Chapter 2

About an hour later Mr. Davenport went to check on Chase. He didn't seem to any better. If anything he was getting worse. He was breathing rapidly and was shivering due to the fever. Mr. Davenport went and got some extra blankets.

As he put the blanket down on Chase started waking up. "Hey buddy, how you feeling?"

"Horrible",Chase groaned. You coming tell he was losing his voice.

As Mr. Davenport pushed his hair back, he could tell Chase's fever had gone up.

"Let's check your temperature"

Chase's fever had gone up to 102.

"Do you think you can handle some breakfast?"

"I don't know. My stomach is feeling uneasy."

"I'm going to get you some ginger ale and crackers."

When Chase didn't respond Doanld looked over and found out he was asleep again. He pulled the blankets over Chase's shoulders and quietly left the room.