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How long has it been?

Days, months… maybe even years?

Like Dante once thought, the time in the Underworld seemed endless with the increasing amount of hellspawns coming after him and his brother. Time and time again was wave after wave of demons wherever he set his boot upon. At least he had some company since there wasn't much of a way out of here.

The silver haired man let out a heavy sigh, seated over the edge of a cliff as his bored, blue eyes wandered over to the brimstone made landscapes overhead. A heavy yawn escaped from the demon hunter, his eyes becoming half lidded and begun to drift away to dreamland… until that fleeting was interrupted by the feeling of a small piece of stone hitting the back of his scruffy head.

Dante turned his head to catch who threw the pebble in the first place, eyes narrowed at the culprit.

"Already tired? I won't have my brother's age catch up to him when we have a duty to fulfill."

The demon hunter glared at the identical man that was clad in black; blue serpentine patterns adorning his coat and his gloved hand gripping a sheathed katana at his side. The man glowered down at his younger brother, running a hand along his slicked, silver hair. "Honestly, where is your motivation?"

Dante pushed away his irritation, masking it with a chuckle as he got up to his feet, arms outstretched before releasing a sigh. "Nah, just enjoying the view, Vergil. The same old damn view we've come to love as always."

"Tsk… let's make haste for a different type of scenery, then."

Dante shrugged his shoulders, following the retreating figure of his brother. Catching up to his side, he casually strode along at his pace, boots stepping over the cracked granite floor as the two wandered through the endless hellscape.

Silence fell between the two, their eyes looking forward. It was only a few seconds before the devil hunter piped up with some small talk.

"Seems like forever since I had some decent grub," the silver haired man said as he felt his stomach rumble slightly. "I mean, I'm all up for eating any fried loser that we come upon that looks like a soot covered appetizer, but wouldn't it be nice to , I dunno, get a good pizza around these parts?"

The crimson clad son of Sparda dearly missed his usual cuisine of pizza and strawberry parfaits, not particularly looking forward to the next Behemoth they might encounter.

"I prefer Chinese food at best." Vergil replied, eyes focused forward as they continued on their trek.

Soon, the younger brother ceased his walking, hand on his hip and the other scratching behind his head before traveling to scratch at his thinly muzzled face. Vergil spotting this, stopped as well, his questioning gaze landed on his sibling.

"You said yourself you've entrusted Nero to take care of things, so why -."

"It doesn't feel like a party around here now that I really thought about it."

Vergil quirked a brow at Dante's response. He never thought to hear that word again. In fact, it's been years since he last heard before their heated separation so long ago.

"You're… bored?" The katana wielding Sparda asked, crossing his arms.

"A bit of an understatement there, but you're damn right I am!" Dante gave out an annoyed huff. "We're two of the strongest badasses here and none of these wimps can give a good fight. It was fun for like… I dunno, maybe a week but now it's just draining the mood."

Vergil pondered on that statement, his eyes looking to the side as he gave out a small sigh. "I'd… have to agree with you on that one little brother. Truly, this is quite the Hell for us if we're managing so easily."

"It ain't like the old times, that's for sure."

"Again… agreed."

Both brothers looked exhausted beyond belief, their predicament causing the consequence of their lacking minds set to be warriors of the vast Underworld.

Dante was proud that Nero could hold his own ever since he had awaken his Devil Trigger, placing the utmost trust that is nephew had gained the right to surpass him. Even Vergil, begrudgingly found solace that his own son managed to best him in combat on top of the Qlipoth tree. Both were glad that the young devil hunter can manage without them on dealing with any catastrophes. He'd even had Lady and Trish along with Nico to help him maintain order on Earth.

Yet, still the emptiness in their hearts had dealt a blow to their egos, now seeing the pointlessness of fighting endlessly within the depths of the Underworld.

Another silence fell between the two sons of Sparda, much longer as they reflect upon their experiences.

"... I might have a solution to this."

Dante perked his head up, his eyes landing on Vergil unsheathing the blade, Yamato.

"You're joking with me, right?" The look on Dante's face was incredulous, a bit of ire in his tone as he stomped towards his brother. "All this time, you never thought of trying to make a damn portal outta here!?"

Once the katana was out, Vergil pointed the edge of it just a centimeter away from Dante's face, halting him from his tracks.

"Didn't you forget that we had some roots to cut away first, idiot?" Vergil shot back, annoyance filling his voice. "I intended for us to at least finish the job beforehand, but with the infinite amount of scum down here always stopping us, I never once got the chance."

Vergil then look down at his blade before continuing on. "And even then, I thought things would be hopeless for us ever since I ended up here the first time around."

Dante thought back to how Vergil lost all that he was when they had their encounter back on Mallet Island. The damned Mundus brainwashing his brother into the mindless knight, Nelo Angelo and forced the red demon hunter to kill his own brother. The trauma of that day only resulted to Vergil taking a step too far into becoming a power mad demon that resulted them being in the Underworld in the first place.

Perhaps the lost time made up from their countless sparring and fighting against demon hordes finally polished up his skills?

Dante's scornful look turned to a sympathetic one which morphed to a cheeky grin and a laugh. "Well, you got your dear little brother to be there for you this time around." The demon hunter moved to Vergil's side, giving him a pat on the shoulder as he attempted to lighten up the mood. "After all, you got some time to show off some new skills after all that demon slaughtering, right?"

Vergil only shrugged his twin's hand off of him, cracking a small smile at the gesture before moving back to his stoic expression. "I'm not how I was before. I'm certain I can get us out of here."

With that, the blue swordsman pointed Yamato to the space in front of him whilst Dante watched with expectation.

Dante could only hope that his brother's assurance wasn't a concealment of arrogance.

Breath steady and mind focused, Vergil swiped at the air at a horizontal angle before ending with a vertical slice, a cross shaped tear was made that illuminated blue flowing energy. It then opened up, revealing a portal coated in darkness that awaited for the two Sparda twins.

Dante let out an amused whistle, giving a mock golf clap at the action. "You definitely need to start a business in party tricks. Bet you can make the 'cut' easily." The joke of his resulted in Vergil jabbing him in the stomach with the sword once it was sheathed, causing him to wince.

Mischievous nature aside, Dante stared at the ripple of reality in front of him alongside Vergil. Both brothers took a step forward to close the distance and before taking another step, Vergil held out a hand to stop Dante from moving in too close.

Dante caught the look of hesitance within Vergil's features, the older brother speaking his reason.

"Despite this being our key to freedom… I'm not even sure if this will take us back."

Listening to those cautionary words, Dante gave a smile to his brother, patting him on the shoulder again and giving a calm grip. Vergil caster a glance to him.

"There's no fun in life without taking risks, right?" Dante reasoned. "Besides, even if it's not home, the other side might be one helluva ride."

Vergil once again cracked a smile. "I hate it when you can be right on some things."

Both nodded at eachother and made the firm decision of entering into the portal. The pooling black covered their bodies and their vision, their presence slowly drifting away from eachother. On that realization, they attempted to reach out when they were in and call their names yet it was too late. The darkness had already overtaken them and the portal closing behind when they've entered.

Once again, the sons of Sparda were now separated…

Celestine Lucross awoke with fright, her heart nearly beating out of her chest as she sat up straight from her bed. Sweat trailed upon her pristine, pale features as she attempted to catch her breath as best as she could. The High Elf calmed herself after a few deep breaths, her mind reminiscing at the dream she just had a second ago.

This dream wasn't a normal one, but a vision of the future to come.

Dressed in a white nightgown, pointy eared woman excused herself from her bed chamber and exited her room towards the open balcony. Her emerald eyes gazed down at the vast city of Ken, the Capitol of the country, Eostia.

Her gaze then reach towards the star ridden sky, the glistening sphere of the moon gave light to her body as the goddess reincarnate thought back to her vision.

Her dear nation was wrought with the damage of war, fires spread and buildings destroyed along with the countless soldiers dead from the assaults of their enemies. Vile monsters of every kind with corrupt humans allying themselves with them in order to fulfill their depraved goals. All hope seemed lost as every loyal soldier fell by the enemy's hand.

That was until two men held their own against the devious army.

One was clad in crimson and holding a mighty double edged broadsword with the visage of a demonic skull at its side, slashing through the countless waves of enemies with a confident grin on his face. The other was dressed in sapphire, a traditional katana in hand and delivering precise and swift strikes, his face stoic yet focused. The two had one thing in common.

Both sported silver hair, an indication that the two were brothers.

The dream ended when the twin warriors were consumed by red and blue energy, the fiery sky turning into a dark shade of black as two beings replaced the swordsmen. The terrifying figures of demons that were now staring directly at Celestine with eerily, glowing eyes, now spectating the event in front of her.

Celestine shivered at the energy the demons have off, the power of theirs was unlike any creature she encountered in her vast lifetime. The dream ended from there, leading to the High Elf's contemplation. Celestine released a sigh, her hands clasped together and brought to her chest.

"Will these two finally bring the peace I've waited for so many years?" She asked herself, unsure whether the twins can bring an end to the war or perhaps dawn a new age of chaos.

Only the future can hold such a truth.

Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp!

"Ugh… five more minutes, please…"

Dante's face flooded with the glaring light of the morning sun, causing the devil hunter to lazily peek an eye out. Was that the chirping of birds he heard? And why did the ground feel so lush?

Dante's eyes opened wide with shock as he shot straight up in sitting position, taking in the fact that he wasn't in the Underworld anymore.

Instead of the stony and fiery landscape he grown accustomed to, the silver haired demon slayer was greeted with the green and flourishing setting of a forest. He couldn't help but gape in pure awe on how he got here. Soon enough, a smile crept up on his lips and gave out a small laugh.

"Well, goddamn Vergil! You up and got us outta of that hellhole!" Dante looked around to see if his brother was nearby….

… and much to his dismay, he wasn't around at all.

Dante's joyful smile turned into a frown, realizing he was once more separated from his brother. A sigh escaped from him as he got up to his feet, wiping away the excess grass on his backside. "Guess it's time to find out where the hell am I on my own."

Dante wandered through the trees of the forest, a nostalgia hitting him as he breathed in the fresh air around him.

One thing that was bothering him was that his clothes felt a tad baggier yet the exhaustion apparent within his mind distracted him from caring.

The devil hunter soon found a nearby lake overhead, his booted feet rushing towards it with utmost haste. Sliding down to his knees once he was near, Dante cupped the water and splashed it upon his face. He then caught a glimpse of his reflection in the water, his movements paused as he took a closer look. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow to what was gawking back at him.

"The hell?"

The reflection of his showed a younger Dante, particularly when he was nineteen years old no doubt. His once scruffy long hair was now smooth and brushed down, his face looking slender and youthful. So that was the reason why he felt his clothes to be a bit bigger. He shrunk down a size or two!

Dante stood back to his full height, scratching himself behind the head at the strange predicament. "I guess Vergil needs a bit more practice if it ends up with us turning into babies now."

Curious, Dante held out his hand and concentrated on the object within his grasp. To his surprise, instead of the large awakened and fiery weapon of the Devil Sword Dante was now the dormant state of his father's keepsake, the Rebellion. More confusion welled within the now young hunter's mind, his face scowling at the fact that he was reduced to the time where he ventured in the tower of Temen-ni-gru. Quickly, Dante opened up his red coat and was relieved that the dual pistols, Ebony and Ivory were still at his side.

'So, I'm back to being Redgrave, huh?' Dante pondered as he tried to de materialize his sword, but to no avail. Sighing, Dante opted to place the sword mounted onto his back for the time being, his feet walking towards the dirt trail nearby. "Gotta make due what I can, then."

The young devil hunter then heard a scream over to the trees up ahead, causing the man to go full sprint at its direction.

Dante couldn't help but grin with excitement, closing in on the source.

"And I guess it's the perfect time for one hell of a party!"

Alicia Arcturus couldn't believe the disadvantage she was in, her hand gripping her sword tightly and amethyst eyes glared at the group of surrounding goblins and orcs.

The carriage she was in was unfortunately ambushed by the loathsome creatures, the coachmen was shot dead with a crude spear lodged in his head whilst the horses ran from complete fear. It didn't help that these greenskins had quite the malicious stares, focusing on the assets of the blonde knight that wore a mixture of blue cloth and royal armor as well her pink haired companion that was dressed like a royal princess. Alicia scanned the number of enemies and what they were packing.

Five goblins holding makeshift spears, one of them fancying a knife after throwing its spear at the coachman and the trio of heavy settled orcs that wielded large wooden clubs.

Alicia gritted her teeth as she shielded the pink haired princess. "Prim, stay close behind me." The girl, Prim Fiorire was scared at the situation falling onto her and her cousin. The small frame of hers trembled at the creatures' lecherous eyes, the vile drool escaping from the corners of their mouths being much blatant.

'Damn it...' Alicia felt slight hesitation that started to gradually build within her from the battle to come. A disadvantage at the numbers stacked against her as well as protecting Prim from harm's way. One false move and either her or her cousin will be subjected to god knows what. Should she retreat alongside Prim or stand her ground and fight with all that she could? But what if they were able to catch up to them and capture the two? How she hated that her decision making had left a glaring weakness on her.

The knight braced herself when she heard the howling cry of the goblins and orcs, their bodies beginning to close in…

"Phew! Boy, even being with Mother Nature can't mask that reeking smell!"

Everyone halted their movements, their eyes turning to the taunting voice that belonged to the silver haired young adult from behind the group of greenskins. His back leaning against a nearby tree, arms crossed and smirk plastered on his face before he removed himself from the tree. The stranger casually strode towards the troop of goblins and orcs, just stopping a few feet away. "And is being in rags the new fashion statement or did you have to go thrift shopping at your local dumpster?"

Not an ounce of fear was in his cocky tone, Alicia and Prim settled their unbelievable stares at the young man. He was either extremely confident or highly idiotic if he were to take on these creatures that seem way above his league. The blonde knight then took note of the large and strange looking double edged sword that mounted on the man's back, not noticing one of the enraged goblins lunged forward towards the stranger, intent of lodging its spear into his chest.

With a step to the side, the stranger easily dodged the forward strike that was near him and pulled out a strange weapon from his red trench coat. He jammed it straight onto the goblin's forehead, before…


A sound of small thunder emitted from the weapon of his, everyone staring wide eyed at what transpired. The attacking goblin found a hole right between its eyes as it fell lifelessly to the ground. The hole seeped blood, a small puddle forming on the dirt floor before the man took out another similarly shaped weapon.

'Those weapons… They're ranged but with such explosive power!' Alicia thought as Prim covered her ears from the ensuing sounds.


Boisterous noise from the hand cannons the stranger wielded rang out as the remaining four goblins were shot precisely in their heads, doubling down to get the instant kills. Twirling around the twin arms, the silver haired man blew out the smoke escaping from their points before placing them back within his coat.

The man caught sight of the two princesses that were astonished at what he had done. A cheeky smile on his face as his hands made similar gestures to his shooting, clicking his tongue to simulate the sounds. "Guess you can say I've hit the bullseye, huh?"

Alicia blinked before sourly glaring at the red clad warrior. Was he seriously attempting to flirt at a time like this!? Her attention swayed towards the roaring orcs that were all coming at once to the stranger, their clubs swinging down with violent force.

"Look ou-!"


The blonde knight couldn't believe what she was witnessing, now watching the man effortlessly block the incoming slam from the three gargantuans. Taking his blade out just in time, he used the flat end of the broadsword to hold back large clubs. The orcs attempted to push down further to overwhelm the man but no sort of struggle was apparent from him.

"Three against one, huh? Didn't know this was a handicap match!" The stranger quipped, pushing away all three orcs effortlessly. The trio stumbled from the amount of strength placed into that push, none of them aware that the man was shooting himself forward at a breakneck speed.

On his left, the man closed in onto a sorry orc with a harsh stab to its potbelly, piercing through with the momentum carried from his lunge. The punishment wasn't enough as the orc felt the blade lodge deeper into its body and through its back, feeling itself pushed backward and slam onto a nearby tree. Blood escaped from the fatal wound as well as blood spilling from its fanged mouth, life escaping from its eyes.

The second brute came rushing from behind the red warrior, attempting to swing by wildly swinging its blunt weapon. Not thinking he'd be quick enough to pull out his sword to counter the attack, the man opted to turn himself around to face the larger opponent.

Breathing steady, he took stance once the swinging club came to his side. A faint red glow seem to envelop his being as he used his right forearm to block the swing. The orc's eyes widened as its club bounced back from the block, unbelieving that a mere human man just repelled the attack with just an arm. It should've shattered!

The orc met its end, the man quickly pulling out his sword from one of the deceased brethren and started an onslaught of blinding forward stabs. Each poke of the sword hit every spot on the orc's front, feeling them go deeper to hit those fatal blows. The man finished off with a diagonal slash across its chest, watching as blood poured from the multiple wounds like a scarlet fountain as the orc lied a bloody heap to the ground.

The man let out a small sigh, swinging his sword about to let the remaining blood that stained its sheen be whisked away. His blue eyes focused on the remaining orc, the monster looking with confusion and fright. It couldn't believe that a lone man effortlessly finished off its brethren.

The man gave a playful grin at the last orc, his walk casual and carefree. "Come on, big guy. You're not scared, are ya?"

The orc flinched, realizing that the stranger was closing in on it. Its focus landed onto the two girls nearby and quickly made its fruitless rush towards them. Catching sight, Alicia immediately shielded Prim from the oncoming brute whilst a sense of dread washed over her.

Her whole body froze, witnessing the hellish sword of the stranger spinning furiously towards the orc and precisely sliced through the neck of the speeding monster, essentially beheading it. The orc's body fell midway from its last resort while the head separated from it. Its decapitated head landed onto the dirt ground, pitifully rolling over to Alicia's greeves in which she instinctively kicked it away from her.

Alicia's mind returned, her shocked gaze settling on the man catching his returning sword by grabbing it with a single hand. He then mounted the weapon onto his back before he gave out a small yawn. Thoughts were reigning inside her head as she watched the man stretching his arms out so nonchalantly.

What she witnessed wasn't like any sort of fighter she faced. The man possessed skills that were at a level of an expert, but the strength he displayed against the orcs was unlike any normal man. And that red glow she saw… was he some sort of magic user? Did he perhaps temporarily boost his abilities to fight toe to toe with those beasts?

The man was now approaching her and Prim, Alicia taking the offense by pointing her blade at the stranger. "Halt! Go no further!"

Stopping himself, the silver haired man raised an eyebrow at the knight. "You're really gonna treat the guy who saved your pretty little butt like this?"

Before Alicia could retort, she gasped when Prim escaped from her watch and moved towards the man. "Prim! Get back here!"

Once close, Prim's timid gaze was on the stranger, a lump she swallowed within her throat as she bowed her pink haired head graciously. "T-Thank you for saving us, dear warrior…"

The man tilted his head at the small Royal thanking him and only snickered in return. "Ah, those wimps were interrupting my daily stroll. It's nothing."

Alicia could only narrow her eyes at the man, sheathing her sword to her side as she approached carefully. She stood by Prim's side, a stern look present on her features.

"Mind telling us who is our savior?"

The silver haired man leveled a gaze at the knight that was staring at him warily, then catching a glimpse of the pink haired princess looking up at him with her curious blue eyes.

The man crossed his arms as he stated his name simply.

"Dante. My name is Dante."

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