Ch1: How it Begins

Raynare was frustrated. She knew first hand that the boy in front of her was a pervert of the highest calibre, a raging engine of unstoppable lust and libido. She even read and watched the damn porn he hid under his bed behind the decoy gravure magazines!

She would with the utmost reluctance admit he actually had pretty good taste. Momo Momozuno was hot enough to contend with some of the Fallen she knew, not those that made it their passion and goal to fuck as much and as often as possible of course, but she was up there.

So what kind of fucking date was this? A walk around a populated shopping district where he didn't even dare to hold her god damn hand? A Movie in a dark, dingy movie theatre where he kept his hands to himself? Tea in a cafe where he's not even noticing the prods along his leg she was giving him?

Not once. Not once throughout this fucking date did he even try to cop a feel. Like a perfect fucking gentleman. How absolutely disgusting. It reminded her of Heaven, and the air of false purity and grace her oh so faithful brethren wore like shitty make up. She was looking forward to killing him.

"Ah, Yuuma-chan is there something wrong?" She could see the insecurity in his eyes, probably something asinine like how she was silent for a little too long.

"Mmmm no Ise-kun, nothing is wrong here I was just thinking back on the date we had. I've…. Really enjoyed myself today!" Raynare felt like throwing up. She also felt like throttling the boy in front of her for having to act like some vapid cutesy little teenage cunt.

She tuned out his reply, idly nodding along. She just had to endure until this analysis spell finished its work. Then she could impale his ass. Now there was a thought, pegging him would be good for a laugh and she still had that strap on she bought a while back. She would need to go back to the church to get it though…

Oh Raynare you brilliant bitch. Now, how would she sell it to Issei. She didn't think he would be stupid enough to follow a hot girl into an abandoned church in a secluded location with little to no passer-bys right? Wait, no, he totally would for the prospect of sex.

Fuck it, she had been coy for the duration of this date, so she might as well be direct now.

"Hey Issei." Raynare let a bit of her true voice through, and she smiled as he tensed at the sheer sexuality she could inflect in speech. She does not wait for him to reply, as she closes the space between them across the table, and at the same her foot snakes out to lightly fondle at his crotch with her stocking clad feet. Issei's length rapidly hardening under her ministrations.

Her face stops by his ear.

"Have you ever fucked in a church?"

She still got it.

Issei's hips thrust his length deep into the soft depths of Yuuma. Both hands playing with delightfully soft and bouncy melons tipped with sensitive pink peaks as she rode him in the yogi position.

Grandfather in heaven, Issei prayed to his long passed ancestor, I did it. My V card is destroyed! A girl's Boobs, Issei gave leftie a sudden squeeze and sucked vigorously on the teat, delighting in Yuuma's high pitched squeal, sucked and fondled!

And now grandfather! Issei solemnly pledged to his honoured ancestor. I will paint her white and make her body and oppai mine! And at that moment, Issei's father and long dead grandfather felt a single tear of pride flow down their eyes.

His hands grip her waist, his hips thrust harder and harder and his face buries itself into her boobs. Yuuma screams his name, and her fingers dig into his back. Take it Yuuma! TAKE IT!


Issei lands back on the bed, Yuuma atop him, her beautiful black locks matted with sweat and her face nuzzling into his neck and nibbling at his ear. His hand idly fondled rightie, and when he started playing with her tit she took that as a cue to start licking his nipple.

He shivered at how good she was. If this was how all sex felt, no wonder those riajuu are so damn smug.

"So Issei, " Yuuma looked up and gave Issei a lustful grin. "Up for round two?"

Round two? Issei was already spent! His length could not rise so soon after climax! But then he imagined, deep within his heart, Yuuma's disappointed look at being denied sex by the physical limitations of her beloved boyfriend-sama!

Never! Unacceptable! Issei would not let down his Woman! Let down his Ancestors! Let down his Parents! Let down his entire Porn Collection!


Issei dug deep within, and from the depths of his soul a wellspring of power emerged!


With newfound strength Issei flipped over Yuuma to land on her belly. His dick bulging with power and now with an additional two inches, poised to enter her sopping wet pussy.

"Wait Ise, what's that on your-" Talk later, sex now! ORAAAAAA! TAKE IT YUUMA!


Raynare's three fallen comrades would return to a dead teenager, their cock drunk leader covered head to toe with sticky, thick jizz, a room similarly stained from top to bottom with semen and many traumatised former church boys whose walls could not protect them from the howls of a dragon's wild, unrestrained fucking.

But that was just stupid humans being stupid right? There's no way there could have been a dragon in the church. It was still standing after all. Oh sure, they all felt a surge of power from the church but that was from the boy. The now dead boy.

From Raynare's account, the two had sex and then when she asked for a second round the boy had somehow activated his sacred gear for greater power. So he could have a second round. And a third. And a fourth. And a fifth.

Raynare stopped counting at that point. And just took the dick like the filthy slut she was. The human however, had somehow died after fucking Raynare into a jizz puddle. Dohnaseek had heard of lifespan burning techniques, true, but nothing involving sex. And since the boy's sacred gear had long since passed back into the system, he couldn't extract it for further study to assuage his curiosity.

" sex ever."

The three fallen looked at their semen stained leader, who still looked as if she was three miles away, then back at each other, and nodded in solidarity. Many compromising pictures were taken, and Raynare was left to the tender mercies of Freed. She could handle the clean up once she was lucid, and it would give them an excuse to be rid of Freed. And all would be good in the world.

All would not be good in the world. For a few days later, Rias Gremory and her peerage would kick their shit in. For the Fallen were not the only ones who felt that surge of power, the teen devils did feel Issei's EXPLOSION, and after some scouting found the Fallen and killed the intruders on their turf. Of Issei the devils found a single scrap of his student ID.

Surmising that he had been killed and the disposed of by the Fallen. The devils arranged for a mockup of Issei's body to be found, and soon a short ceremony in Kuoh academy was held in his honour. Issei was mourned by his parents, who had lost their only son, and his friends soon abandoned porn(after a massive week long session) to go out and pursue their dreams in Issei's honour.

A few days later, Rias Gremory receives a contract. A call through the flyers she handed out. On a whim, she decided to handle it personally. Would be nice after all, she thought, to handle a minor request once in a while.

"Welcome Nyo."

Little would she know, that this Bizzare encounter would change her life forever.

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