Ch2: Crouching Muscles Hidden Anomaly

The Pose.

The Power.

The Presence.

How had I not noticed a being of such power in Kuoh! Rias thought, her jaw threatening to detach from the rest of her face to pummel the floor of the studio apartment she found herself in post teleport. He had musculature to put the greatest of the Greek gods to shame. And she's seen the pin up albums their pantheon released yearly! Never before had she beheld such masculinity, constrained within the package of an undersized magical girl costume.

It just made his muscles stand out even more.

"I'm sorry can you," Rias swallowed the lump in her throat. "Can you repeat that?"

The ma- being's. The Anomalous Being's large bulging muscles rippled further as the intensity of his flex within his pose upped in ante!

"PLEASE DEVIL SAN!" The sheer power in his voice shook the room, sent Rias' crimson hair flying backwards, flipped up her skirt, and was that a fleck of spit she felt on her arm?


Rias was shook. Her mind blanked retreated back to a safe space. Away from the Ultimate Lifeform before her.

A space occupied by anime, which had muscular men and magical girls! Her cute little Koneko, who was a magical cat girl! Her dear friend Akeno who was a Japanese magical miko which was pretty much the same thing as a magical girl! And Sona! That bespectacled, stuffy, serious chess nut who was a magical girl devil heiress! Whose sister took great pride and joy in her magical girl cosplay! And her Magical girl show and Doujins!

Wait. Oh. Oh no. It was then that Rias realised, the Magical Girl was within her all along. There would be no escape within the confines of her mind. For Rias Gremory too was a Magical Girl, she was already infected by the MG virus. And at that horrific revelation, Rias' mind was shunted back into the cruel reality of the present.

He just asked her for magic powers. Okay, she's just going to focus on that. Ignore everything else. Her traitorous eyes chose that moment to land on the rather sizeable bulge peeking out from under the being's costume miniskirt.

Why. Do you do this to yourself Rias?

Press on, Rias told herself. Just keep going girl. The Being wants magic powers, she could give it magic powers. From what she could sense by proximity was that the being before her already had ludicrous levels of power within its body. As expected of an Ultimate Lifeform.

So she could turn this to her benefit. She could invite the Being to her peerage, teach it to use its new devil powers and with its help and its already impressive strength free herself from her arranged marriage! All she needed to do was to convince the being to sign on the dotted line to be her servant for all eternity and it would be able to cast all the magic all the time!

A win, for it and her! And she would be able to rub this in her families faces for all eternity!

...for all eternity. All. Eternity. As her servant.

If she uses her pieces, she was going to have to look at this being and bear its presence for the rest of her very long life. The Being, would be a part of her family till the day they died. And she refused to trade her own Family like cattle. But the being…. Was the being. Would tying herself to this lifeform for all eternity really be worth it to escape her engagement with Riser Phenex?

And it was not like she couldn't possibly find someone else to join her peerage. A devil heiress like herself had some options… But what if she couldn't find anyone else by the time of the engagement? And even if she did, could they compare to might of this Ultimate Lifeform? She imagined Riser Phenex's face. That smug, stupid, arrogant, peacock resembling, punchable face of that grilled chicken bastard. And the faces of his stupid floozy harem. That she was going to have to live with in the Underworld. For the rest of her life if she failed.

Riser? Or the Being? Riser? Being? Riser? Being? Within her mind, a mini Ultimate Lifeform T posed over a cowering mini Riser. The Being it was!

"I believe, that can be arranged." And with those words, Rias sealed her own fate.

"BUT DEVIL SAN!" Every word laced with the Being's power, was like a punch in the face for Rias. "I NEED TO EXPLAIN FURTHER!" The Being walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a Blu Ray box. Rias noted that it was a rather impressive collection he had. Mostly because she pointedly refused to take note of the Being's toned gluteus when it had to bend over to grab said box.

"THE STORY OF THE MAGIC STARTS HERE NYO. IN MAGICAL GIRL MILKY SPIRAL 7 ALTERNATIVE." Rias had actually watched that series before. Not bad, she gave it a 7 out of 10. Perhaps, she corrupted herself long ago. "SO LET'S WATCH IT TOGETHER NYO!"

Idly she reached into her pocket dimension for her secret flask of Brandy, and took a long pull.

Maybe, just maybe, marrying Riser wouldn't be so bad?


"Yes, Yuuto?"

"Why are we in a bar?" By we of course, Kiba meant the entire peerage sans cross dressing dhampir closet dweller. Who had been instructed to change out of their usual school uniforms into something more casual for the evening.

"Because Yuuto," Kiba took note of the despair in his King's eyes. "We are here so that I can introduce all of you to the newest member of this peerage." That still didn't really explain all the gloom and despair to Kiba. Was there something wrong with the new member?

Couldn't be as bad as he was right?

"My my, don't worry about her Kiba-kun, I'm sure Buchou is just in a funk. Everything is going to be-" A hand clamped down on Akeno's shoulder. Rias' haunted visage leaning in close to her Queen.

"All. The. Muscles. Akeno." The redhead whispered to her queen. "The. Bulging. Muscles." A shiver, "Magical girls. The worst. Sona was right. All along.". Kiba watched as his king seemed to wilt in on herself.

"I too am a magical girl…. I am the worst."

Koneko idly pet Rias on the back. Akeno gave Kiba an apologetic glance and he decided to just drop the topic and wait for their food.

...what if he made a sword, that could fly?

And as if to strangle that thought in the cradle, the door to the kitchen opened and from within an incredibly physically imposing man stepped out with a tray full of food in his hands. Kiba idly noted that the man was dressed like a host, waistcoat over a white, rolled up shirt and black trousers. All impeccably tailored to fit his massive frame.

Kiba approved of this man's style. And did his King's left eye just twitch?

The platter of food and drink was laid on the table, and the giant of a man began to speak.

"Good evening Rias Gremory's Peerage. My name is Milton Watanabe, I am the owner of this bar, the Magic Star," Rias twitched. "As I understand it, as of a few days ago I have become the 'Pawn' of this peerage. I hope you all enjoy the food, and I also hope that we can work together well."

The table broke into polite applause at the end of his introduction as he took the seat that had been left for the newest peerage member. Though Kiba noted his king looked like she wanted to throttle the man for some reason.

"Miltan, sorry, Milton-san here has consumed all 8 of my pawn pieces. So there won't be any other Pawns joining our family in the future." Rias managed to get out from gritted teeth.

8 Pawn pieces? Impressive. Kiba looked at Milton in renewed interest, ignoring how his King poured some of her 'secret' flask into her drink, taking note of his hands in particular. Hmm, not a weapon wielder, perhaps unarmed? Might not have heavy combat training, but most definitely experienced in heavy physical training. A good base that can be trained in any form of combat. His king made a good choice.

Perhaps he would have a new sparring partner soon?

He looked over at Koneko, his usual sparring partner, and found her slurping down a metre tall milkshake with unstoppable aplomb.

"Ah ha ha, I see that you're enjoying my work. I'm glad." The giant of a man broke out into an easy grin at the nods of Koneko, whose lips never left the swirly straw.

"My my, now you've done it Milton-san, she's never going to stop prodding you for sweets now."

Kiba idly popped a fry into his mouth. It was a great fry. Soft and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the exterior. He tried one of the Tsukune next, delicious.

"Ah ha ha It's fine miss?" Ah, they all forgot to introduce themselves. Akeno seemed to catch on to the minor faux pas and took the initiative. "My name is Akeno Himejima, Milton-san. And this is Koneko Toujou," she pointed at the tiny girl whose hand waved as her lips devoured, "and that is Yuuto Kiba." And that was his cue.

"Welcome to the Peerage Milton-san. And from one cook to another, I must complement your work."

At that, he gave Kiba a bright grin, almost taking him aback with the sheer sincerity within that simple gesture. This is a good man, Kiba thought. A genuinely good person.

He looked over at his King, and she resembled more a statue of salt and despair than a woman. Kiba looked away. Maybe Akeno was right, she's just going through a funk.

There's no way a man like Milton should be able to irk his king so much right?

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