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Chapter 3: Offer of an Upgrade

Later on in the Week

Midoriya Residence

Midoriya Inko was a petite woman with the same green hair as her son, with a slight amount of puppy fat around her waist that she was constantly working to get rid of and a slightly weathered face that made her look a bit older than she actually was. The last was due to the constant stress of being a single mother and her various part-time jobs.

Yes, she made sure she always had plenty of sleep and three good meals, but she worked every day of the week. That kind of stress would run even the most chipper and energetic person a bit ragged. That, combined with the various stresses of raising a teenage boy, despite her sweet baby boy's constant attempt to reduce them for her, and it wasn't surprising that the young mother was more than a bit worn and weathered.

Izuku was her pride and joy, and it tore her apart inside that her sweet child had to suffer so much just because of their society's darker stereotypes. Izuku was kind, gentle, intelligent, caring, hard-working and honest…but simply because his Quirk manifested in a way that reminded people of the darker times before the start of the Quirk Era, when multiple small-scale wars had occurred across the planet, he was looked down upon and shunned.

It made her furious with herself to think about, but she knew that her precious son had been trying to shield her from the true extent of the bullying. She knew because his friend, Bakugō Katsuki, told his mother and Bakugō Mitsuki had told her.

And of course, the little incident with the Sludge Villain earlier on in the week had made the headlines and scared both mothers silly when they saw their sons on TV, fighting a villain that looked like he'd been pulled straight from an old horror movie. Not to mention Izuku using a technique that she distinctly remembered forbidding him from even practising after it nearly destroyed his arm beyond repair.

Inko had been able to retain a level-enough head to keep from punishing him for actually fighting (only an idiot would punish their child for defending themselves against an honest to goodness villain), they'd still had a rather severe talk about him using something that dangerous again, even after agreeing not to.

Granted, her son had made a fair argument about it being a do-or-die situation, but it had still scared her stiff. They were going to talk more later this evening once they'd both had a chance to calm down.

She'd had an early shift this morning, so she was back a few hours before Izuku would get home from school, giving her enough time to get all the irksome-but-necessary daily cleaning done. However, her tidying was interrupted when the doorbell suddenly rung.

'That's odd…I don't think Mitsu was going to show up today…' Inko thought with a frown. Mitsuki had been her best friend since they were in Middle School, and had been her Maid of Honour at her wedding, just as Inko had been hers when Mitsuki had married Masaru. She often came over to keep Inko company and exercise together, but today she was busy, so it couldn't be her…

Heading over to the door, Inko peeked out through the peephole and let out an 'eep!' as all she saw was a skintight red and blue uniform covering a heavily muscled chest. She still recognized the identity of the person at her door, however. After all, considering Izuku had so many posters of the man, it wasn't hard to guess!

"H-Hello…?" she said as she opened the door, revealing All Might, with his trademark smile firmly in place.

"Hahaha! Good day, Midoriya-san!" the Number One Hero boomed. "Might I come in?"

"C-Certainly…" Inko managed, opening the door fully to allow the hero inside. In the next few moments, she showed him into the living room and made him a cup of sencha. It was so surreal to have All Might himself in her home! Izuku would never believe her when she told him…

"Delicious, Midoriya-san!" the larger-than-life man said as he enjoyed his cup, the clay cup looking like a shot glass in his massive hands. "I've always enjoyed a nice cup of sencha, but never had a hand for making it. For some reason everyone I meet usually insists on serving me coffee instead."

"Oh um…your time in America might have something to do with that…possibly?" Inko offered hesitantly as she sat on her own seat, mind still reeling and wondering what the Symbol of Peace was doing in her home.

"Very likely." All Might agreed ruefully with a slight nod. "I do like coffee, make no mistake, especially in the mornings, but it's not something I have the taste for all the time. Now, to cut straight to the heart of the matter…"

He very carefully placed his cup down before bowing his head towards a very surprised Inko. "I am here to apologize, Midoriya-san."

"A-Apologize? Wh-whatever for?" the green-haired woman asked in shock.

"I take it you are aware of the...incident with the Sludge Villain that your son and Young Bakugō got drawn into earlier this week?" the Pro Hero asked as he sat up again. When Inko offered a hesitant nod, he nodded resolutely on his own "Good. Sadly, that entire incident, from beginning to end, was in part due to my own negligence, I am ashamed to admit. You see it was my day off and I was out doing a bit of grocery shopping and was right on the scene when that grisly fellow tried to steal a purse. I naturally stepped in and interfered, but the slippery cad managed to escape and flee into the sewers where I lost track of him for several moments. By the time I caught up with him, the Sludge Villain was already attempting to accost Young Midoriya, who was actually holding his own most adroitly against the rogue before I stepped in and dealt with him."

"H-he went after my boy before the televised incident?!" Inko demanded angrily. Mostly at the villain, though she was more than a bit annoyed at her son for failing to tell her he'd been attacked twice in the same day.

"Unfortunately, yes." All Might nodded. "Unfortunately, since I was out of uniform at the time, I didn't have my utility belt so was forced to make do with storing the villain in some bottles I'd found nearby. As you can no doubt guess, the villain managed to slip away from me. One of the pockets I was carrying him in ripped in mid-jump and by the time I noticed and found where they'd landed, he'd already made his getaway and apparently went hunting for Young Midoriya out of revenge."

"That…That…!" Inko Midoriya was not, generally speaking, a woman given to violence. She had always been the type who'd prefer to talk things out and settle things peacefully whenever possible, but when her son was brought into the matter, this changed considerable. 'Mama Bear' was a thing for a reason, and Inko's picture should be in the dictionary next to it as a prime example.

Letting out a calming breath and reminding herself that her son was safe, Inko turned back to All Might and nodded. "Go on, please."

"Ah yes, ahum." The large man cleared his throat from where he'd been force to give the young woman opposite him a moment to get ahold of her emotions. "By the time I was able to track down the villain, your son and his friend were already engaged with him on the rooftop. I was just about to join in when Young Midoriya launched that most impressive attack of his that ended up scattering the Sludge Villain in much the same way I'd done before. So you see, I am at fault for your son being put into harms way the other day, and I felt I must apologize for it first and foremost."

Inko was quiet for a moment as she put her thoughts together. "If you'd had your normal capture tools, would you have been able to contain him better?" Inko asked to clarify something.

"Most assuredly!" The Number One agreed with a sharp nod. "My utility belt and all its contents were personally prepared for me by my good friend David Shield on I-Island. There are miniaturized capture tools contained in that belt designed to deal with containing, or at least restraining, almost any kind of Quirk you can imagine. I know for certain that there's at least one or two that would have easily contained the Sludge Villain's Quirk easily enough. You can trust I'll be sure to have it on me even when I'm off duty going forward."

Inko let out a sigh. "So long as you've at least learned from the incident, I can't really blame you for an honest mistake, especially since it was your day off and my Izuku came through it mostly unscathed." The elder verdette offered tiredly. God alone knows she wouldn't be going in to work if it was her day off, if she ever had one anyway, so a part of her couldn't help but admire his dedication to helping people, even if he'd been a bit ham-handed about it.

"Thank you, Midoriya-san." All Might said, bowing once more. "I assure you; I shall be sure to carry this incident with me going forward, it's not a mistake that I will make twice. Now, speaking of Young Midoriya, after I initially subdued the villain, he asked me if he could be a hero, in spite of the nature of his own Quirk. Has he been dealing with a lot of the usual Japanese issues with firearms?"

"Unfortunately, yes." Inko sighed sadly. "He does his best to keep it from me, trying to protect me from it, but I've noticed a few things. The worse it's come to was when a couple of other students stole one of his notebooks and scrawled graffiti all over it, writing things like 'villain' and 'thug' multiple times all over the pages. My Izuku's such a sweet boy, he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment just because of his Quirk."

"He impressed me greatly when I spoke to him Midoriya-san." the Pro said encouragingly. "I gave him some encouragement before I signed his notebook, which seemed to really cheer him up. I understand he's aiming to go to U.A. High?"

"Yes…he's certainly intelligent enough; he and his friend Katsuki are always competing for the number one spot academically at Aldera Junior High." Inko smiled for a moment before frowning slightly. "I did read that the acceptance rate is fairly low for some reason, though…"

"The Practical Exam tends to be combat-related. To be specific, fighting specially-prepared robots." All Might informed her. "They range in size from slightly larger than the average adult to some that are several stories high. Not many student have either a Quirk with the raw power needed to overcome them, or the ingenuity, training, or skill to utilize their Quirks in ways to overcome that lack of stopping power. This actually leads to the other reason I came. I'd like to make it up to the boys for getting them involved with all this unpleasantness, so with yours and Young Bakugō's mother's permission…I'd like to help train them both for the U.A. Entrance Exams."

"I-Th-that's…!" Inko gasped. The Number One Pro Hero was offering to train her boy? "B-But Izuku's Quirk is ranged! You've never used a ranged weapon in your entire career!?"

A few facts that Izuku had happily chattered about had managed to lodge themselves in her mind as time went by.

The Symbol of Piece let out a boisterous laugh. "True enough, but a strong and healthy body is never a bad thing, particularly for aspiring heroes." he agreed. "I am also, not to sound arrogant, a fairly good strategist with a wealth of experience to offer. Anything specific to his Quirk and I can contact a few colleagues for advice, I personally know Gunhead and I'm sure he'd be glad to offer a few tips given the similarities between their Quirks."

"That's…all quite true…" the Midoriya Matriarch was lost in thought for a few moments before continuing. "But...I get the feeling there's more to it than what you're telling me."

'She's got some sharp intuition.' Toshinori thought with a mental blink. 'Or perhaps it is simply a mother's instinct?'

Taking in a breath, All Might responded. "Midoriya-san, I watched your son, a young man of barely fifteen, stand up and fight a villain whose Quirk gave several Pro Heroes trouble, not once but twice, and come out of it almost unscathed using only whatever training he and his friend had managed to cobble together on their own." All Might stated seriously. "At the same age, I would have been hard pressed to do as well as either of those young men. More than that, I see immense potential in both him and his Quirk, particularly if its ability to grow stronger by defeating other Quirk users holds true. Young Bakugō shows the same potential with a fierce fighting spirit and talent that clearly compliments your son's own. You ask why I want to train them? It is because I can see that both will grow into amazing heroes and I want to help see the next generation flourish."

Inko felt herself starting to tear up. No one aside from the Bakugō family had ever said anything like this to one had ever believed in her little boy like she had. To hear it from the Number One Hero himself was…well, the ultimate form of vindication. Having All Might, of all people, express his belief in Izuku's potential as a hero made the (very) small vindictive part of her want to rub it in the faces of all the idiots over the years who had dared to sneer at her son.

Inko Midoriya was a kind soul, but she was still human. She could be just as vindictive as any mother when it came to hurting those who harmed her baby.

"Thank you…" Inko said emotionally. "Both for your words just now and for the ones you gave Izuku. He looks up to you so much. My boy has struggled so much thanks to society viewing him so poorly due to his Quirk. I'm certain that a couple of days ago was the best day of his life because you supported him."

"A person should never be judged by what their Quirk is, only how they live their lives." All Might said with a shake of his head. "Young Midoriya would not have had this kind of problem over in America; the Second Amendment may come with its own share of problems, but it does protect people from foolish notions of the sort that he has suffered under."

"True enough…to return to our discussion…please take care of Izuku while you're training him." the greenette bowed towards the Pro hero. "To attend U.A. and become a hero like you has been his dream since before he even had his Quirk. I will support him as best I can, like I always promised him I would...even although it does worry me that he'll be going into such a dangerous profession."

"The best way to assuage your worries is ensuring that he is as prepared as he can be the dangers that will lie ahead of him, and there's no finer place that will prepare him for that than U.A.." All Might said reassuringly. "I am actually going to be teaching there next year, as the Foundational Hero Studies teacher, so I'll be happy to ensure that Young Midoriya is taught to the best of my ability…although I would ask that you keep my upcoming status there as a secret."

"Oh goodness...Izuku will be thrilled once he finds out…" Inko breathed. "I will, of course, keep this quiet as you asked. Now, what exactly have you planned for my boy's training…?"

Same Time

Nighteye Agency, Tokyo

As the housewife and Pro Hero got down to a proper discussion, another man was contemplating similar affairs.

Leaning back in his office chair, a tall, lean-built man wearing a gray suit and glasses sighed tiredly as he went over the Quirk Registry File that he'd used his connections to pull on the sly.

Quirk Holder: Midoriya Izuku

Quirk Name: Buster Arms

Type: Transformation

Visible Marks: Skin covering the hands up to mid-wrist is coloured blue and has a reflective sheen.

Effect: 1) The Holder can transform his hands into firearms that can fire projectiles of either light or wind. With practice, the strength of said projectiles can be increased. Each type of projectile has a limited amount of ammunition but ammunition does replenish over time in reaction to specific outside stimulus. Maximum amount of ammunition can be gradually increased over time.

2) The Holder can transform the nature of their armaments into any type of firearm/projectile launcher that they can strongly imagine and have sufficient knowledge of the inner workings of said projectile. Demonstrated transformations include: pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, grenade launchers, and water pistols. Hypothesized to be able to transform into any form of tool or weapon designed to fire or project a secondary substance or item given sufficient study.

3) By touching another Quirk Holder, the Quirk Holder of Buster Arms can integrate the main aspects of that of said Quirk Holder's Quirk into a weapon. The type of weapon generated appears to be at random, but takes the power and potential of the copied Quirk into account. The gun lasts for five minutes per touch, but time is automatically reset through physical contact.

4) Should the original Quirk Holder either defeat in battle, or receive permission from, the source Holder of a copied Quirk, the new manifestation is made a permanent part of the arsenal of the Quirk Holder. No known limit has been established as to the number of Quirk Weapons able to be stored.

It was, at best, a very basic summary on the main points of the boy's Quirks. It had no details on what other Quirk Weapons the boy currently had at his disposal outside of the two based around air and light, and no further details on either of those outside of their source material. No clues on what kind of stimulus replenished the boy's ammunition or even how much he actually had for each weapon. No ideas whether or not there was any type of Quirk his own could not react to or create a new form of weapon out of.

That the boy, or his mother, had chosen to not give a greater number of details about his Quirk when the Registry was being written (or update it in the years since) showed a respectable amount of good sense in his own opinion, even if it was proving to be a current irritant. Getting access to these files was not incredibly difficult, the ease of his own access proved that, so leaving only a vague, general description on the main abilities of the Quirk both fulfilled the lower limit required by law for the Quirk Registry File, and also prevented anyone with untoward intentions from having too much information on the individual.

It really was amazing how many villains took the information on someone's ill-gotten Quirk Registry as gospel when they were trying to get an advantage over a particular hero.

Sasaki Mirai, the Pro Hero known as Sir Nighteye, set the file down on the desk and laced his long fingers together in thought. He had met with his old friend Yagi Toshinori, All Might, recently, to try and persuade him to transfer [One for All] to his protégé, Tōgata Mirio. Interestingly, his old partner had seemed open to the possibility and was actively considering Mirio as a possible successor, but the encounter with one Midoriya Izuku had apparently shown him that there were other options.

As nostalgic as it was to have his opinion listened to (again) by his former partner, Mirai could admit that All Might had raised several good points in regards to offering [One for All] to Midoriya instead of Mirio.

First off, both All Might and his immediate predecessor had been close combatants, so choosing Midoriya, who was clearly a ranged specialist by the nature of his Quirk, would act as a form of camouflage against All for One who'd likely suspect that All Might would follow his teacher's path and choose a similarly-talented successor.

It wasn't a very strong point, but it made a certain degree of sense. Though Mirai personally doubted that kind of base deception would fool the man who'd ruled the criminal underworld for over two centuries.

Secondly, was the point that the best way to counter the sheer versatility of abilities that [All for One] granted its insidious master was with a Quirk that could gather and use multiple Quirks on its own.

As much as Mirai wished he could dismiss it, that argument made far too much sense to simply ignore. Just from the brief look at his Quirk Registry and the images he'd been able to gather on both of Midoriya's encounters with the Sludge Villain he could tell that the boy's Quirk had an immense amount of potential. The boy himself had shown an impressive amount of skill and acumen for someone without any formal training, which was proof of either talent or a willingness to work (or both) at least.

As much as Nighteye wished for his own protégé to continue All Might's legacy as a Symbol of Peace and believed that he had the potential to do so, he could admit that Midoriya Izuku was not without his own potential as well.

In the end they'd agreed that All Might would watch and test Midoriya over the year to come, as well as for the start of his time at U.A. High. If Midoriya had not proved himself to All Might by the end of the Sports Festival, then Toshinori had agreed to pass [One for All] down to Mirio. If he proved himself, then All Might would pass the Quirk onto Midoriya when he was physically capable of carrying it.

"At the very least, he's finally committed to passing on the torch, that's what's important right now." the former Sidekick sighed tiredly. Despite their estrangement over the past few years, he still considered All Might a dear friend, and the vision that his Quirk, [Foresight], had given him was that of the Symbol of Peace dying a horrible death from the wounds dealt to him by All for One.

Yagi Toshinori was one of the most honest and good-hearted men that Mirai had ever met, but he was also a stubborn, idealistic, and self-sacrificing idiot that seemed intent on bearing the world on his shoulders alone. As All Might, he had saved countless lives and had prevented disasters that would have devastated Japan several times over. He'd put everything he had into his last confrontation with the man who had murdered all of his predecessors and, if not truly killing him, had driven All for One into the deepest shadows of the world to lick his wounds and likely suffer the same type of slow death that Toshinori himself was suffering.

If anyone deserved to retire and enjoy a few final years of peace then it was All Might.

'Whether it be Midoriya or Mirio, in the end it doesn't matter, but you have to retire Toshinori! It's the only way you'll survive long enough to actually enjoy the peace you fought so hard for.' Sir Nighteye thought, his frame shuddering uncontrollably as his mind was forced back to that terrible vision he'd witnessed all those years ago. In all his life, he'd never been able to alter the future once he'd witnessed it with his [Foresight], but by the eight-million kami he'd change this one.

He'd go beyond Plus Ultra to see his idol, his hero, and his friend survive and live a peaceful life.

The Next Day, After School

Dagobah Beach

"Damn, this place is a fucking shithole." Katsuki stated bluntly, as was his wont. His habitual scowl darkening as looked at the sheer amount of garbage coating the beach. "Is that a fucking fridge? Holy shit, is that a goddamn truck?! How fucking lazy can someone be to just abandon a motherfucking truck on a beach!?"

The [Explosion] Holder had never really cared that much about small stuff like littering and the like, but this was taking it to a level that was just fucking ridiculous.

Grow some damn civil pride already, you fucking lazy jackasses!

"Kacchan…" Izuku muttered, instinctively trying to temper his friend's rather caustic tirade, but he couldn't really argue in this case. This was simply disgraceful, letting a public beach degrade down to this level of disrepair. How could no one have noticed it or done something before it got this bad?

Granted, the Dagobah Municipal Beach was located at the very edge of Musutafu, right at the edge of the Industrial District, so it likely hadn't been a popular spot even before the litter had started piling up. But still…!

Katsuki absently noticed Izuku rubbing his hands together, a nervous tick that the smaller teen had developed over the years whenever he was either nervous or deep in thought. "C'mon Deku, snap the hell out of it!" he snarled, drawing his friend out of his rambling thoughts. "We're going to be trained by All Might! He saw just how badass we are when we dealt with that slimeball and he offered to do this himself! He ain't gonna look down on you like those shitty extras."

"I k-know that Kacchan, I'm just…I'm worried that I won't be able to live up to his expectations…" the verdette fretted, before descending into another mutter storm, his hands rubbing together at a pace that Katsuki honestly wondered if they were going to start sparking soon.

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki reached out and lightly thwacked his childhood friend across the back of his head to snap him out of it. He'd been doing this since they were three fucking years old and he was now a master at measuring the severity of a mutter storm and applying just enough force to snap his sidekick out of it.

This one was only a Category 3, probably offset by Deku's own excitement. He practically had to use his Quirk to snap the nerd out of it when he reached Category 10. Thankfully, those were rarer than fuck these days.

"Damnit Deku, if you put all the energy you waste fretting over everything into actually training then you might actually be able to beat me more often in our spars." he snapped as his friend rubbed the back of his head, though there was no heat in it. "This is the chance of a fucking lifetime, Deku! The goddamn Number One Pro Hero, All Might himself, wants to train us! Do you know how many fucking Pro Heroes would give an arm and a leg for a chance like this, never mind a couple of kids who haven't even started Hero School yet! Are we gonna screw up a time or two? Maybe, we're untrained kids dammit! But y'know what we'll do if that happens? We'll pick our asses up, take whatever criticism All Might hands out, and get fucking better. 'Cause we're gonna be top damn Heroes!"

"Kacchan…" Izuku stared at his best friend for a moment, blinking back tears before nodding firmly. "Y-Yeah, you're right. We just have to give our all!"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! Now that's the kind of attitude a U.A. hopeful should have!" All Might boomed out as he slammed down to the ground next to them. "Greetings, Young Midoriya and Young Bakugō!"

"A-All...Might…" Izuku bowed jerkily. "Th-thank you for t-training us!"

"Yo." Katsuki said casually, affecting nonchalance. The slightly manic and excited smile on his face put paid to any success he may have had, however.

"The chance to train two such promising members of the next generation is a privilege, so if anything, I should be thank you two for agreeing to let me train you." the large man responded with a laugh before clapping his hands together. "Now, before we get started, I need to understand your Quirks, since your Registry files only give the basics and I'll need quite a bit more than that to properly plan this out."

"Ah, I can help there." Izuku piped up excitedly. He pulled a pair of thin booklets from somewhere and offered them to the perplexed Pro. "I copied these from my other notebooks, so...they should tell you everything you need to know about our Quirks."

"Che. Looks like your nerding out is actually gonna pay off for once." Katsuki jibbed with a smirk.

"Kacchan…!" Izuku pouted.

All Might flipped through the two booklets with all the ease of someone used to reading reports. His eyebrows rose as he scanned the information therein.

'My goodness, these are quite well-written. Clear descriptions, and both seem to have been broken down and analysed to a point I can understand them easily. They're better written than some of the reports I've received from professional analysts!' The Pro thought in shock. 'Not only that, he's included previous training results, possible combat strategies, weaknesses, possible areas of focus and improvement, and even combinations with other known Quirks. What a scary talent, and isn't even related to his Quirk!'

As someone who'd been Quirkless before receiving [One for All], Toshinori had tried to never be purely reliant on his Quirk in any given situation. Despite what some other Pros, such as Eraser Head, might have thought of him, he was a fairly intelligent person and had learned to out-think his opponents as well as simply overpowering them. Having worked with Sir Nighteye, whose Quirk was something that most would not associate with direct combat, for years he was well aware of how important out-thinking an opponent could be. Most of the time when Mirai fought, he'd already beaten his opponent long before the first punch had been thrown.

No, All Might knew the value of being smart, even if most couldn't see it behind his boisterous and forward persona.

And Midoriya Izuku had broken down his and his friend's Quirks down in such thorough detail that the Pro honestly doubted that someone without an actual Analysis Quirk could add anything to it. That kind of ability was something to be nurtured and trained, he'd have to include it in his training plans going forward.

"Oh my, Young Midoriya! These are quite well made and thorough. Very well done young man!" he boomed, shooting the verdette a thumbs up. "Do you mind if I keep these for reference?"

"O-Of course, please do!" Izuku stammered out, blushing brightly at the praise and causing All Might to chortle.

"Very good." the Number One nodded as he slid both booklets into his back pocket. "Now, to start off your training, you'll both be doing the same exercise regime while working to clean up this beach!" he explained, gesturing out to the virtual wasteland of junk. "With so many different objects of different weights, sizes, and shapes you'll be able to exercise all your muscles thoroughly, even ones that don't see regular use. We'll also be incorporating Quirk testing and training to get you both using your Quirks to the best of your abilities. This is the foundation of my 'Aiming to Pass: American Dream Plan'!"

"Hell yeah!" Katsuki grinned with a gleam in his eyes. This was just what he was talking about! He'd looked into gyms before but most of the ones he'd found hadn't offered anything close to the kind of workout he and Izuku were looking! Most were full of ass-kissing pussies that wouldn't know how to push themselves to save their lives!

"Before we begin, however, can I ask you what it was you used to defeat the Sludge Villain after he escaped from me, Young Midoriya?" All Might asked.

"O-Oh, yeah...that would be this." Izuku said, forming a familiar weapon from his right hand. "This is the gun that's formed out of Kacchan's Quirk, the Explosion Launcher. I combined and compressed three of the shots it gives me into a single round before firing it. It's a technique I call Mega Buster, as it powers up the shots fired from any particular gun...or it's supposed to."

"The dumbass almost lost an arm when he tried it a couple years ago, but that's because the idiot tried to compress the entire magazine of the Light Buster into a single round." Katsuki added. "This time, he did it with only half of the Explosion Launcher's ammo, and that one's got a tiny ammo capacity."

"Hmmm…I see." All Might mused. "Young Midoriya, could you try firing another of these 'Mega Busters' using the Light Buster? Do it slowly and don't go beyond…let's stop at 25% of your magazine capacity this time."

"Er…uh, sure thing sir…" Izuku gulped out nervously, but dutifully transformed his arm from the Explosion Launcher into the Light Buster. Visually, the Light Buster was nearly identical to the Air Buster, both being mostly smooth cylinders of dark blue metal emerging from the base of his wrists, only the Light Buster lacked the small air intake ports located at the base of the Air Buster. "A-Anything in particular I should aim for?"

"That fridge would be an ideal target…it looks as if whoever dumped it didn't empty it first." All Might wrinkled his nose in disgust. He would have to see about convincing the local heroes to keep an eye on this beach once it was cleaned to prevent this from happening again; it was simply disgraceful that this place had been allowed to get this bad in the first place!

"Here I go…" Izuku said and mentally reached for the magazine of 'light bullets' that his Light Buster had. The Light Buster had a magazine of 200 shots, and was fully loaded whenever he brought it out. Slowly, Izuku mentally selected the top 50 'rounds' and began to slowly compress and combine them into a single round.

"Well, it's definitely going better than last time." Katsuki muttered as he glared at where Izuku's Light Buster was glowing with a soft yellow light. "Last time it started smoking and cracking right away."

"You said this happened about four years ago, so Young Midoriya would have just been turning 11 then correct?" All Might asked curiously.

"Just a couple months after he'd turned eleven, yeah." Katsuki answered with a nod.

"Then it was likely a result of reaching too far, too soon, and the fact that his Quirk was still developing." All Might pointed out. "Like a lot of biological factors, Quirks tend to develop quite a bit during puberty, it's one of the reason Hero Training waits until High School to begin, so that Quirks will be given a chance to develop naturally before being pushed by Hero Training. His [Buster Arms] likely couldn't handle the strain before, but now…"

"Fifty-Round Combination: Mega Light Buster!" Izuku shouted, a blast of yellow light leaving his Buster's muzzle and slamming into the old fridge so fast that if a watcher blinked, they'd have missed it.

All Might walked over and inspected the fridge carefully. The blast had struck dead centre and nearly buckled the fridge in half from the force, causing a deluge of gunk to splatter across the sands. The Number One also quickly noted the complete lack of scorch marks across the portions he could still see. Just as the boy's notes had said, the Light Busters' projectiles seemed to be purely masses of condensed, solidified light, meaning that there was little to no heat produced.

"Well now, that was quite the impressive attack young man." The Pro offered with an approving nod. "The biggest downside that I'm seeing is the amount of time it takes you to 'charge' a shot to this level. Hopefully that's something we can improve with time and practice. We'll have you able to smash robots in no time!"

"Is that what the exam for U.A. is this year?" Izuku asked curiously.

"It's been the exam for…oh, must be going on ten years now." All Might said with a laugh. "Much easier to set hard limits to what levels of combat efficiency they're allowed to use than a bunch of Pro Heroes, not to mention cheaper. I'll not give you any specifics, but let's say that there are various types and leave it at that."

He decided to neglect to mention how some people (Aizawa) wanted to scrap it in favour of more individualized exams for each student. It would never happen (due to time and expense constraints), but it was better not to worry them without cause.

"So we get to cut loose and smash a buncha bots during the Entrance Exam?!" Katsuki latched onto the one part that interested him the most. He could count the number of times he'd been allowed to let loose with his Quirk on one hand.

"Hahahaha! Indeed!" the muscular man guffawed. "Now, let's begin our training session for real! We have a lot to do and only ten months to whip you two into shape! Ready to sweat?"

""Yes sir!"" the two boys replied eagerly.

Thus began ten months of hell for the pair of friends…


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