After Nat separated from her brother, she follows the trail leading to the launch control room on her map. She takes a left up to the next junction and continues taking a straight path for three junctions. When she reaches the end of the hallway, there is a large steel door about seven feet tall, five feet wide with a valve acting as a doorknob. She turns the valve and pulls it open with her strength. She walks through but leaves the door open, figuring that it would be easier for a quicker escape.

She met about six soldiers on the other side of the door. You've gotta be kidding me. They were standing about twenty feet away from her when she stood still and glared at each of them, marking them as enemies.

"It is only one, boys," Dima said in Russian to his friends, "We can take her on."

"Do not underestimate her," a second one scolded his reckless friend, "There is a reason a number of us were sent in to take her in."

"Maybe the boss is just suffering from overkill."

Nat laughed softly with amusement, finding their Russian bickering to be cute. These guys are the personified reason the Soviet Union collapsed.

"I'll take a stab at her first either way." Dima pulls out a knife from a hidden holster and brandishes it. He looks at Nat and charges for her.

You REALLY gotta be kidding me. Nat charges back at him and when they close in on each other, Nat dropkicks him in the face.

Dima's fall to the ground prompted the others to attack Nat and kill her. She kips up to her feet and runs for them. The soldier that was berating Dima was jumped on with Nat's legs wrapped around her throat and Nat sat on his shoulders and started hammering her elbow into his skull. He falls over with a tumble and the other four soldiers back away from Nat.

"Non-lethals only," Nat said, remembering what Yelena ordered them on the loudspeaker, "Wouldn't want to make your Black Widow queen disappointed, right?"

The third and fourth soldier lunged for her. Nat delivers a kick that sent the third soldier flying back like a rock and punched the fourth one in the stomach before flipping him onto his back after getting his neck in a leg hold.

The fifth and sixth soldiers were especially cautious. They had witnessed their allies fall before them and knew at the drop of a hat that they were no match for Natasha Romanoff. Fear trembled within their voices as they spoke to each other and Nat picked this up.

"You got something to say to me boys?"

The two soldiers ran off but Nat chased after them. She closes in on the fifth soldier and tackles him to the ground before doing a wall run and landing on his stomach with both knees.

The sixth soldier slapped a red button on the wall that let out a loud noise powerful enough to wake someone up from their sleep echoed from speakers overhead. The sixth soldier and Nat cover their ears as this loud ringing deafens them.

As the blaring sound slowly fades away from existence, Nat relaxed before feeling something sharp pierce her in the side...right where her unhealable wound was. Dima had stabbed her perfectly in her wound and she felt a moist texture soak against her catsuit. The blade is removed from her stomach and Nat stood with an emotionless expression on her face. Her eyes slowly drift down to her bleeding wound and she grinds her teeth. She looks up at Dima with a death glare.

Dima yells as he punches his knife at her.

Nat caught his hand, snapped it, and drove the knife into his heart. She listened to Dima give his last breath before he collapsed.

The second soldier grabs Nat. She grabbed him by the arm and snapped his arm. The soldier screams in agony and Nat snaps it one more time before letting him drop.

The third, fourth, and fifth soldiers all charge at Nat. She kicks them in their legs and their respective orders, knocking each one of them to the ground but not with enough force to render them unconscious.

The sixth soldier, who pressed the button, grabbed her in a chokehold from behind. Nat grabs his fingers in both hands and snaps them out of place. He screams and opens his hands to allow Nat to slip from his grasp like slippery water and breaks his hands even further. When she was done with him, she grabs him by the shoulder and flips him over her hips and slams him on the ground hard on his side.

The third soldier grabs Nat by the neck from her front and chokes. She flips him over her hips like she did her previous opponent and breaks his leg bone by stomping on it.

The fourth and fifth soldier attacked at the same time. She blocks both of their punches before wrapping her arms around their arms and snaps their bones in half.

The fifth soldier still managed to get up to his feet. Nat trips him with both of her feet and causes him to fall forward while she lays on her back. She holds both hands up and his throat falls into, breaking his windpipe. She flips his paralyzed body over and front flips to her feet.

As she looked and admired her work, she figured that she was done with her work for right now. She had no idea that more soldiers would come running through the steel door that she took and another steel door at the end of the room. The second round had already started and like in Mortal Kombat, the second round is more of a challenge than the first one.

She was surrounded on both sides by soldiers numbering in the thirties.

She is spiked on adrenaline now, clenching her fists tightly and ready to strike. She breathes heavily and she sees some soldiers doing the same, some even jumping up and down. She looks from her left then her right, looking for any soldiers that were about to make the first move and where she could run if things took a turn for the worse. "Bring it on."

The riot started. The numerous soldiers charged at her all at once, ready to pile up on her.

Nat grabs the closest soldier to her, picking him up by his hip and swinging him around like a torch. The other soldiers backed away before Nat picked the largest group of soldiers and threw the soldier at them like a boulder. The soldiers collapse and she finds her window to run and give herself a breathing room.

For the first few attacks, she was on the defense; the soldiers swing whatever melee object they possessed.

Nat fought back.

She ran backward as two soldiers ran up on her. She kicked the two in the lung areas and knocked the wind out of them. A soldier carrying a box as a weapon is smashed with her knees and he falls flat on his back. She misdirected a soldier from behind into running into the wall and knocking himself out.

Nat kicks a soldier in the stomach and folds him. She climbs up his shoulder and leaps off to elbow a soldier behind him in the head.

Nat grabs an overhead pipe within arm's reach and swings both feet at an incoming soldier. She slides under a kicking soldier's leg and kneed him in the groin. She wall-runs and jumps off with a backflip, slamming her elbow down on a running soldier's head.

She jumps over a box and narrowly avoids getting hit in the feet with a crowbar while she leaps. She kicks the crowbar thug in the jaw. She backflips and hits a soldier over the head with one foot. She does a spinning roundhouse kick to another soldier before running away to avoid getting swarmed.

She ran through the steel door but was unable to close it in time. The first soldier that came through, she shoved him back into the crowd and closed the steel door, sealing up the hatch real good. A second steel door that she did not see that stood beside the one in front of her was five feet away and it let in a hive of enemies.

A dozen enemies were coming after her at once. She looked around and spotted a small trailer with two large crates onboard. She quickly gets behind and shoved it at them, breaking up their numbers.

She dropkicks the closest soldier near her and kips up. She grabs a soldier and shoves him against the wall. She kicks another in the nut area before she was grabbed from behind. She flips him over her shoulder before finishing off the groin-hurting soldier with a knee to the jaw.

An enemy that she did not see tackled her by the waist and slammed down on the ground. She wraps her legs around his face and holds him still. A second soldier came and stomped on her chest. She grabbed his foot and twisted out of place. The one she has trapped, she kicks him away before backflipping to her legs.

"How many goddamn soldiers did you send, Yelena?" She gives a kick to a soldier's temple. "If you need this many to take me down…" She's grabbed from behind but slammed the soldier like a wrecking ball into the wall. "This is just embarrassing."

She broke another soldier's neck before she was ganged up on four soldiers who pulled at all four of her limbs. Nat struggles to free herself but one of the still-standing soldiers started punching her in the stomach.

She thought that she was finally overpowered until she was saved by a miracle. The lights went out and she used the darkness to escape from her enemies. The lights returned only for a brief second later before they went out again.

Nat and the soldiers in red were bathed in an eerie red light moments later. She had to use her sharp wits to keep up with her enemies' movement because they were swinging madly without any coordination to their attacks, most likely because they couldn't see.

All the chaos that was happening around her, she knew it could only be the work of one person: He turned off the power and by the smell of it, started a fire.

Man, I love my little brother.


Nat looks up as she hears the familiar sound of her brother calling her name. She finishes off the enemy soldier she has in a chokehold. She snaps his neck and throws his corpse to the ground. She somersaults out of an incoming soldier's way before she lands on her knees and does a taekwondo sweep to the soldier standing in front of her. When he's on the ground, she gets on top of, shoes her hands against his throat before stopping on his knee and breaking his leg.

Tony observes his sister with intensity. He feels all of her calculated moves being written into his brain like a computer. He sighs deeply before looking over behind him to see two soldiers. He leaps forward and kicks two soldiers away with a double knee kick. He jumps into the air and does a swinging roundhouse kick across the third soldier's face. He still had a shock stick in his hand and just used it to tase his fourth enemy in the face.

The sprinklers turned on and soaked everybody in the room with water.

Nat was using slippery water to her advantage. She slides across the ground in a slick fashion and trips soldiers with her hands and feet. She leaps back to her feet and counts how many soldiers were still standing. Tony was already taking care of about ten soldiers all by himself and he had to ditch the shock stick while she still had to deal with fifteen more. She could tell by the look in their eyes that they were wary of her. She took out over a dozen men by herself like how a real Black Widow agent is supposed to.

The fire that set off the sprinklers were spreading throughout the hallway that Tony and the other soldiers came through. Nat spotted the fire in the corner of her eyes as it burned through the gated fence. She reminds herself to be cautious as she continues taking on the soldiers.

"Plenty of me for all of you," Nat shouted in arrogance at the still-standing soldiers, "No need to go one at a time."

Before she knew it, a pair of hands wrapped themselves around her back and lifted her off her feet before she had a chance to react. She headbutts the soldier and slips through his grip but her escape left her vulnerable to the soldiers' next attack.

One of them was armed with an assault rifle but instead of using the bullets, he hit Nat in the back with the butt. Nat grunts in pain and responds to this attack by kicking her foot back and hitting the soldier in the gut. She elbows the soldier she escaped from in the temple before turning around in time to grab a fist being launched at her face.

The loudspeaker turned on and sent an eerie sound through the ears of the two siblings as they stepped closer and closer to each other. "What the hell?" they spoke in unison.

"Natasha Romanoff and Tony Masters."

Nat and Tony paid half attention to Yelena monologuing while the other half focused on taking out the rest of their opponents.

"I know you can hear me and I admire the work you are putting in," Yelena said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, "But today is a day of reckoning and there's no way in hell you can stop it. Sure, you've taken out about three-quarters of my crew but you'll still have me to deal with as well as the countdown to the launch. I have waited years for this moment and I will die before I let a couple of two-bit rogue agents ruin the chance to make the world pure again. You have seven minutes until the launch of the nuclear missiles. Good luck, Romanoff, Masters. And I expect a brawl from Romanoff shortly."

The loudspeaker went silent but neither side stopped fighting to process what was happening.

The soldiers that Nat and Tony knocked out earlier were getting back to their feet and resuming their lost battle.

The two siblings hold off each Russian soldier with all their might, usually just dodging their strikes and shoving them back into the crowd to avoid being overpowered.

Nat leaps over a wooden crate and picks it up with both hands. She gives a battle roar and slams it into a group of soldiers to break them apart.

Tony tases his opponent in the neck before running up to his next one and doing a tornado kick to his jaw. He is chased by two and he quickly does a wall-run up the closest wall and leaps off.

"Why won't these guys go down?!" Nat catches a fist and snaps the arm it belonged to.

She feels her heart pumping and breathing becoming more shallow with each second that passed. She thought about how she had six and a half minutes left to stop the launch. Nat judged that the way Yelena was talking, Tony shutting off the power did not affect and just gave them the advantage of darkness and destroying the base.

"Go on," Tony ordered his older sister as he held back two soldiers before bobbing their heads together, "Stop that launch!"

Nat punches a soldier across the face and stepped back a few feet to give herself room to process what her brother said. She watches her little brother hold off the soldiers before she takes a three-second glance over her shoulder to see a large metal door. She hesitates to decide on looking back at her brother and calling his name. "Let's go, Tony!"

Without even looking, he said, "Don't worry about me; I'll take care of these guys!"

Without taking another second, Nat runs through the metal door and grabs the door and starts pushing it closed. She calls out for her brother to hurry but he tells her to go on without him.

"I think he's copied enough of my moves," Nat says nonchalantly before closing the door all the way and locking it. She turns away and starts running down the hall.

When she charges down one of the halls, she breaks through a door that had a warning written in Russian. She didn't stop to think why until she saw at the very end of the enclosed hallway, was a turret mounted on a tripod and it was aiming for her. She froze in horror. "Why can't things be easy anymore?" The barrels start spinning. "Shit, motion detection."

She sprints for it, leaps onto the wall to her right with one foot before pushing off and leaping to the other with her other foot. The bullets aim a linear pattern for where she was standing on the ground and it took a whole collage of bullets before it ceased and aimed up.

Nat somersaults onto the ground and charges for the turret while it was still aiming up.

The turret ceases and aims for Nat right down the middle.

As if everything was happening in slow-mo, Nat leaps up into the air, jumping over the turret and landing on the other side onto her hands in a handstand position. She kicks the turret with her feet as she jumps to a standing position and stomps on what remains of the turret, shattering the barrels under her boots.

"And aim downwards from now on." She gets back on track.

She climbs up a flight of stairs and when she gets to the top step, something wraps around her front foot and trips her to go falling right onto a board with a single nail punctured through. The nail pierces her in her left leg and she yells in pain. She rolls on her side and looks at the board that was now nailed to her leg. She clutches her leg before howling out in agony.

"Sorry Nat, did that hurt?"

Nat looks up from her leg to see Yelena Belova standing at the end of the hallway with a smile that sadists perfected. As quickly as possible, she rips out the nail out of her left thigh and puts pressure on her bleeding wound.

"You were supposed to be my best friend, Nat. And now," she grabs the straps on her vest with both hands, "You're making me do this.

Yelena steps forward, putting one foot in front of the other, going at a slow pace to subtly remind Natasha that she was in control. Each footstep that Yelena took gave a loud thud against the floor like she was a giant. Yelena removes her hands from her vest and pulls a pair of leather gloves out from her back pocket and fitted them onto her hands. "Let's not stand on ceremony here," she sighs." Romanoff."

"You made a serious mistake, Yelena," Nat spat at her as she pulled herself to a standing position and blocking out the pain in her thigh.

"I've made the serious mistake of not killing you when I had the chance," Yelena nodded while looking at the ground. "I've made the serious mistake of developing a crush on you. But now, I will crush you."

The two walked towards each other, but Yelena's footsteps were heavy as a tank compared to Nat's light footsteps. Nat's eyes look at the gloves around her hands and she sees a blue light illuminate from the wrist area. It does not take her long to realize what kind of gloves Yelena was wearing. "You're kind of a cheater for wearing Black Widow Bites, aren't you."

Black Widow Bites: Gloves designed for close quarter combat by the red room, electrocutes their enemies and recharges in a short period.

"These?" Yelena held up her gloved hands. "These are set to the lowest setting possible because I want you to be conscious of what is about to happen next."

"I'm guessing that shutting off the power didn't stop the launch."

"Five minutes," Yelena counted in her head, "Five minutes until the launch. I want you awake so you can witness my victory."

"How do I stop it?"

They were closing in about five feet from each other. Yelena throws the first strike with both of her punches. She throws a left then a right but Nat dodges both blows. Nat throws a kick but Yelena blocks with her forearms. Nat kicks again and Yelena catches her foot and punches it with her Black Widow Bites.

Nat yelled in pain as she felt the surge of electricity spike through her like a bullet and fell to the ground. She backflips to her feet and throws a punch. Yelena catches the punch and squeezes the flesh around her knuckles, careful not to shock her. "You're willing to die to save a superpowered country?" Yelena punches Nat across the face and shocks her. "It is so much easier to die for something then it is to live for something."

"You want to live?" Nat spat out a drop of blood.

"I've earned the Black Widow title for a reason and I want to stick around to witness my after-party. That, and I want to make sure my father's wish has been fulfilled."

Nat goes for a dropkick. Yelena catches her by both feet and swings her like a sack of rocks against the wall. "I've been trained since birth. I've been trained well by the Red Room." She grabs the grounded Nat by the throat and lifts her with one hand. "The Red Room took you in, made you one of the best agents. And you stab us in the back."

"You betrayed me," Nat chokes with the hand around her throat.

"Four minutes." Yelena roared with adrenaline as she threw Nat across the floor. She lets out a deep breath of air, her chest rising like a balloon of air and she spreads her arms like wings. "I am the Black Widow. I'm the one thing you will never be, Romanoff."

Nat kicks Yelena in the groin and rolls away. She takes deep breaths while moving away from the unfazed Yelena. She moves down the hall that her enemy came through to enter a room full of computers. Out of the twenty computers available in the room, there was only one turned on and someone sat at the desk.

Detlev turned around to see Nat but she knocked him out with a kick to the face. She shoves his unconscious body out of the chair before looking at the screen. Less than three minutes and thirty seconds before launch. She turns to the keyboard and pulls up the coordinates for the launch sites. Before she could get a clear picture, Yelena ambushed her from the side and threw her over the table and knocked a few computers down.

"You never learned to mind your surroundings." The ruthless Black Widow agent picks up a computer, ripping it from its plugs and holds it high above her head and barely lets out a grunt. She throws it over the table and listens to it crushing Nat underneath.

Nat rolls out of the way in time and throws a keyboard. Yelena kicked the keyboard in the air and jumped over the table.

Three minutes remaining.

Yelena closes in on the slowly retreating Nat and goads, "There's nothing you can do from here on out." She throws a punch too fast for Nat to see coming. Nat jumped off the ground a few inches and landed on her knees whilst bent over. She clutches her stomach and feels the blood drip from her lips. She spots the heel of Yelena's shoe coming for her face and she jerks her head back.

She took half a second to spot a glowing blue baton on Yelena's hip holster and butts her in the gut with her head. She grabs the baton in the scuffle and drives the end into her abdomen.

Two minutes and thirty seconds remaining.

Yelena yells in pain and shook violently as she fell to the ground. She realized in her pained state that she had not turned down the settings for the Black Widow Batons and she paid the piper with agonizing pain that made her convulse like she was having a seizure.

Nat, remembering the mocking insult that Yelena used on her, spat it right back: "You never learned to mind your surroundings."

Without wasting any time, Nat limps over to the still-functioning computer and turns to the keyboard, dropping the baton in the process. Studying the map carefully, she presses down on a few buttons and barely has time to click enter before a Black Widow Bite glove came flying for her jaw painfully.

Two minutes remaining.

Yelena picks up the baton and turns it up to full blast and smashes it into the computer screen. "I'd like to see you try to stop the launch now." She pulls out a second baton and connects the two to make a bo staff charged with electricity. She shows off several black belts move with the bo staff before she backflips several times and lands on one foot and one knee with the bo staff held out in front of her.

Who are you even trying to impress? Nat sits up and readies herself in a fighting stance. "Thank you for making my job easier."

Nat does the unthinkable: She sprints for the exit.

Yelena, when realizing that Nat was running from the fight, shouts as if she had been shot. "NO!" She throws the bo staff like a spear and hits Nat in the small of Nat's back. Nat grunts in pain and falls to the ground, losing the feeling in her legs that were replaced with electricity. She felt like her body turned to water and she was laying there on the ground like a puddle.

Yelena sprints for the steel door and closes it, locking it uptight. "Nobody leaves until one of us is dead!"

Ninety seconds remaining.

Yelena turns back to Nat and climbs on top of the wincing Nat. She reaches for her bo staff and puts the stick to Nat's neck but relaxes her grip so she doesn't choke her. "I'm going to kill you, Romanoff." By the tone in her voice, which had some hint of venom within, suggested otherwise. Either that or Yelena was slowly losing her sanity.

"Then go ahead and do it." Nat rolls her eyes at the empty threat. "Why are you taking so long to kill me?"

"Because," Yelena tensed, "I want you alive."

"Villainous stupidity." Nat laughs.

"I'm not the villain here, you are trying to save America from corruption retribution."

"Give America a second chance," Nat begged in a soft voice, "Let me show you that America is just as civilized and uncorrupt as any country."

Yelena shoved the bo staff down into Nat's windpipe with such force she felt like she was going to decapitate her. "Now you want a second chance? America doesn't deserve one!"

Once the bo staff was lifted from her throat and allowed her air to breath, she quickly asked, "What is it? What did you do that made you hate America so much?"

"America took the one thing I loved away from me!" Yelena yelled in her face. "My father was an American agent and he was left behind by the American government, the very same government that he has worked for thirty years for when Chernobyl fell apart. I held his fucking hand when he died from the radiation!"

After hearing those words, Natasha Romanoff finally understood what Yelena Belova's motives were. It wasn't out of necessity for balance, it was revenge for the government leaving her father, who worked for the American government, behind to die during the Chernboydl fallouts. A sympathetic feeling rose in her chest and she fought back to show any emotions because Yelena was showing none.

Then again, she was the one who is threatening the lives of three million people so I feel no remorse for where I sent the actual nukes to launch.