At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah and Xander cook were in the living room, Sarah filled him in on everything that happened at the hospital with Parker. Xander was shocked to find out that Phillip is Parker's father and started to worry about Maggie because of the fear of relapsing back into drinking. Last time Maggie got drunk she crashed her car into Adrienne Kiriakis killing her. Which led to him and Victor framing Will Horton and letting him take the fall.

"How's Maggie?" Xander asked

"She's heartbroken. She's upstairs calling Melanie." Sarah responded

"I can imagine how devastating this is for her." Said Xander feeling bad

"Xander, is there something you're not telling me?" Sarah asked

"No, everything is fine in fact I'm going to the Hospital to congratulate Uncle Vic on the new edition to the family." Said Xander as hurries out the door.

A few moments later the doorbell rings and Sarah go to answer it and a blonde woman with sunglasses and luggage come right in

"Noelle?" said Sarah surprised

Noelle Curtis is Sarah's half-sister; they both share the same father Doctor Neil Curtis. Mickey Horton Maggie's late husband adopted Sarah and raised her as his own

"Hey Sis, you're looking good considering the baby and all. Speaking of which where is my new niece so auntie Noelle can spoil her." She said

"Mickey is with her father for the day. Look Noelle this isn't a good time for a visit." Said Sarah

"Is this about what happened between Rex and me? You can't hold that against me especially after you slept with his brother and got knocked up." Said Noelle reminding her

"it's not that. My mother is going through something right now and she needs me." Said Sarah

"Well it's a good thing I didn't come just to see you." Said Noelle

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked

"Oh, that's right I forgot to tell you I'm engaged to Phillip Kiriakis." Said Noelle

Sarah is stunned by her sister's revelation.

At the Hospital Phillip and Chloe were in Kayla's office, she was explaining the procedure that Parker will undergo to treat his leukemia.

"We will transfer the stem cells we extracted from Phillip into Parker that will grow new cells to help fight the infection." Said Kayla

"I'm familiar with this I went through this." Said Chloe

"So, Parker will be okay?" Phillip asked

"That's what we're hoping, but in the mean time all we can do is wait." Said Kayla

"Well if you'll excuse me, I have to call my parents. They would be here with me, but a snowstorm hit New York which grounded all flights." Said Chloe as she leaves the room

A few minutes later Kate walks in and joins Phillip

"How is he?" she asked

"Hopefully he'll be okay." Said Phillip

"You should start making plans for Custody." Said Kate

"Are you serious Mom? My son is fighting for his life!" Phillip yelled

"Phillip, if you don't start making plans, as soon as Parker is well Chloe will take him and you'll never seen him again." Kate warned

"Mom, Chloe and I will decide what's best for our son. Besides Parker doesn't know I'm his father yet. So please butt out!" said Phillip as he walks away

Out in the waiting room Victor sees Chloe and walks up to her

"How's my grandson?" Victor asked

"Kayla thinks the transplant will be a success." Said Chloe

"Well I better call Henderson and tell him to get a room ready for Parker." Said Victor

"What makes you think that Parker will staying at your house?" Chloe asked

"Parker is a member of the Kiriakis family and that's where he belongs" said Victor

"You don't have a family Victor; you have a corporation. You pit everyone you love against each other for what? The CEO spot at Titan? I watched Phillip, Brady and even Sonny practically bend over backwards just to earn your approval and your love. I won't let that happen to Parker." Said Chloe

"You listen to me you Hussy. You know better than to cross me." Victor threatened

"What are you going to do Victor plant drugs on me like you did with Theresa? How did that work out? Oh, right you lost! Theresa took Tate and moved far away from you which is what I'll do if you push me. Oh, and Victor when it comes to protecting my son, you'll be surprised what I'm capable of just ask El Fideo." Said Chloe with a threat of her own as she walks away.