Ruby's apartment maybe a bit too big for her personally. Three bedrooms, a living room that's connected the dining room, a modest kitchen and a clean bathroom. She used to live with her biological father and half-sister but now, they left her alone, until they return from where they were visiting. Probably Yang's mother, who had been living away from them. Ruby let out a small sigh, taking the spare key hidden under a large plant box filled with small flowers. She never bothered carrying a copy of her own key with her, believing that one day she'll lose them and get in trouble for it.

Ruby lazily inserted the small silver house key and unlocking and pushing the door with a grunt, as the warm air rushed out to greet her. Her eyes furrowed, not wanting the heat getting her sweaty. She hurried inside and turned on the air conditioner. Her father always warned her to not use the appliance too much because of how expensive the electricity bill is, but today, she has to make an exception. Her guest will be coming over soon and Ruby had to impress her somehow. Not that the guest hasn't been there before. They're known each other for so many years that Ruby's father even attempted to give the guest a spare key. She was glad that the offer was politely declined.

Inside the living room, a comfy five-seater couch that was shaped like an 'L' occupied most of the space, with a small wooden coffee table placed between the television fixed to the wall and the couch. A stack of books, including the sisters' old high school yearbook sitting near the edge of the table, right beside a small cactus. Good thing that her dad brought Zweii with them or otherwise, she would have to deal with cleaning the furry dog's stray fur flying about. Crashing down on the sofa, Ruby glanced over the assortment of picture frames placed on top of another table under the television. Pictures of her deceased mom, her whole family, her friends from high school and her most prized picture of all, her picture with Weiss, the woman she fell in love with. It was a set of smaller pictures. There was a picture of the two of them hugging each other, kissing each other with a small caption of "Together forever and ever" signed by none other than Weiss herself. Ruby let out a small chuckle, despite how Weiss usually acts; strict, bossy and cold, deep down, she's such a sweetheart. And she was lucky to have met her.

"That reminds me, I need to get ready for her." Ruby immediately stood up, and fired up her computer which was right on the living room. With her having the whole apartment to herself, she moved her entire computer set to the living room instead of her room so she can just play there and does most of her writing without having the idea of sleep get to her. After sitting at the old squeaky chair, she immediately logged in her credentials and inserted her flash drive to one of the USB ports. With Weiss having a rough time on her studies, she convinced Weiss to let her help by getting plenty of source material for Weiss to print and study with and placed a sneaky picture of the two of them, for remembrance.

Her phone vibrated as soon as she was done pasting the files onto the flash drive, with Weiss' name written on the screen. Ruby immediately went outside and let her guest in.

"Hey Weiss." Ruby greeted with a smile, seemingly mesmerized by the beauty of the "Ice Queen", dubbed lovingly by her sister.

"Good afternoon, Ruby. And why are you even greeting me? We were together just 10 minutes ago." Weiss smirked at her as she casually in small strides inside the apartment.

"I know, hehe." Ruby replied as she locked the door, "You know how I am with greeting you every day."

"You do have a point there." Weiss agreed with her as she sat down on the couch, slouching comfortably. It was this type of mannerisms and actions that no other people managed to see, except Ruby.

"So you want some water, Weiss?" Ruby asked, her hand on the refrigerator door and serving Weiss a glass of water even before she said yes. Weiss mumbled an affirmative, eyes and hands busy on her phone, while smiling from time to time. Ruby felt a bit lonely as she sat beside Weiss, carefully not to impede on the smiling woman's privacy. After being bored in a few minutes, a stray thought came into Ruby's mind. Ruby looked at Weiss, who was now lying on her stomach, still smiling and giggling from whatever she's doing. Ruby stood up and approached Weiss carefully, "Hey, Weiss, do you want me to give you a massage?" she whispered.

Weiss looked back at her with smile and nodded and went back to her phone. Ruby placed her hands on to Weiss shoulders and did her best to massage them. She felt them tense up from time to time, but when she messaged them, they became loose and relaxed. Meaning that she was doing a good job. Then she started to move her hands down the woman's back, pressing with her thumbs gently yet firmly just right along the spine. Weiss let out a small sigh, a sound that didn't escape Ruby's hearing. Taking it as a sign that she has done an excellent job, she stopped for a second to stand up. Weiss looked over her shoulder, "Why did you stop?" Weiss asked, almost whining from the sudden disappearance of the massaging hands.

Ruby simply walked to one of the drawers near the bedrooms and took out a small bottle of massaging oil and went back to her position on the sofa, "Can I?" she asked, her hands hovering over Weiss.

"You may."

Ruby lifted Weiss' shirt, just enough for her hands to reach the whole back of the slim woman. Ruby continued her massage, repeating her actions from earlier while making sure that she doesn't ruin the bra straps Weiss was wearing. Weiss let out louder sighs, voicing out some coherent words from time to time like "Oh. . ." and "Yes. . ."

"So this will be 1000 lien, but since I love you, it'll be discounted and will only cost 500 lien." Ruby joked, as she rubbed her fingers while moving down from the tip of her neck and down to the small of her back.

"You're too expensive for these kinds of services you know." Weiss drawled out, eyes a little hazy from too much relaxation.

"I'm giving you the best service that I can give you Weiss so be happy." Ruby retorted back, sticking her tongue out even if Weiss wouldn't be able to see it. Weiss' reply was a sharp exhale, and immediately reached over her back and undid the straps of her bra and taking off her shirt fully, placing the articles of clothing on the coffee table. Ruby's mouth was agape, her hands completely still as Weiss laid back down, hiding her face with her arms crossed.

"You're not massaging me. Do it." Weiss drawled out again, taking Ruby out of her trance and went back to her job. This time, with full access to her whole back, Ruby redoubled her efforts on massaging her. And the silent moans that was coming out of Weiss' mouth was indeed a bonus. With the oil almost gone from her hands, Ruby picked up the small bottle, reapplied a moderate amount of it, and rubbed her hands together. But when she looked back, she was no longer looking at the bare pale back of Weiss. She was now staring at cold ice blue eyes staring back at her with a healed scar running across from her left brow all the way down to her left cheek. Her red lips completely still. Ruby's eyes trailed down as she tried to close her eyes but what she saw was forever burned into her mind. Weiss was laying there with nothing but her pants on, arms right beside her and the whole view of Weiss' supple breasts. Her pink erect nipples almost teasing Ruby to open her eyes, but she refused to do so.

"You forgot to massage my tummy, Ruby. So please, continue." Weiss' voice started to sound a little dreamy, but regardless, Ruby placed her hands on Weiss' stomach and massaged her. With her eyes closed. Using her mind, she had a perfect image of where Weiss' breasts would be, did her best to avoid massaging them, and moved her hands just above them, massaging her clavicle with her thumbs, even if she didn't know whether she should do so or not.

Weiss never stopped letting out those moans, but they were grunts more often than not. Ruby spread the oil across the flat yet toned abs of the naked woman and traced her fingers between her breasts, as if separating them, "Alright, what else do you want me to massage?" Ruby asked, despite panicking slightly, not wanting to sound horny to Weiss.

Weiss shifted over and lied back flat on her stomach while unbuttoning her pants and slid them completely off, now only wearing a pale blue pair of panties that covered her taut yet supple ass. Ruby opened her eyes when she heard the movement of clothing. Her eyes widened and did not bother to stop looking at the teasing sway of the heiress' sexy ass.

"You can massage my thighs next please." Weiss replied without looking at Ruby and a small wiggle of her ass. Ruby gulped and placed her hands Weiss' long smooth legs and caressed them firmly. She rubbed her arms across the smooth yet fit thighs, obvious that the fencing did well on the heiress' body figure. As she spread her hands across the tempting skin, she could feel the increasing wetness between her own legs. Ruby shut her thighs together to try to contain herself but with what she's doing, she couldn't help herself. Yet she continued her massage. Her hands reached the bottom of the cheeks poking slightly out of the panties. Once she did, she moved her hands down the inside of her thighs, and her fingers grazed Weiss' core, eliciting a low moan. Ruby stopped and checked on her fingers, which was surprisingly damp and she looked at Weiss' panty covered pussy.

The pale blue panties were definitely ruined by the dark color sign of wetness from Weiss. A sharp exhale came out of Ruby as she noticed Weiss' hands reached over hers and placed them underneath the panties and on the bare skin of her soft bouncy ass.

"Touch me." Weiss cooed lowering her panties slightly that the crack could be seen. Ruby stopped moving, making Weiss look over her shoulder once more. Ruby's head was looking down, avoiding looking at anything at all. Weiss turned back around and gently tapped Ruby's hands.

"Ruby? What is it?" Weiss asked with genuine curiosity. Ruby raised her head, just so that her could be seen by Weiss.

"Are you sure you want this, Weiss?" Ruby's voice was low that Weiss barely heard it, but nodded and rested her arms on Ruby's hips.

"I want this. Do you want this?" Weiss prompted, her fingers lifting Ruby's shirt and hugged on to her bare hips.

Ruby stopped trying to control herself, sat on top of Weiss, and moved closed to Weiss' face; "Kiss me, Weiss." which Weiss happily did. Once their lips touched, every emotion Ruby felt magnified through her kisses, as if she's letting Weiss know how much she missed and wanted her. The loud smacking of their lips seemingly vibrated off the walls and was music to Ruby's ears. Ruby pressed herself closer, feeling the surprising warmth of Weiss' body, using her right hand to grabbed Weiss' hair and pulled her head closer, deepening the kiss. Ruby licked the bottom of Weiss' lips, asking for permission to enter, with a greeting of Weiss' own tongue meeting hers in a dance of passion.

"Oh I've missed you, Weiss. . ." Ruby moaned out as she pulled away from the kiss and placed her lips on Weiss' neck, leaving small kisses as she trailed down to her collarbones. Weiss let out a moan, pushing her chest out as Ruby continued her kisses down towards her breasts. Ruby placed her hand on one of the breasts, cupping them and using her fingers to pinch the erect nipple while sucking on the other one. Weiss' moans was getting louder now, as she let out a hiss while Ruby sucked on her nipples harder, biting it a little that caused Weiss to throw her head back in pained pleasure, just like she usually do.

Weiss took a hold of the hand that was pinching her nipples and dragged it towards her moist and waiting pussy, sliding her panties out of the way and coaxed Ruby to please her, "Please Ruby. . ." Weiss almost begged as her wish was given to her immediately, her clit being massaged in a circular motion, with varying speeds as Ruby switched which tit she had been sucking on. Ruby could feel the sweet nectar spread on her fingers gushing out of Weiss' hot core as she moved back up to give Weiss another harsh kiss.

Pulling away with a loud smack, the two girls panted as they stared at each other's eyes, waiting for someone to take a move. Ruby nibbled on Weiss' left ear and whispered, "Bedroom?" Weiss simply nodded and stood up and pulled Ruby in an embraced as they stumbled to Ruby's bedroom. A rather clean room decorated with red rose petals and a single bed with soft pillows and warm blankets. As soon as their knees touched the base of the bed, Ruby pushed Weiss down the bed, kneeled down, and pulled Weiss' panties off of her legs completely. Before Weiss could ask for something, a wave of pleasure came to her as Ruby licked her wet pussy, dragging her tongue on the waiting lips and flicking the clit with her tongue. Weiss moaned her name, grabbing a fistful of her hair as Ruby continued to eat her out, just like they did before. After a series of loud moans and heavy breathing, Ruby trailed her kisses up further, leaving small hickeys on Weiss' stomach and neck before kissing her again.

"Weiss, I want you so badly. . ." Ruby breathed, trying to take off her own clothes and joining Weiss on the bed. As soon as her white bra came off, her round chests bouncing slightly with dark brown areolas hiding her inverted nipples. Weiss sat up straight and pulled her panties roughly, a thin trail of cum flowing from her unshaved pussy to her soiled rose-patterned panties. Weiss slip her fingers in on her pussy, coaxing the fluids out of her, making Ruby cry out in pleasure. It had been so so long.

"Ruby. . ." Weiss moaned as she kept fingering her, each thrust producing more cum, completely drenching Ruby's soft thighs. Having enough of it, Ruby pushed Weiss down once more and locked their legs together, making sure that both their cores are rubbing off on each other. Both girls grinded on each other as they clung onto their legs for support. Ruby kept screaming for Weiss as the heiress grinded back harder.

"Fuck, Ruby! It's been so long! Fuck me more!" Weiss moaned out desperately and pulled Ruby into another heated kiss as they kept scissoring each other as they both approach their limit.

"Weiss, I'm gonna cum!" Ruby screamed as she nuzzled back onto Weiss' slender neck. Hips buckling in preparation for her release.

"Me too Ruby, let's finish together!" Weiss held onto her tightly as their speed increased, desperate to reach euphoria that soon came on time as they both screamed into the heavens, as their fluids flushed down their sopping wet pussies and splattered on Ruby's bed. They slowly rode the waves of pleasure and untangling from one another after the last burst of pleasure came and gone. Weiss felt so tired that she crashed back onto the bed, with Ruby draped over her both equally fatigued. Both of their breaths came to a steady rate as they looked at each other's eyes and smiled. Weiss closed her eyes and smiled, happy with what just happened. Ruby on the other hand. . .

"Weiss, I'm sorry." Ruby muttered. Weiss opened her eyes to look at Ruby's face, but she couldn't, because she shifted her body facing away from Weiss.

"What are you sorry for Ruby?"

"I. . . Did not want to confuse you Weiss. I don't regret what happened, because it was amazing. But I want you to know that I did it not because of lust, but because I love you dearly. So please give me a chance." Ruby hugged Weiss, nuzzling her face onto her neck once again. Weiss simply patted her back, rubbing small circles with her right index finger. Her eyes widened when Ruby's breath started to hitch.

"Are you crying?"

"I'm sorry. . . Please. . . Let me try again." Ruby begged her.

Ruby waited for Weiss to respond, crying silently on the older woman's embrace, "You dolt, of course I'll give you a chance. . . Just don't think that what happened means a sign that you'll get what you want Ruby, but I will think about it. . . Please be patient with me, okay?" Ruby can't help but feel happy with Weiss had decided. She tightened her hug and graciously thanked Weiss numerous times. Even though she felt empty. Even if it probably meant something else. But she can't help it. She loves her dearly that she'll end up forgiving Weiss one day and accept her again in her life. And this time, she'll make sure that she won't let her go, not after being together with her for more than five years.

Weiss' phone lit up, taking her attention to Ruby for a moment, "Ruby, why don't you go wash for a bit, I want another round." she smirked and was greeted back with another smile.

"Sure thing Weiss, be right back!" Ruby giggled as she sped off to wash her sweaty body in the bathroom. Weiss sat up from the bed and opened the phone to read the message.

'Have fun today my baby, talk to you later. Love – Blake.' Sent by her girlfriend along with a selfie of Weiss and said girlfriend kissing.

Weiss smiled and with a blush on her face, she replied to her girlfriend, 'Thank you my baby, hugs and kisses to you. I love you.' and closed her phone as Ruby entered the room and straddled Weiss for another round of sex.

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