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Starring: Scarlet Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova

Extended Summary

Five years ago, the world was saved from a global threat but it's time for round two. Natasha Romanoff, who failed to become a Black Widow agent, has only her twin brother to trust as she discovers a conspiracy in the Red Room that could threaten the lives of millions of people. Set in an alternate universe on Earth-192322, acts as a parallel universe to the actual Black Widow movie.

The Red Room - Fifteen Years Ago - 2001

Natasha Romanoff, eighteen years old, wrapped gauze around her hands and makes a tight fist with both hands. Once she is satisfied with the feeling, she looks up at her opponent with a death glare. She stands ten feet away from Melina Vostokoff before they both get into a fighting stance. Melina made the first attack, throwing multiple kicks at Nat and missing her. Nat moves her foot away from being swept and backflips with her foot connecting to Melina in the face and knocking her to the ground.

"Excellent work," Tony called from the crowd of other Red Room agents that were watching them with no facial expressions on. "Good job, big sister."

Tony Masters stepped up to the fighting floor and went off against Leo Fitz. He lets Fitz attack him so he could 'photographically duplicate' his fighting style. Tony grabbed Fitz's punching hand and wraps his neck in a headlock with his legs and takes him to the ground.

Yelena Belova cracked the bones in the knuckles as she went up against Jemma Simmons. She catches Simmons's throwing hand, kicks her to one knee and knees her in the face in less than three seconds.

Nat's stood up to the fighting mat and gazed upon her opponent, Yelena, as she jumped up and off the ground in adrenaline. Nat loosens the knots in her shoulders before taking a fighting stance. Yelena strikes first. She uses her right leg to throw a kick at Natasha's face from the right, but Nat ducked. Without missing a beat, Yelena brought that same foot up to kick her in the face.

(Like Dutch did to Daniel in The Karate Kid.)

A single drop of blood dripped down from Natasha's lip as she supported herself by putting her hands on her knees and bent forward. She licked her bottom lip and tasted blood before she stood up and wiped it away. "You're going to pay for that," she vowed to her opponent in a slight Russian accent as she raised her fists.

"We'll see about that," Yelena's Russian accent countered back to her. She attacks Nat once more, catching her off guard but she was able to outmaneuver her using a combination of Judo and Jujitsu moves but she copycatted her moves and subdued her beneath her foot and hammered not her collarbone with all her might. "I told you we'll see about that." She laughed as she lifted his foot and helped Natasha get back up, only for her to punch her hard in the face and she fell flat on his back but kips up a split second later. "That was rude."

The crowd that swarmed them was filled with cold and emotionless facial expressions. No cheering, no flinching.

"Romanoff, Belova, call it off," a new voice spoke as the sounds of doors opening filled the room. "Fall in formation, Red Room." The elderly woman in charge, codenamed 'Madame B.', walked into the fighting room, studying the two Red Room agents as they fell back into the formation that the still emotionless crowd formed.

Natasha Romanoff, Tony Masters, Yelena Belova, Melina Vostokoff, Leo Fitz, and Jemma Simmons were being stalked by Madame B. with intensity, like a lion at a buffet table. She stopped at Nat and Tony's side to talk to them.

Nat's heart pounded with nervosity until she heard Madame B. says, "Your fighting skills are impressive, you still need work but not bad for recruits."

Nat looked at Tony Masters in the corner of her eye. Although he was wearing a mask that resembled the Grim Reaper's skeleton face, she could tell that he was smiling under his mask just by that slight nod she gave. It wasn't exactly fair that Tony was being praised since he had something of a superpower that enabled him to duplicate his enemy's movements. Photographic reflexes, as it was called, gave him a free pass to learn any ACTUAL training. "Romanoff, Masters, walk with me."

Natasha and Tony looked at each other with a shrug before walking with Madame B. as they left the room. Yelena and another agent named Grant Ward took positions on the mat to spar with one another. As Natasha and Tony followed Madame B., they passed through a long hallway accompanied by two people in white lab coats that scientists usually wear on either side. Madame B. took them through a private sector of the Red Room Academy that neither recruit had seen.

Natasha ran a hand through her wavy red hair as the scientist beside her began asking her questions.

"I'm not in trouble, am I?" she asked Madame B. with half sarcasm. She was chuckling but she barely regarded her.

"Are you aware of the Black Widow Program, Romanoff?" Madame B. suddenly asked.

"Yes," she answered for both herself and Tony. "A super spy/assassin program. What about it?"

"The Black Widow Program is for handpicked recruits from the Red Room only." So that was the obvious answer. "How long have you been a recruit, Romanoff?"

"This will be my sixth-month training as a recruit."

"But I can see that you've trained even before you were recruited in, correct?"

"Ever since I was four."

"What about your younger brother?"

Natasha turns to her younger brother, Tony Masters, and decides to let him answer.

"My photographic reflexes give me the advantage of learning quickly, ma'am. And to clarify, she is only older than me by one hundred and ninety-five seconds."

"Ages are irrelevant, Masters. I saw what you did during the sparring session. You copied Belova's skills to perfection."

"Photographic reflexes, something I was born with. Strangely, Nat wasn't." He looks at his sister and clicks his tongue with a wink, nod, and smirk. "She is still proficient as a fighter."

"Who usually is the victor when you and your sister fight?"

"It varies who the victor is, ma'am."

"You're both on an equal level, nevertheless, Masters."

"Yes, ma'am."

"But is there an explanation as to why you never take off your mask? I have at least two dozen students training to become the world's most elite assassins and I have yet to see your real face."


Madame B. took the two to a room, using a keycard to swipe the electronic lock. They enter a laboratory with several scientists inside working with various materials. Neither Natasha nor Tony had seen the inside of this locked room before and to them, it looks like something right out of a typical cliche horror movie with scientists. But what stood out most were two chairs in the middle of the room. Both of them were laughing at the thought of them being subjected to an experiment but those thoughts quickly vanished when the heads of the scientist turned to face the two siblings like they were guinea pigs for an experiment.

"What's going on, sir?" Natasha asked upon feeling the heat from all the eyes on her. Madame B. took them to the two dentist chairs in the middle and gestured to them.

"State your reasons for the Red Room Academy. Why did you two enlist?"

Black Widow said, "To become a Black Widow, ma'am."

Then Tony, "To do whatever is told of me, ma'am."

Madame B. didn't even bat an eye as she gave a new command to the scientist. The scientists on either side of Natasha and Tony stabbed the two siblings in the neck with an M99 serum before they could even react and they strapped them down into the dentists' chairs.

The doctors woke up the two up with smelling salts snapped under their noses. The two siblings both resisted at first, trying to break out of their bonds but they were held down efficiently.

"What's going on, Madame B.?"

"You want to be a Black Widow? Here's your chance." A scientist handed Madame B. a petri dish labeled 'Exspiravit'. She uses a gloved hand to pull out a tube worm that looked big enough to make someone gag. "In the Red Room, you are going to learn pain. Don't fight it." Madame B. shoved the worm known as Exspiravit down Nat's throat. "This parasite will grant you the powers that you so desperately desire as a Black Widow agent. If you're compatible, you've earned the title."

Nat almost threw up and gagged after feeling the worm shove down her throat like a pill that was difficult to swallow. She coughs and feels her body go numb. Once her breathing returned to normal, her eyes widen. She upchucks the parasite out of her mouth and onto her stomach, almost tearing the flesh in her neck.

Madame B. collects the worm and puts it back in the petri dish. She shook her head disappointingly. "You failed, Natasha Romanoff."

The Caucasus Mountains - Five Years Ago - 2011

Natasha Romanoff, twenty-eight years old, stirs in her sleep as her eyes force themselves open. When she wakes, she realizes that her body is freezing and her breath was visible with every sigh. Her back suddenly became cold and she lifted her back off the snowy ground she was laying flat against.

"Bad dream?" Tony, in his Simon 'Ghost' Riley mask from Modern Warfare 2 with sunglasses on, asked as she looked up him sitting next to her. Tony Masters was dressed in all white save for his Ghost mask with sunglasses on. He wore a white snow jacket, jeans, boots, gloves, and even colored his two pistols in his utility belt white.

"Nightmare," she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looks down and realizes that she is sitting in the snow. She was dressed in a white catsuit that matched the snow-white color of the snow. She wore white snow boots and gloves. She takes out a white ski mask and puts it over her face. She is wearing a large sweater that gave off a white camouflage motif. She grabs a handful of snow and lets it slip through her gloved fingers. "How long was I out?"

"Three hours," Tony said simply after looking at his watch, "You look cute when you sleep, like a baby."

"That's kinda creepy," Nat repulsed, "We're twins."

"Half-twins. You know, cause our father is a man-whore." He double-checked his watch. "Break's over, sissy. Let's get going."

Tony grabs her and helps her to her feet and the two of them walked forward. They were on a cliff of a snowy mountain in the Caucasus and they used their icepicks to climb up the icy wall and when they got to the top, they had to climb one more and then another after that until they reached the top of the mountain where they were finally able to catch their breaths. The white clothing they wore concealed them in the snow and their sidearms, Beretta 92FS's were suppressed but both siblings preferred hand-to-hand combat when it came to taking out their enemies.

"There's no task we can't complete," Tony whispered to his sister.

"That's why everyone in the Red Room calls you 'The Taskmaster'."

"I hate that name."

"Tony, check you datapad," Nat orders. He obeys and gazes down at the datapad clamped down on his left wrist. He clicks a button which does a scan of over five thousand square feet. "The two white dots on the map are us and anyone whose DNA does not match that of a Red Room agent will show up as a red dot."

"Sounds simple enough," Tony shrugs nonchalantly. "Like in the third level of Modern Warfare 2."

"Let's get back on mission, shall we?"

The two of them then started moving forward while keeping their bodies pressed to the snow as much as possible. As they walked forward, the snow made crunches with every step.

The mission for these two siblings was simple: Infiltrate a Russian nuclear launch site and put in the abort codes to prevent a set of ICBMs from reaching North America. They had inside intel from Yelena Belova that the nukes were set to launch in a matter of two hours and it already took them five hours to find the base and they wasted three hours sleeping near the base. From what they gathered about the nuclear launch site was that it was filled with hundreds of ex-Soviet army soldiers who were hellbent on reviving the Soviet Union fell apart fifteen years ago and the nuke being launched would cause a massive catastrophe to the United States.

Nat and Tony climbed over the barb-wire fence with the radiation warning sign and they kept their heads down as the snowstorm started brewing up and creating a blizzard that gave them concealment. Even with extra clothing on, the two siblings shivered in their snow boots.

"Look up ahead, one o'clock," Nat points in front of them once she spotted something. "Two guards with their backs turned to us."

Tony spotted two soldiers in snow uniforms smoking cigars in front of a couple of frozen oil drums with their backs turned to them. "How ignorant of these two. It would be a tragedy if something bad were to happen," he says dryly and sarcastically.

Nat cracks the bones in her knuckles before she offers a challenge to her brother, "I bet I can take out both of the two guards in less than five seconds without them even getting a chance to even raise their guns to their shoulder level."

Tony smiled, loving a challenge that his sister was giving herself but even when he wasn't involved, he always wanted something out of it. "What would happen if you fail?"

"If I fail, then you get to rub it in my face and I will do whatever three dares you to want me to do." While still crouched down, she slowly moves towards the two soldiers, trying to be as quiet as possible and not make as many crunches in the snow as possible. She watches where she steps at the same time and barely managed to pull her foot away before it was able to crush a frozen twig like an ice cube. She closes in the two between them. She stands straight up and calls to them. "Hey boys…"

The two soldiers turned around, the thought of raising their guns to a potential threat not even crossing their minds and when they do, Natasha Romanoff attacks them. She took out the soldier on the right first before taking out the remaining one using a combination of strikes to the face and throat and disarming them of their weapons. They both fell flat on the ground and Nat stood above. "I win."

"Don't get too cocky," Tony reminds as he reunites with her. He shows her the timer on his wristwatch. "Six seconds and one millisecond; you lost."

"Shit," Nat curses her favorite word.

"Don't worry," he reassured her with a pat on her back, "I'll spare those three dares until I feel like you're ready."

The two continued to use the cover of the storm to enter the base. They split into two directions to reach the headquarters located in the center of the launch site, the two having a competition to see who can reach their destination first.

Nat sneaks up on a guard behind a shipping container and she knocks him out with one roundhouse kick to the jaw.

Tony stalks a jeep with a driver and passenger inside. He punches the driver out cold when he steps out before jumping onto the passenger and smashing his head into the ground until he suffered from a loss of consciousness.

Nat closed in at a guard walking with two others. She took out the ones on each end of the soldier in the middle before punching his lights out.

Tony jumped over a railing and kicked a soldier in the jaw before forcefully yanking his gun away and throwing him over a wooden box.

Nat grabs a soldier from behind and puts him to sleep in a chokehold.

Tony tripped a tall soldier by the feet and when they're both on the ground, he wraps the inside of his knee around the soldier's throat and chokes him unconscious.

Nat hammers two soldiers heads together.

Tony leaps and elbows a soldier hard in the scalp.

Nat was almost compromised but she was able to turn the tables on the soldier behind her by doing a backflip with the hell of her boot connecting to his head.

Tony charged into a soldier coming out of a building and slammed him against the wall before shoving him to the ground and disables him with one punch.

Both intercepted at the same door in the center of the base.

"Nat," Tony called out with a laugh as he reunited with his sister, "I took out six guys."

"Really?" she challenged her brother with a voice that subtly implied she was up for a challenge, "I took out eight and I got here three milliseconds before." She smiled slyly before she moved alongside across the wall and as she moved, she paused when she realized that there was a silo covering in front of her hidden in the snow. She holds up a hand and gestured for Tony to look. "Silo covering, we're at the right base."

"Yeah yeah yeah and we have two hours left before the nukes launch. Get us there."

Nat nodded at her brother's statement before moving over to the door, crouching down to one knee and using a paperclip to pick the lock. Once the lock was unlocked, she pushed open the door by the doorknob.

Just as the door halfway open, the doorknob was yanked away from her hand as the door was forcefully pulled open from the inside and Nat lost her balance and had no time to react before a heavy metal object went flying into her face and the lights went out.

She woke up later with her hands zip-tied behind her back in a wooden chair. She squeezes her eyes shut to adjust to the sudden brightness in the room when her eyes slowly peel open, she sees her brother in a similar situation in a chair across from her. She heard him groaning in grogginess as he forces his eyes open and gazes upon her.

"Hey there, brother," she says nonchalantly. "What did you dream about?"

He shrugged nonchalantly before saying, "I was in Tahiti and I gotta say, it was a magical place. How about you?"

She shrugs, "Could've been better. I dreamt that I was handcuffed in a chair but it turns out, it's not a dream and I'm not even handcuffed, I'm zip-tied."

"And now comes the part of the interrogation where we are supposed to be interrogated so…" He drifts off his sentence as he realizes that there are two soldiers standing guard in the only room.

Nat scanned her environment. There was one lightbulb above them, two guards standing to their left and guarding the only door in the room and both were armed with assault rifles. She was ten feet away from her brother and realized they were both zip-tied to a wooden chair. She non-verbally details this information by having Tony's eyes follow her eyes across the room. As the two guards stared blankly at the two, more specifically at Nat, she turns back to Tony and nods.

Nat turns to face the two guards and smiles seductively at them, but they remained motionless and still as statues. She smirked at the two and seduced the two by spreading her legs for them. They remained motionless but one of them moved over to her and she prepared to kick at him, but he did the unexpected and smashes the butt of his assault rifle into her jaw and forced a few splatters of blood to spit out of her mouth.

That didn't work.

The guard went back to stand with his partner but Tony kicked the guard in the groin and caused him to fold over. Nat used both of her feet to kick the guard in his back and he went flying forward. The second guard raised his rifle but Tony had already broken the zip-ties around his wrists and kicks the wooden chair at the second guard and it smashes into pieces. He already charges at the guard and snatches the gun away before he unleashes several martial arts moves he copied from the Mission: Impossible movies and disabled the guard in unconsciousness.

Nat breaks out of her zip-ties and tackles the guard she kicked down to the ground and punches his lights out in less than ten seconds with a dozen and a half punches from either side.

"Goodnight." She climbs to her feet and takes the assault rifle and checks it for a fully loaded magazine before slapping it back into place. "Tony," she called her brother, "They knew we were coming."

"They just got lucky," he scoffs arrogantly as he picks up the guard's pistol.

"No, they were able to knock out both of us before we even saw their punches coming. That means that they knew we were coming, they knew that we specifically were coming."

"Or…" Tony shrugs as he pulls back the chamber of the pistol, "They just got lucky. You sound like you're trying to sniff out a traitor."

She wasn't even thinking about a traitor but since he mentioned the title 'traitor'...

"I'll trade you," she says after she spots the Beretta 92FS in Tony's hand. "I know how much you favor machine guns over pistols. Sound fair?" She holds out the AK-47 for him to accept, which he does.

The two then break through the door and open fire on all of the enemy soldiers inside. Nat emptied all the bullets in her magazine before she picked one off of an enemy soldier and slapped the mag inside. That's when she felt a pair of hands ambush her from behind and grab her. Another soldier grabs her by the legs but she shoots him in the head, slips out of the first soldier's grasp and shoots him up the jaw. Three more soldiers gang up on her. She knocks one back into the other, punching the last one with the butt of the gun over the head before shooting him in the heart. She grabs the two other soldiers and smashes their heads together like cymbals before shooting both of them. Tony was doing the same thing and once all the soldiers in the room were eliminated, they finally stopped to see that they were in the control room.

"That was a lot easier than I expected to be," Nat said, sounding disappointed but she holstered her pistol and went up to a keyboard with Russian on the screen. Tony stands guard and looks over his shoulder at his sister.

"Whatever you're going to do, Nat, do it fast," he urged.

"Give me a second, I just need the abort codes." She pulled out a flash drive from her pocket and plugged it into the computer. She types in the password and pulls up schematics on the ICBM that was about to be launched. She is horrified by what she finds.

"What is it, sis?" Tony sensed that something was wrong and looked over his shoulder once again to see Nat staring at the screen. He could sense vibe coming off of her and it felt like she was terrified of something. He approached her but kept facing forward to not be caught off guard. "What's going on, Nat?"

"The nuclear missile's destination isn't Russia," she said hushedly, "It's the United States."

Tony turns to her and looks at the console to see the estimated projection of the missile. "Three warheads loaded in one RT-2PM2 Topol-M ICBM heading to three different major cities in the US." He shrugs as if this whole thing was a math problem. "So; it's not Russia that's about to be nuked so why care?"

"Washington D.C.," Nat lists off the targets, "Philadelphia, New York."

Tony got a better look at the screen and did the math in his head before he spoke his analysis aloud: "An estimated kill count of 29,932,169. That is a lot of people I will admit, but if they are not part of our country, then I don't give a fuck what happens to them."

"That's almost thirty million souls that are about to be wiped off the face of the earth," she argued fiercely, almost snapping at her brother for his cynicism. "You told me that you wanted to be a superhero when you were a little boy. What happened?"

"There are no such things as superheroes unless you count Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, but those are all characters from the MCU franchise. You and I were trained to kill and our job was to prevent the mukes from nuking Russia, America is not our problem."

"We've been trained to kill but it was also business, nothing personal but thirty million people? Thiry million innocent people? I knew what I signed on for when I enlisted in Red Room but even there are a few lines that I will not cross."

"Like what?"

"For one: I will never kill innocent people. Two: No children. Three: No innocent people.

"I won't harm children either Nat, but I'm giving you an ultimatum on this one, sis. You either stay here or we can get out of here before we become surrounded by soldiers."

"By not doing anything, children will die."

"But it is easier to imagine just adults dying in the blast then just kids dying in the blast."

She pushed him away by the shoulder and put in the abort codes. "You can leave, I'm staying."

"America hates us, they despise us for kicking their ass in the Cold War and the Vietnam War."

"If you want to leave because you're such a coward, then that is your choice." She types in the abort codes but an error pops up, saying that the codes are invalid. "Damn it," she mutters before typing in a different set of codes. She can sense the tensity vibrating off of Tony and onto her and tells him that this is his last chance. If he wasn't going to help, then he was going to run away and abandon thirty million people who were about to die for no good reason.

Tony stood, contemplating a decision. Their orders were to stop the nukes from launching into Russia and then get out of there. Now that his sister was calling the shots, he had no idea what to do. He heard chatter off of a dead soldier's walkie-talkie and knew that more soldiers were on their way to ensure that the launch sequence went through. His fingers were shaking with the stress and pressure piling up. He had no idea what to do and he grunted in frustration. "Fuck it." He shot at the soldiers that came through the door, off each one off until they were all dead. "Well, Madame B. did tell us to stop the nukes from launching, not stop the nukes from launching if the target was Russia. So...I guess it is in our paygrade to stop the nukes because we were ordered to STOP the nukes from launching regardless."

"Thanks, brother." Nat puts in the last set of abort codes and the launch sequence starts. "Oh shit."

The abort sequence has been activated as well but it will take five minutes for the abort codes to activate and the nuke was getting ready to launch from the silos. She takes back the flash drive, counts the abortion sequence from four minutes and forty-five seconds and tells her brother to run.

The two siblings run out of the base, passing through several doors, even getting lost and had to retrace their steps before they raced up a set of stairs and were ambushed by a group of soldiers. Tony was pushed up against the wall by two soldiers while one soldier went for Nat and caught her by surprise. He tried slashing for her stomach but she took the knife away and drove it into his chest and killed him slowly.

Tony kicks the soldier to his left and he falls over a railing and punches the other soldier in the stomach twice before uppercutting him into unconsciousness. He takes his holstered gun and checks it for ammo and throws it to the side. "Why do these guys have to run upon us? Why not just shoot us from a distance?"

"Bond Villain Stupidity I guess."

The two siblings make it out of the base and make a run for one of the jeeps. They hop in, Tony in the driver's seat and hotwiring the car while Nat is in the back and tells him to hurry up before checking her watch. "Two minutes, get us as far away as you can because that nuke will fly into the sky before the abort codes activate and I don't want to be around when the nuke is falling back towards the ground!"

Tony gets the car started and steps on it. They drive off a snowy path, the blizzard clearing away and giving Tony a clear view. He swerves to avoid stress and hammers his foot on the gas once again to pick up the paste. The jeep could only go a hundred and twenty miles per hour and he could practically smell the engine's spark starting to set fire.

"Think you can go any faster?!" Nat asked, hoping for an answer.

"We could go faster, only if Quicksilver from those comic books were pushing us!" Tony snapped back in sarcasm.

Thirty more seconds pass and the ICBM rumbles the ground it is launched into the air and flies up towards the sky. Nat impatiently studies her watch and count backward from ten and when she reaches one, the thrusters in the ICBM seventy miles in the air abruptly stopped and the missile came falling back down the earth.

"Faster, Tony!" She slapped him on the shoulder, "We're in the blast radius!"

The ICBM fell faster to the ground than expected and when it touched down, the nukes inside the missile went off and a gray mushroom cloud lit up the sky and a shockwave rippled all over the mountains. The rippled shockwaves caught up to the jeep and caused it to crash and roll down the mountains.

Darkness was all that covered Nat's eyes before she pried open her eyes and as slow as a snail, felt an agonizing pain manifest itself into her appendix area. She grabs her side and arches her back with an ear-piercing scream of unbearable agony. She screamed a few more times before she looked down to see a large piece of rebar from the jeep had stabbed her in the side. The rebar, as well as the snow around her, was covered in her blood and the wound was already suffering from frostbite. She tried to hold in her screams but the pain was already unbearable, most likely as a result of the radiation that she may have been infected with as the mushroom cloud as still present in the sky and the sky was a dark red color.

"TONY!" she called out for her brother but got no answer. "TONY! HELP ME!" She hears a groan of pain in response and turns to her left. Tony was laying face-first into the snow and his Ghost mask was off to the side. He pushed himself up on his knees and reached for his face but felt nothing but his fleshy skin. That's what he thought he felt and reached over for his mask in the ground. Only when he turned the mask around, he realized it wasn't a mask: It was his fleshy face.

Tony stares at the fleshy torn off face in front of him and starts hyperventilating. He drops the face and crawls over to the mask. As if he needed the mask to breathe, he pulls the mask onto his skull and almost ripped it. He yells in pain as the absence of his faceless pain starts to sink in physically and mentally.

Nat's screaming ceases when she stares wide-eyed at her brother with his face torn off. The pain in her side increases in unbearable agony and her eyes roll back to the head and the familiar sight of darkness took over.