Mr. Davenport was down it lab working on his latest investion. He had Eddy keeping an eye on Chase. A few hours later Eddy came on screen and told him Chase was in the bathroom throwing up.

Mr. Davenport rushed up to help Chase. He rubbed Chase's back as continued to empty his stomach. After a good five minutes Chase picked his head up and leaned back agented the wall. Mr. Davenport got he some water to help him rinse his mouth out before helping him stand up and walk back to the bedroom. By the time he got back to bed Chase was so exhausted he fell asleep the instant he layed down.

Mr. Davenport sighed as he pushed Chase's hair back out of his eyes. He couldn't help but feel guilty. If he hadn't made sure a big deal about Adam and Bree, Chase wouldn't have felt the need to go on this mission just to prove that he was just as important. Had it really gotten that bad that Chase would risk his life just to prove himself worthy? He was impressed though. He knew there was no way Adam and Bree would be able to out smart Douglas and trap he in the process.

But now he was paying the consequences and was sick with what seemed li a cold at first, but now his symptoms just keep get worse.