Chapter 7

When they finally got to her, Ahim was already examining the young woman in yellow while the other women watch with concern. "Her water just broke. The baby's coming." Those words were enough to alarm anyone but Luka regained her composure quick.

"What do you think you're doing? A crowd is forming and we don't need that jerk of a prince to receive word that you are still alive! I told you that you need to keep a low profile!" she hissed.

"Do you have a place where we can go?" Ahim ignored Luka instead, she focused on the pregnant woman's companion.

Thankfully, the woman in pink was able to snap out of her panicked state and regained her composure as she answered. "We own a lodging house not too far away from here."

The princess nodded at the response and she looked at Joe and although the man shook his head in disbelief, he eventually lowered his body and passed the groceries to Ahim who readily accepts it.

"Oi! Little missy!" Luka hissed as she realized that her words had been ignored. "Ahim!" she hissed once again to try and grab her attention. "You're sticking out like a sore thumb here! The whole thing is going to be jeopardized!"

The response Luka got was a bit of a surprise. The fact that the little princess was actually glaring at her with much force. As if she was annoyed with her. "Then if you are so worried about that, lend us a hand so that we can get out of here faster!" and if the glare was not enough, hearing Ahim snapping at her in anger only added more to the shock.

Astounded, she helped Ahim with the rest of the things as they all followed after Joe who had picked up the pregnant woman bridal-style effortlessly and was following the other woman to the said lodging house.

"Just so you know, I do not support all of this one bit!" Luka groaned to which Ahim paid no heed too which only frustrates Luka even more.

They eventually arrived at the lodging house and entered a spacious room where a futon was laid out in the center of the room. Ahim dropped all of the things in her hands at the door and she went straight to the pregnant woman who Joe has slowly laid on the futon.

The woman was groaning in pain and it was beads of sweat trickled down her forehead.

"She wasn't expected to give birth this early! The midwife is out of town and so is her husband!" her companion said as she looked over with much concern as Ahim inspected the woman's opening.

"I can almost see the crown. There's no more time to wait around. She needs to deliver now! Urm…"

"Sakura. Nishihori Sakura."

"Sakura-san. I need a bowl of cold water, scissors or a knife, some alcohol,towels and some clean cloths." the woman in the pink yukata, Sakura nodded in response and without another word, she was gone to go and fetch the items that Ahim had listed.

"Joe-san, I think you need to go and help Sakura-san. I doubt that she'll be able to carry all of the things that I have asked in one trip and I really need them right away."Ahim said as she fixed her ponytail into a high bun and folded her long sleeves to her elbow and from the corner of her eye she can see that Joe had nodded slightly and headed to where Sakura went.

Luka was still monitoring everything in disbelief. "You can't be serious right now."

"Either you help me or you can just stand there Luka-san." Ahim said stoically as she offered her left hand to the woman and she winced a little, despite the severe pain of having the offered hand being squeezed to a pulp. But Ahim said nothing else as she maintained the comforting smile on her face and tried to brush off the stray hair out of the woman's eyes.

"Can I know your name?" she asked softly.

"Nat- Natsuki."

"Natsuki-san. I need you to take a deep breath through your nose and let them out slowly through your mouth. Can you do that?" Natsuki nodded with much effort.

It was then that Sakura and Joe burst into the room with the things that Ahim had requested earlier. She only motioned for the items to be deposited close to her. "Joe-san, I really think Natsuki-san would be more comfortable if you are not here to witness this." Joe didn't need to be told that twice as he got out of there within seconds.

"I'm still against this. But, what do you need me to do?" said Luka who gently pried Ahim's hand out of Natsuki's death grip as she shooed the princess away.

Ahim made out a small smile as she took her place and helped Natsuki to prop her legs up. "Just help me monitor Natsuki-san's condition. Help her with the pace of breathing, try to talk to her so that she can maintain her consciousness." Ahim said as she laid out the cloth layer by layer to make sure the blood won't stain the floor. She also cut out a few small pieces from the cloth and handed them to Luka.

"Use one of it to dab her forehead with the cold water. Use the other one for her to bite on so that she won't bite off her tongue."

The last part totally caught Luka off-guard. "Wait, what? Bite off her what?!" but Ahim had no time to explain as there was still much to do. From sterilising the scissors with the alcohol as well as checking at the cervix opening every few minutes.

"The delivery is taking shorter time than I originally thought." Ahim muttered to herself. As she positioned herself at the receiving end, she gently told Natsuki.

"Natsuki-san, listen to what I said okay? I need you to take a deep breath, let it out, and whenever you are ready, I need you to push with everything you got. Okay?"

The reply that she got from Natsuki was only a muffled grunt but that itself was enough. Ahim exchanged a look with Luka and after receiving the signal that they were ready, Ahim softly guided the young mother.

"That's good, deep breaths. And push."

Luka was starting to lose strength in her hands from how strong Natsuki was gripping onto it but she only swallowed the pain down as she kept wetting the small cloth and dabbed on Natsuki's forehead whilst whispering words of encouragement and comforts to her.

It was then the door suddenly busted open revealing 4 unfamiliar men that looked like they were out of breaths. All of them were gasping and panting for air for the first few seconds before they fully processed the scene in front of them. It was after they have the full grasp of the situation that they shrieked out loud.

But those shrieks were instantly silenced by Ahim's death glare. "If you are not gonna be of any help, Get. Out." Her tone was icy, signalling her annoyance. It was then that Sakura popped up, knocking all 4 of the men on their head. Sakura must have been the one that went to call for these men. Ahim and Luka didn't even realise that she was gone.

"You 3, out. Masumi, go to your wife." Sakura directed and when Masumi entered, Sakura proceed to close the door.

Luka eventually moved to Ahim's side as Masumi took over the position. His eyes were filled with panic, terror and there was also a hint of tender love towards his wife who was obviously struggling and in immense pain. There were also moments where he would whisper encouragements and some other words that are privy to them both.

On the other end, Ahim and Luka had their hands full, the baby's head was already out and Ahim was slowly and gently pulling the rest of the baby's body out. When the baby is fully out, she told Luka. "Take the scissors and cut off the umbilical cord." Luka tried her best to steady her hands and eventually snipped the cord successfully. Whilst Ahim tried her best to wipe the blood off the little being and wrapping the baby that had been wailing all this while in the clean cloths.

Cradling the little bundle, she moved closer to where Masumi was sitting. "Congratulations, it's a healthy baby girl." Ahim said as she handed the baby to the new father.

"Natsuki." Masumi said with tears filling his eyes. His wife, simply nodded. Too tired to speak now but anyone can simply see how she was glowing.

Ahim then went back to her station and after checking that there was no perineal tears, she signalled to Luka who had finished cleaning up the blood as much as she could.

Slowly, the two rose and walked to the door. When they slide the door open, 4 anxious face was already there waiting.

"Both the mother and the baby is fine." was all that Ahim said as she and Luka gave way for the excited bunch to come inside of the room and dashed to Natsuki and Masumi's side. Wearily, she and Luka got out, slide the door closed and dropped down to their knees at a nearly pillar that was facing the backyard.

"That. Was. Exhausting." Said Luka.

"I know." Ahim said with a sigh.

"Let's try to not do this again please."

That erupted a small laughter from Ahim that Luka eventually joined in. The two girls were giggling for a few moments before it died down. And before they know it, both of them were out of commission.

When Joe eventually came back after going back to the camp to drop off their items as well as informing the rest of what had happened, he allowed a small smile to grace his features as he saw the two girls.

It looks like they have both exhausted themselves for the day as even though they are basically stained with blood, their chest rose and deflated in a steady rhythm. They were sleeping. With their heads leaning onto each other. It was rather heart-warming to say the least.

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