"Who is he?" The roadrunner says when he sees a coyote with the face of a few friends wearing a leather jacket, while walking they all departed.

- Get away from him, he only brings problems - Mention the rabbit with an annoying muca.

-I heard that he only finished with the entire football team of the rival high school-Comment the duck and then add-They say that not even their parents recognized them after they passed through their hands.

-I don't know how true that is, what is certain is that he has had as many fights as Danger failed exams.

-Hey that offends big-eared-Danger complains while Lexi and Rev laugh out loud.

-Who is he? -The coyote says as he watches the roadrunner shake his plumage with grace and elegance.

-I don't have the slightest idea, it must be a new entry-Mention the rabbit looking towards the roadrunner who was farther and farther away.

"Do you want us to give you a warm welcome?" Says the demon of Tazmania while crashing his fist into his other hand. "His neck is so thin that it will be easy to break."

-No, what I want is to find out everything about him-He turns around-I must know more about my prey before hunting it-The coyote whispers slowly when he travels to who knows where.

Author's Note: I hope you like it, it is the first time I publish what I write.

As you will see, it is a universe where Loonatics are simple students but they neglect, later I will make one of them as they normally are, that is, as superheroes. While I converted everything from the series to a school environment (for example villains in teachers) some other things inspired me from the Looney Tunes show.

The updates will be Friday and Sunday. Kisses enjoy.

PS: If I see that you like it, I will do many more, but you also be encouraged to write about this fun and beautiful couple.