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Well, let's get on with the show:

Ruby huffed as she tried to understand what Weiss was teaching her. It had been an hour, and they hadn't even progressed past the first chapter of Remnant History. "Come on Weiss, let me at least rest." She begged silently, as the librarian didn't appreciate anyone raising voice in the library.

The white-haired girl sighed at that. "Ruby, out of everyone, only you are behind the classes. Even Jaune is ahead of you."

Her eyes shined with admiration of her fellow Leader, "Wait, Jaune is doing well?" She asked.

Weiss nodded, "Yes. Both Pyrrha and Yang are helping Jaune. Pyrrha is mainly helping him in the educational aspect, while both of them are helping him in physical classes." She then looked at the young girl critically, "Whereas you, Ruby, haven't progressed enough."

Ruby eeped at that. "Overall… Where do I rank?" She asked her best friend.

"Well, from the latest test scores, you rank lower than 80% of the class," Weiss said. "Yang herself is in the top 40%, Blake is in the top 10, along with me, and surprisingly Jaune as well." Her eyes softened, "Listen, Ruby, you really want to be a Hunter, don't you?" She asked.

Ruby nodded at that. "It has been my dream ever since I was little."

Weiss nodded, "Well, for that you need to excel in your education, am I right?" She asked.

Ruby nodded. "I guess so."

Weiss' eyes softened. "Well, I suppose we can take a break since you have been trying to understand the lecture." She said as she gathered up the several books they had borrowed from the library and soon left the room.

As they entered their room, they instantly noticed that Professor Ozpin was also there. "Ah, Ms Schnee and Ms Rose, how pleasurable of you to join us." He said as they noticed that he was sitting down on the couch present. Ruby also noticed that Juniper was about to start an entry, while Blake and Yang were sitting on the couches as well.

"Oh, are we going to start another Entry?" Weiss asked, her eyes shining with curiosity.

Juniper nodded, "Yes, and perhaps you might find this SCP quite interesting." She said.

Item #: SCP-2203

Object Class: Safe

Weiss raised an eye at that, "Another safe class." She said, "Is it like 294?" She asked as Ozpin's eyes glistened at the mention of that SCP. Oh, how he would have loved to have that SCP.

Juniper nodded, "In a way, yes, this SCP is just like 294, but in a different way." They all became interested in that since 294 was beneficial to humanity.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2203 is to be kept in a standard locker and powered down between tests.

"Oh, so it's harmless," Ruby said, "Since the containment isn't that serious."

"That seems to match," Yang said. "294 was kept in the cafeteria, so whatever 2203 may be, has to be kept in a locker.

Use of SCP-2203 is restricted solely for testing and not for any other purpose. Any information gathered from SCP-2203 must be logged in the experiment journal and is not to be acted upon without principal researchers' consent.

Blake raised an eye at that, "Aren't they being a bit too over with that?" She asked, "Since it is a Safe class?" She wondered.

Ruby nodded at that, "Yeah, that seems a little weird." She looked at the AI, "Can you tell us?" She asked.

Juniper nodded at the request, "While they may be deemed Safe by the Foundation, some of the Safe Class SCPs are detrimental for humanity. As a result, several researchers have placed strict guidelines on how some of the Safe Class SCPs should be handled."

All requests for hiring decisions, vacation time, or transfers to different facilities strictly on SCP-2203's advice will be denied. Researchers are expected to review the personnel guide for Foundation policies regarding ethical behaviour in relationships between employees before testing.

"So, it alters the relationship between the employees." Ozpin noticed from the information given. "But in what way? Romantically? Socially?"

Testing of the cards created by SCP-2203 using SCP-2236 has been approved, following review by Site Command.

"Cards?" Ruby wondered.

It was Blake who answered her, "It seems that the anomaly related to 2236 is related to the cards it produces." She then rubbed her chin, "But what is on those cards?"

Description: SCP-2203 is a standard "Love Tester" amusement.

"Oh, I remember those, don't you too, Ruby?" Yang asked, "Dad and Mom used to take us to the amusement park." Ruby's eyes instantly widened as she nodded furiously.

"Oh yeah, they used to use that every time they went," Ruby remembered. "They always got the best results."

Both Blake and Weiss smiled at the interaction the two sisters had, while Ozpin looked at them critically. He had not yet told them about Summer Rose's survival, as he thought that was a critical matter.

His mind then went to other things, such as his life as Ozma, and how he was in a relationship with Salem. Oh how far she had fallen.

The amusement is 1.9 m tall and is constructed from American chestnut (Castanea dentata) wood, brass, and glass, with a brass handgrip on the front and topped with a tall lightbox.

Yang whistled at the amusement, "Damn, those are some nice wood." It was quite a bit rare to see the wood of this quality.

"Indeed they are, Ms Xio Long," Ozpin remarked as he took a sip from the mug.

Next to the grip on SCP-2203 is a brass plate, with the following engraved on it:

Find the One for you! Test your love, and find that one special someone you are destined to spend the rest of your life with! Your sweetheart is waiting!

Ruby beamed at that. "Aww, that's nice." She had been a sucker for romantic stories when she was young.

On the back of the machine is a small plaque listing The Great Amusementology Company as the manufacturer.

Both Ruby and Yang snorted at the name. "Man, that is so generic," Yang said, while Ozpin chuckled.

"It seems that Earth has several different companies for specific utility," Ozpin commented.

Similar to other love testers, when activated, the lightbox cycles through each light while a beeping melody is played.

Blake nodded, "That's normal." She said, and her teammates looked at her.

Yang smirked as she knew why Blake knew that, "And why does our resident cat knows how they work?" She teased her.

Blake blushed profusely as she tried to deny everything until Weiss told them. "Both Blake and Sun went on a date to the amusement park."

"Weiss!" Blake said as she tried to shut Weiss up, however, the damage was already done.

Both Yang and Ruby looked at the Faunus, "Why didn't you tell us?" Ruby asked as she began to cry fake tears.

Sighing, Blake decided that the best option would be to tell them the truth, "Well, both of you make it a huge issue, and then tease me afterwards. And above all that, Weiss seems the most reasonable one here, since she actually gives good advice on the matter."

Her comment shocked both of them, making Blake think she had gone too far until both of them began to laugh. "Good on you Blakey." Yang said, "Good on you, finally connecting with Weiss."

Based on the measured skin conductivity of the subject holding the handgrip, the lightbox indicates a supposed "score" of the subject's romantic appeal. The possible results are Please Try Again, Clammy, Harmless, Mild, Naughty but Nice, Wild, Burning, Passionate, Hot Stuff, and Uncontrollable.

"Ara, ara," Yang whispered causing Blake to look at her in worry. At this point, with both Pyrrha and Yang gunning for him, she was really worried about the safety of Jaune.

Unlike other love testers, SCP-2203 also dispenses a calling card, displaying the name and address of a person, along with a few words of advice about approaching said person.

"That can be useful for a person," Ozpin commented as his mind began to wander to Salem. 'Maybe I can still connect with the Salem I knew.' He thought to himself. 'Hopefully, I can still get her back.' He sighed to himself, he really missed the time they spent together.

In all cases, the person mentioned has been proven to exist.

"I mean, that is a given." Weiss commented, "It would be awkward when the person you are fated to be with doesn't even exist even."

"Heh, I bet it would be from one of those smut Blake reads," Yang commented.

"I DO NOT!" Blake shouted. "They're not smut, they are well-crafted stories that you are too illiterate to understand."

Examination of the internal workings of SCP-2203 has been unable to ascertain the information source of the names and addresses, nor has any method of choosing a name been found.

"It would be interesting to learn how 2203 chooses people," Ozpin commented. From the looks of it, he reckoned that it was more of outer-worldly action.

Subjects who approach the person named on the card report finding an easy bond between the two can be created as if the subject implicitly understood the person.

Ruby's eyes widened at that, "Like soul mates?" She gleefully asked.

Yang and Blake nodded, "Seems so." Yang said.

Subsequent interviews with the person approached also indicate reciprocation of positive emotional connections with the subject. Sexual, romantic, and otherwise intimate relationships between the subject and the person have been determined by interview to be long-lasting, with marriage and full expectation of a happy life being common results.

"That seems nice," Weiss said. She often had fairy tale dreams of marrying a prince, but reality soon set in as she learned that life was not all that seemed.

Both subject and person express lower cortisol levels and higher oxytocin and vasopressin levels in the event of a continuation of the bond.

Testing has shown that the bond is non-anomalous in nature and can be disrupted. Tactics on the initial approach that suggest a lack of safety on the part of the person approached can dissuade the person from further interaction with the subject, as normal.

Blake nodded at that, "That is true, even if the person you're with is your soulmate, things can go wrong and the relationship can end on a poor note."

Subsequent assaults or acts of betrayal once the bond has been established can dissolve the bond. The anomalous nature of SCP-2203 involves its ability to choose someone who reacts positively to the subject's personality and does not impart any extra ability to strengthen the bond.

"It does nothing but just signifies the name of the person?" Ozpin noted.

Recovery Log: SCP-2203 was recovered on 14 February 1973 from in San Francisco, CA. Police were called to break up and arrest two individuals who were fighting in front of the object, which was in the corner of a room with similar amusements. A Foundation agent embedded in the police force investigated the claim from the altercators that one man's girlfriend was supposed to be the other's true mate, according to the object.

Everyone cringed at that. "That… can't be good," Weiss commented. She couldn't imagine the turmoil the couple would have faced.

"You are correct Ms Schnee." Ozpin said, "To learn that the one you are in a relationship is destined to be with another is heartbreaking, to say the least." His mind went to his relationship with Salem once again, wondering what could've been if the Gods did not interfere.

He looked at Blake. He had been alerted by Juniper of her interaction with an SCP called MalO. 'Maybe she could help.'

The agent operated SCP-2203 and was given a card with the name and current address of a former girlfriend in St. Louis, MO. He reported the event to the Foundation and requested vacation time.

Addendum 2203-A: Experiment Log

Initial D-Class safety testing revealed no anomalous risks from SCP-2203 (See Safety Log 2203-1). Principal researcher Dr Andrew Califano recommends testing with well-socialized subjects of up to Level 3 clearance. Permission granted.

Juniper paused the relay as she began, "Now, you are going to be seeing the several tests performed on it."

Experiment 2203-A-1
Date: 17 February 1973
Subject: Dr Andrew Califano
Notes: Dr Califano is married to Sylvia Califano, with two young children, Michael and Jocelyn. He reports a happy home.
Score: Mild

Sylvia Califano
Monte Vista, ,
But you already know that.

Ruby and Yang smiled at that. "Oh, the card is soooo wholesome." Ruby cooed with stars in her eyes as Yang nodded.

Result: Sylvia Califano asked to come in for testing.

"Wonder what hers will say," Blake said as she looked on with interest.

Experiment 2203-A-2
Date: 18 February 1973
Subject: Sylvia Califano
Notes: Wife of Dr Andrew Califano
Score: Naughty but Nice

Andrew Califano
Monte Vista, ,
You two are so lovely together.

Result: Testing confirms that perfect reciprocal matches are possible.

Ruby immediately squealed at that. She grabbed her sister's arm and began to shake it. "Oh my God, this is too amazing."

Experiment 2203-A-14
Date: 9 August 1984
Subject: Agent Ron Towson
Notes: Subject is single and unattached.
Score: Uncontrollable

Olivia Scarborough
, Leeds
Patience, friend.

Result: Agent Towson reported AWOL and disappeared on 15 December 1984. The subject was not located and not properly amnesticized before termination of employment.

Weiss' eyes widened. "That is not good."

Blake nodded at that, "But I wonder why he had such a reaction to that." After a few seconds of thinking, she shrugged her shoulders, "Guess we will never know."

Tracking down of Agent Towson considered a high priority as he is well trained in Foundation tactics and infiltration. On 25 December 1984, a domestic disturbance and an intruder at the home of Ms Scarborough was reported to the West Yorkshire Police, and arrests were made. Due to political conditions between the UK and the Foundation at the time, the names of the arrested were never released.

"I hope she isn't traumatized by that." Blake wished.

Containment procedures updated to forbid the use of SCP-2203 in hiring decisions, transfer requests, and vacation planning.

Experiment 2203-A-26
Date: 24 October 1986
Subject: Researcher Cathy Milnor
Notes: Subject is single and unattached.
Score: Wild

Oscar Hamilton
, Denver
He'd be a perfect gentleman.

Result: Mr Hamilton has been selected as a match three times to different subjects.

Yang smiled uncontrollably as Blake made connections between the relationship of Oscar and Jaune.

Ozpin also chuckled inwardly as he knew of the circumstances the young Arc had found himself in.

All three subjects were female, heterosexual, between 25-30 years of age, of similar height and build, scored high on openness and introversion personality characteristics, and had a Score parameter of Wild.

Mr Hamilton was not associated with the Foundation. O5 approval to approach him for testing was requested and approved. Upon initial interview, Mr Hamilton reported to be engaged and refused the offer to be tested with SCP-2203. He replied that he loves his fiancée and he would rather listen to his heart than any machine.

Ruby and Weiss awed at the loyalty Oscar was showing. "Oh, whoever Oscar is engaged to is positively lucky," Weiss said.

Mr Hamilton voluntarily took a Class B amnestic and was released without testing.

Experiment 2203-A-45
Date: 11 May 1997
Subject: Dr. Misaki Ohta
Notes: Subject is single and unattached. Subject reports being asexual and aromantic.
Score: Harmless

Karen Schmidt
Room 459, New York City
Relax, her art will speak to you.

Result: Subsequent contact with Ms Schmidt has been to date positive. Dr Ohta has provided considerable support for Ms Schmidt's artworks and counts her as her best friend.

The sexual and romantic orientation of subjects has been preserved in all cases. All identification of partners has proven compatible with the subject.

Weiss nodded at that. It was good to see that the SCP cared for the sexual orientation of the people. But then, it made her wonder; how did it exactly know that.

Experiment 2203-A-67
Date: 18 April 2003
Subject: D-72234
Notes: Subject is single and unattached. Noted to have a history of domestic violence. Requested testing on SCP-2203.
Score: Uncontrollable

You should have waited.

All of the girls shivered as they learned about the D-Class being abusive. "Whoever they are, I am glad they didn't get a result from 2203," Weiss said as they all agreed with her.

"You can say that again." Yang nodded as the entry ended. "So, what now?" She asked them.

"How about another one?" Ruby asked, however, one look from Weiss made her rethink her statement. "I think Weiss and I should go back to the library to study." With that, Weiss and Ruby left the room, heading back to continue studying.

Ozpin, too, left the room, however, he paused as he stood by the door, "Ms Belladonna, when it is suitable, please meet me in my office, I have a small task of you." He said as he left, leaving the remaining two to wonder what he wanted from Blake.

Well, that's chapter 19 of this series. It is going quite well. Also, from chapter 21 to chapter 25, I will be doing tales of SCP, such as 073 meetings 076, 053 meets 683, etc, so chapter 20 will be about 053. With that, this is DanialArceus signing off, see you all in the next chapter.

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