Rev Runner jumped out of bed when he heard the noise of the alarm, today as much as he wished he couldn't sleep, it was his first day in high school. Rev was more than excited for this new stage of his life, so he dressed as fast as he could, which is in less than 1 second, and under the stairs to the kitchen, where his father drank coffee and his mother made breakfast .

"Good morning, my little Revy," Harriet said affectionately as she turned the pancakes.

"Good morning, son," Ralph said as fast as ever.

-Good morning Ma, Pa-Rev said kissing her mother's cheek, then sit next to her father-Pancakes with seeds, you're the best Ma.

-Everything for my loves -It says when placing two plates with pancakes on the table-Before eating Rev honey can you wake up your brother?

-Of course Ma-He says and then go in less than 1 second to his brother's door.

Rev slowly opens the door of his brother-Brother it is time to get up- Rip does not flinch and continues to sleep -Rip is time to get up or you will be late! you will lose study time and ...- Rev stops and changes the place where he was standing, and thus avoid being hit by his brother's pillow.

-I'm already awake, see? Very awake

-Okay, Rip, I see you down- Rev says smiling and then returns to her father's side in a blink.

-How is my boy? - Pa Runner says - Excited?

-Much-Answer Rev to take a bite of the seed pancakes with honey and fruits-Mmmmm ... Ma are delicious.

-Thanks Revy. Honey, your brother is already down? -Rev with his mouth full, just nod his head-Oh my little ones are already little men Look at your new uniform! So handsome!

Rev wore the Acme High uniform that consisted of: dark blue pants, which were very well marked; a fitted white shirt, not much just enough and flourine orange shoes especially for a bird. The clothes looked amazing on Rev's body; a body not very tall, in fact somewhat low for its age and species; thin but fat in the right places, hips and ass, thick but stylized legs, thanks to years of racing and gymnastics; his thin arms with an imperceptible muscle but still strong, emerald eyes with something blue, so bright they looked like stars; a pretty beak with small spots like freckles, almost invisible to the naked eye; blue and purple bright feathers, and to top it off, a tender and charming smile but at the same time brave, itchy and daring, her smile was practically his personality. Yes, Rev was attractive and, as if that were not enough, his personality made him tender, in the eyes of many, more tender appeal means irresistible to females and males alike.

-Ma, what do you say-Mention all blushing-Well I'm leaving, bye-He loads the strip of his briefcase on his shoulder, kisses his father's cheek and then his mother's to disappear at a mad speed.


At the entrance of Acme High there was a yellow rabbit with green eyes, wearing the school uniform and a bubblegum pink backpack, this bunny was Lexi Bunny second year, cheerleading captain, gymnastics club member, magnet of boys and best friend of Rev Runner. She was excited, since her best friend since second grade was entering high school today. He remembered all the crazy things they had done since they met and a smile was drawn. She looked at her watch and counted.

-3, 2, 1-At the end a roadrunner appeared in front of her with a smile from ear to ear-Hey Rev-

-Hey Lexi-He says to hug each other-I missed you-They said at the same time.

It was only two weeks since they had seen each other, and no matter how much they spent the rest of the summer together, they could not help getting tinned.

-How about family time? -

-If you mean a week of Pa telling Rip and me how to set up an impenetrable tent for predators like coyotes -He says quickly -Well, less exaggerated than -He has his fingers so fast that the rabbit lost his count-13682 times before and shorter than the 23891 times before that. But tell me, how about those two weeks at Miss Elvira's "perfectly perfect cheerleader" camp?

-A word ... torture-Rev laughed -What? It is true, that woman does not know what a split is, much less do it-Sighs-If I had known I stayed with you, and we were going to see Acmetropolis "Rangers" play-

-Don't remind me, the team lost and Danger ...- Rev stops and thinks- Speaking of Danger, where did he get? -

-You must be asleep-Lexi says as if it were the most obvious-Must have forgotten that classes begin-

"I came for those who cried!" Says a black duck, blue eyes and a confident smile, who was no one but Danger Duck, a sophomore, founding member and only member of the "Danger Duck Fans" club, member of the swimming club, better said pool boy club and the second best friend of Rev-Talk very soon-Lexi says raising an eyebrow-You took your time huh? -

-Perfection should not be rushed-says the duck to see the nails in a selfless way -If I am beautiful in a natural way, I also need my beauty time ... of course if it is possible to be more beautiful-He says when combing the feathers of his head back.

-Yes, whatever you say Don Perfect. What room did Rev touch you? -

- Room 215, first class A-Say Rev while laughing at the face of Danger's indignation - And you?

-110, second class C. It is a shame that we did not touch the same floor, but well see you at lunch-

-I got the same class as the big-eared-Lexi was going to complain about the nickname when.

"RUN! HE COMES! SAVE THOSE WHO CAN!" After that the students' hysteria was unleashed.

"And that?" Rev asked confused -What is happe ...- Rev did not finish speaking because Danger and Lexi pushed him aside.

-Ning? -Finish Rev-Shuuu-Lexi says behind a column at the entrance-Wait for it to go-

Rev, Lexi and Danger were behind a column at the entrance watching a mysterious subject get off a motorcycle, the few students who were looking at him with a face of genuine fear, whether they were first or last grade. The subject wore what perished to be the school uniform only that much less well-groomed, poorly buttoned shirt, pants with chains, leather gloves without fingers and what most caught the attention of Rev: an old black leather jacket, those classics that bad guys use in movies or motorcyclists. When the friends realized that he was getting closer and closer, they shut up. When Danger stepped by his side, Lexi was the same and Rev just saw him go "What have you done to be afraid of him like that?" the bird thought to see how the strange subject got into the building, Rev continued to see him through the large windows of the institute. He took off his helmet and showed his face.

"Who is he?" The roadrunner says when he sees a coyote with the face of a few friends wearing a leather jacket, while walking they all departed.

- Get away from him, he only brings problems - Mention the rabbit with an annoying muca.

-I heard that he only finished with the entire football team of the rival high school-Comment the duck and then add-They say that not even their parents recognized them after they passed through their hands.

-I don't know how true that is, what is certain is that he has had as many fights as Danger failed tests.

-Hey that offends big-eared-Danger complains while Lexi and Rev laugh out loud. When the coyote finally went out of sight it was when the students breathed again, and in that the bell rang.

-Well we go to our classrooms, see you at lunch Revy-Says Lexi-Come on Danger we have math-

-I HATE maths. In any case, as someone as beautiful as I would need them, I don't understand the world-He says dramatically- See you later-

-Bye guys good luck in math-He said goodbye happily to take the road to his classroom.

"I wonder if the guy in the leather jacket will be so bad," the bird thought as he climbed the stairs to his living room. "I mean it's a coyote, yes, and dad always told us since we were little that the coyotes were bad but ... something tells me that he is not "

-215, this is my class room-He says when he enters and the first thing he sees is empty-I am not surprised, I always arrive earlier-Take a seat and take your things out of your briefcase in what someone appeared. In that they began to arrive little by little their classmates and then the teacher. The teacher put his name on the board in a somewhat ugly letter and then write the subject he would teach.

"It seems that my first subject is chemistry. Good!"

Thus began the day of Rev, matter after matter until lunchtime.


In the cafeteria Rev sat next to his friends, listening to Danger's complaints about every subject he had today. Rev sees a table at a good point in the cafeteria completely empty and asks

-Why is the table empty? It is a good place-

-It's the soccer team table-says Danger.

-But the soccer team is sitting on the other side-says confused.

-Danger refers to the "stars" players of the team: Ace Bunny, receiver of the team is very popular, president and the best of the swordsman club, he is nice although somewhat conceited and handsome I admit it, you know him is Danger's neighbor -The named corrects her saying "Stupid neighbor aka loud music at 3am" -Yes, Slam Tasmanian is the strength of the team, he seems like a bad guy but he is quite nice indeed, he is also co-captain of the team Fight and finally Tech E Coyote, is captain and quaterback of the team, as well as a criminal with no remedy, bully, breaks and twists every possible rule, even other coyotes and other predators fear him, doing anything with him is like doing it with the Devil, for all you want do not approach him, do not do anything for this world. It is the incarnate demon-Rev looks at her incredulously.

"Is he really such a bad guy?" He asks innocently to see how Danger spits the food in his mouth.

-What if it's really such a bad kind of question? -

-I will only tell you 3 things he has done -Then the rabbit raised a finger-1 with his motorcycle full of mud the cheerleading uniforms in full training-She lifts another finger-2 sabotaged the project of Mallory Casey at the science fair -Lift a third finger -And how to forget when he breaks in two the leg of that poor guy in the game last year-Lower her fingers to say -And keep in mind that I mention the three softest things he has done-


A coyote of dark brown and light brown fur, his eyes instead of white were yellow with lime green irises, leaning next to room 214 sees a roadrunner in room 215 heading for the cafeteria, Tech decides to see him carefully " nice body, looks like a girl but a pretty one. It must be new I would have remembered someone like that, even more so being a roadrunner "thinks Tech to be interrupted by the noise of the door.

-I regret the late Doc-Says a light gray rabbit with white and blue eyes, being followed by a tasmanian devil of large size, chocolate color and purple eyes-Dr Fidel Chroniker is a madman Who puts homework the first day ? -

-I prefer a thousand times that the crazy geography and geology, Dr Dare-Complains-Heavens loves rocks so much that I think he married a-The 3 laugh at the comment.

-Hahaha, I can't believe he'll touch us apart -Slam says almost unintelligible when his stomach growls -I'm hungry we go to the cafeteria-

The 3 began to walk while they talked.

-I want it to be the practice and thus torture the newly admitted-Ace says.

-And those of old income-Add Tech with an evil smile-And the school committee, those morons are in front of my classroom, you have to give them a lesson for last year-Then they continued talking about jokes, strategies, plays and everything that.


The doors of the cafeteria open wide and reveal the 3 kings of Rome previously named by Lexi. The rabbit, the Tasmanian devil, and of course, the coyote. They entered quietly among themselves as they sat at their table.

Rev saw them at 3 until his gaze met that of the coyote, they looked at each other for a few seconds until Lexi asked Rev about his clubs.

- And you have not thought about enrolling in the committee? I say in high school you were 3 years in the? -

-Yes, I think I will-

-My friend Pinkster is part of the school committee, it is more, is the president-Says the duck-Do you want me to talk about you? -

-Please and thanks Danger-

-The great and wonderful Danger Duck saves the day again-Lexi and Rev roll their eyes-Go to room 208 at the end of your classes today, that's the committee room I will tell you that you will go there-

-Thank you-

-It's nothing-Stays thinking-Thinking better Do you help me with my math homework? -

-Of course-

-Me too, Revy?- Lexi asks-Mathematics is not my thing, I prefer gymnastics-

-Sure Lex-

Danger continued talking about how horrible the teachers were, that mathematics was unnecessary and so on until the bell rang. They all went back to their classrooms, when Rev felt a look on the back of his neck, turned and saw a pair of green eyes, a cold ran down his shoulder as he turned and went to his class room.


The star players of the team sit at their table, Tech looks to his right side looking at the same roadrunner early today looking at him, their eyes meet until, which he recognized as the cheerleading captain and Ace's crush, Lexi Bunny she got the attention of Rev.

"Damn rabbit" he thought to continue eating his hamburger.

The other two talked about how boring their teachers were but the coyote didn't listen to them, he thought he had that roadrunner that couldn't get him out of his head.

"It's nice, yes, but the other girls in the school are too, even more than he and I never thought of them like that." He kept thinking. "What's new? No, no one, no matter how new has it caught my attention. And I've seen other roadrunners before so it isn't that "

-Hey Doc-Called Ace -All in order? -

-Yes, I was just thinking about how to torture the newly admitted-He lied, they were his friends but he could not tell them something that even he didn't knew was. The bell rang and they stopped to go to class. When Tech stared at the bird's back, he turned around and their eyes met again but the bird turned around and continued on its way. The coyote exhaled and walked away with his typical face of few friends causing everyone to flee their path.

"I will discover who you are roadrunners, do not hesitate