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Some time in the future, GE and YJ have a daughter named Soo Young, and they're spying on her date.

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Yi Jeong had been dreading Soo Young's first date since the day she was born. Sixteen years ago, and oh how the years had flown by.

Now he sat with Ga Eul, partially shielded by a column, in the corner of the coffee shop where Woo Bin's son Woo Sung had taken Soo Young for their date. Yi Jeong had wanted to sit closer to the pair of teenagers—he was not calling them a couple, not yet—but Ga Eul had forced him into a seat at the furthest possible distance from their daughter's table to give his daughter and that questionably intentioned boy what she called 'space.'

Yi Jeong couldn't see their lower bodies from the spot Ga Eul had chosen, and it was driving him crazy. Ga Eul had insisted many times over the past hour that Yi Jeong was simply paranoid because he had been so popular with girls back in their day...But Ga Eul had no idea what went on in the heads of teenage boys!

Any teenage boy.

He did.

Which was why he'd insisted on monitoring the situation, taking a leaf out of Jan Di's book.

Yi Jeong had thought Ga Eul would appreciate the irony.

She didn't.

"Yi Jeong, don't you think this is getting to be a bit ridiculous?" Ga Eul whispered, loudly, from across the table. "Look at them. They're just eating cake. They're not even sitting next to each other."

"That's because he hasn't made his move yet. Sneaky bastard." Yi Jeong swirled his iced coffee around distractedly until Ga Eul placed a hand over his and he set the half-empty cup down on the table with a sigh.

"Yeobo, don't worry. I told her if he makes any 'moves'"—Ga Eul made air quotes—"to douse him in iced coffee."

"What, seriously?" That actually calmed him down, more so than the touch of her hand earlier.

"No! Of course not!"

Yi Jeong frowned, tense again.

"I mean...of course, she should," Ga Eul rambled on. "If he's really bothering her, but...look at them! They're just eating cake."

"Yeah, and I know what I was thinking about when we used to eat cake."

Ga Eul narrowed her eyes.

"I know, too. You used to tell me what you were thinking...sometimes while we were eating."

Yi Jeong grinned despite himself, remembering how much he used to tease Ga Eul back then.

"Speaking of which," she continued, "we have the house to ourselves this afternoon." Ga Eul smirked around her straw, her red lipstick smearing the tip of it, and Yi Jeong followed her train of thought to its enticing conclusion. He saw right through her coy act to what she was really doing—distracting him, trying to get him to leave the café of his own volition—but honestly it might have worked had a sudden movement not caught the corner of his vision.

"Aha!" Yi Jeong jerked his head in Soo Young and Woo Sung's direction. "There, see! He's touching her hand. I told you he was up to something."

"So he's touching her hand," Ga Eul soothed, unperturbed. "For the hundredth time, they're on a date. You agreed to this, remember?"

"He doesn't need to be touching anything until they walk down an aisle," Yi Jeong grumbled, eyeing his wife sullenly. She gave him a dubious look that could only mean yeah, like we waited to walk down an aisle.

Unfortunately, conjuring mental images of what he and Ga Eul used to do didn't help the mental images forming in his brain, those involving Woo Sung and his daughter, each one more horrific than the last. That was one train of thought he did not want to follow to its inevitable conclusion.

And, okay, Yi Jeong wasn't clueless. He wasn't crazy. He knew that Soo Young was growing up and things he didn't want to think about would be naturally occurring in her life during the next few years. But it didn't make him want to turn back time any less. Turn it all the way back to the first ballet class he'd picked her up from and the first clay figure she'd made herself and the last time she'd asked for him to read her a bedtime story. She used to look at him with such adoring, trusting eyes. The same adoring eyes she'd recently turned on Woo Sung—like he'd ever deserve her.

Like Woo Sung or any other guy would ever be able to protect her from monsters in her closet. Or monsters in real life, for that matter. Those worried Yi Jeong the most.

And, okay, he'd watched Woo Sung grow up; he was a good kid—studious, not at all a playboy like his father had been. And he knew Woo Bin would set him straight if he so much as thought about hurting Soo Young in any substantial way.

But...but...when Yi Jeong had read Soo Young those bedtime stories, he'd been her prince, damn it.

Ga Eul's phone buzzed on the table. A text from Soo Young.

She held up the text for Yi Jeong to see.

Omma, can you please tell Appa to lay off the surveillance?! Woo Sung isn't a serial killer. He hasn't even tried to kiss me yet!

"Do you see what you're doing to our daughter?" Ga Eul gave him yet another look.

"Huh? Hasn't tried to—" Yi Jeong started to rise from the table, but Ga Eul grabbed his arm and forced him back into his chair.

"Yi Jeong! Sit down."

"Yet?" He leaned toward Ga Eul as she tucked her phone back into her purse. "What does she mean yet? They're only on their first date."

"It's a text message. Don't read so much into it," Ga Eul mumbled. She wouldn't quite look him in the eye when she picked up her iced coffee and sipped on it, instead gazing out at the gentle rain pelting the café window.

Uh-oh. He knew that look.

"Ga Eul-yang?"

"Hmm?" She turned her head, smiling broadly. The same smile she wore when hiding his surprise birthday present or a dent she'd made in one of his sports cars. He'd been telling Ga Eul for twenty years what a horrible liar she was, and she still didn't believe it. Stubborn woman.

"Ga Eul-yang," Yi Jeong continued delicately, torn between fond amusement and profound annoyance. "They are on their first date, aren't they?"