Rileigh and Mako looked at each other. Was that giant hunk looking at tjem? The drift sang with lust. Optimus prime's sexy compartment slid open amd his Thing flopped out. * transformer sound*

"Oh my gosh look at how big je is. Do you thimk tje jaeger can take that?" Rileigh groaned to make As Gypsy Danger stsred at Optimus (more lile Thotimus ;)) the air from his tires stsrted to transfer to other bits of himself ( blushes*) Optimus cired out "gypsy danger pls i need you" Mako looked at rileigh, then back to Optimus Prime Steak, that hunky piece of robot meat.

She slapped a button on the dash, and the metal walls around her groaned. The jeager grew a strapon on the front

Hey!" Ejaculated rileigh! "Why didnt i know about that!"

Mako smirked lustily, and said "i was saving it for myself"