In a lone world, long time ago, there was a great war between the Good and the Evil, Angels and Monsters, Light and Darkness…

These two extremities took the shape of two people.

The first is the Goddess of Light, Ilias; and the second is the Goddess of Darkness, Alipheese.

The first was the Goddess that created angels as offshoots of herself, and "gave life" to humans. She had absolute control over Light, and she was currently revered in more than half of the world.

The second was the Goddess that created Monster Girls, a species of girls-monsters hybrid created from the Dark Goddess' genes implanted in animals and humans alike, which then started to breed with normal humans.

Albeit there wasn't any trace of her since the war of 1000 years ago, the sign she left on the world was much bigger than what Ilias did.

While Ilias was being revered as the Goddess that she is, Alipheese was the source of fear of every human, which was caused from the Monster Girls whose diet was exclusively semen.

More specifically, the Monster Lords following after the Dark Goddess Alipheese were the source of fear now. Each one of them were extremely strong and were the direct descendants if the Dark Goddess, explaining their massive power.

The Monster Girls could also eat other food, but the human males' semen was something akin to a drug for those who ingest it rarely. Sometimes they would eat the entire body.

To counter those monsters, since Ilias couldn't do anything for herself due to a special event that happened at the end of the war, she gave her blessing to a certain group of people, who are called "Heroes".

However, those Heroes are just a bunch of egocentric pricks that abuse their powers to steal or have something for free without any repercussion.

But there were few exceptions, like Heinrich Hein, the man who single-handedly killed the 8th Monster Lord, a famous tyrannical figure that became history. And then he disappeared…

Due to his tales, many aspirant children ignored the "Fake" Heroes and tried to follow Heinrich's steps, but some changed, and others died later…

That doesn't stop future generations to have dreams, humans almost always have dreams, and those that do, will accomplish those dreams, in one way or another, no matter how much time it will take.

Then there are those without an objective, they don't need one because they already have everything they want, they can enjoy little and more things at the same time. They just want to have fun, using anything they can use.

The main character of this story is such a person.

Trolling players that killed him online? It isn't for revenge, it is just for entertainment.

Buying expensive food with the money he has? It isn't because he want to show off his money to his friends, it is just for entertainment.

Saving a different world from a megalomaniac Goddess idolized from half the world's population that wants to erase the Monsters from the world so she can enjoy her domination over anything that breathes? It isn't because he wants to be a Hero or be famous, it is just for entertainment.

Even if the last one was extremely weird, it happened to him, somehow, even if he didn't realize it yet…

Facing a wooden ceiling, Zeke Conquest was tiredly thinking to himself.

'Where the fuck did I get pulled into?'

He was just going to sleep to go to school the next day, and then he woke up in a bed that wasn't his, in a bedroom that he never seen, with a smell that wasn't recognizable… And a sight that wasn't believable.

[-Omni Gacha-]





Suddenly, a childish hand tried to touch the screen, but it passed through. Zeke turned his head around and found a purple haired shota curiously looking at the screen, before he noticed his open eyes.

"Ah, you're awake!" He said with a relieved face.

"...What happened? I don't remember getting drunk… No, I didn't even drink, I was in my bedroom…" Zeke asked with a tired tone while murmuring the rest.

"I found you unconscious in the road so I just did what any other person would do. What's that?" The purple haired shota pointed at the screen. Zeke just glanced at it and replied. "I don't know, that's new even for me."

"Oh, alright then. I left a soup bowl here if you are hungry. If you need me, I'm downstairs." The shota said before going outside the (probably) guest room.

Zeke rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at the screen floating over his head. "Omni Gacha, huh?"

His hand lifted up, and tried to touch the screen. He expected for his finger to pass through, like it happened with the shota, but it stopped at contact with the screen, surprising him a bit.

Then he dragged his finger, and noticed that the screen also moved accordingly. Pushing the screen couldn't be done, it could only move in a 2D area.

After that, he sat up from the bed, looking better at the screen. It was cybernetic-styled, shaped in a black colored hexagon. The title of the thing was written in light green, while the options under the title were also surrounded from an elongated hexagon for each option.

"...Is this some sort of system?"

He pressed Spin, and the options and title vanished, replaced from a white square in the middle of the screen, and 4 hexagons under that square, put 2x2.

In the first hexagon, there was the word "Daily Spin", beside that, in another smaller hexagon, there was the number 1.

Under that, in the 3rd hexagon, the word Super Spin was written, and beside that there was a 0.

Curious, he pressed Daily Spin. The counter beside it fell to 0, and the white square got colorful.

There were D in green squares, C in yellow squares, B in orange squares, A in red squares, and just for a single time, a S in a black square appeared.

The shift in colors got slower and slower, before the square turned yellow, showing a C. Beside that screen, another hexagon appeared, showing what he just received.

[You have received: Hellsing ARMS 13mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol Jackal]

The next moment, a massive gun appeared in his hands, Zeke looked at the heavy gun on his hands with a twitching eyebrow.

"You're shitting me? Can I even wield this?" He could feel the weight in the gun, and felt fear of using this gun, which will surely fly on his face if he pulled the trigger. In the worst case, it will break his hands.

He looked back at the screen and noticed an X at the top right corner. Pressing that, the screen turned black before the main menu appeared.

Zeke opened the inventory, and saw a grid of 10x10 squares, and under that, there was the number 1 surrounded by a smaller square, with two arrows going left and right at the square's sides. On the top left part of the screen, over the grid, there was a smaller hexagon with the word "Filter" in it.

He didn't need to think twice to realize what it was about. Zeke lifted up Jackal with both of his hands, being careful to not accidentally pull the trigger, and moved it against the grid. As he expected, the massive handgun entered in the inventory, taking the first square.

Then he closed the inventory, and looked at his Status.

[Name: Zeke Conquest

Age: 15 years old

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Title: NULL

Strength: 7

Endurance: 11

Constitution: 8

Dexterity: 10

Magic: 1

Bonus Stats: 0]

Beside those informations, the picture of a 15 years old teen with blond and wild hair with purple eyes dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans was staring back at him with lifeless eyes.

That was obviously himself…

Hee closed the screen and stared at the last option, Quest. Opening it, the hexagon got darker like always and the words "No Quests registered for the moment" appeared in the screen.

Sighing, he closed the Quest screen and faced the main menu again. He looked at it for a moment before he pressed X, making it disappear from his sight.

He got a bit worried about something so he tried to call it.


"Omni Gacha?"

At that, the familiar hexagon appeared. Zeke sighed in relief and closed it again, before his sight concentrated on everything around him.

It was a really simple place. Wooden floor, walls, windows without glass, a couple of furniture here and there… It looked like he entered in a farm, which shouldn't be possible since he was at his home.

Suddenly, some sort of notification under the shape of a small hexagon with the number 1 beside the word "Quest" appeared beside him.

Zeke touched it, and the Quest screen appeared in front of him.

[Orientation Day!: Find out what happened to you. Reward: 1 Bonus Stat.]

"Whatever…" Zeke murmured while his eyes moved on the soup bowl at his side, he picked it up, noticing it was a bit cold, but he didn't mind it. He just picked a wooden spoon and tasted the cold soup.

...For the love of God, who made this sacred soup?!


Hello readers, here I am with a new and fresh story for you all perverts who read Monster Girl Quest fanfictions.

I'll explain how the system works:

Profile: It shows Zeke's stats and uses Bonus Points gained through quests to get stronger at a faster rate, so no levels here to not make things a mess. He can also manually gain an increase on his stats by training or surpass his limits.

Inventory: Self-explanatory. Infinite and the only limit are living beings.

Spins: I will not pick the spins by myself, but I will use an app I downloaded to choose the ranks of the spins, for more infotmations:

1) Daily Spins: There is 2% to gain a S

8% to gain a A

20% to gain a B

30% to gain a C

40% to gain a D

Then there is 90% for it to be an item and 10% for it to be a skill

2) Super Spins: 20% to gain a S

40% to gain a A

40% to gain a B

Then there is 50/50 between items and skills

Quests: It gives random quests depending on the situation, the rewards can be Bonus Points, Super Spins and Titles depending on the difficulty of the quest.