Earlier, before Sanctus departed

Jaune found himself in a void, looking absolutely downcast. He had failed to save his friends. And then he failed to avenge Credo. He felt useless. He was greatly disappointed in himself.

Suddenly, light started to invade the darkness, grabbing his attention. His eyes widened, seeing Kyrie curled up in a fetal position, crying her eyes out. The teen felt heartbroken, knowing the reason for her tears. He slowly approached her, intent on begging for her forgiveness for his sins.

"Kyrie..." he softly called out.

She froze up and turned her head, looking at him with tear-stained eyes. He faltered in his steps, but he didn't stop. And then, he finally spoke.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't save you. I'm sorry... I failed to save Credo. Please...forgive me." he said, trying hard not to break down.

Kyrie brushed aside her tears and gave him a sad smile. As Jaune finally reached her, her body started disappearing...just like Credo's from earlier.

"Thank you... Nero."

Jaune panicked and surged forward, trying to grab her before she completely disappeared. No! Not now, he wasn't going to break his promise!


Restraints appeared and wrapped around the cambion, binding him down as the core began to form around him. Jaune struggled against them, trying hard to break out of them.

"Let. Go! I'm not done yet! I still haven't fulfilled his last request!"

Unfortunately, he failed. The core finished forming itself and locked him away, putting him in a state of unconsciousness.

Back to the present

Inside of a ceremonial chamber underneath the Castle Town of Fortuna, Agnus held the Yamato with a wide grin as he walked up to a round platform that had a pulsing red circle with a blood red gem in the center.

"Lend me your ears… and fangs." he called out. "Destroy this world so that the true utopia can be born!"

Agnus plunged the katana into the gem, enveloping the platform in a brilliant white light. It eventually faded, and revealed that the entire chamber was covered in intricate red markings, spreading throughout the entire flooring. Angus looked around, smiling appreciatively at his surroundings, and that their plan was coming to fruition.

"Judgement Day has arrived!"

In the city, the people of Fortuna looked on in terror as they witnessed the Hell Gate tremble like a volcano that was about to erupt. It soon magnified into fear, as the large monolith structure burst open, countless demons pouring out like an infestation. The civilians began to panic and ran for their lives, focused on getting away.

Some had managed to escape. Some had hidden throughout the buildings, hoping the demons wouldn't see them. Some were unfortunate enough to trip down, leaving them at the mercy of the monsters that had emerged. A few people were even desperate enough to fall to their knees, praying for their precious Savior to save them.

In the corner of an alley, a family of five were huddled together, trying to protect each other. Three demons floated down, staring them down menacingly, brandishing their claws. The father noticed this and hugged his wife and children tighter, hoping for some sort of miracle.

And it arrived in the form of a Bianco Angelo. Just as the demons were about to attack, the Order's personal demon swooped in and killed them all in an instant. The family looked up at the Bianco in awe, believing it to be an angel that their Lord, Sparda, had sent.

Throughout the city, numerous Biancos were easily killing the demons that ravaged it. In the distance, the citizens of Fortuna saw the Savior approach the cities, accompanied by more Biancos to assist in killing the demons. Sanctus stood at the very top of it, projecting his voice so his people would hear him.

"Do not fear! Our Savior has come for us, to deliver us salvation! We must repent, and rejoice, for the world has not yet come to an end!"

Slowly, but surely, a look of hope filled the people of Fortuna, slowly picking themselves up and gazing reverently at the statue of Sparda. They all watched in joy as the Savior released a beam of light, sweeping it across the city, incinerating the demons it touched. Sanctus cackled maniacally, looking gleeful that everything was proceeding as planned.

From another island behind the city, Dante watched the entire spectacle and applauded sarcastically. "That's a solid performance for an old fart like you." he commented.

He looked at the distance between the island he was on, and the city where Sanctus, and hopefully Yamato, was located. Coupled with the fact that it was also separated by a large body of water didn't make things easier. However, Dante smirked, not at all bothered.

"Always wondered what it would be like to run on water."

The Son of Sparda sparked orange for a brief moment and he jumped down onto the water. Instead of sinking, he remained afloat. He grinned and looked up at the Savior, grunting in excitement

"Better hurry. Wouldn't want to miss the party!"

Dante rushed off, zooming through the water at breakneck speed. He could have chosen to transform into his Devil Trigger and flew over to the city, but he didn't want to run the risk of being tracked and hit by the Savior. He glanced at his sword, talking to it out loud.

"Hey Reb, you sense where you sister's at?"

"Okay, first off, how many times have I told you not to call me Reb? It makes it sound like my name is Rebecca, or something. And secondly, yes. She's right in that opera house where we momentarily fought Jaune and scared the hell out of the people there… We should do that more often!"

Dante couldn't help but shake his head and cracked a smirk in amusement at how Rebellion would act. It was like he didn't know if he should act like his namesake or subvert it and act like some refined man. The Son of Sparda shook off those thoughts. His mind then drifted to Jaune. While he had hoped that he was safe, he was more focused at what his nephew had told him while they ventured towards the Order's Headquarters.

While he was worried about his nephew, he was of Sparda and could survive being in the Savior for a while. He was more focused on the information he was given after they regrouped in Mitis Forest.

"Hey, Uncle Dante. Remember how we didn't know who did those cruel and inhuman experiments on Ren and Nora? Well, I found the bastard. It's the Order's researcher - Agnus. If, for some reason, I haven't gotten my hands on him, please do the honors and slaughter him yourself. Ren, Nora and all the children that they've terrorized deserve justice."

Dante lost his usually joking self, hastening his speed even further, making him see like a blur. "Don't worry kid. I'll be putting him through the wringer. Make him wish he never even lived. No one messes with our family."

Sitting on the steps, Agnus was reading through his notes, with only a spotlight to light up the room, accompanied by a melody playing in the background. The researcher looked up, taking notice that he was no longer alone.

"It was my assumption that those demons would prove far inferior... In the face of your tactics."

The spotlight switched from him to Dante, who had his foot up on a chair. "You summon and kill..." He kicked himself off the chair, pacing around as he made over exaggerated hand gestures. "Summon and kill... I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity the price to pay for power!?

Once again, the light shone on Agnus, who was now holding a human skull. "Humans... They are but stubborn and foolish. It takes a journey to Hell for them to accept and praise their God. A fact that tickle's irony's judgment."

He crushed the skull with ease, and blew the dust towards Dante. The Legendary Devil Hunter sat on the floor, posing. "And your judgments interests me not." He quickly got up on his feet, making even more hammy gestures." For I'm here... To reclaim... What is rightfully mine."

Dante dashed back as Agnus, having transformed into his demon form, wielding his blade. He held up his weapon, swinging it around as he gestured and posed. "Yamato! That is what you seek. And that is why I wait in your path!"

Again, the light shone on Dante, as he slid on top of a chair, confetti exploding out of nowhere. "You will fumble in your opposition of my quest." He drew Ivory and fired off a shot in the air, jumping onto his father's statue. "Though I encourage! For an opportunity to battle a being of such grand delusions as you, is a sweet fortune!"

He finished it off, giving the researcher a menacing grin, unnerving Agnus. However, he was undeterred and charged at the devil hunter. Dante simply jumped out of the way, causing the insect to crash into the statue. The Son of Sparda clapped his hands sarcastically as the scientist pried himself off.

Agnus shook off the rubble and materialized two Gladius into his hands and flew towards the half-demon. Dante simply drew out Rebellion and parried his strikes, before sending out a Quick Drive shockwave that crashed him into the stands

"Come on, show me what you got!" Dante taunted.

The scientist growled and summoned three Gladius behind him. He ordered the flying demon swords to attack the Red Devil. Dante smirked and maneuvered easily out of their attacks before shooting them down with his shotgun.

With Agnus defenseless, the devil hunter lunged forward and furiously stabbed him until his whole arm became nothing but a blur. He stopped and switched weapons, equipping Gilgamesh. Dante gave him no reprieve as he delivered a flurry of kicks that launched him right into the middle of the stage.

While Agnus recovered, the Son of Sparda equipped the Devil Arm, Lucifer, and drew out numerous swords, spreading and positioning them across the room. Agnus took notice and called forth more Gladius, making them act as shields. The red swords closed in on him and pierced from all directions, shattering the artificial demons.

The scientist summoned out two Basilisk and sicced them on Dante. The flaming hounds growled and blasted at the devil hunter with their skulls. The cambion was mildly surprised before he flipped himself and dodged the projectiles.

He drew out his twin pistols and twirled them around as he equipped the Gunslinger style. Dante blasted away at the Basilisks, pulling the triggers with inhuman speed as he turned them into honeycombs.

Agnus screamed in frustration as he summoned out more Gladius and Basilisks and launched them all at the Son of Sparda. Smirking, he switched into Gilgamesh and easily fended off the artificial demons, destroying them all with one strike.

"Man. I'm bored." Dante yawned out, turning his back against the Order's scientist.

This greatly offended him. Summoning out more Gladius, Agnus wielded them and started spinning around like a top as he charged at Dante with rage. The devil hunter smirked and shifted into Royal Guard, blocking every blow. Once he accumulated enough Rage, Dante releases it into a Royal Release, flinging Agnus straight back into the statue.

Switching back to Lucifer, Dante positioned multiples charged up swords around the one-eyed demon, ready to detonate. Agnus pushed himself up and saw the hovering blades and could barely react as they all exploded, juggling him around.

Dante drew back Rebellion, surging it with his demonic energy for an Overdrive. He swung the blade thrice, unleashing the shockwaves and dealt more damage to the pseudo-demon.

Even then, the poor bastard didn't get the time to recover and recuperate. The Second Son followed him into the air, and started attacking with stylish fury. Agnus had hoped that it would end soon, but frankly for him, it didn't. Dante didn't even touching the ground and remained afloat in the air through a trick he had developed. Since his style changing had no exact cool down, he could switch to any of them freely with no consequences.

So, what he was doing, was switching between Swordmaster and Trickster in very quick succession. To add insult to injury for Agnus, Dante had the tendency of shouting out whatever style he was equipping. So, much to his' sorrow, he was bombarded with the extremely annoying sound of-


After zooming around and slashing at the defenseless researcher, Dante went back to Gilgamesh and slammed him onto the ground, creating a large web-shaped cracked. Dante transformed into his Devil Trigger and dashed forward to deliver a vicious Straight, sending Agnus stumbling back, very wounded and dazed. He was relentless in his attacks, vicious and brutal.

Normally, he would have given Agnus a chance to defend himself and allow a few of his attacks to hit in for good fun. But not this time. No way in hell. The constant nightmares that plagued Ren and Nora. His smug face etched into their minds. The screams and horror that they had to endure. He had to do something about it.

Sensing that Agnus was on his last wind, he simply walked up to him and jabbed him on the chest, sending him flying into one of the stands. The researched glowed, his demonic form fading. A look of fear and disbelief crossed his face, trying to make sense of what just happened.

"How... can there be such a difference b-b-b-between us?!"

Dante receded his demon form, shrugging as he responded. "You surrendered your humanity. It's that simple."

"But you are not human...!" argued Agnus, confused at such a reasoning. "So why am I inferior!?"

The Son of Sparda glared at the Order's researcher, but decided to humor him for a moment before he gave him his just desserts. "You assume humans are weak..." He pedalled back and slightly agreed. "Okay yeah, their bodies lack the physical ability of a demon, but humans possess something that demons don't.

Agnus, who had been taking notes on what Dante was saying, looked up, very intrigued at what he had to say. "What...? What is it that demons l-l-lack? Please, for the sake of my research! Please! Tell me!"

Dante didn't dignify him with a verbal response, and instead drew out Ivory, shooting his clipboard, causing all of his notes to fly and scatter into the air. Agnus shrieked in horror. All of his data. All of the information he had written down, ruined! "No! No, no! Oh no, no no no no…"

He tried to reach out to his destroyed notes, but a hand choke slammed him onto the wall. Agnus tried to wrench it free, but had gasped when he saw a doppelganger of Dante staring him down with a menacing grin. Meanwhile, the original was about to head for the ceremonial chamber. He turned to his duplicate and merely gave him a two-finger salute. As he ventured downward, the Son of Sparda could hear the terrified screams of Agnus, making him smile in satisfaction.

He walked along the platform, quietly reaching Yamato as she hummed with demonic energy. He reached out to grab her, but slightly hesitated. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and yanked the blade out with a flourish. In an instant, the markings receded and disappeared. The Second Son gazed softly at the katana and allowed a sad smile to encompass his face.

"Hey, Yams. It's been a while."

It took a moment for her to respond, as is assessing who was holding her. "Dante… Yes, it has. And I'm guessing Rebellion is with you as well."

Said sword momentarily glowed, greeting his sibling. "Hey, sis. How have you been? You get your beauty sleepy yet?"

Yamato snorted haughtily and let out a whimsical sigh. "It's been lonely being stuck in that lab for so many years… To be honest, when I felt you take me out, I had hope that it was Vergil who grabbed me."

"I can't blame you… But I can never be Vergil." he agreed, very seriously. His mood then did a full 180 as he walked back up, placing the sword back in her sheath. "So! What's your opinion on his kid so far?"

"Hmm. He reminds me of master. Their similarities for their want of power is scarily similar, but its tempered by the hints of you being mixed in. Overall, he is very fun."

"Yeah? Well, then I guess you won't mind staying with him, then?"

Yamato merely glowed brightly as a response, making Dante smile. When he had arrived back at the opera house, his double stood over a very much catatonic Agnus, foaming heavily from the mouth as blood poured down his body. His doppelganger merely nodded vanishing back into the original.

Dante looked down at the researcher before disregarding him to head up to the town, where the real Hell Gate was.

"I know this thing's a major cultural artifact…" He tossed Yamato to his left hand, pointing at the monolith. "But it's bad for the community."

Swiftly, he drew out Yamato and slashed at the Hell Gate, the incision appearing. For good measure, he swung a few more times at the air before ending it with a flourish, slowly sheathing back the katana. Once she clicked into place, the Hell Gate's upper half slid off and fell to the ground, revealing the still floating Savior, hovering over the island.

Dante stared at the giant statue, looking at it with a confident smirk. "Guess it's just you and me now, Mr. Savior." He quickly made his way up to a higher vantage point, getting him much more closer to the Savior. Numerous Bianco Angelos circled around the giant statue, acting like a protective axis.

Sanctus, within an Alto Angelo, floated down to meet eye-to-eye with Dante.

"You destroyed the Hell Gate!" he stated furiously. "Then that would mean Agnus has fallen."

"Yeah... kinda tainted the view. So... you ready to fight now or what?"

Sanctus titled his head, a bit curious. "You travelled this far to fight me!? You could never touch the power of the Savior!"

Dante smirked, deciding to rile up the false vicar even more. "Sounds like you're overcompensating... Besides, I didn't want you to get a creak in your neck from looking down at me."

"Silence!" ordered Sanctus. He himself stopped talking, musing on what to offer the Son of Sparda for him to go away. "What would it take for you to alter your position?"

The Legendary Devil Hunter seemed to think about it for a good minute, before shaking his head, lightly chuckling. "How about death?"

Clearly not amused by the response, Sanctus ordered the Angelos to charge forward. Dante smirked and kicked one of them down, before smacking away another with Yamato still sheathed. Every Angelo that neared him, he swiftly dispatched without the need to draw out the legendary sword. Jumping off another of the Order's demon, he threw Yamato at a group of the demons, knocking them out, heading straight for Sanctus. The armored megalomaniac merely spread his legs to avoid it.

Jumping from Angelo to platform, Dante glided over, racing to grab his brother's sword. Drawing out Rebellion, he plunged him into the Savior, allowing him to stand on it. Once more, he confronted Sanctus, not at even looking winded.

"So, you ready to eat your words?" he asked, bringing up Yamato, preparing to unsheathe her.

Sanctus scoffed, not even regarding the half-devil as a threat. "Do as you wish, your attempts are futile!"

The False Vicar charged forward with his own Durandal and slashed at Dante, only to find that he had disappeared. From behind him, Dante landed down and shot a single bullet, breaking apart the Alto Angelo armor, revealing that Sanctus was just actually controlling it.

"The true form must be inside..." he surmised. Dante grinned, getting excited to rumble with the Savior. "Looks like it's up to me to take care of ugly here!"

Sanctus controlled the Savior and fired off a large beam at Dante. The Second Son didn't move and the attack struck true. Just as he was about to celebrate, the smoke cleared and revealed Dante in his Dreadnought form.

The Savior simply kept up its attack, punching Dante, and yet none of it seemed to phase him in his current state. The Legendary Devil Hunter deflected its attack with the Yamato, momentarily stunning it as he run towards a launch pad to flung himself into the sky.

At his vantage point, he could clearly see the jewels on its body. Dropping his form, he ran his hand through his hair and focused. He performed a successful Judgement Cut and destroyed two of the jewels as he landed onto a platform. He swiftly slipped into an Iaido stance fired off a few more that destroyed the remaining jewels.

"Not too bad, considering I never had that much experience with you, Yams." he complimented himself.

He jumped off the platform just as the Savior crushed it, using the force to an direct himself right at it, stabbing its chest with the Yamato. Sanctus tried to grab him, while he tried to push it in even further.

"Even Yamato is powerless in opposition to the Savior!" he declared, assured of his victory.

However, he had fallen into Dante's plan. The Son of Sparda jumped back, avoiding the large hand. "If the exterior's solid…" He drew out Ebony and Ivory, firing off multiple bullets and struck Yamato's handle multiple times, pushing it into the Savior's core. "Then you gotta take it from the inside." he finished, landing onto his previous position.

The Savior collapsed forward, infuriating Sanctus. "No…! What have you done?!" he demanded.

Dante ignored the old fart and focused on calling out his nephew. "Time to wake up, kid, you're missing out on all the fun!" When he didn't respond, Dante grew worried. "Jaune…!"

From inside of the core, Jaune's eyes shot open, hearing his uncle's call. He grunted against his restraints and managed to move his Devil Bringer, punching it through to the core and grabbed the Yamato, slicing himself free from his confinement. He fell out from his prison, panting heavily as he felt his father's sword heal him as Dante's voice resonated from outside.

"It's up to you from here, kid! An opportunity to save the world doesn't happen every day you know! Think of it as birthday present for all those parties I missed out! Beats getting a Devil Arm, huh!"

Jaune smiled and forced himself up, staggering a bit. "This I will savor…" He twirled around the Yamato and clicked her back in her sheath, blazing determination in his eyes. "Let's clean up this mess!"

Dante nodded, forcing the Savior's attention all on him. "Do what you have to do, kid, 'cause I'm about to send this guy on a one way trip to Hell!"

The Son of Vergil hurried up, as his uncle fought off the artificial demon. Dante quickly jumped as the Savior tried to smack him away, landing onto its left wrist and stabbed it. He looked up, and dodged another attack, jumping onto its right hand. Dante ran up its arm and slid down, narrowly avoiding the left hand that tried to crush him. He stabbed Rebellion into its palm, dragging him along as the Savior pulled back his arm.

The large demon pulled back both arm and, at sudden speed, clasped his hands together in an attempt to smash Dante to paste. Of course, the devil hunter was too fast, standing on top of his hands with a smug grin. He jumped back, only to be met with the sudden punch from the Savior. He kicked himself away and landed safely onto its arm once again.

"Don't you worry. I'm gonna get this done!" declared Jaune, his voice echoing out from the demon.

Dante smirked, wishing his nephew the best of luck.

Jaune rushed through the area, coming to a stop as he was met with a life-sized statue of himself, holding the Yamato with both hands. Beside it, there was a six-sided die and numerous multi-colored platforms that line up a path that elevated up to about a few other levels that had the same platforms, making the white-haired teen frown deeply.

"Oh great. I don't have time for this!"

He grabbed Yamato by her handle and sliced the die and his statue into two. He covered his eyes as a bright light emerged from the broken die. Jaune lowered his arm, and was met the sight of numerous demons surrounding him. Some familiar, some were not. But he didn't let this deter him. He cracked his neck, slipping into a stance, glaring at every demon in the room.

"Come on!"

All of them roared and lunged right at him with the intent to kill. Jaune simply dashed back and released a Slash Dimension, obliterating the demons idiotic enough to dodge, which were the Scarecrows. He jumped back, dodging the Assaults that had popped out of the ground. He quickly descended back and slashed through them with ease.

A group of Frosts released a blast of ice, hoping to impale then freeze the teen. Jaune instinctively raised his hand by instinct, and the apparition of a shield materialized, blocking the projectile. He looked at his arm in confusion, before remembering how it glowed when it made contact with Credo's shield.

"I see… Thank you, Credo." he softly said, with a sad smile.

Mephistos and Fausts surrounded the hybrid. The latter surrounded itself in spheres and summoned out numerous swords, firing them consecutively at the teen. Jaune weaved around the projectiles sent at him, all the while defending himself against the Mephistos, slicing off their fingers before it could touch him. The Son of Vergil dashed back and unleashed another Slash Dimension.

The barrage of strikes diced up the two levitating demons, putting them out of commission. A group of Gladius flew up to the teen and surrounded him. They turned into their sword forms and split off into two groups, one that tried to stab and one that went for an upward slash.

Jaune channeled the Royal Guard and blocked all of their attacks. A surge of power flew within him. Seeing an opening, he gathered the accumulated energy and thrust through the lesser-demons, covered in a flicker of blue energy.

"Royal Release!"

He skidded to a stop, jumping over as another Mephisto tried to attack him. Jaune rolled his neck and prepared for another onslaught.

Dante flipped back, blocking the punch from the Savior with Rebellion. A large shock wave erupted, destroying some of the surrounding buildings. Taking the time, he jumped onto the hand and ran along its arm, shooting it with his shotgun, Coyote-A. The devil hunter slid off and Stingered it in the chest, and shot at it point blank.

Of course, this still didn't have any sort of effect, and the artificial demon was still unharmed. Switching to Trickster Style, he teleported away from the Savior and equipped himself with Pandora, turning it into Hatred. With a smirk, he fired off numerous rockets at the flying statue.

The Savior merely fired off its beam of light at the rockets, blowing them up before it could reach him. Dante was undeterred and switched to Gilgamesh. Charging up the boosters on its greaves, he went for a dive kick, striking it in the chest.

Much to the shock of Sanctus, this had managed to stumble the Savior back, allowing the Son of Sparda to barrage it with boosted attacks. The power hungry bastard called upon more of his Angelos and ordered them to attack Dante. The half-devil smirked and back kicked the Bianco in the chest, sending it flying into one of its fellow knights. He spun around and caught the Alto's sword before it could pierce his chest.

"Sorry, but I ain't in the mood for this dance!"

Dante pushed back the Alto and struck it with a vicious Straight before charging up rising uppercut, knocking off its head. He took noticed of the Savior attempting to punch him again and used the falling Angelo as a stepping stone to launch himself onto the top of a building.

"Hey! What's the hold up, kid?" he called out to his nephew.

Back inside the Savior, Jaune was currently dealing with numerous Cutlass, deflecting each of their strikes and countering with his own, and more precise attacks. He leapt up and furiously slashed to them to pieces.

Before he could further act, a Bianco Angelo held him in a blade lock. He flared out his demonic energy and pushed back the artificial demon. He quickly dealt with it in four strikes. The Son of Vergil jumped up, dodging the lunging Echidna. He smirked and Snatched onto the female demon, and used the opportunity to ride her and cut down some of the airborne demons that plagued the room.

Once Echidna had took notice, she shook him off and launched some of her seeds at the teen. Jaune grunted and sent them all back to sender with Yamato's sheath, smacking her to the point that it actually dazed her. Taking advantage, he replied to his uncle.

"Well excuse me, but I'm in the middle of a battle royale. So sit your ass tight, old man, and let me finish!"

As soon as he said that, Echidna had recovered and chomped down on him, leaving only his Devil Bringer sticking out. He charged up energy into his arm and pried open the she-viper's mouth and snapped it. He grabbed her by the tail and Bustered her, spinning Echidna around like a ragdoll until he tossed her into the air. He cocked back his fist and struck her on the chest, sending her straight to the spiked ceiling, impaling her.

Dusting his hands off, Jaune looked to the left and saw Basilisks stalking up to him. The Lone Son cracked his knuckles, taking a hold of Yamato once again as the hell hound-like demons approached him.

Dante chuckled at Jaune's response, as he hung upside down on the palm of the Savior. He jumped off, dodging as the Savior's other hand try to grab him once again. He repulsed himself back and equipped himself with Lucifer. He pulled out numerous swords, flinging them into the air, as he moved from platform to platform.

Sanctus saw this as futile, still trying to catch the nimble half-devil. "Your intentions are all for naught. The power of the Savior cannot be overcome by a mere Devil Arm!"

"Whatever you say."

The Savior was now completely surrounded with numerous swords, making Dante smirk. He clapped his hands and they all converged on the artificial demon. Unfortunately, Sanctus was right and the endeavor bore no fruit. The Savior was still unharmed.

Dante dodged its left hook and jumped onto its hand, stabbing it. The large statue merely tried to shake off the devil hunter. This action, also affected its insides, causing the core to shake and tremble. Finally, it had managed to dislodge Dante. Before he could plummet down, he quickly impaled Rebellion into its stomach, slightly panting.

"Talk about shaking things up in here!" commented Jaune.

"Hey, kid! You should see what I'm going through!"

Back inside of the Savior, Jaune shook his head, lightly panting. Surrounding him were the numerous corpses of the demons, all of them starting to dissolve. "Guess we're in the same boat, then."

As he said this, Echidna's body dropped down, no longer moving. Acting swiftly, Jaune sliced the plant demon in half, before dealing out a couple of more strikes that left nothing of her. Sheathing back Yamato, he let out a sigh and ventured even deeper into the core.

Eventually, he arrived and saw what was basically the Savior's heart. He stopped, seeing Kyrie trapped inside of it. She fluttered her eyes open, very surprised of Jaune's presence. The white-haired teen gave her a comforting smile and went to step forward. However, Sanctus emerged from the side, crackling with power as he held the Devil Sword Sparda dangerously close to the redhead's throat.

"We had originally intended Dante to form the Savior's core. Perhaps it would have been wise to adhere to that choice."

Sanctus turned around, revealing just how corrupted he had become. He had horn-like appendages sticking out of his back, with fiery-like wings to accompany it. A jewel was now on his forehead, resembling the Savior's, demonic red eyes, with veins creeping up his face, and angelic halo-like horns similar to the Savior's wings.

Jaune glared heatedly at the megalomaniac, his rage coming back full force. "I don't care about any of your regrets, old man. Your plan failed, so make this easier for the both of us and release Kyrie!"

"Why oppose the Order?" inquired the mad man. "I knew your faith was weak, but I always thought you served our wishes."

"Well isn't that a bit contradictory. If my faith was weak, why the hell would I serve the Order's wishes? That doesn't make any sense. And besides," Jaune drew out Yamato, pointing her at Sanctus's heart. "You're guilty by association of experimenting on all of those children, using Kyrie and killing Credo!"

Kyrie looked at Jaune, lightly smiling at him, before looking surprised as she was sucked back into the heart. Sanctus scowled at teen, flaring his power. Jaune sent out an energy slash at him, who repelled it back with an energy ball. The teen easily deflected it, with the Aegis Shield. However, Sanctus had vanished.

"Hey, kid! Come on, it's time to finish this!"

Jaune smiled, agreeing with his uncle wholeheartedly. "I'll be out in a few. Just wrapping things up on my end!"

"Don't be too sure, boy!"

Sanctus emerged from behind him. Jaune quickly turned around and tried to grab Sanctus with his Devil Bringer, but he had sunk back into the ground, and popped out in front of the Savior's heart core, wielding the Devil Sword Sparda.

"Although flawed, the power of the Savior is beyond that of which you can defeat!" he declared, sending out an energy ball.

Jaune roared and easily extinguished it with a single stroke from Yamato, the impact kicking up some dust that knocked the both of them back. Sanctus growled and floated into the air, erecting a protective sphere around him like earlier.

Sanctus Diabolica

"You will fail!"

The madman launched two waves of energy on the ground. Jaune jumped up and Snatched onto him. He wildly swung the blade at a rapid pace, breaking the shield and leaving Sanctus vulnerable. Grabbing with him a Buster, he knocked him down, following it up with a powerful haymaker to the face, slamming him into the heart.

Sanctus grunted and pried himself off, disappearing in a blink. Jaune raised his senses, looking around to see where he'd pop out. The megalomaniac reappeared from behind with a war cry. The Son of Vergil parried both of Sanctus's sloppy strikes and countered with his own.

Jaune grabbed Sparda off of his hands and stabbed it into his chest, kicked him back. The Corrupted Vicar pulled off the Devil Sword and floated back into the air.

"The Savior is coming!"

He regenerated his shield, and released a bright blast that stunned Jaune. Sanctus grinned and fired out numerous fireballs at Jaune, juggling him around. He charged up to the Arc and struck him with the Sparda, sending him into the ground.

"Resistance is futile!"

Sanctus lowered the Sparda and released a powerful shockwave, knocking Jaune off his feet and forcing him to drop Yamato. Channeling energy into the sword, he tossed it towards the white-haired teen, slicing him up and pushing him into the wall.

Jaune groaned, and was about to pull off the Devil Sword, until Sanctus bashed him with his sphere shield. He called back the Sparda and sent out crackles of lightning to the pinned teen. The Son of Vergil cried out in pain, trying to resist the pain.

Jaune called out to the Yamato, and she flew into his hand. Power surged into him as he activated his pseudo-DT, flinging away Sanctus, his shield shattering as he was stabbed by his Summoned Swords.


Jaune and his phantom whacked the false vicar twice with the sheath, before drawing out Yamato and struck him two times in quick succession. He glared at him and clicked the katana back into her scabbard, and started barraging him with multitudes of slashes, faster than the normal eye could track. With a roar, he ended the attack in a 180 degree sweep, sheathing back the blade. Sanctus cried out in pain as numerous cuts appeared all over his body. He glared at the old man and dealt a powerful haymaker that launched him into the heart

Jaune stared with contempt as Sanctus slid off and fell into the ground, panting as his blood poured out.

"Give up, old man. All you have are words filled with empty promises. You're nothing without the Savior."

"Don't be sure about that! I am still Fortuna's Vicar. For that, I sentence you to death!"

Jaune's eyes widened as pillars of red light pierces through his body, making him gasp out blood. He stumbled, his body wracked in pain as his blood dripped down. Sanctus cackled and sent down laser airstrikes on Jaune, pushing him hard into the ground.

"Like I told you, the power of the Savior is beyond you! Now, repent!"

The power hungry madman sent out a ground wave attack, pushing him back and caused him to roll over. Jaune grunted, trying to force himself up but only succeeded in getting on his knees. Sanctus floated down, looking at the teen with a hint of respect as he raised the Devil Sword to deliver the final blow.

"Despite your actions, I must salute a man who has the blood of our Savior. But now, you will die, knowing that your blood will be used for the good of all. Say your prayers, Nero!"

As he was about to bring down the Sparda on him, Jaune's eyes shot open and he Bustered the sword, intercepting the attack and staggering him. The Son of Vergil lunged at the power-hungry madman and punched him in the stomach. As the corrupted vicar tried to gasp for breath. Jaune launched him with a uppercut, quickly following it up with a devastating blow and Bustered him for a second time into the Savior's heart.

The megalomaniac fell off, allowing Jaune to slash at his abdomen, causing him to stumble back and stare at the Devil Sword in confusion.

"The power of Sparda... Why won't you give me strength?! Am I not worthy?!" he bellowed out, fruitlessly trying to make sense of his situation.

Jaune stared at Sanctus with a blank look, before sneering at him. "You're an idiot for thinking you ever were in the first place. My grandfather betrayed the demons for humans because of their heart. By defending them, Sparda himself gained one that allowed him to love a human!"

At this moment, Sanctus broke down in villainous fury. He charged at Jaune with a rabid cry, aiming for one last resort. The Son of Vergil glared at him and dashed up to meet the false vicar.

The two of them swung their respective weapons and struck each other in the chest. For a moment, none of them moved, until Jaune lurched forward, blood dripping down the corners of his mouth. Sanctus grinned, about to celebrate his victory, when Jaune quickly steadied himself and swung down Yamato, sheathing her back. Numerous blades of lights covered Sanctus, making him gape in horror as wounds opened up out of nowhere. The madman screamed as he felt his body wracked with pain.

The Savior 's heart glowed, revealing Kyrie. Jaune sliced down her confinements and caught her in his other hand. The two caught each other in their gaze, and allowed a smile to tug at their lips.

Meanwhile, Sanctus screamed in complete agony as his body faded away into nothingness.

Jaune winced, finally feeling the strain on his body take its toll. Kyrie looked at him in worry, seeing his wounds still open.

"You're hurt." she pointed out.

The white-haired teen tried to cover it up with a smile, but ended up making himself wince even more.

"Don't worry about me. This is nothing my healing won't fix. Got used to being hurt when I trained with Dante."

Kyrie shook her head and closed her eyes, placing her hands over his chest and shoulders. Jaune looked in awe as a glow of emerald green shrouded over her before it focused on her hands. Much to his surprise, he could feel his wounds close up, his fatigue lessen and his body a bit more energetic. A moment later, and he was fully healed, like he hadn't even participated in a fight.

"A Semblance..." he realized. "You have your Aura unlocked."

Kyrie nodded. She parted her lips to say something, until she suddenly broke down crying, tears rapidly streaming down her cheeks. Jaune gently cupped her head, asking what was wrong. The young redhead wiped away some of her tears and responded.

"C-Credo... He insisted that my Aura be unlocked in any case that I was endangered. I unlocked my Semblance after had he had injured himself during his mission..."

At the mention of his name, Jaune hung his head low, eyes filled with regret. "I'm sorry, Kyrie. It's my fault that Credo died. I couldn't protect him..."

Despite the tears, Kyrie shook her head, giving him a smile. "No, it isn't. Credo died how he wanted, fighting for what he believed in..." She then stared down in confused, lost and afraid. "But now, what do I do? I don't have anyone left..."

Jaune offered her a smile and a helping hand. "You and your brother showed me kindness even though we were strangers. Now, it's time that I repay it."

Back outside, Dante had lowered down into the city, along with the Savior. The half-devil jumped back as the artificial demon threw down a punch. He grunted and blocked the attack with Rebellion. Dante looked up, noticing that the Savior fell to its knees and became immobile. He smiled at the implication.

"It's over."

He nudged away the fist to see Lady and Trish running up to him with their weapons drawn out, the former looking a tad disappointed.

"Guess we missed the party."

The trio looked up to see the gem on the Savior's forehead shatter as Jaune jumped out, carrying Kyrie bridal style with the Sparda secured on his back. Dante crossed his arms and smiled at his nephew, giving him a look filled with pride.

"You sure took your time, kid."

Jaune set down Kyrie and just cocked a smirk. Lady and Trish patted him on the shoulders, congratulating him on a job well done. All around, the citizens of Fortuna, at least, those who remained stubborn and didn't join in on the evacuation, stared at the group with mixed feelings. Some looked on with fear. Some had anger. Others were just confused.

Dante turned to tell them all something, when the devil hunters sensed that things still weren't over. The Savior rose up, it's facial features having been replaced with that of Sanctus, bearing a scowl full of fury and rage.

"Damn you, damn you all! I will make you all pay for this treacherous treason! I should have become a god! The god that was supposed to shepherd the pathetic sheep in Fortuna! I was fated to become the ruler of this world and make it beautiful! Power... Power is the only thing that should exist and matter! Things like emotion have no place in my world!"

Unbeknownst to Sanctus, the people of Fortuna heard him. They all looked at the False Savior with many emotions. All of their anger at the Devil May Cry crew had disappeared, now directing it all at Sanctus. They had been lied to!

Dante frowned, uncrossing his arms. "This guy just doesn't let it go!"

Jaune agreed. He handed over the Sparda to Trish, walking up to the madman. He stopped and turned to face his uncle.

"Come on, Dante. Let's end his miserable life."

For a moment, Dante could see an image of his brother flicker over Jaune. The half-devil shook his head and chuckled, joining him. Sanctus growled almost in an almost animal-like tone as the two cambions approached him.

"The power of the Savior can't be beaten by the mere likes of you!

He raised both fists into the sky and brought them down, only for it be deflected by Rebellion and Yamato. The two devil hunters jumped up and grabbed their respective weapons, striking at his face.

Sanctus howled in agony as the blades left gashes on his face. He foolishly thought that by absorbing himself into the Savior, it would magnify its power. But that, along with the loss of Jaune and the Sparda, had considerably weakened it instead.

The two circled around the still form of Sanctus and attacked him at all multiple points. Having enough, he tried to smack away Jaune, who merely jumped over his hand and switched weapons with Dante. So now, he wielded Rebellion, while his uncle held the Yamato.

Their combined might and teamwork proved too much, with Sanctus unable to even act once. Throwing the swords back to its respective owner, Jaune and Dante dealt a combined blow forcing the False Savior down on its knees. They landed down, gazing at the fully crippled Sanctus with a look of contempt. All that was needed now was to deliver the killing blow.

"Hey, kid."

Jaune looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see Ivory coming right at him. He caught the gun and looked at Dante, who held Ebony with his right hand. The Son of Vergil looked back at Ivory and cracked a smirk, putting two and two together.

"Fine. We'll finish it your way."

Dante allowed a smile to encompass his face as he stepped up to his nephew's side. "You know, I have this little one-liner I say before I kill off a guy like this."

"I think I have an inkling what it is."

At this, his smile was promptly replaced with a wide grin. Sanctus tried to move, but found himself unable to. The Savior's power having been fully diminished. He could do nothing but look up in horror at the two as they lined up their shot and spoke as one.


The two of them pulled the trigger, infusing the bullet with their demonic powers. Sanctus could only watch as the bullets struck his forehead and the combined energy enough to disintegrate his face. The body of the Savior crumbled down, no longer moving.

Jaune stared at the thing, almost daring at it to move. But it didn't. This made him sag in relief as it finally dawned on him. It was finally over. They had won.

The two cambions smiled, with Jaune tossing Ivory back to his uncle, who promptly holstered away his guns. Dante faced the citizens of Fortuna, looking at them with a quirked brow.

"So, are any of you gonna play nice now that you all have proof that your little vicar was nothing but a power-hungry phoney?"

All of them had the decency to look sheepish. In all honesty, they should have listened to the son of their savior instead of Sanctus, despite his shooting of said vicar. One of the those who where pretty stubborn and even told Dante off, stepped forward, looking quite meek as a cat, voicing out their collective thoughts.

"Does the offer still stand?"

The citizens of Fortuna looked at him, and hoped he would say yes. Dante looked at them all in the eye with a blank look, making them pale in worry. The three other devil hunters stared at him expectantly. The tension was broken as the Son of Sparda cracked a smirk and nodded.

"Of course. You all deserve to move out of here, since, to be frank, it's a mess." Gesturing to Lady and Trish. "If you'd all follow my associates, they can lead you to the extraction point where Airship Buses would be. Don't worry, the Mistralian government will handle the rest when we land on Mistral."

Kyrie softly gasped in surprise at the destination they were heading too, which went unnoticed by everyone.

Aboard a Bullhead

Kyrie sat on one of the seats, looking out of the window to stare at the many Airship Buses that lined up, following its air path. Jaune gazed at her worriedly, leaning on the wall a couple of seats away from her. He blinked, looking to his right to see his uncle tapping him by the shoulder and motioning for him to follow.

Dante led him up to a small, compartment room away from everyone else. Jaune sat on the small stool, while Dante remained standing, leaning against the small desk. For a moment, silence reigned among them, until it was inevitably broken by the older cambion.

"So! How did it feel, kid?"

Jaune looked up at him and smiled. "It…was pretty fun. Aside from getting stabbed and injured a couple of times, of course. Other than that, I can see why you chose it as a job. Other than making sure that the people are safe, you get to have a side of entertainment."

Much to his confusion, a frown settled on his uncle's face. "That's not what I meant kid. I was talking about your first kill…of a human."

The teen's eyes hardened, making Dante tense up. The Legendary Devil Hunter straightened up, looking at Jaune straight in the eye.

"Sanctus may have been way pass saving, but a bit of him was still human. You remember what I said, back in that lab? A human can be just as worse, or even beyond a demon. The world isn't so black and white. There are gray areas that contradict those views."

"I know…" breathed out Jaune. "I get what you mean, Uncle D, I really do… That, sometimes, some just can't be saved and you have to make the choice of putting me down. It's really weird that I killed someone, when I'm only fourteen years old, yeah, but that's not the scary part…"

Dante awaited what he wanted to say, and raised an eyebrow when fear crept up the teen's face.

"It felt good. Every painful moment that I brought him, I enjoyed it…W-why is that, Uncle Dante? What does that make me?! I don't want to become like those bastards that locked up Ren and Nora then experimented on them, or like Sanctus!"

"And you never will be." he assured. Dante tightly grasped his nephew's shoulder, forcing him to look into his eyes. "You're different from them. You have a heart. You kill to protect, not to fulfill some sick pleasure. That enjoyment you feel? I went through the same thing, and trust me, it's what's gonna keep you sane, apart from the ideals that drive you to fight. Don't ever doubt yourself again, kid. And never compare yourself to those bastards."

Jaune closed his eyes and smiled at his uncle appreciatively. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Oh, and by the way, don't worry. I contacted them and went over the details. She doesn't know it. When we land, you're gonna be the one who has to tell her."

"That's fine." agreed Jaune. "I told her I'd come back home and give her a souvenir. And I intend to go through with it."

Before Jaune could leave, Dante whistled out to him and threw two things at him. The former blond caught them and gasped in shock to see his weapons. The Son of Sparda just smirked and shrugged.

"Picked them up before I headed for the opera house."

Jaune smiled and nodded at his uncle in gratitude. He secured Red Queen on his back and placed Blue Rose in its holster, walking out of the room.

A Few Hours Later

Pyrrha grunted in pain as she rolled around the grass, wincing at the strike delivered to her abdomen. Her father, Caelum, watched impassively as his daughter tried to force herself to stand up, her training weapons, a wooden shield and blunt spear lying a few feet away from her. He sighed and clicked back his sword into its cane-like scabbard.

"That's enough, my little flame."

"N-No! I can still fight!" she insisted.

The Nikos patirach shook his head and helped Pyrrha stand up, gently dusting her. "Not every fight can be won. There are times where you need to retreat, so that you may fight another day. Gather everything you've observed from your opponent, and use it to your advantage."

Pyrrha looked up to her father, asking a question. "But, what if I can't run away? What if I'm trapped?"

Caelum knelt down and looked straight into his daughter's eyes. He clasped her by the shoulders. "Then you must adapt to overcome. Though I pray that that never happens you to, baby girl." The man smiled and ruffled her hair, to ease the tension that was about to be built up. Rosia stepped out, calling to her daughter.

"Pyrrha, there's someone in the living room that wants to see you!"

At this mention, the young redhead's mood lightly soured. "It better not be that punk who's been bothering me." She would've run up to their house, but since she was a bit bruised and fatigued, that probably wasn't a good idea.

Pyrrha approached their living room, putting down her expectations at whoever wanted to see her, even though she really wished it was Jaune. She hadn't heard from him in months, and quite frankly, she missed hanging out with her dearest friend.

So, when she walked into the living room and saw a familiar of mop white hair talking with her mother, she kinda squealed. Every ounce of fatigue and tiredness disappeared as she tackled Jaune, hugging him tightly. The Arc teen smiled and reciprocated the hug, while Rosia muffled her laughter in the background.

"Hello again."

Pyrrha was about to express her joy, when she took notice of someone standing by the door way. She scrambled out of Jaune's embrace and got a better look who it was. Her eyes widened, and so did the other person, recognizing them.

"Kyrie/Pyrrha?" the two of them uttered at the same time.

Jaune got up from his seat and stared at them in surprise and confusion. "You guys know each other?"

Kyrie nodded slowly, a bit in disbelief. "She's the penpal that I was talking about. But, how do you know her?"

"Yeah." agreed Pyrrha. "I...never told anything about her, so how do you know Kyrie?"

The Son of Vergil looked at the two and motioned for them to sit down. He told Kyrie how he met Pyrrha and became friends, then he told the latter of the details of his little trip in Fortuna. This earned him a tear-filled hug and some shouts of anger, but also relief. Then, the topic moved on to a different conversation they had. The two of them moved to continue it up at Pyrrha's room, but not before giving Jaune a heartfelt, bone-crushing hug.

So, now it was just Rosia and Jaune in the living room. The white-haired teen looked at the Nikos matriarch with a hopeful look.

"So, have you and Mr. Nikos made a decision?"

Rosia lightly shook her head, an amused smile on her face. "Come now, Jaune. Please, no need to be so formal with us. Just call me and my husband by our first names. You're our dear daughter's friend. And as for your question," She looked up at the stairs that led up to Pyrrha's room, her smile becoming heartwarming. "There aren't really many times where Pyrrha can be that ecstatic. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to find out that Kyrie will be her new little sister."

Jaune looked down, finally allowing the smile to grace his lips. "That's great to hear." Then, his mind drifted to something that should be insignificant, yet stuck to him for some odd reasons. Now, he couldn't but feel curious. "Back then, when Pyrrha and I first met, she said that you and Caelum would get sad whenever she would ask for a sibling."

At this, Rosia sighed. "There were some complication while Pyrrha was being delivered. Safe to say, I couldn't have any more children, no matter how hard we try. But, thanks to you, we get our wish of having another child. So, thank you for this opportunity, Jaune."

He smiled, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "It's no problem, Rosia. A-Anyway, I should really get going."

The mother looked at him in surprise. "Don't you want to stay for a while?"

"I'd love to, but I kinda want to see my mom and sisters first. Again, thanks for letting Kyrie stay here, and please tell Pyrrha I said goodbye."

"Will do."

Jaune nodded and left without another word. As he walked back to his house, he felt his Scroll vibrate. Smiling, he fished it out and answered the call, already knowing who it was.

"So, did you enjoy the souvenir I got you?"

"If by souvenir, you mean my new sister, then yeah! Thank you! I've been really wanting to meet Kyrie face-to-face, but you brought her to me instead. It's funny how you two managed to meet each other."

Jaune grunted in agreement. "Yeah. Almost like it's fate. But that sounds ridiculous. Look, I know how much you've always wanted a sibling. And I just saw the opportunity. She may not show it, but Kyrie's hurting."

"Yeah, I figured. No need to say it twice, because I'll be there for her. By the way, you couldn't have stayed for a little while longer for some of mom's cookies?"

"Another time." he replied. "I've been a feeling a little homesick. I really want to show something to mom and my sisters. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, okay?"

"How about you do that now instead?"

Jaune turned to his right. His eyes shot up in surprise as he saw Pyrrha leaning against the tree, looking at him with a cheeky grin as she lightly panted. Before anything else could be said, she launched herself into his arms once again for a tender embrace. Jaune said nothing and merely smiled into it.

The two of them stood still and stayed like that for quite a while in silence. The redhead allowed joyful tears to drip down as she further embraced her best friend.

"...thank you." she strained out, her voice filled with so much gratitude.

"Hey, I told you I'd bring you a souvenir. An Arc never goes back on his word. And besides, anything for you, Pyrrha."

She pulled back, her grin coming back full force as an idea got into her head. Before Jaune could react, she planted a swift peck to his cheek, causing the two of them to deeply blush like a pair of tomatoes. Pyrrha giggled and ran back home, waving goodbye to the stunned teen.

Jaune brushed his hand over where he had been kissed, still trying to process what just happened until he eventually smiled stupidly and waved back as he headed home.

And so ends the DMC4 portion. I've made the decision to take away Dante using the Doppelganger in his fight with Agnus and saves it for last, so he could put up more if a fight, except not really.

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