Ch3: Yakitori

"It's a trap!" Koneko's small form tensed, her fists raised in a fighting stance.

"This is bad Milton, we are surrounded!" A sword sprouts from the floor, and into Kiba's hands. Wind, an element that would allow for distant targets to be struck.

The giant of a man was unmoved however. His arms crossed over his barrel like chest and he calmly observed his surroundings.

"It is time then. For me to unleash my new technique." The wind billowed from the apex predator. A wave of sheer power and presence that caused the enemy peerage to freeze. Milton's arms unfolded and he set himself into a stance. A clenched fist. An aura of hot pink energy burst forth from his mighty physique and settled upon his body like a cloak of power.

"The first step of my dream!" A declaration to the world. To walk the path before him with no regrets!

"It can't be, Touki!?"

"No, not just Touki! It's… he's mixing Demonic energy in!"

"Hurry! Finish the ritual!" The blonde Phenex sister couldn't keep the panic out of her voice. She knew it, she knew that man would be trouble! She knew it from the first time she saw him!

The giant of a man breathed in deeply, his face set in a look of complete concentration. She had to stop him.

"Rooks, break off and eliminate him! Knights, harass the other two and give them an opening!" She just had to hope the pawns and the bishops could keep up the power of the Ultimate class ritual.

Then the man roared.

And the very fabric of artificial reality frayed at the seams.

Ravel Phenex was exasperated at her brother. She was getting rather familiar with the feeling lately.

"Do we really need to do this?"

Her brother Riser snorted. "Of course we do. How else am I going to have photo evidence to flex on the pleb haters on Devilbook?"

She felt an eyebrow raise. "We could use our family name?"

"Psshh," a hand idly waved the suggestion away like a wet, dirty fart. "Too easy."

"Our oodles of money and obscene wealth?"

Riser paused from where he was about to use a spare hundred thousand US dollar note he had in his suit jacket to roll a blunt.

"Money is something people get salty at?"

"Yes brother, people like money." Ravel felt her eye twitch.

"No, no like I get that." Riser lit the blunt with a flick of his fingers and took a long toke. "But money isn't even that important." Another toke, Ravel had to admit it was a pretty sweet smelling product.

"Now a woman on the other hand."

Riser's face broke into a lecherous grin and Ravel felt like slapping it off him.

"A good woman is priceless." He pointed the remnants of the burning blunt at her. "Cute little sisters even more so." The absolute cad, Ravel felt her face heat up a little.

"Lord Riser, the lighting and equipment is ready!" That was the producer her brother had hired for the photo shoot.

"Excellent! Girls, break time is over! Get into position!"

A round of good natured grumbling later, and Riser's peerage gathered around the couch.

"Alright first take! Three, two, one!"

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After many, many other takes the photo shoot was finally over. Ravel was simply glad she didn't need to sit in one position and smile for a camera any more. So what was next for the day, her brother did say they were going to be busy.

"And now its time to flex on my fiancee!"

The flexing was not going well. First off, Riser was not the biggest dick in the room, that would be Grayfia. Sirzechs' queen that seemed to be so into maid role play she acted it out even in daily life. Not that Riser wasn't cool with it. Everyone had their fetishes, he even had a few maids in his peerage, he could appreciate the appeal.

But flexing lost its appeal fast when there was someone had more flex in their pinky than Riser had in his entire body.

And the other thing raining on his parade, that… man. He hesitated to call it a man, for no man should be able to grow that large, to give off such a… feeling. Yes, the wind itself seemed to flee from the thing in the shape of a man. His sheer presence and power warping the world around him.

Riser was not the only one who felt this way. Ravel too looked discomfited at the being in the shape of a man. Rias noticed how this being made Riser feel, and took great pleasure in having the being serve Riser his tea.

Where did she find this monster? How did she convince it to serve her? In a fight between the being and Lady Grayfia… well his bet was still on Grayfia, but it would be far closer than he would be comfortable with.

And he needed to win a rating game against Rias and her monster?

...not impossible, but he and Ravel would need to plan around it. Frankly he was starting to doubt Rias was worth the trouble. What was Lord Gremory even so worried about? He had Millicas didn't he? That's better than most Pillar families. His own not withstanding of course.

But no, both his father and Lord Gremory was dead set on pushing the marriage forward.

And so he would have to do what he must.

The plan should have been simple. Yubullena would fly and perform over watch, forsaking the concealment of the environment to seek out the enemy queen and tie her down. Providing support to the knights and rooks if able.

The Knights and the Rooks would run interference and lure the being into a prepared trap. Both equipped with sympathetic teleporters that would allow them to teleport to each other and back to Ravel should they need to fall back. All would be given as many Phenex tears as their pocket dimensions could carry.

Then, the ultimate class sealing barrier would be erected to trap the being within. With a back up of multiple high pressure hoses connected to Holy water filled tanks if the ritual failed.

All the while, Riser would sneak towards Rias. Tracking her by a lock of hair he, ahem, acquired. Once the being was sealed or contained. Riser would break concealment to rush Rias Gremory. Aiming to immediately eliminate her and end the game.

It was a good plan. But as Ravel watched the ritual collapse all around her, she couldn't help but feel, that she hadn't done enough. That she simply wasn't good enough, smart enough, strong enough, in the face of a true monster. A monster who's mere shout was enough to dispel all their built up power.


The monster's clothes seemed to disappear, leaving him naked with glowing orbs of hot pink lights that somehow censored his crotch.


She could not tear hear eyes away, is the lights coalesced about the monster's body to form a…. short dress. Straight out of an episode of Miracle Levia-Tan.
As the dress formed however, the… pervert started to pose. With one hand on its hip, it cocked forward, one knee rose up to expose some impressive quad definition. The other hand rose to its eye level, fingers locked in a sideways peace sign. And as the pervert winked, a stray sparkle formed from the wink idly flew off into the distance and blew up a building.


What in the ever loving fuck? Wait no, the back up!

"Girls! Get the hoses!" As if broken from a trance, Riser's peerage leapt to obey. Hoses emerge from magic circles, and as one unleashed their deadly payload on the three enemy devils. Until every single last drop was expended.

But it did not work.

For to match a torrent of water, Mil-tan unleashed a torrent of punches! And as near unceasing flow met unstoppable might, the unstoppable might of the Fist won. Leaving him merely soaked with holy water, and his beloved comrades dry and unharmed!

"Impossible, that amount of Holy water, how is he not dead?" Ravel stared in awe at the imposing figure of the dress clad pervert giant. That was also soaking wet. And now his dress was practically translucent. And oh wow those muscles are solid.

Ravel, contain yourself. She had to stall him. Give her brother enough time to just gank that red haired bitch. "Rooks! Knights! Charge hi-" Four steps, four punches, and four women fell. Their bodies dissipating into motes of light, teleported away by the rating game system.

Power gathered around the being's fist, and then he punched. Unleashing a massive spectral fist, headed straight for her.

Ravel tried to scream, but as the fist hit her, she felt so warm and loved. And then she knew no more.

Riser grit his teeth. His sister's defeat had just been announced, along with the rest of his peerage. He just needed a bit more time. Rias had the sense to keep her queen close and hide herself, and when Yubullena went to engage a seemingly solo queen, Rias chose that moment to show herself. Luckily Yubellena had enough power and Phenex tears to hold out long enough for him to back her up.

Riser took a blast of Destructive power and a bolt of thunder meant for his queen. His regenerative factor easily allowing for his wounds to heal. His queen returned fire, signature explosions ripping and tearing at Rias and her queen with sheer concussive force.

Finally, finally, a lucky hit knocks Rias away, sending her flying to the earth below. Riser made his move then. A massive ring of fire surrounds Akeno, penning her in. And in the middle, a massive vortex of power from Yubullena, an explosion to end all explosions.

He didn't bother waiting for the announcement, and flew straight for Rias, his queen swallowing down another bottle of tears behind him. He would need to reward her properly for this.

He found her crouching in a crater, barely hanging on to consciousness. And immediately a massive ball of fire left his hand, straight for Rias. Victory was almost in his grasp! If it would only just…

Riser fought the urge to scream in frustration as the fireball was forcefully dispelled before the Being. An outstretched fist uncharred in defiance of the flames of a phoenix. Within his other fist, power gathered, and Riser juked to the right to dodge a spectral fist. His queen however was not so quick, and fell immediately to the being's might.

Riser had no time to consider the defeat of his queen, for the being's fists did not cease and an unceasing torrent of fists flew for him and blanketed the skies with hands of spectral power.

But Riser was a lord of the air. A mighty phoenix in its element. Fists were dodged, peerless aerial manoeuvres performed by sheer talent and instinct, and soon Riser Phenex closed in on his prey and her dress clad guardian.

In one hand, a massive ball of shearing, multidirectional wind, deflecting any fist that could not be dodged, in the other an unceasing stream of flaming counter fire to destroy far off projectiles. Riser pushed himself to his limits and soon, he found himself up close to the giant being.

A fist cocked back to strike the might bird of flame down, but Riser would not fall so easily. As the fist flew, his own hand landed atop the being's forearm and through pure strength and mastery over the air, launched himself up into the air in a somersault and brought his foot down on the being's head in a brutal axe kick.

Riser winced as the bones in his foot broke and mended, but he could not allow himself to stop. A platform of directed air formed beneath his feet and was used to give him the power he needed to launch his foot up and knee the being in its face. It's mouth opened just a bit, it was opening enough. He jammes his fingers into its mouth, fishhooking it, and within another hand a small ball of extremely compressed air was forced into the being's miuth.

The being bit down. And Riser felt several of his fingers get severed by the being's teeth. He grit his teeth and ignored the pain, kicking off the being's chest to gain distance. The ball of air he forced into its mouth was an explosive. A spell he had developed with Yubullena over many long nights, forced into the being's mouth, it would split the being's head open like a melon. Its jaw would fly, teeth would splatter, its neck would snap.

But that did not happen.

For as the wind explosive went off. The being simply.




The being slowly exhaled. A breath of hot mist, escaping from the maw of the predator. The dying embers of Riser's gambit.

Riser refused to let the fear show on his face. He refused to admit defeat just yet. And rushed back into the fray with the beast, but he made a crucial mistake.

For Rias was not out for the count.

A bolt of Destructive energy catches him in his side, inconsequential damage, nothing he could not heal, but it was a distraction. And as the fist pounded into his belly and ruptured his spleen, he knew he fucked up. But he would not give up.

He spit blood and fire into the being's face and within his hands, two balls of razor sharp, grinding wind formed. His arms slammed together in a demented clap towards the being's head. The being closed in and twisted his body, taking one ball with his muscular back, and the other he avoided by grabbing Riser's arm by his wrist. A palm rises up to slam into Riser's elbow, destroying it and amputating him with a wet crunch.

Riser's scream of pain was cut short by a back hand that destroyed his lower jaw, and a lariat to his ribs that sent him careening off into the distance.

But Mil-tan was not done however, and crouched down to break into a sprint. Craters formed where his feet kissed the earth and the sound barrier shattered with each step. An unstoppable train heading toward destination phoenix.

Riser's flight was interrupted by Koneko, who cocked a fist back and punched so hard that Riser's healing body pulped under the power of an unstoppable force and an immovable object. The scraps of Riser that remained however, reformed and a hand stretched forth, threatening fiery demise to Fujimai's daughter.

A knight appears to save the maiden, and Kiba slices off the offending limb with a blade of ice, capable of slowing down the healing powers of a phoenix, if only for a single moment. The difference between life and death is but a single moment for a swordsman, and in the next, his follow up stroke takes Riser's head.

A head caught mid air by the charging Mil-tan who slam dunks it like a basketball into the earth. A single heartbeat. That is all it takes for the phoenix to emerge from the jaws of defeat. A raging corona of fire heralding the return of the wrathful son of house Phenex. Kiba forms walls of ice blades to shield he and his comrade against the mighty flame, but the follow up strike, an outward emerging circle of compressed razor like wind shears through his walls of steel and fells the knight and youkai.

Mil-tan roared at his fallen comrades, unable to save them from defeat. As his magic cloth took the damage from the fire and the wind. He charges through and power gathers in a single fist. Riser meets the girl born from a man's charge with his own, wind in one fist, and fire in another. And soon a titanic exchange of blows rocks the world around them.

Fifty punches land in a single moment, and in the blink of an eye there were fifty more. Two unstoppable juggernauts collide again and again until finally, one falters. Riser lapses in concentration and a single punch lands at his heart.

All throughout the exchange Riser had learned. Through the fists of the be- no, through the fists of the magical girl, he had learnt of his foe. He learnt of his determination to pursue his dream no matter the cost, his gratitude towards the woman who had given him the chance to be what he really wanted to be, his joy at taking one more step towards his goal, his love for the comrades who would walk the same road towards his dream.

The punch, was the final nail in the coffin. Riser knew, and so Riser conceded.

The son of the Phenex clan staggers back. Teetering at the edge, before finally he collapses onto the earth.

Mil-tan looked at the smiling man laying on the floor, and nodded. "You were…." He turned around, and walked off into the distance. As the world around them collapsed from the end of the game.

"Pretty good."