It was supposed to be a simple, safe a week worth of journey from Famille to Shion. Everything was progressing smoothly without much of a hitch.

That was what they all thought before the party was ambushed by bandits on the fifth day they were on the road. Halfway towards their destination. They just set up camp for the day. Maybe that was one of the many reasons that their forces were unable to fight back. The knights put up a good fight to the best that they can't but it was sudden and they were outnumbered.

Extremely outnumbered.

"You need to take her away from here. That's the only way." the knight with brown hair nodded once at the order given by his superior though all that he wanted to do was to fight alongside his comrades. But he ignored the thought.

He was the only one that could do it.

He was her only chance to even get out of this massacre alive.

"I won't just leave all of you here. I'm not a coward, Sebastian." Sebastian looked over to the young woman who was dressed in a plain white dress. Completely out of her usual fineries that she is often adorned with. Even her favorite necklace was gone. Probably stashed away for safekeeping.

"I told you before Sebastian, I am not running away. Not without all of you with me. I would not allow this plan of yours to take place." the intensity that was reflected in her orbs reminded Sebastian of why he took the oath to be her sword and shield in the first place. She was stubborn, and fierce, yet she is gentle, and compassionate, and kind. Even to those whose rank are beneath hers.

It was then that Erica, the sole female attendant in their procession, entered the tent. "We don't have much time. The rest can't put up the defense any longer." she reported to Sebastian. The knight nodded as he glanced over Erica who was out of her usual knight garment and was in one of the princess's finer dresses instead. This should be enough.

"Princess, you need to go now. We need you to go now. Or everything would be pointless." He was adamant this time.

The princess's brown orbs clashed with Sebastian's emerald green. Both refuse to give up to the other. It was when the princess realized that Sebastian's eyes were actually pleading for her to do as he say that she finally gave up.

As stubborn as she was, she too realized the severity of the situation at hand. If she kept at it, all of the sacrifices of her knights will all be for naught.

Reluctantly, she nodded. Her tears running down her cheeks. She no longer have the strength to keep them at bay. She would have to leave her guards. The people that had been by her side for years to die. For her sake.

"Don't be too sad princess. We knew what we were going into when we took the pledge. All of us are more than willing to lay our life for your sake. For our country's sake." the princess winced at those words. She knew it was the truth but it is still something hard to swallow. The fact that her people have full faith that she have the power to save their beloved country. Until the point they were even willing to sacrifice their life for her safety.

Sebastian took a final look at his princess as his right hand reached over to the worn out pink ribbon that her kept in his uniform's left breast pocket. It was given to him by the princess when she was 3 years of age. The first time they have met when Sebastian was assigned as the princess's head knight.

The old knight reached out to tie a ponytail on the princess using the ribbon. He was clumsy at it. Obviously had never done so before. Never knew how but he tried anyway and ended up with a messy clutter of hair being tied up with the ribbon.

He looked fondly at the princess. "None of us have any ounce of regret to have been under your service princess. Remember that." he said as he turned away from the princess walking towards the entrance of the tent with Erica in tow.

"Princess, we need to go." The young knight said. Defeated, she nodded as the two of them discretely began to make their exit.

"She'll be safe, Sebas. Gai will be there to protect her." Erica muttered as she tried to look as regal as their princess always do. The old knight nodded at his second in command. Akari Gai was his best protégé. A skilled swordsman since he first picked up a sword and immensely loyal to the princess.

Judging from the commotion, the ruffians were closing in on the tent. The two of them need to keep those barbarians occupied, hoping that Gai was able to take the princess as far away from the site as possible so that there would be less chance of them getting caught.

As he parry away the swords and weapons being thrown in their direction, his mind wavered off to their princess. She was like a daughter to him.

He watched over her since she was a toddler until she grew up to be a fine woman. As a sword finally struck him in the chest, the only thought was, "Stay alive, Princess Ahim."

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