Simon finishes stitching Jayne's chest, hands unshaking, Simon doesn't shake. Simon is the best doctor this side of Persephone and he isn't phased by Jayne's glares. Inside though, inside he's quivering, fear that the captain will drop them off at the next landing spot, Jayne's shouting enough about it to plant a seed. Finishing with a slight tug Simon snips the thread and leaves.

In his room he breathes deeply, his shirt seeming to constrict around his throat. Grabbing the collar he unbuttons it enough to tear it off over his head. Looking around for something to distract him all he finds is the glass, from when he and Kaylee first kissed. He picks it up and throws it down on the bed as he slides down the wall. The cold metal against his back is calming and he begins to simmer.

That's how Kaylee finds him. Clutching his head, shivering a little from the cold and staring unseeing at the glass. She knocks lightly and he looks up dumbly, eyes heavy from not blinking. Kaylee comes to sit beside him and pulls his hand into hers. 'The captain won't throw you away, he said as much and told Jayne to stop whining.'

He hears her through the fog and turns to her, his expression doesn't change. He's too tired. Tired of running and not being who he was. 'I miss being a doctor.'

Kaylee wrinkles her brow and her nose in an eye catching display, he can't work out how her face moves that way. 'You are a doctor.'

'In a hospital with the complicated cases, consistent work, respect.' He sighs as he says it and holds her hand tighter, willing her not to leave.

'I respect you an awful lot. You did save my life, and there's been nothing you haven't been able to fix. I know its no fancy hospital out here in the black,' she's nervous, 'but we need you.'

He shuts his eyes pained. Needing people. 'I don't want to hurt you Kaylee.'

'So don't.' She says it so matter of factly. Her feet are up on his bed, toes wiggling she unstraightened his bedding.

'Okay,' he concedes leaning as she turns toward him and presses his mouth against hers. He parts her lips with the tip of his tongue and she strokes his hair making him sigh. 'You feel like a newly painted house.'

Kaylee pulls back with one of her excuse me impressions and turns away.

Simon scrambles to explain pulling her chin back toward him, 'I mean,' he kisses her gently, 'you feel like home. A new better home.' Her mouth curves gleefully and she jumps at him knocking them over and causing the glass to fall off the bed. River appears at the door, 'Simon? Are you hurt?'

He's nose to nose with Kaylee, he bites lip leaning infinitesimally closer. She smiles and gets off him. 'Simon's okay River. He just fell over.'

'That does seem likely, he's not very graceful.' River says peering at him.

Simon leaps up indignantly, 'just because you can stand on a pinhead for an hour doesn't mean I want to!'

Kaylee laughed this beautiful joyful sound and Simon spins round to watch her.

'Siblings are hilarious. I have four brothers but not anywhere near here.' She casts her eyes down and River comes over and hugs her. 'Oh,' Kaylee smiles, 'thank you River. I ain't never had a sister. She's so sweet.'

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