Today the sun was shining more than usual as if it wanted to indicate that it was the most anticipated day of the week, Friday ... But it was not just any Friday, no, today was the Friday before winter holidays. All the students were on the edge of their seats waiting for the hands of the clock to move towards the desired time, the excitement for the holidays was such that even the teachers of the clubs and the coaches of the sports teams had canceled their classes against turn, the reason why the teachers did this was the same reason that coach Sam expressed to his students "I do not get paid enough to put up with brats one more day and 2 weeks is not enough to relieve me of the stress that they cause me plagues. "

Tik, tok, tik, tok, tik ... the bell resounded throughout the institution followed by the noise of hurried footsteps by both students and teachers, the avalanche of people in the corridors was such that it generated a strong wind that he carried all the Christmas decorations off the walls onto the floor. At this time the roadrunner was quickly going from one place to another trying to find his friends in that sea of people, he was looking for the duck and the rabbit with his eyes until an arm took his causing him to turn around and he will meet an acquaintance pair of green eyes.

-Hey Lexi! -Says Rev with a smile- I was looking for you, where were you? -

-Looking for you upstairs- Lexi says laughing- I think we crossed paths and we didn't realize it-

Both friends laughed until Rev realized something -And Danger? Isn't he with you?-

-Our dear feathered friend is chasing all the 3rd grade girls with a mistletoe to see "how many fall to his charms" -

-That definitely sounds like Danger hahaha-

-And he told me to leave since he would leave with some of "his conquests" -

-That sounds to me like his mother is going to come pick him up in her car and take him to eat ice cream so that he gets his spirits up for being rejected by each of the 3rd grade girls ... 2 times or 3 if he is inspired today-

-What are we going to do to him? Our friend is like that and surprisingly that is how we want him. Come on? -

-Of course, but let's go out through the back doors that the front ones are cheaper -The 2 friends began to walk towards the exit while they talked about how they had gone today and others.

After crossing the sea that the students and teachers had formed, the rabbit and the roadrunner managed to get out to the backyard and now they were heading towards the girl's house ... or that is what they did until they heard the roar of a motorcycle that forced them to stop talking and turn to see its owner.

-Tech!-Said the roadrunner happily as the rabbit's brow furrowed.

The motorcyclist took off his helmet to be able to speak better-Hey Rev-The coyote says happily until he saw the girl next to him-Hey Bunny-This time his voice had boredom instead of joy and the rabbit just nodded with her head- It's also a pleasure-he said sarcastically before his voice was charged with joy again-Rev just wanted to ask you, if the afternoon is still up? -

-Of course, of course, I would not miss it for the world -said the roadrunner with a beautiful smile adorning his face -Today at 17 at your house, am I wrong? -

The coyote shakes his head-No, you don't. Do you want me to pick you up?-

-I do not want to bother you-

-It's not a bother, is 4:45 pm okay? -The smiling roadrunner nods quickly-Perfect then-Says the coyote before putting on the helmet, always looking at the other-See you later-

-See you later-says the roadrunner, waving his hand as a sign of farewell until the motorcycle starts-Isn't he a sweet boy?-

The rabbit frowns, even more, -Yes, as sweet as a sour lemon candy that expired 50 years ago-

-Lexi, Tech is a good person just ... he's a bit misunderstood but when you meet him ...- Rev sighs like a schoolgirl-You realize that nothing is as it seems-Lexi raises an eyebrow with some doubt but decides not say nothing-Well Ma should be coming to pick us up. Are we going Lex? -

-Yes, of course Revy-The face of the rabbit had a small smile drawn but in his mind the thing was different "I'm going to find out what Coyote is up to, I swear" thought the rabbit as she followed her friend.


In the Coyote family's garage, the youngest of the house was parking his motorcycle, once parked he got off it, took off his helmet and went to his room. The mind of the coyote since yesterday that was uneasy, specifically from the moment he discovered that the secret admirer of the roadrunner was Deuce Sword, that guy did not give him a good spine when he met him for some reason that he did not know, Tech thought they were just his ideas, He shook his head from side to side before heading to the shower to see if the cold water would calm his thoughts.

The water ran down the body of the dog while he rubbed his fur with the sponge, for some reason something in his mind told him that his assumptions were correct, he turned off the water to start putting shampoo on his hands when suddenly in his mind flashed the memory of the day before ...


The American and athletics workouts were over, the American team was coming out of the showers when the track team was coming in.

-Goodbye Ace, goodbye Slam-Says the roadrunner with a smile when he crossed next to the rabbit and the tasmanian devil.

-Goodbye Rev / doc- They both replied at the same time while taking their sports bags.

The roadrunner approaches his friend with light brown fur, who was putting away his uniform-See you tomorrow Tech-

-Wait Rev-The coyote caught the other's attention-It's very cold and it's getting dark early today, it's not good that you're walking in the street so late so when you finish showering I'll take you home-

-I don't want to bother you when I can walk, I don't want to take your time-

-You know perfectly that for me it is not a bother to take you to your house, also your house and mine are in the desert area and relatively close to each other-

-Okay I accept-

-Well then, I'll wait for you in the stands Rev-

-Sure Tech, I won't be long-

The coyote and the roadrunner smiled before they took different directions, once out of the showers Tech walked towards the stands followed by his best friends.

The rabbit sat on the bleachers and gave his friend a look-Well Doc, what's wrong with you today? You have been weird in practice-

The coyote saw him a bit confused until the demon spoke-Ace is right, you played well but your mind was not on the field or at least not 100% -

-Well I suppose it was because today I found out who Rev's "secret admirer" was-

-For real?!-

-Who is it, Doc ?!-

-Deuce, Deuce Sword-

-Deuce? -Says Slam confused-I didn't think he liked boys-

-It makes sense now that I think about it-Ace mentioned-He never mentioned a girlfriend or girl he dated, he has several girls from here and even from old high school after him but he does not pay attention to any, there were only 2 options, asexual or gay-

-Now that I think about it-Slam says-Gorlop once gave a gift from the "secret admirer" to Rev, once Deuce showed up at wrestling training, Gorlop said he was his friend and neighbor-At this time the 3 were tying up the dots-Brothers Marcos and Tony also gave Rev a bouquet of flowers from the "secret admirer" and Deuce has been seen several times talking to them-

-On the other hand, today he appeared in the locker room before training to leave me some papers from the club and mentioned that he had met with someone and that someone was not a girl, at this time usually there are only those of the american and ...-

-The athletics-Tech finished-That explains Rev's frown when I arrived, I thought it was because of something he was reading but it seems that the idiot annoyed him-Tech's brow furrowed to the limit-I knew there was something wrong with him as soon as I saw him-

-You won't be jealous or yes doc? -

-Of course NOT! -Shouted Tech with red cheeks -It's just that that guy has something weird about him, it's almost like he's planning something-

-I'm sorry to say it but Ace is right, you're jealous-

Tech was going to protest until his friends stood up and started to leave-Good luck with your sweetie Bye Doc! -

The coyote looked away from his friends and saw his beloved roadrunner -Ar ... are you ready Rev? -

-Sure Tech, it took longer than I thought because Ma called me, she was worried but when I told her that you would take me home she calmed down, by the way, she sent you greetings-

-I'm glad to hear it, tell him that I also send greetings-I think we better go now-

End of flashback

"The boys are right, I'm just jealous and I see him as a rival to win Rev's heart" thought Tech "Besides, he has no reason to be against me ... Or does he? I mean, 99% of the students and faculty at Acme High dislike me but I don't remember doing anything to him, "the coyote shook his head to get those thoughts out of the shower.

The young coyote turned on his laptop and began to see the scientific news of the week until his parents arrived from work, then the 3 had lunch, when lunch was over he went to his room to distract himself until it was time to go pick up the beautiful roadrunner .


In the Runner residence, more specifically in the office of the family patriarch, was looking through the window as a motorcycle was stopping in front of HIS house, the next moment he saw a young roadrunner, who was none other than HIS beloved first-born, he ran to receive who was the nightmare of any father who loved his children. When his first-born son arrived at the side of the "hash-slinging_slasher", he saw how he greeted him happily while the other, without taking off his helmet, returned the greeting and took the liberty of removing a helmet from HIS little one and helping him to get on that ... that ... that "death trap with 2 wheels"! Ralph Runner sighed "Calm down Ralph, calm down, your son is intelligent and your wife told you that they only met to do teamwork and to watch movies ...".

-One second. Movies?-Pa Runner's eyes widened-GOD THAT'S HOW I MOVED TO SECOND BASE WITH HARRIET! YOU DAMN PERVERT STEAL CHILDREN! I'LL CALL YOU THEN GIVE YOUR BALLS TO DOGS!-The old roadrunner calmed down a bit after shouting -But if I don't have a dog ... whatever will occur to me-


Meanwhile at the Coyote residence, a couple of friends, who obviously felt nothing but friendship for each other, were chatting about what their project would be for this year's science fair. The two of them had been thinking and brainstorming about what theme to choose for an hour and a little more until ...

"ROBOT!" They both yelled in unison and then looked at the other side with a blush on their cheeks.

The coyote pretended to cough to cover his blush-I mean, it would be interesting to build a robot this year and from what I see you think the same-

The roadrunner shyly nods-Yes, I also think it would be best to build a robot but not just any robot, but one that helps people as a kind of assistant-

-A robot assistant? -

-Yes, you know, to help the elderly or in situations of dependency, in addition to covering the robotics issue, we would cover the social issue and help the community-

-That's an incredible idea Rev, you're a genius-

-No, you are the genius-

Then both began to write the proposal to present their registration when the holidays were over and classes were resumed, the coyote saw the roadrunner while he was drawing the sketch of the robot, Tech thought for a moment before asking -Rev? -

-Yes Tech? -

-Yesterday before training you looked a little upset, did someone bother you? -

The question surprised the roadrunner but still he answered -Well, I don't know if it counts, it can be considered that he did it on purpose, but yesterday a boy approached me to ask me something, then he stayed to talk to me and made a comment that made me a little mad. -

-Did he hurt you?-The coyote asked between serious and annoyed.

-You don't have to worry Tech, he didn't do anything to me- The roadrunner spoke calmly but then he frowned a little- He said bad things about you- The coyote's eyes widened as the roadrunner looked him in the eye-And I didn't like it at all so I told him not to talk about you like that-Rev sighs-He apologized and told me that "I hoped we would get along" or something like that-

Tech did not get out of amazement when he found out that Rev had defended him, of course he thought it was the first time he had done it-Rev, you shouldn't have defended me, I'm used to people talking about me, it wasn't necessary ...-

The roadrunner shakes his head-Of course it was necessary, you are important to my Tech-

-And you are for me Rev-

The friends smiled before going back to work, the roadrunner was calm as always when he was next to the coyote ... but the coyote could not get out of his head the impression that this Deuce had something against him, something personal and that something It wasn't just jealousy, no, it was something even more personal ...

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