Dimentio's maddened laughter echoed into the rumbling air of the late evening, his bright yellow eye examining the man cowering before him. Luigi whimpered in terror, lifting one shaky hand as though to defend himself.

"N-No… you c-can't…"

Mortified, Luigi scooted back as Dimentio moved to approach him. However, the jester made no motions or indications he'd attack him. He merely surveyed his remaining audience member from afar, the smile on his face twisted upward.

"Ahaha… How scared you must be, like an infant crying out for help in an overflowing bathtub!" Dimentio chuckled, lowering his floating form to stand atop the roof.

His jester garb was stained with blood, dark blotches over hues of sparkling purple and yellow. The bells on his hat jingled as he moved, shifting his gaze.

"No… you c-can't… n-no… no, no, no… can't be… you aren't real…"

"Why, I can't help but say I'm offended, Luigi. I am no mere illusion!" Dimentio smiled, making a dramatic motion with his arms as sparks appeared at his fingertips. "I can assure you, I am very corporeal. But, I compel you to have no fear, man in green. I even brought you a gift, as some consolation."

Dimentio lifted something small, the tiny object twinkling as it reflected the light of the moon. Revealing the small band of gold squeezed between his fingers, Dimentio threw it to the ground casually in front of Luigi.

Luigi immediately regained himself, hastily scrambling to catch the ring as it clinked and rolled along the shingles of the roof, narrowing falling off. Luigi snatched it up, gasping for air. He held the ring close, clutching a fist protectively around it.

Luigi breathed a short gasp of relief before flinching in fear as he felt a pressure clamp down on his shoulder.

"I suppose your union didn't last as long as you thought it would, hm? A shame." Dimentio laughed in Luigi's ear.

Luigi wept silently, eyes hazy as he ran his fingers over the dried blood on the ring, blue darkened stains coating it.

"P-Peasley…" He choked on his painful cries, hiccuping as his shoulders heaved. "No… no, no, I-I… he… w-why…?"

"I must say," Dimentio removed his hand from Luigi's shoulder, circling around the shivering man to face him in the eyes. "The foolish prince lasted much longer than I expected! And you really have to admit, Luigi, it was quite a fun trick!"

"You…" Luigi inhaled, holding back tears. "Y-You took e-everything… f-from me…"

"Well, that was the point, was it not? I'm simply keeping with my promise from the beginning. Don't you remember my letter?" Dimentio chuckled, leaning forward. "To think, all that time from then to now has led up to this very moment! Our confrontation, alone, without any interference from your so-called 'loved ones'…"

"M-Murderer…" Luigi finally managed to spit out, trying to raise his body in defiance.

"Ah, there's no need to hurt my fragile feelings!" Dimentio whined childishly before bursting into laughter. "Why, this show was orchestrated purely for your entertainment! I acted the part accordingly, and you should really appreciate your host's efforts."

A whimper was all Luigi could get out in response, breaking down into hurried sobs and shrieks.

"Why couldn't you just let me d-die?! W-What now…? Y-You're just going to keep tormenting m-me…? Is that what you want?!"

The abrupt scream left Dimentio silenced, for a moment. He paused, curling his fingers.

"…Not exactly. Though that may have been my initial goal, tormenting you and watching you fall apart, it is no longer what I seek. But I cannot lie, that would be quite the amusing thing to watch!"

Dimentio's floaty tone danced in the wind, practically twisting around Luigi and asphyxiating him as the evening air grew thick.

"But, no. You see, as I sat rotting away in the deepest and darkest pit of the Underwhere, locked up in a damp and cold cell with only my thoughts as accompaniment, I couldn't help but begin to think and ponder on what had led to my demise…"

Luigi cautiously watched as Dimentio moved. The harlequin clicked his fingers together, almost anxiously.

"My plan should have gone perfectly! I should have been able to easily wipe out all dimensions! But all my efforts were swiftly foiled by some wandering heroes and the power of…" Dimentio cringed, gagging. "Love."

He brushed himself off, clearing his throat.

"But-! As I started to think, I finally understood my shortcomings, and strangely enough, they all seemed to circle right back to… you…"

Dimentio's tone snarled and lowered dangerously, a shiver crawling up Luigi's spine.

"YOU were the reason everything went wrong. You were weak. Weak, afraid, and powerless. You were unable to create a being capable of destroying all worlds, even with mine and the Chaos Heart's influence." Dimentio spat, looming over Luigi as every word he spoke dripped with absolute hatred. Luigi continued to cower in fear, not wanting to further enrage the jester standing before him.

"But… I couldn't stop thinking. You were supposed to have been the perfect vessel as foretold, and yet I still failed. So, tell me, man in green, how could that be?"

Dimentio's tone softened, the harlequin lowering himself back to the ground as he relaxed and exhaled. Momentarily, he waited, simply letting the breeze past by. His cape gently swayed in the wind.

"Forgive me, plumber, if I'm moving through all this too quickly. I suppose you must be wondering why I saved your life in the first place, correct…?"

Dimentio amusedly lifted a finger to his cheek, grinning.

"Certainly, you must think I want nothing more than to see you as a colorful splatter on the ground, right?" His voice fell to almost a whisper, but still maintained that ever-familiar malicious tone to it. "Wouldn't it be better to let you live and suffer, than to let you perish and fall to such an unceremonious fate?"

The jester snickered before allowing his tone to become serious.

"I have no intentions of seeing harm come to you, Luigi. Instead, I wanted to offer you something… something you refused ever so long ago."

"W-What are you talking about?"

"Well, why else would I be here? Why else would I have saved you from such an early demise?" Dimentio laughed, amused. "Why, I'm here to ask if you'll join me!"

Luigi froze. "…W-What?"

"Ahaha, as I previously questioned, how was it that I failed even when I was supposed to be an invincible and perfect being of destruction? With the ideal vessel and the Chaos Heart in my hands, there was no possible way I could fail… That is, unless, there were complications with the man I supposedly had under my control."

Luigi stiffened.

"Think about it. Even if I was controlling you with that Floro Sprout, those little seedlings can only last so long. They're not meant to control people for such extended periods of time, especially under such strenuous conditions. I couldn't keep you restrained to the Chaos Heart forever."

Dimentio smiled, floating toward Luigi and getting close to his face, his laughter ringing in his ears.

"So… that's when I came to the conclusion that I had to make you willingly agree to working with me again, in order to create a perfect world!"


"All I had to do was escape from the Underwhere and concoct a show meant to make you bend, and break, and ultimately… shatter…!" Dimentio explained maliciously. "Then, the fertile subconscious of your mind would be rather easy to take hold of! Just a bit of coaxing is necessary, hm?"

Tears beginning to streak down Luigi's face. The terrified brunette could only shake his head in terror. "N-No…"

"Ahahaha! As I told you before, you and I both contain parts of each other within our souls. Being fused together has that effect, wouldn't you believe?" Dimentio's grin stretched unnaturally.

"We each hold shadows of the Chaos Heart inside of us, pulsing and thumping away within our own chests. It controls parts of you, as much as you may hate to admit it. Much like how you hate to admit that we are much more alike than you want to believe. We're apart of one another, Luigi."

"No… I would n-never help you… y-you m-monster…! I-I'm not like… y-you…!"

"Hmm, hmm. That's what I expected you to say." Dimentio's smile refused to waver. "So, what's the alternative, man in green? A life of solitude, constantly shrouded in eternal darkness and suffering as the rest of the world grows weary from despair? Perhaps end your game to cease the pain? What good would that do? Everyone is mourning the tragedy left in the wake of the show, and you'll just let that continue? Think of your poor brother, Luigi. Imagine how upset he would be."

"You…" Luigi inhaled shakily, voice practically inaudible now. "Y-You j-just want to destroy i-it all…"

"If you were to join me, Luigi, all of the sorrow you've ever experienced could disappear. This world could start over. It would be a clean and empty slate for us, to conjure a perfect world without pain or suffering. No one would cry out for answers and beg some deity for salvation in the horror of hardship, like a desperate peasant at the feet of a malevenont ruler. Everyone would be happy, and perfect. Nothing would be out of place, or incorrect."

"S-Shut up…"

Dimentio grinned. "You may keep up that act for as long as you wish, but I know your true emotions. I'm sure Mr. L had to have come from somewhere, right? That deep resentment you hold in your heart against your brother's neverending fame, and the world that has wronged you… always left behind and discarded in favor of your much-loved heroic sibling? Wouldn't you love to be the hero for once? You'd be more than that, even. You'd be a King. A God."

"N-No… stop…"

"Even now, the Chaos Heart stirs within you, begging to be used to its full potential yet again! Who are you to refuse it's call?" Dimentio pressed a hand down on Luigi's chest for only a moment, just to feel the panicked beats within.

"You could BE something, Luigi. You could be so much more than what you are now, a second choice to everyone. A joke."

Luigi's head was cloudy, his thoughts jumbling. His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage, threatening to tear apart his chest and rip out of his body. He couldn't breathe steadily anymore.

"Stop it, stop it, s-stop it…" Luigi shoved Dimentio aside, trying to stand up now, wobbling.

"If not for yourself, then what of those who are suffering? What of those who died?" Dimentio's smile finally turned to a frown. "After all, it's your fault they're dead. You didn't protect them. You were weak. You failed them."


"But, that doesn't mean you can't try again. You could restart everything. In our perfect world, we could bring them back!" Dimentio exclaimed excitedly, lifting his hands.

"Y-You're lying…! YOU'RE LYING!"

"I can't promise they'd be perfect duplicates, but they'd be enough for you. They'd contain all the traits you loved about them, beings created just to adore and admire you. You'd be their ruler, as you brought them life. They'd forever live in your debt, always be there to listen to you when you needed them… You could bring them all back, Luigi. You could undo this, if you just work with me."

Luigi went to scream something in protest, but all that emerged from his throat was a strangled shriek. He sputtered, bursting into quivering sobs.

"Please… I-I don't… no…"

"We can make a perfect world. If we work together once more, we'll have complete control over these pitiful dimensions. We could end the pain and suffering of this world, and create a perfect one in its place. Anything you desire could be possible."

Dimentio outstretched his hand.

"So what do you say, man in green?" Dimentio grinned. "Shall we make a perfect world?"

"No… wrong… m-monster…"

"What else do you have to live for? Your brother? Oh, let's be honest here. He couldn't care less about you, Luigi. You didn't even think or care to tell him of all the suffering you've had to endure. Your bond isn't admirable. It's weak, much like you. Wouldn't you much rather prefer it to be flawless, without any imperfections?"

Luigi couldn't think anymore. His chest ached. He felt like throwing up. His head spun, his heart and mind pulsing and pounding painfully.

He didn't know what was happening. Everything hurt.

"Come now, Luigi." Dimentio moved closer, floating down to stand in front of him, moving his hand slightly. He smiled, seeming oddly genuine. "Everything will be better if you just agree."

Luigi shifted, moving his hands from his sides.

He let Peasley's wedding ring slip out of his fingers, the small item clinking unceremoniously as it rolled away and out of sight.

Luigi no longer cared. This world meant nothing to him.

The next world… his world… It would truly be perfect. He could make everything right again.

Luigi took Dimentio's hand, to which he was met with a maddened laugh.

"Ahahahaha! Excellent!"

Luigi was limp, allowing the smiling jester to lift him up to his feet.

"You made the right choice, Luigi." Dimentio explained, chuckling darkly. "Once all worlds fall, they'll be recreated in our perfect image, and we will have complete control over all. There will no longer be sadness or pain. You will feel truly invincible."

Dimentio paused, his malicious smile widening as he stared down at his broken puppet, the brunette's blue eyes dulled and sunken against his pale features.

"Ah," Dimentio smiled, narrowing his eyes gleefully as he giggled. "But there's just one little thing we need to take care of first… Come now."

Dimentio turned, noticing Luigi's sluggish hesitation. The jester guided him along, lifting a gloved finger and pointing toward the sun creeping over the horizon.

"Perfect timing, in fact." He lifted a hand, turning his head. "See, I had mentioned the audience participation component, had I not? My show isn't over just yet, Luigi…"

Dimentio laughed.

"Why, we've still yet to have our finale!"

There was a sturdy knock upon the front door, the sound briefly resounding off the walls of the aging home that two famed brothers had lived in for many years.


Luigi barely reacted to the shout, his eyes lidded as he slowly glanced up. His hands trembled at his side, skin pale and clamping at the fabric of his pants anxiously as his body quivered. The front porch creaked under his weight as he stepped back slightly, his dull eyes lifting as the doorknob clicked.

"Who's there-…?"

Mario loudly gasped as he joyfully leapt forward, pulling Luigi into his arms.


Luigi didn't react.

"Weeg! It's-a so good to see you, bro!" Mario examined his brother at arm's length, smiling. "How are you feeling? Any better?"

Luigi didn't respond, only nodding. He moved to step past Mario.

"You look a little better. But, if you aren't, just lemme know." Mario smiled warmly, noticing Luigi's movements. He quickly straightened his shoulders, moving aside to let Luigi in. "Any news with Peasley?"

Luigi refused to answer.

"Bro? You okay?"

Luigi still didn't talk, only nodding.

"If you say so… eheh, y-you're-a kinda freaking me out, bro." Mario nervously chuckled when Luigi still gave no reaction. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to start a conversation. "I-I, uh, I tried to find out what happened to the Princess, but I still haven't been able to figure much out… Did you?"

Luigi didn't even face his brother now, only breathing as he looked away, as though he were staring intently at the wall.


Mario slowly reached for his brother, moving to grip his shoulder and steady him.

"Weeg. Hey. Do you need to talk? I'm right here, don't worry, I-"

As soon as Mario placed his hand on his younger brother's shoulder, Luigi stiffened and spun around, grabbing onto Mario's forearm. Mario fearfully stared at his brother, trying to slip out of his tight grip. He'd never seen Luigi acting so strange before.

"B-Bro? Hey, let go of me-"

Luigi's grip was impossibly tight, digging into skin as he shoved his brother to the side, a light spark of static electricity coursing through Mario's body as he was flung back into a nearby bookshelf. He hit the wall with a faint crack, the shelf nearly tumbling on top of him. Mario hastily moved out of the way, eyes wide as he breathed in heavy spurts. Feverishly, he glanced up at his younger brother, terrified.


Luigi stood tall, huffing as he tried to gather air into his lungs. He glanced down, dull eyes unmoving as he stared at his elder brother. Mario shivered as he limped forward, trying to stand.

"Weeg, w-what in Grambi's name has gotten into you?"

"Mario…" was all Luigi could choke out before his words shattered into fractured mumbles. "I… He…"

Mario tried to stand, grabbing onto Luigi's arms and screaming for some sort of coherent response. "Luigi, what's wrong with you?!"

Luigi grit his teeth, releasing a growl as he shoved Mario off of him and grabbed his arm, nearly snapping it out of place as he pushed him back down to the ground.

Mario groaned, squeezing his eyes in pain, trying to stand again. His limbs quivered as he tried to lift himself back up. Luigi simply watched his efforts, unmoving.

"Bro, help me… please…" Mario attempted. "L-Luigi…?"

"Ahahahahaha! What a fun reunion!"

Mario glanced up, horrified as all the fears he'd been trying to push away struck his heart at once. He gasped for air, a glare tightening on his face as he screamed, terror soon replaced with rage.


"Yes, yes. Me." Dimentio jubilantly spoke, folding his hands as he landed in front of the struggling Mario. "The master of dimensions and pleaser of crowds! The magical and fantastical Diment-"

"You bastard!" Mario screamed as he interrupted Dimentio's spiel. He heaved, trying to force himself back up to his feet. Traces of static and electricity pulsed at his limbs, forcing his efforts to be quite minimal. He caught Luigi's gaze, his brother now standing behind Dimentio. "What have you done to him?!"

"Why, I'm just putting on a harmless show, hero." Dimentio lazily moved his hand, smiling. "What's so wrong in that? I did nothing to harm your brother."

Dimentio laughed as Mario finally forced himself up, the hero screaming as he moved to punch Dimentio square in the face. But before the blow could land, Dimentio snapped his fingers and trapped him in a golden box, effortlessly stopping any of Mario's efforts.

"Suppose you're just as weak as your brother, then, hm?" Dimentio chuckled as he floated backward, circling around Luigi. "Guess it runs in the family!"

"GET AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!" Mario shrieked, pounding against the glass of the yellow box. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

"Ah, Mario, but the dear man in green gave himself up willingly to work at my side. He wants to end all worlds with me."

"YOU'RE LYING!" Mario shoved his weight against the box repeatedly, crying out. "LUIGI!"

"Isn't it sad? He didn't tell you anything. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about how much pain he was in. He was suffering so much, and you didn't so much as bat an eye. He tried to end his own life, and you had no idea. Some brotherly bond you had, hm~?" Dimentio cackled madly, raising his fingers, poised to snap at any moment. "I'm sure you'd much prefer it if I just put you out of your misery."

Mario paused, shrinking back momentarily. He glanced up, staring at Luigi. A stab of guilt drove through his chest, tears slipping down his cheeks as his expression relaxed.

"Luigi…" He inaudibly mouthed before raising his voice, tears forming in his eyes. His voice trailed off. He'd never felt so ashamed. "I'm s-sorry… I'm so sorry… I should've known better…!"

Luigi turned away.

"Bro, you have to snap out of it! He isn't going to help, he just wants to hurt you! He's going to kill everyone!"

"That IS the point, Mario. Luigi is well aware. Don't act like your brother's so dense, dear hero in red." Dimentio chided, lifting a finger. "We're going to construct a perfect world. Just like I originally wanted. It's ALL I've ever wanted."

His laughter rang out through the Mario brothers' old home like poison, the malice of months spent suffering and imprisoned seeping through his words and into the floorboards and creaking walls, binding himself into their abode.

"Besides, Mario… I'm afraid there's no chance I'll be granting you mercy today. Why…"

Dimentio smiled.

"YOU are our finale, after all!"

He laughed as he finally snapped his fingers, an ear-shatteringly loud BANG ringing out through the small house. Luigi shut his eyes instinctively to shield himself from any debris, lifting his arms to hide his face. He shivered slightly as he slowly realized Mario was still lying there, just on the ground, his chest rising and falling.

Dimentio hadn't meant to end his game. His explosion had only been just powerful enough to briefly knock Mario unconscious.

It was just enough time to prepare for the final act.

Mario awoke groggily, eyes flickering as he came to. He was still lying on the ground, limbs heavy as he tried to roll over or stand, finding himself unable to.

"Had a nice rest, did you, hero?"

Mario trembled in anger as he glanced up, meeting eyes with the mismatched gaze of the malevolent jester whom he'd had brief nightmares about during his forced slumber. He seemed preoccupied.

"It's always nice when the participant has plenty of energy for the show." Dimentio explained gently as he started working on something just outside of Mario's view. "Wouldn't want it to be boring, now, would we?"

A thick scent enveloped the air surrounding the two, the foul-smelling odor forcing Mario to scrunch up his nose.

"Where… is… m-my brother?" Mario coughed up thin strands of saliva mixed with blood, trying to force himself into standing. All attempts left him exhausted, lying on the ground and sputtering for air.

"Elsewhere. He's preparing for his cue." Dimentio smiled. "In the meantime, I wanted to show you something while we were waiting."

Mario's hazy vision left him unable to comprehend where Dimentio was moving, his gaze naturally falling toward the ground as he attempted studying his breathing.

A blur of gold, with accents of sapphire and crimson, was placed in front of his eyes. His mind stirred.

"I wanted to keep it as a personal trophy. A prize, if you will. But… I think you'd appreciate it more."

Mario's chest tightened, tears slipping down his cheeks.

It was the Princess's crown.

"P-Princess…" Mario whispered in disbelief, almost as though this was all some cruel trick. "No… no, she… My Princess…"

"She lasted long. I'll grant you that knowledge. Ah, if we had time, I'd be willing to show you her whole demise. It was quite a fun part of our show…" Dimentio grinned, noticing Mario's complexion, paling horrifically as he came to terms with what had happened and who he had failed. "And I see you're breaking apart too, like a vase knocked over by a careless toddler on a summer day."


Dimentio turned with a hum and smile, his yellow eye flickering as he tilted his head. Bells jingled, the jester standing tall to attention.

"I believe it's time, then. We mustn't waste a single second more." Dimentio faced Mario. "Oh, do forgive me, dear red hero. I'm just so eager to finally have my perfect world~!"

Dimentio lifted his hands, sparks pulsing at his fingertips.

"It's time for our grand finale! Luigi…! That's your cue!"

Mario glanced up, mortified as he watched his younger brother approach. Luigi started forward mechanically, the light sound of liquid trickling following his steps. Mario's eyes widened, quickly realizing Luigi was pouring a trail of gasoline at his side.

"L-Luigi… n-no…" Mario whispered in protest. All he could think about was how he had failed his brother. He didn't protect him from Dimentio and all the tricks he had up his sleeve. He didn't protect the Princess. He didn't protect anyone.

He wasn't a hero at all.

"All it'll take is a single spark, Luigi."

Dimentio's taunting voice quickly brought Mario out of his thoughts.

Luigi fiddled with his hands, breathing heavily. Every part of him was screaming, begging him to come to his senses and stop this madness. They told him Dimentio was lying, and he would never let him recreate the world he wanted. They warned him to just grab his brother and run far away.

But, the piece of the Chaos Heart that stirred deep within his chest had the loudest voice of all.

Finish the show.

"Every show must come to an end, Luigi." Dimentio reminded. "Prove yourself."

Mario's cries and pleads went unheard as Luigi's mind numbed, thoughts growing unbearable. He crouched down, leaning over to the growing pile of gasoline he'd created at his feet.

A single electrical spark appeared at his fingertips, briefly alighting his palms and trembling fingers. The tiny sparks hit the gasoline lining the ground, steadily growing quick flames, each sprouting from the spot he'd touched.

"Our grand finale is finally set into motion!" Dimentio laughed, eyes narrowing excitedly as he clapped his hands together. "What a magnificent light show!"

Luigi felt lost, feeling the need to remain, to sit by his brother's side and perish in the crackling flames beside him. The fire moved fast, consuming and engulfing each of the wooden boards of the house. Impossibly fast.

Mario screamed in terror, trying to get up and run away, but to no avail. He glanced up at his brother, sobbing his name for some hope, some chance he might still be there.

Luigi's heart stiffened. He moved, reaching out to his brother.

But, Dimentio lunged forward and grabbed Luigi by the wrist. He snapped his fingers and the two teleported outside of the house to safety, watching as the old house was quickly engulfed by the growing flames.

Dimentio dropped Luigi to the ground carelessly, chuckling.

"Our show started off so small! And now, we end with such a huge finale! What a performance!"

They watched from a safe distance.

Dimentio cackled in delight as smoke began to pour from the windows and cracks in the wood along the sides of the wooden house, once occupied by the famous Mario brothers. They'd resided in that house for years, having lived out many of their years together, promising each other plentiful and exciting futures.

It was all squandered as the house burst into flame. The flames danced excitedly, growing larger in accompaniment to the sounds of screaming from within.

Luigi felt the need to cry, but no tears emerged from his eyes. He exhaled shakily, staring at Dimentio, who was laughing madly as the light of the fiery blaze reflected upon the shiny porcelain of his mask.

Sparks burst and exploded along the bright destruction presented before him, wooden boards creaking and cracking.

And through all the crackling fire and bustling embers, Luigi could hear the horrified and pained screams of his burning brother.

Luigi whimpered and hid his gaze, burying his eyes in his dirtied gloves, falling to his knees on the dirt ground.

"What a lovely display. A show-stopper, indeed…" Dimentio mused, delighted with the horrific display as he surveyed the damage.

The roaring and rumbling flames claimed the aging house, Mario's screams having now ceased.

Luigi felt his chest tighten.

So many were lost now. His friends. His love. His family…!

It was all his fault. It was all his fault. It was all his fault.

Two Toad siblings who had a bond unbreakable compared to his own. An old friend whom had only wanted to see him happy. A friend who had once been his enemy. A young royal who had only wanted to help. His closest friends who had been with him for years, promising his safety.

His mentor. His husband. His brother.

He'd pushed all of them away.

It was his fault they were gone.

All gone.

His mind and heart pulsed. He nearly toppled over, heaving for air. He couldn't so much as see anymore.

He passed out.


He shifted, awakening to a bright light. Everything was warm. Comfortingly warm. It felt safe.

"Luigi, wake up now…"

Luigi's eyes slowly opened, a brilliant whiteness in front of his gaze. He trembled and inhaled, trying to see past his misty vision.


"The show isn't quite over yet… Your role isn't finished."

Luigi bolted upright, Dimentio's masked smile greeting him as he finally adjusted to the brightness around him. He didn't quite know where he was, but it felt familiar.

Dimentio lifted Luigi to his feet. He wobbled slightly as he stood in the blankness surrounding him.

"Now, now, Luigi… It's time for our next show. This performance isn't stopping so soon. It's a show that will continue on throughout centuries. And we'll be the ones onstage, orchestrating it all…"

Dimentio lifted Luigi's chin, pulling him forward to walk through the nothingness.

"Come now, man in green. It's time to take our bow. And then, we can work on finally creating our perfect world."

Dimentio turned around as Luigi finally looked up.

And Luigi was smiling, his grin matching Dimentio's own twisted expression.

Everything would be okay. Luigi knew he would make things perfect, for everyone. Everything would be okay.

And though sorrow and tragedy followed their footsteps as they traversed through nothing, they maintained one thought as they continued onward.

"The show must go on."

A/N: And thus, the curtain of our story comes to a close… For all those who read my little tale, I do so hope you enjoyed. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and I hope to see you all again soon. I'll be posting some more stories here in due time. Thanks for sticking around. See you soon~!