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Dante sat back at a bench, his gaze upon the many soldiers within the training field. Their regimen consisted of the various trainings of sparring, bowery, strength and conditioning; all of boiling down to improving on their skills of the battle. A small breath exhaled from the Sparda's nostrils, currently dealing with another of his predicaments as he lazily lounged on his seat.


"You seem quite weary today."

His head turned, seeing the familiar hazel-haired knight he had come to acquaint himself with in his stay of Ken. Ah, yes Claudia. The woman had her doubts with the red-coated hunter, especially during the little incident that had happened in the royal meeting of the Seven Shields two days prior. At first, she thought of him as a lowly upstart given his overall attitude towards the whole situation of a new war arising, seeing the silver-haired man being no more than a buffoon. Obviously, the first impression didn't result much in the process with him single-handedly bringing back the Dark Elf Queen and her servant back to Eostia. All in one piece.

Dante stretched his arms out, another sigh escaping him as he turned his attention to the others continuing on their training. "Nothing really much to do these days. First day coming out here and they wanted to test my skills. I say I passed through with flying colours." The man said with a small yawn.

Claudia scrunched her brow, remembering the first time witnessing the son of Sparda's moves on the field. His swordplay, though exaggerated and all the more rowdy held great power and precision and the use of those strange hand cannons he wielded was an explosive force that not even a magic arrow were to match. Even with the most skilled of knights fighting him barehanded were victim to a devastating beatdown by Dante's prowess.

Indeed, Her Majesty has brought them a prodigal champion to assist in their time of need.

"You do not wish to join the others in training? With how you handled yourself during your time here, I'd say it would be a worthwhile experience." She attempted persuasion, the head of the Templars took a seat with the bored warrior, folding her hands onto her lap.

Dante waved a gloved hand, dismissing her idea. "Wouldn't want to break any bones by accident. These dudes need to be prepped up on their own terms and if they end up in the healing ward because of me, it's gonna be a blow to us more than we can do to Vault and his cronies."

Claudia hummed to that notion. "A fair point. The strength you hold against monsters is definitely one that not even our strongest soldiers can match." Credence to her pupil, Alicia, of how he had saved her and dear Prim. "Sir Dante…"

"Just Dante. The 'sir' stuff ain't for me, it's more on my brother given the stick up his ass."

Claudia paused, clearing her throat before she spoke. "Apologies, Dante. I was actually going to ask you about your sibling."

Dante's face remained neutral, his posture straightening before he focused in on the knight. A small silence between the two, Claudia fearful that she may have tread onto unneeded territory.

"Forgive me, I didn't reali-."

"Ask away."

She blinked, giving herself a breath of relief. Thank the Goddess. "Lady Celestine's premonition was of you and your brother. Vergil, that was his name was it? Could you possibly tell me about him?" Any information involving the other son of Sparda that Dante could provide will be of great service to the nation.

"Hm…" Dante reached a hand over to his head, scratching at his hair. "For the most part? He's a dumbass, but it generally runs in the family." A small snicker escaped from him as he continued on. "Usually, he's the type of guy that never really smiles and slices stuff through with that dumb katana of his if you get on his nerves."

"I see…" Claudia was perplexed by how Dante viewed his brother, never once did it cross on her mind that the broadsword wielder's brother holds such temperament compared to him. With Celestine saying they were identical, she thought the two were similar in personalities. A polar opposite of Dante…

"But… Over time, I realized he wasn't really a bad guy." Claudia returned her attention to him, tilting her head. "He just wanted to be strong enough just so he could not face the situation that he and I dealt with when we were kids."

Another surge of questions flowed into the head of the Templar's mind. "What happened to you two when you were children?"

Silence reigned in on them, Dante soon looking away as he licked at his lips. "That's gonna be a story for another time…"

A frown appeared on Claudia's visage, knowing now she had hit a rather fragile point with the devil hunter. On how Dante portrayed himself, this was the first time she saw him to be quite downtrodden by her questioning. "Dante, I-."

"Lady Claudia."

The knight and warrior's talk was interrupted, a man of high stature adorning silver-plated armor and sporting a buzzcut stood before them, his position kneeled in front of the two. His strong eyes looked up at Claudia after he nodded to Dante. "Excuse my interruption, but I've received a report of a village west of here seeing incoming troops of Black Dogs accompanied by orcs. Of course, I'll be needing Sir Dante's assistance for the upcoming fight."

"Dobson." The knight regarded with a nod, soon standing to her full height. "Thank you for your report. Rally up your men and make haste." She then turned to Dante who followed suit in standing. "Seems your boredom will be alleviated."

"Heh, lucky me. Thought Rebellion was gonna be rusted." Dante adorned his trademark grin as he fixed the skull-guarded weapon mounting his back. With that, Claudia excused herself out as the sergeant and silver-haired warrior headed off to the wooden stage of the field.

The tall Dobson held his position firm, his tone increased to octaves once he spoke. "Enough dawdling around, pansies! Gather around!" Immediately, every soldier ceased their activities, forming a crowd as they gazed up to their leader. "Today, our first battle will be on Crest Village, those damned Dogs and their beasts are rallying over for another one of their claimed lands on dear Eostia. In the name of the Goddess, we shall repel these invaders! Any of those traitors shall die by our hand or captured, but most importantly, defend and offend all you can! For the glory of Eostia!"


The soldiers cheered, Dobson turning to Dante, hands behind his back. "Anything you wish to say to our men, Sir Dante?"

"Heh, glad ya asked." The silver-haired male soon took the stand once Dobson stepped aside, looking on over to his brothers at arms as he cleared his throat. "Ahem, ahem. Dear fellows… I know this place has been seeing some real bummers throughout the years. War after war, suffering and suffering… But, that's the way life hands it to us. Ya get killed every single day."

Some soldiers look amongst one another, curious as to where the strange hunter was going.

"But, ya know what's the one part that won't ever be killed in you?" Dante closed a gloved fist, pounding it to his bare chest. "Your spirit. The losses of your buds may be painful, even after gauging through the tragedies of today. But, the drive you have to strive forward and live is what matters the most, right?!"

The mass of fighters soon nodded, staying silent but nonetheless awed by the impromptu speech from the son of Sparda.

"Know that you aren't just doing it for the sake of some chick up above or for the nation. You're doing it because you wanna defend your home, your loved ones, all of that which you cherish. But most importantly, you survive it all and beat the odds stacked against you! That makes you better than any of those douchebags that are trying to take over!"

One by one, soldiers chimed in their agreement, some even clapping as Dante continued forth, strong and ever positive with that smile on his face and a fist raised to the heavens.

"Let's say we bring 'em all the hell we have, men! Not for Eostia but for you!"


All applauded to the charismatic talk of the hunter, cheering on and clapping while Dante bowed his head deeply. A solid pat on his back, causing him to look up at the grinning Dobson. "You're quite a crowd pleaser, aren't you?"

"What can I say? Crappy times call for a good dose of positivity." Dante chuckled, rising before fixing his coat.

Many soldiers hurried with changing into their battle gear, adorning their sheathed swords at their hips and placing their steel shields at their back. Dante casually passed by them, already mounted up with his weapons as he made his way through the lockers and towards the exit. His steps halted as the doors opened, revealing to be the Queen of Mercenaries, Maia from behind them. Behind her were her two of her own men, all wearing leather gear and quite gruff looking.

Dante quirked a brow at her sudden appearance. "Huh. Didn't expect for another gal to show up for this one."

A hand rested on Maia's hip, her crimson hues on the hunter. "Thought to at least give you some help, considering these were my comrades from long ago."

"You were part of them?" Dante said, rubbing his chin. "Well, can't make ya leave if you're itching for a fight."

Maia possessed confusion, initially thinking the crimson warrior would turn her away from the upcoming battle. "You're… not against me coming with you?"

"Not one bit. We need all the help we can get and I'm not one to turn down any offers if it means for an absolute win." Dante rubbed his nose, sniffing some.

"I would think you'd turn me away considering how I reacted back in the meeting along with my history…" And more of a reason to see if she could hold any grudge to the man that said her old flame had abandoned his duties for the sake of his own selfish desires.

Dante simply shrugged, soon strolling past the Shield. "They were your friends so it's best to knock the sense into them when you can." He stopped short, glancing at the red-haired woman. "They were mine too, so if anything, both of us got some ends to meet. And mine? Breaking all their bones."

Maia watched the retreating figure of Dante head off, huffing out. "This can't be right…" She muttered to herself, her hand going over her head. "There's no way that they would do this… Even…"

"Maia, we should probably head off." One of her men proposed, snapping her out of her doubts.

She nodded, turning around and walking down the hallway.

'At least, I'll see what Celestine's champion is capable of.'

Dumbfounded was Maia as she watched the son of Sparda effortlessly hack away at an orc's midsection with his double-edged blade, all with a jovial curl on his lips.

The cavalry of Eostia's fighters made it just in time for the rush of Black Dog and monstrous troops descending onto Crest Village. Civilians evacuated as fast as they could while the forces defended against the oncoming invaders, Dante throwing caution to the end and dove headfirst into the start of the clash. Danger was an unknown word to the devil hunter, him slashing his way through numbers without any sort of tension. He mainly focused on cutting down the gargantuan green skins that posed a major threat to their battle, most of the soldiers had their time in clashing blades with the Black Dogs.

What really shocked her was that ever present grin on the silver hair's face, some laughter can be heard from him whenever he successfully hacked, countered and shot at the enemy orcs, even performing the most insane of tricks such as flipping into the air and spinning around during his fall, spraying lethal bullets to those up close.

This man was actually insane if he had this much fun while causing the ground to splatter with gore.

A low growl came from behind her, quickly causing her to turn and hold a defensive position with her twin short swords. A lumbering orc holding a trunk for a club loomed over the Shield, readying to deliver a downward swing. Just at a common muscle twitch of the woman for her to move did she hear Dante's voice.

"Head's up!"

A resounding shot was heard, a bloodied hole appearing on the orc's forehead before its eyes crossed, falling to its knees and laying on the dirt floor, dead as a nail.

Maia blinked, her face turning into a scowl as she turned to Dante holding out Ebony, blowing out the smoke from the muzzle.

"Or should I say, headshot?" A chuckle from the devil hunter as he jogged up to the Mercenary Queen.

"I had that, you know." Maia said with indignance, pushing the man aside as she looked for an enemy to take down.

"Sheesh and here I'd get at least a hug or somethin'." Dante dramatically sighed.

"Oh, in your dreams." She replied, turning her attention back to him before her eyes widened at the two orcs attempting to do a sneak-in clobber at the red-clad warrior.

Quickly did Maia flung her twin blades at the orcs, aiming right at their clubbing arms and causing them to grunt. Dante, hearing their pained noise swiftly turned, holding his pistols up and filling them all with lead. A cacophony of those guns filled the air, stopping as they served their purpose of shooting the orcs down to crimson, fallen bodies.

Dante sheathed Ebony and Ivory to his holsters, crouching down to pull out the dual blades that were embedded in either of the beasts' shoulders. Maia received her swords back, a look of disgust at how the greenskins' blood covered most of her weapons. "Ugh… I'm definitely going to need a bath after all this is done and over with."

Dante simply shrugged and soon felt an impact hit at the side of his head, Maia gasping in horror as she saw an arrow lodged right into Dante's skull. Though, instead of dying from such a lethal wound, Dante pulled the arrow out, his face filled with annoyance as he shot a look towards a nearby enemy archer, soon quivering in place.

"S-Shit… They were right that he's immortal!" The Black Dog screamed, fumbling about as he attempted to run away.

"Oh, no you don't! Get back here!" Maia watched as the red warrior gave chase to the cowardly enemy, utterly stupefied on how she witnessed another spectacle of Dante's extraordinary healing and tolerance to pain.

She shook out of her daze, taking a breather to relieve herself from the mild shock, soon turning to join her soldiers in the fight.

'Thank the Goddess he's on our side, as much as a child he can be.'

Maia didn't even want to think of how her, the Shields or even all of Eostia could handle such a powerhouse of a warrior if he chose to be on the opposing side…

The battle was nearing its end, the Black Dogs commander, Bart, a portly fellow wearing an eyepatch and relatively bald couldn't believe his eye at how quickly his men were taken down left and right. Those bastards and that crazed lunatic in red effortlessly decimating his troops, even those orcs were no match considering the son of Sparda's ferocious strength. His sword trembled in his hands, soon backing away as he saw the final member of his band pinned down by a nearby soldier, the tool falling from his grasp as the approaching victors surrounded him.

Front and center with was Maia, her eyes narrowed at the fat man as she sheathed her blades at her hips.

"S-Shit…" Bart cursed under his breath, sweat dripping from his brow.

Speaking of, the familiar face of Dante appeared alongside Maia, dragging the one that shot him in the head by his hair. His face battered and bruised from the gloved fists of the crimson-clad. At least he was merciful to allow him to live but in terms of recovery? Insufficient.

Maia glanced at Dante's handiwork as he dropped the poor Dog. "Had your merry way?"

"Enough to make sure no girl will ever wanna be with him, that's for sure." Dante quipped.

Maia rolled her eyes, having her attention to Black Dog. "Give it up, Bart. Your attempted capture only led up to a failure. Cease fighting and we'll take you away quietly. Give you a nice cozy cell in prison so that you'll have a long time thinking of what you've done."

Bart gritted his teeth, growling at the Queen of Mercenaries. "Piss off, Maia! You know damn well that us Black Dogs deserve more than we should! They practically had us marching to our graves if that elven bitch thinks we could end the war!"

Maia glared at him, a hand returning to one of her weapons. "I remember how you and Hicks were always like brothers to me… The entire group I saw as family. Did you really think this foolish invasion will result in your own happiness?"

"Like hell you're one to talk!" Bart spat, his one eye nearing to pop a vessel. "You got promoted to a fuckin' Shield while the rest of us get next to nothin'! Vault's plan is gettin' what we deserve and ain't nothin' that you or that damned traitor next to you can do about it!"

Maia bit on her lower lip, hesitant to unleash her blade on her former comrade. An ache filling her heart as she didn't wish to harm someone she once knew, her figure shaking until it ceased with a hand on her shoulder. Her head turning to see Dante giving her a reassuring squeeze, his eyes steeled on the last of the Black Dogs.

"You think you can take all of us at once, fat boy?" Dante asked, no amount of the usual humor in his voice. "Like hell you can and you're better off surrendering if you don't want your other eye missing."

A low chuckle came from Bart, his hand reaching inside his open vest as he pulled out a strange purple gem, the inside possessing an ominous glow. Dante squinted at the strange object, releasing Maia as he took a step forward.

"You fools aren't goin' to stop me or Vault!" Quickly, Bart placed the jewel into his mouth, audible crunches heard as he attempted to swallow the chewed up dust within.

Dante's booted feet sped up, Rebellion immediately out as he lunged a forward stab into the rotund belly of the maddened Bart. The portly enemy commander gave out a pitiful wheeze, blood spurting from his mouth, his knees wobbling and hitting to the ground after the red warrior pulled away his blade.

Maia tugged Dante back, pushing him away from the fallen Tyson, her heated gaze resting on him. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"What's wrong with me? Lady, he was about to do something that'll put us in danger!" Dante argued.

A finger was jabbed into the hunter's chest, Maia completely seething with rage. "You stabbed him when he was completely defenseless! Everything could've gone more smoothly if…"

Her wrathful tirade reached its end, her eyes catching the faint clouds of smoke underneath her feet.

Both the woman and man along with the soldiers watched as the presumably dead Bart's body was completely encompassed by an evil darkness. All of the brigades felt chills go up their spines, their hands gripping tightly to their weapons while the fallen Black Dogs and Orcs were no more, sinking down to the sea of black. After the dreadful moment did it all suddenly dissipate, Bart was no longer seen where he previously was.

Maia, completely flabbergasted by the disturbing presentation looked around. "Where did he go…?"


Dante's senses were screaming with danger, on instinct he pushed Maia away before he was suddenly impaled by a purple glowing blade. The Mercenary Queen stumbled, though quickly recovered as she turned, her face completely pale and pupils dilating at the appearance of the new conflict.

It was coated in a tattered dark cloak, appearing almost as a haze to cover up its skeletal form. It's bony face possessed a glowing blue eye while its open mouth emitted the same fluorescent shine, almost as if a blue flame was lit inside of the skull. Within its cold bony hands was a scythe, the curved edge lodged deep into Dante's core as it lifted him up, its teeth chattering in glee.

Despite the deep cut in his chest, Dante only stared at the entity in shock, past memories flowing into him. "You…"

Any words coming from the crimson warrior's mouth was no more as the reaper swung him about, Dante soaring across and landing with a crash into a house. His back hitting against the wall as his body cratered through whilst the company watched in bewilderment.

Maia was still, dread replacing the bravery she once held with great pride, watching as the scythe-wielding skeleton towered over her, visible plumes of smoke escaping from its open maw. Every bit of blood in her body ran ice cold, her mind in a complete panic and unable to process the slow rise of the creature's arms, ready to strike her down as he did to her currently incapacitated partner. Was this truly the day she would face her death…?

Wasn't so as the charging sergeant, Dobson bashed into the grimly entity from the side, thankfully his weight was enough for the creature to tumble. "Lady Maia! Focus on the task at hand!"

Maia regained her consciousness, shaking her head before furiously blinking. Not a word came from her as she saw the reaper retaliating with a downward swipe of its weapon at Dobson, the tall warrior managing to block with his shield though it didn't save for his helmet being sliced open from the cut. The silver headgear split apart, a nasty vertical wound that connected from Dobson's left eye and towards his lip, profusely leaking out a warm scarlet. Despite the pain, Dobson managed to hold his ground, his spirit holding true in the face of this unknown monster.

"Dobson!" Maia cursed under her breath for the momentary weakness, taking out her swords and dashed towards the distracted reaper. A battle cry from the Queen of Mercenaries, as she attempted to deliver a two-handed slash at the large skeleton but the creature reacted fast enough to push Dobson away to the ground before initiating an upward swing, clashing the blunt side of its weapon to the dual blades. Maia was sent off her feet, nearly flying back a few feet though thankfully managed to plant herself down by dragging the edges of her swords to the dirt floor.

Her senses screamed at her again, her eyes looking up to the speeding figure of the cloaked skeleton coming dangerously close, wildly swinging its scythe. A feeble attempt made by Maia crossing her swords in a defensive position as the reaper aimed its scythe…

Only for the ghastly fiend to receive the double booted dropkick to its bony face by none other than Dante. The reaper skidded back from the surprise attack, Dante soon landing right beside the red-haired woman. His hand gripping tight to Rebellion, the devil hunter giving off a snort.

"If you're aiming to kill me then do a better job, bonehead!" Despite the childish taunt, Dante's face was contorted in sheer spite.

The reaper gave out a chilling howl of anger, its weapon spinning with one hand, before suddenly…


The deadly specter disappeared in a plume of black. Maia frantically looking about to where the skeleton went until its surprise appearance sprouted from behind. Anticipating this, Dante rapidly turned, hitting his hellish sword against the offending blade, causing it to reel back. Dante pushed his comrade away, engaging in combat with the personification of death, the sounds of metal crashing into one another filled the area.

Maia spotted her fellow soldiers assisting with the injured Dobson, quickly running from the two powerhouses doing their damnest to cut eachother down. Helping arms heaved the commander, his teeth grinding as he groaned in pain. Maia immediately pulled out a green vial from the bag strapped to her waist, corking off the top as she gently placed the potion to Dobson's lips.

"Goddess be damned…" Dobson grunted after swallowing. "That bastard's cut burns like the many Hells."

"Rest easy, Dobson. You've done enough for us today." Maia assured, although saddened that the commander had to take the hit for her from the blasted fiend.

She glanced back to the current fight. A spectacle between hunter and monster getting at each other's throats, blade clashing with blade with the occasional shot from the said hunter's firing arm that caused a few holes to the tattered cloak of the reaper. Despite keeping up with the specter's rapid swings, Maia could see the bleeding lines on Dante's skin and the slight haggard breaths escaping him. Thankfully, unlike the regeneration of the strange human, the reaper's own wounds were permanent, its attacks were slowing and ragged.

She couldn't just leave the man to fend for himself while her and the others watched on.

"Quick. Get a few soldiers with me, each with a spear in hand." Maia instructed the two holding Dobson up. Determination fired in her soul, preparing help.


Dante slashed at dark fumes, cursing as the reaper disappeared once more. It reappeared, right to the blindspot of the devil hunter's side and delivered a swipe, Dante unable to discern the attack as he felt the scythe's blade cut through his arm. What bad luck it was that his limb occupied on the broadsword, the weapon arm flung into the air and about just a few feet away. Blood sprays spurting from the new stump, Dante seething with pain before having his chest stomped on by a bony foot, his body completely floored.

The specter gave out an arrogant, chilling chuckle, raising both arms to hold its scythe high. Triumph was what it felt, relishing in the sensation whilst digging its heel onto its prey's chest and its other foot keeping the man's gun-wielding arm at bay. After this kill will it feast on the agony of the soldiers, perhaps its master will reward it handsomely with its victory over these pathetic mortals.

Despite his situation, Dante merely smirked up at the reaper. "Heya, numbskull. Ya got something on your back."

On cue, Maia leapt from behind the reaper, stabbing her twin swords into its shoulders. A howl of pain came from the skeletal being and its agony only worsened from the feeling of multiple spears jutting into its back held by three soldiers. Its attack was replaced by the lacking strive of shaking off the persistent Maia as the others quickly retreated. Feet were removed by Dante who quickly got up, the reaper desperately moving its tall frame in frenzied motions.

Maia's grip faltered, soon flung away by the force of the movement, rolling to the dirt and coughing after catching a bit of dust in her mouth. Completely angered, the glaring blue of the reaper regarded the Mercenary Queen, madly dashing to her for another try of ending her life.


A dying gasp escaped the skeleton, it soon fell mere inches from Maia who instinctively backed away before hurriedly getting up. Impaled to its back was Rebellion…. Still having the dismembered arm attached to its handle, gloved mitt tightly gripped to the sword. Maia looked at the display in sheer disgust, feeling bile almost shooting into her throat had it not for her will to keep it down. The silver-haired fool actually threw his separated limb with sword to the skeleton's back, ensuring a swift kill.

A crazy idea but it was successful, nonetheless.

"Phew… That was a hassle, but it looks like we won the day." Maia looked up to see Dante walking up tiredly to the deceased creature, casually pulling out the dismembered arm with sword from its carcass. The devil hunter looked to the Shield, clearing his throat some. "Uhh… mind looking away for a bit?"

Maia didn't need to be asked twice, turning her back from the hunter fixing his arm back to the stump. She really did need a nice, long bath after what transpired…

The fighters looked to the corpse of the strange reaper, all giving a sigh of relief before raising their tools high into the air, a resounding victory cry echoing through Crest Village. A small smile appeared on Maia's lips, thankful that they were able to repel the first invasion . She brought her attention back to Dante, now having to fully reattach his arm, noticing the hardened look on his face.

"Can't believe that thing's here of all places." Dante muttered, Maia tilting her head some.

"You know what this creature is?" She asked, pulling her blades out of the corpse's body, a slight fear creeping in her mind.

A short amount of silence as Dante nodded, his head turned towards the direction of the Black Dog's territory; the Dark Fortress.

"I'll tell you this much." A grave tone settled in Dante's voice. "This guy shouldn't be around here… Or even exist here."

Despite winning the first wave of the long war ahead of him, a familiar foe causes the nonchalant devil hunter to become cautious for the battles to come...

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