Weiss was lying down on her soft bed, the blanket is strewn across the lower half of her body, face flushed and eyes glued to the screen of her phone, held in place by her right hand. Weiss let out a sigh, beads of sweat dripping down from her eyebrows and down to her cheek, her breathing becoming ragged and feeling the strain on her arm, but it didn't stop her fingers from entering back and forth from her needy hole, desperate for release.

"Come on. . . So. . . Close. . !" she gasped, biting her lips in excitement as the two figures in the video picked up the pace. One of them climbed on top of the other and forced their face between the legs of the other, who struggled to return the favor. Over the course of the time she broke up with Ruby, this was always her go-to video to release some stress, which was taken during Weiss' birthday. Despite typing out her desires and sent them as a message to Ruby and then immediately deleting them, Weiss was already happy with the greeting she sent her. She doesn't need to have Ruby be confused with her.

Seeing that the video was coming to an end, Weiss fucked herself using three fingers, the warm liquid lubricating them with each entry, as waves of pleasure reach all over her body. Finally, her arm got tired and she let the phone fall on her pillow, way above her head, and closed her eyes. Her left arm snaked its way to her chest, pinching and pulling on the aroused nipple through her shirt. Weiss no longer tried to suppress the moans, as she fingered herself to orgasm. Her ears could hear the moans both her and Ruby were making and it made her even more aroused than normal. "Yes. . . Oh, Ruby. . ." Weiss moaned as she could feel herself close to her limit.

The video came to an end as both girls screamed and sounds of labored breaths. "So close. . ." Weiss cried out, as she twisted and pulled her nipple harder, in sync with her other fingers as the final sound of the recording echoed out to Weiss' head.

"I love you, Weiss, forever and always." Ruby's voice said, as Weiss' body arched back, her pussy exploded with her cum, her clit too sensitive to touch. Weiss tried to hold her scream, but it was still loud enough that her whole room was just filled with her moan as she rode through her orgasm. Tired, she slowly let her fingers out of her pussy, dripping wet, and let it simply lie on her stomach, breathing slowly to calm herself down.

'Why do I always need to rely on Ruby for pleasure. . ?' Weiss thought to herself, listening to the thumps of her heartbeat. Her mind kept arguing with itself, trying to think of any reason as to why. Was it because Ruby was the first person to give her that type of pleasure? If so, then that's just lust.

'Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?' Weiss thought, kicking off the blanket covering her lower body and sat straight up. All her life, she believes that you are in love if you desire them and that lust is when you only want them physically. But what does that make her situation? Was she lusting over Ruby while she's in love with Blake? While she kept thinking and thinking of an answer, she could feel that she wasn't satisfied, Weiss needed more. She needed someone to hold her while she screamed in pleasure. She needed someone to kiss her as their touch burn with desire. She needed this.

With her mind finally set on getting what she needs, she picked up her phone again, open up the contacts, and scrolled down to find Blake's number, coincidentally labeled as "Blakey Baby" as she thought it was cute. As she was about to press the call button, she saw another contact right above Blake's; "Baby". Weiss paused, unable to press call for Blake, as her breath hitched and her pussy dripped with increasing wetness. A voice crept up from behind her, Weiss felt goosebumps on her arms, "Call her, Weiss. Y'know you want to."

"Ruby?!" Weiss immediately turned around and found nothing. Just her empty room, her bed messy, and the bedsheet came undone from her masturbation earlier. Weiss calmed down, convinced it was her imagination, and looked back at her phone again.

"Weiss. . . You're about to call the wrong person. Y'know who you want to call. Do it."

Weiss was shocked again, but instead of acting crazy trying to find the disembodied voice, she let out a sigh and replied, "I don't know what you're talking about. You're not real and I am in control of my decisions."

"And yet, you're hesitating. You can't lie to yourself."

"There's nothing to lie about, I am simply going crazy. I don't love Ruby anymore, I love Blake and Blake's my girlfriend now. . . Not Ruby. . ."

"Then why is it that when you and Blake have sex, you're not fully satisfied. You always end up masturbating more than usual after she leaves. And don't forget what video you were watching earlier."

Weiss was getting upset now, she could feel tears stinging her eyes, she always hated whenever she felt unsure about anything, but she did what she had to do. She was unhappy, "I am just lusting over Ruby, that's all."

Weiss suddenly felt a pair of warm arms wrapping around her waist, letting out a yelp before turning around. Her eyes widened at the person, or rather, the image of the source of her doubt, "Ru-Ruby? Why are you here. . . You're not real, right?" Her voice was faltering, and yet she doesn't know why.

"Don't be silly Weiss, of course I'm not real, but I'm always here for you. Forever." 'Ruby' assured her, touching her cheek, wiping away the tears, making Weiss feel even more confused but safe for somewhat reason.

Weiss let out a soft chuckle, closed her eyes, and touched the hand on her cheek, "And always, right?" Weiss finished before opening her eyes and found 'Ruby' gone in her room. She looked down and found the phone on the floor, lit up, and still showing Blake's contact number. But with a renewed resolve, she swiped up and clicked on Ruby's contact instead. She would have to deal with her growing confusion on what she feels, but for now, she needs Ruby.

Ruby was having a good time. Not only her friends are here, albeit some of them aren't around, they were good at keeping the sadness at bay. And she gets to stare at the man meat that is her best friend. And there lies the problem. Ruby had been staring at Jaune as if he was a piece of meat. He's her best friend and she doesn't even love him or anything. But why is she starting to think about how she wants him to take control and show her true pleasure?

Ruby sighed in frustration, wiping off the droplets of water she sprayed her face with. A part of her mind says it's not like she hates what's happening, that it was just weird for her. A part of her vehemently disagrees. That this is very terrible and it will not end well for her and Weiss. The thing that happened between her and Pyrrha was bad enough, she won't risk it again by flirting Jaune. Not that it's a bad thing because maybe having fun with Jaune would be terrible, especially if he gets to domi-

"Nope, nope, nope, nope!" Ruby slapped herself hard enough to leave a small red mark on her cheek, as the sound resonated off the walls of the restroom, "You're fine Ruby, you're not going to do that because you're fine! It's just a small phase you're going through, it'll pass soon. Jaune is your friend, and you want Weiss. You want only Weiss." Ruby spoke manically in front of the mirror, before a loud tone of her phone snapped her out, making her yelp. Ruby quickly opened her phone and saw that the caller was Weiss, with her picture showing up on the screen with the label "Weissy Baby".

"He-hey Weiss, what's up?" Ruby replied awkwardly, trying to make herself sound as if she wasn't excited to hear from her.

"Hello Ruby, are you free today?" asked Weiss, any emotion was barely noticeable, but from Ruby's perspective, she was delighted as well.

"Uhm yeah, I was just hanging out with the gang, eating nachos and stuff. . . Why you ask?"

"I was just wondering if you'd like to watch a movie with me?"

Ruby was very elated, more time to spend with Weiss was more chances of getting back together with her, but for now, she has to make sure that she doesn't sound way too interested, "I'd love to, where should we watch and what movie are we watching?"

She heard Weiss cough softly, making Ruby a bit more curious why Weiss took a while to answer, ". . . We'll be watching in my house, I made sure that my schedule is completely free so there'll be no one to disturb us for a few hours. Is that okay with you?"

Ruby immediately answered enthusiastically, no longer caring she sounded excited, "Of course! I'll be there in a few minutes, see ya later, Weiss."

Weiss giggled softly, making Ruby's heart soar with emotions, "Glad to hear that. See you soon." and hung up.

Clutching the phone close to her chest, Ruby took a deep breath and said thanks to every god she knows for the chance. 'Maybe this is the chance I was waiting for!' despite being moody earlier this morning, all of that disappeared with just a simple invitation from Weiss. Ruby knows that she shouldn't hold hope, but maybe, just maybe, everything will turn out fine in the end.

"Hey, Ruby." Nora suddenly greeted, making Ruby yelp for another time in surprise.

"Dust, you scared me, Nora, wh-what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came to check up on you because you were taking too long, is everything okay?" Nora replied, her eyes showing the clear concern, as well as something else bothering her.

"Ye-y-yeah, everything's okay, sorry for making you guys worry." Ruby replied, Nora, sighing in relief and smiled at her and decided it was the best time to apologize to Nora, "Actually Nora, I was just about to talk to you privately. . ."


"Nora, I'm sorry I slapped you last night!" Ruby raised her voice, bowing her head in shame, to which Nora immediately tried to pull Ruby up.

"Whoa, Rubbles, no need to apologize for that, I mean, sure that apology was kinda warranted but I was just surprised. And besides, I should say sorry for saying those mean things about Weiss. Despite what she did to you, she's still important to you and I should respect that. Sorry, Ruby." Nora rubbed the back of her head, her other hand outstretched, reaching for Ruby to shake hands with. Ruby shook her head and pulled Nora for a hug, "So I guess that's that huh? Friends?"

"Of course, we'll always be friends!" Ruby cheered, "You're one of my closest friends after all and I am thankful for your support. And I promise I won't do anything stupid anymore. Promise." Ruby held her hug tighter, intent to make sure that Nora got her sincere apology. Although it may not be a good idea to mention that she plans to meet up with Weiss later. Knowing how protective Nora can be, it was best to keep it a secret. So with a quick joke about something entirely different, the two girls giggled and walked out of the restrooms and back to their tables. The two men with them looked at them with curious gazes, that changed to smiles when they saw Ruby and Nora sharing a laugh.

"So, what's up? You guys were laughing quite loud earlier." Jaune asked, his muscular arms placed on the table, making her think if she can survive a harsh spanking with his wide hands, simply curious with what happened. Ren simply nodded, looking at his girlfriend for answers.

"Oh, it was nothing, just girl talk. Stop being nosy." Nora nonchalantly explained, giving a small wink to Ruby who giggled in return. The two men simply shrugged, sharing a smile to themselves, as she wonders if Jaune talked about how hot would it be to tag team Ruby, knowing that the two will not say anything about it.

"It's okay, now that the food is all and done, what do we do next? There's a really cool movie we can watch!" Jaune suggested, pulling out his phone to show the poster for the movie he was talking about. Their two friends nodded, with Nora squealing happily.

"Awesome~! It's the perfect film, with guts and gore!" Nora exclaimed as she slammed her hands on the table. Jaune looked like he was about to puke by the mere thought of the gory details of what Nora imagines. Thankfully Ren was there to help control his girlfriend's excitement. Ruby was almost tempted to join them, but there were more pressing matters.

"S-Sorry guys, I need to go now, actually. My dad asked me to do something while they're still away." Ruby nervously chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck. Her friends looked worried, as she was usually always available when they have these get-togethers. Thankfully, smiles returned to their faces.

"It's fine Ruby, but you gotta remember that you need to make it up to us next time!" Jaune reassuringly said, putting the smaller woman at ease, but it didn't help that Ruby still felt a little guilty. 'I shouldn't be so guilty, right? I mean I'm just about to hang-out with Weiss. . . As if something will happen between me and her again. . .' Nora gave her a knowing look but hid it behind a smile. 'Aw crap.'

"Yeah it's alright Rubbles, there's always next time. Be sure to get ready for a whole day of fun next time!" Nora loudly proclaimed with a cackle which was never a good sign. The group of friends stood up, leaving a small tip for the good meal, and walked out of the cafe, sighing and rubbing their full tummies. Ruby let her gaze wander over the rest of her friends, letting out a small smile as they laugh at a joke Jaune shared, making it even harder to resist getting turned on by the sound of his husky voice making her glad that everything seems to be getting better already. 'What the hell is happening with me?!' Ruby screamed in her head but still kept the smile on her face. She'll need to think about this as soon as she gets home. But for now, Weiss is her top priority.

The group decided to wait for the bus with Ruby before they head for the cinemas, sitting down on the bench as they continue their conversation. Ruby tried to join in but couldn't look at Jaune without blushing. She thanked the heavens that the bus arrived sooner than expected, at least she doesn't have to keep thinking about her friend as if he's a tasty snack that she'd love to devour along with his big fat co-

"B-bus is here!" Ruby spluttered out, face tinged red with the absurd yet wel'cumming' thoughts that flooded her head. Ruby stood up and pulled her hoodie closer to her body, forcing a smile on her pale pink lips. Nora stood up as well and gave Ruby a tight hug, almost crushing the girl's ribcage with how tight it was. 'At least she's acting normal again with me.'

"Do you really need to go, Ruby?" asked Ren, which surprised Ruby to some degree but it made her smile since ever since she's met Ren, he has always been the cool and the quiet friend within the group. Ruby patted Nora on the shoulder to get some much-needed air.

"Y-yeah, sorry, but it'll be my treat next time," Ruby answered sadly, but her smile quickly returned, "I promise!" and with the biggest grin she could muster, the rest of her friends smiled back.

"Then take care, Ruby. Stay safe." Ren extended his hand, forming it into a fist, which Ruby bumped happily. Nora hugged her again, but quickly let her go as Jaune approached Ruby.

Ruby felt her whole body warm up as Jaune gave her a hug. Ruby felt like she was on fire as she squeezed her thighs shut to prevent the growing wetness ruin her panties. With a flushed face, she murmured goodbye to her friends and immediately ran inside the bus and sat down, breathing a sigh of relief. Ruby turned in her seat to wave her friends a shaky goodbye as the bus sped off to its next stop.

Jaune waved back at the bus, as Nora shouted to Ruby to give her a call later. As they're walking away Jaune couldn't help but feel weird about the recent interaction he had with Ruby, as she was never reacted that way before whenever he gave her a hug. In fact, it was Ruby who suggested they hug because they were the best of friends. 'I hope she's okay. . .' as the group walked to the cinemas and enjoy the rest of their day.

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