they get to make to use their way as they happen that they got to Santa just in time.

"All right Santa, you better to make sure if we're on the nice list becuase we've been framed and we want to be on the nice list."

As Santa get to make sure that he had to make sure that, then the results are clear, they are on the nice list.

As the kids cheered, they get to celebrate as Homer gets her back into reality.

"Now you know that story is reducious and you know that doesn't make any sense." Homer replied.

"You weren't even there." Numbuh 4 told Homer. "Yeah, it was official Kids-Next-Door Business." Said Numbuh 2.

"Okay everyone, I think that we could be that we could be that we could beat the snow and then we-"

"Snow?" Daffy replied as he goes into his Sales duck uniform. "My ideal as you is to make it snow is to kale that snow maker machine." As he get to show the machine as he knew that he can demonstrate. "That's very nice but I don't think that would be necessary because I think that-"

"And just to be preventing into you, I'll demonstrate." As he gets to use the machine get to make it so he could get it as he gets to working as he might had to cause it to go out of control as the machine goes wild.

As Manny turns himself into El Tigre, he gets to hold on with Daffy's machine as he gets to stop it as he gets to stop it as he gets to put it into a halt.

As they looked into an awkward silence, Bart determined that he had to fail. "I guess that my Christmas didn't go as I thought, huh? I'm sorry everyone."

Just then, Jenda get to see that snow was falling from the outside. "Hey everybody, it's snowing outside!" As they get to take a look as they get to see that from the night sky that the snow is falling. "Well what do you know, I guess that it's turning out to be the best Christmas after all, huh Jenda?"

"The best." As she kissed him. "Ooh, nice kiss." As Frieda pointed out "Ooh, look! It's Santa!" As they get to see him riding in his sleigh with his 8 Raindeer as he laughed.

"Thanks for putting me and my friends into the nice list from that year Santa!" Numbuh 3 cried out as she waved as a message gave out to everyone out there "Happy Holidays" as we take a close up to Guardian angel Milhouse got his wings all right, but more of them eating kind. "I just wanted wings on my back, not to have them." "Milhouse, you wanted wings, you got wings."

"But how come that the baby ghosts got some toys?" He asked. "One thing for sure, we love toys." Said Tommy Ghost as they get to play them.

The End

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