It was a nice Thursday afternoon in Acmetropolis, the same afternoon in which a certain coyote was going to threaten a certain boy with the initial inconveniences D.S. But that doesn't matter now, what matters now is what happened in the stands located near the athletics track and the American field. In these stands sat a peculiar roadrunner who was waiting for his coyote friend who had to do a pending task, of course he did not know that said pending was threatening a boy.

The roadrunner was reading his notes for next week's test while occasionally taking sips from his thermos of hot tea to warm himself, the bird was so focused on his reading that he did not see someone approach him.

-Excuse me? -Said a mysterious voice that catches the bird's attention- Do you know what time the football team trains? - Looking up from his book, Rev found a handsome young man with reddish hair outlining a charming smile - Sorry to bother you but I have to meet a friend and I forgot to ask for their schedules-

-Of course! It is not a problem, the team usually trains at 3:00 p.m. -Rev says smiling and then shows him his wristwatch that read 14:38 -There are still a few minutes left, the players usually arrive when there are about 10- 5 minutes and they meet in the locker room-

-Thank you really, I entered here this year and I still haven't fully adapted to how Acme High works hehe, my old high school wasn't like that-

-No problem, I like to help whenever I can-

-You are very kind, Rev, right? -

-Yes, Rev Runner nice to meet you but how do you know my name? -

-The pleasure is mine, I know your name because you are part of the school committee and my friend Gorlop has mentioned you-says the mysterious young man while smiling-By the way I am Deuce, Deuce Sword Do you mind if I sit in what someone arrives? -

-Not at all, sit down -said the roadrunner, moving to one side so that the other could sit -So Deuce ... Are you coming from another high school? -

-Yes, I had to change for some ... not very nice personal matters but now that I think about it I don't think it's that bad ...- Deuce says while giving the roadrunner a sideways glance-After all in my old There were not people so friendly and so ... pleasing to the eye-After saying that, the topic changed quickly-From your uniform I guess you are from the athletics team-

-Yeah, I'm actually here for practice, we train at the same time as the football team-

-I understand but why would a roadrunner like you be alone here in the cold? Do you want me to accompany you until your training begins? My friend can wait, I can also lend you my jacket if you want-

-Don't worry, I'm not cold -Says Rev smiling as he pinches the leggings he used under the uniform a bit -As you can see I wear leggings under my shorts and I have the team jacket that is warmer than it seems. I am also waiting for someone so I will not be alone, you can go for your friend calmly-

-I suppose that someone is your partner, I mean, it is obvious that someone like you has a partner-

-I don't have a partner-The roadrunner's cheeks were stained red-He's just a friend-

-How is it possible that such a lovely bird does not have a partner? Surely that "friend" is a suitor-

Rev doesn't dislike that idea for some reason-Tech is just a good friend, one for whom I have a lot, a lot, a lot of appreciation-

-Tech you say? Like Tech E Coyote?-Says Deuce spitting out the name with venom as Rev nodded quickly -It's just a waste that someone as nice as you is with that scum-

The blush on the roadrunner's cheeks vanished as his brow furrowed-Tech is no scum, he's better than everyone thinks and I'm going to allow you to express yourself like that about him-

The human smiled gallantly-I'm sorry if I offended you Rev, it's just that I liked you too much for someone to hurt you-

The roadrunner's frown relaxed a bit-I accept your apologies but there's nothing to worry about, Tech won't do anything wrong to me I know-

-I would like to continue talking but I have to go find my friend-says the human standing up-It was a pleasure Rev, I liked you and that is why I hope that things between us are not affected by a misunderstanding-

-It's okay, everything is fine, I also find you nice but I don't like it when people talk about my friends-

-I understand, it's just that for some reason I can't allow them to hurt you- says Deuce getting a little closer to the roadrunner leaving him very uncomfortable- Goodbye Rev Runner, I hope to see you soon and that our relationship progresses-

-Yeah ... bye-After the mysterious Deuce left, Rev spent a few seconds thinking about the strange behavior of the young man towards his person and that of the coyote but in the end he shook his head and resumed reading until he realized that a presence, a presence that was glad to see-Hi Tech-Says Rev happy to see his friend-Did you finish with your pending task? -

-Hi Rev, yes I finished it-Tech says watching his favorite roadrunner-I hope I didn't make you wait too long? -

-Don't worry, I know that roadrunners can be impatient but I don't mind waiting for you- says Rev indicating his favorite coyote to sit next to him- Just tell me they didn't punish you-

- Worried about me? -

-Always-Rev says with some red on his cheeks, of course his cheeks weren't the only ones with that tone.

-Haha, don't worry Rev, they didn't punish me- Tech says as he sits down- I just had to run an errand-

-Well I'm glad to know that nothing bad happened, so ... how was your day? -

At the same time that the friends were talking, the mysterious redhead walked towards the dressing room where the rabbit that had just arrived happened to be.

-Hey Ace!-Deuce says, catching Ace's attention.

-Deuce What's up doc? -

-Nothing, I'm just coming to give you this -said the human as he opened his backpack to take out some papers- They are already signed by all the members of the school committee and by the principal Zadavia-

-Thank you doc-Ace says as he takes the papers and then looks at his cell phone that read 14:45 -Did you arrive early? I thought I told you that I would be here at 2:55 p.m.

-Well, I did not want to arrive very close to the time so as not to disturb with your practice, I understand that your captain is something special. On the other hand, I took advantage of the fact that I had to meet someone before and our meeting ended earlier than planned-

-A pretty girl? -Says the rabbit in a flirtatious tone-Since you arrived you bring several crazy girls-

-Haha no, it wasn't a girl. Well if you'll excuse me, I have to go home to do the mountain of homework that they left me-

-Well thanks again doc, I feel that I could leave my life in your hands with total confidence-

-Yeah, sure you do-Deuce says with a somewhat dark smile, but Ace seemed not to notice that sudden change in his "new friend's" smile.

-See you tomorrow doc-

-Goodbye, Bunny-Says Sword as he left the place but when he was leaving through the dressing room door he collided with the great tasmanian devil.

-Are you okay? -Slam says to later help the other -I didn't see you-

-No, it was my fault, I was lost in my thoughts -said the human with a smile -No problem Slam-

-I'm sorry Deuce-Says the guilty demon.

-Don't worry, it was an accident -He says still smiling -Well, I have to go, bye-He began to walk while in the background the "goodbye" of the demon was heard, when the human was a good distance away, he whispered to himself- There will be time for you to feel it Tasmania-Then he turned to see the stands where a roadrunner and a coyote were talking animatedly-You, Bunny, Coyote, everyone will do it ... everyone will pay ...-

Author's Note: I'M STILL ALIVE ! Thank you for being so patient and understanding. You are the best, really thank you I love you! Sorry all the time without updating but between what I told you before and this pandemic I have been a bit complicated but that has already happened, now we have to think about the future. I will try to update at least 2 chapters per month, for now I will not put update days since I may upload 1 chapter per week as I may not update in 2 weeks and one day upload 10 chapters. Again I want to thank you for being patient and for continuing to support me all this time, I received some negative comments but you made me forget them completely and that is why I love you and I want to tell you that you have a place in my heart.

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