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Chapter Seventeen: Comic Sans

Over the next three months, Gaster and Arial settled into their new lives as an adult married couple. They were really quite happy together in their little apartment as the weeks went by until they would become a true family.

For Arial, as she felt her ecto-stomach grow with the tiny baby, it quite honestly felt like her pregnancy was never going to end.

But, one autumn day, that worry was assuaged.


To earn money, Gaster spent his days bookkeeping in the Capitol. After all, the king needed someone to do it, and Asgore paid especially well after hearing of his newest employee's family scenario.

As Gaster hummed to himself while working one day, his cell phone blared in his pocket. A few people glared at him for neglecting the library's rule of turning off one's cell phone.

Still, Gaster left his work and went to pick up to the caller that happened to be Arial.

"Hello, Ari."

"Wing Dings, you need to come home. Right now."

"Is something wrong? Are you feeling okay?"

"My water just broke."

At that, Gaster went silent. He almost dropped his cell phone.

"Wing Dings!"

"I'm here, I'm here! A-are you on the way to the hospital?"

"I called you so you could take me!"

"Right, right!"

In all honesty, Gaster should've realized that she would react like that.


Getting home dind't take very long. Gaster saw Arial sitting on the couch, trying to relax. On the trip over, Gaster had some time to collect his thoughts a bit more than if Arial had told him in person that she was going into labor. So, he went to her and helped her to stand.

"I'll get you to the hospital. How far apart are your contractions?" he asked. "About twenty minutes apart. We still have time, but my water breaking just kinda scared me. I'm glad you're here now," Arial said.

Gaster smiled as he helped her walk out of the apartment. "I"m going to stay with you the whole time."


Gaster wasn't allowed to keep his promise. The moment Arial was set up in her room, the doctors booted him from the room. Gaster reluctantly left after giving Arial a kiss and wishing her good luck.

Hours passed for Gaster in the waiting room, and people came and left throughout the whole day. The wait time went well past midnight. Gaster was half-asleep when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked over and saw an older monster.

The older monster was very dog-like in appearance. "Your first child?" he guessed. Gaster nodded with a sigh. "Was it that easy to guess?" he asked.

"Yes. My name is Dogamel. I'm a father of five and a grandfather of two. Trust me, I know the anxiety of a new baby on the way," Dogamel said.

"You can call me Gaster. Anyways, I'm just so worried about them... my wife and son, that is. I haven't heard a thing from them in hours," Gaster lamented.

"Not hearing a thing is better than hearing something in these situations, son. Not hearing something now means that those doctors are busy delivering your baby boy. If you haven't heard anything, then everything's most likely going well," Dogamel explained.

Gaster could've challenged that. However, he wanted to alleviate some of his stress. Besides, Dogamel did say he had five children, so he had some knowledge in this area.

Gaster decided to just take his word for it. "Thank you," he said. Dogamel patted him on the back. "It's just one father to another. Do you have a name for the little one?" he asked. Gaster opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by a female voice asking, "Excuse me, but are you Wing Dings Gaster?"

When the skeleton in question looked over, he saw a bunny monster nurse. "Yes, I am," Gaster said. "Please, come with me," the nurse said. "You can see your wife now."


As it turned out, Arial hadn't given birth yet. She was about to, and had wanted the baby's other parent to be present. The doctors all agreed to let her have that much after hours of hard labor.

"Arial!" Gaster cried as he finally saw her. "Calm down, honey. I'm survi—" Arial stopped talking and grunted in the middle of her sentence. Gaster pulled up a chair by the bed and took Arial's hand.

"Breathe through it, just like you've been doing," the doctor said. Arial nodded and started doing just that. Gaster hated seeing Arial in so much pain. However, he knew that, unfortunately, this was how it had to be done.

After the contraction passed, Arial was left panting for breath. "You're going to have to push on the next one, okay? You're almost ready to meet your little one," the doctor said, smiling. "I just want this to be overwith..." Arial groaned.

Gaster kissed her hand as the doctors and nurses around them bustled to get ready. "You can do it," he said. For the first time in hours, Arial smiled. But the peace was only momentary as the doctor held Arial's short, bony legs apart. Gaster helped his wife sit upright. "You can do it," he repeated, giving Arial a kiss.

Then, by the doctor's orders, she bored down and pushed.


It took about ten minutes. finally, the air was filled with the first wails of a newborn baby. Arial relaxed into the pillows covered in her sweat, her grip on Gaster's hand going limp.

The doctor held up a tiny, messy baby skeleton. "A baby boy."

Arial smiled, exhausted. "Can we see him?" Gaster asked. "One moment. Let us clean him up," the doctor said. As the medical staff cleaned and examined the baby boy, Gaster smiled and let Arial rest peacefully.

"You did it," he said softly. "I did it," Arial echoed, a bit proud of herself.

That was when the crying became louder as the doctor gave the newborn baby boy to his mother. "On the small side, but otherwise, he's healthy. We'll give you some privacy," one of the nurses said. Then, the medical staff shuffled out of the room to give the new family some privacy.

Gaster moved over to sit on the bed, avoiding the mess as he put an arm around Arial. "He's beautiful, isn't he?" Arial said as her little boy began to calm down. Gaster smiled, resting his hand on the bundle. "He's so little," he said softly.

That was when the baby's eye sockets opened. He looked up at his parents with bright eyelights. "Hi, son," Gaster said, proud as he said that. He never thought that he'd be able to say that. But now, he could.

"Welcome to the world," Arial said. She smiled, tickling under the baby's chin. "Little Comic Sans."

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