WARNING: This chapter contains heavy sexual content only intended for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Tiifu walked down the long path that spanned across most of the Pridelands, feeling incredibly sorry for herself. She was headed to the watering hole to get a quick drink, and hopefully take her mind off of the horrible thing she'd tried to do to Kion. As she continued to sulk on her way to get a drink, she spotted the royal family just up ahead, and they were walking towards her. Thankfully, Kion wasn't with them, but Tiifu didn't feel like being particularly social with anybody. She veered off the path and decided to take route to the watering hole in an attempt to avoid the oncoming family of lions.

After walking for a good distance, Tiifu arrived at the watering hole. She looked down at her reflection on the water's sparkling surface. Her face was stained with tears and she sported large circles under her puffy eyes.

"I'm hideous." she said to herself, "No wonder he'll never love me."

"Who will never love you?" asked a voice from behind her.

Tiifu spun around to see her friend Kiara staring at her.

"Kiara?" Tiifu said confused, "Did you follow me?"

Kiara nodded.

"Yep." she replied smiling, "You totally avoided me earlier, so I could tell something was wrong."

Tiifu sighed and looked back down at her reflection. Kiara approached her friend and gently placed a paw on her back.

"You wanna talk about it?" she asked in a calm, sympathetic tone.

Tiifu shook her head.

"I- I'm not sure I can tell you." she answered, hesitantly.

Kiara rolled her eyes.

"Tiifu, we're best friends." she stated, "You can tell me anything."

Tiifu still looked apprehensive.

"I- I don't think so." she said nervously.

Kiara continued to push.

"C'mon, Tiifu!" she urged her friend, "I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong?"

Tiifu growled, she couldn't take all the questioning.

"I jerked off your brother!" she snapped, "I tricked him into drinking a love potion and then forced him to cheat on Fuli!"

Kiara was stunned, she took a few large steps away from her friend and stared at her, blankly.

"Y-you what?!" she yelled, sounding horrified.

"I gave Kion a paw-job." she said, trembling.

Kiara snarled angrily and slapped her friend across the face.

"You bitch!" she screamed at her, "Stay the fuck away from my little brother!"

Tiifu started crying.

"I'm so sorry, Kiara!" she yelled through her sobs, "I swear it was just a paw-job, nothing more!"

Kiara took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm herself down.

"Well," she said after a long pause, "I guess I can't blame you… I jerked him off once too."

Tiifu's tear-filled eyes widened.

"Seriously?! When?!" she asked in disbelief.

"The other night." said Kiara, "I- I did it cause I thought I was helping him out."

Tiifu sighed.

"At least he consented when you did it. You didn't force it on him with a love potion." she said sadly, her guilt returning.

Kiara shook her head.

"Actually, it wasn't exactly consensual." she said seriously, "I pinned him down and didn't stop jerking till' I forced him to cum."

Tiifu stood there in shock, unsure of what to say.

"Wow…" she said after a while, "Did… did he ever forgive you?"

Kiara nodded.

"He did," she said reassuringly, "and I'm sure he'll forgive you too… eventually."

Tiifu looked longingly at her friend.

"You really think so?" she asked hopefully.

Kiara smiled and gave her friend a quick hug.

"Yeah." she said kindly, "I know Kion. He's an understanding guy. He'll forgive you."

Tiifu hugged her friend back.

"Let's both agree we're never gonna jerk him off again." she said giggling.

Both friends began to laugh and enjoy a refreshing drink from the watering hole. Meanwhile, Simba sat at the edge of Pride Rock overlooking the entirety of his kingdom. His queen Nala sat beside him. The two lions had been through an eventful couple of days and were very much grateful to have some downtime to spend with each other. The couple sat in silence for quite a while, watching the final rays of sun disappear over the horizon.

"Nala?" Simba asked quietly, turning his head towards his mate.

"Yes, love?" she replied, meeting his gaze with her bright eyes.

Simba let out a sigh.

"Do you think we've, well-" he stuttered, "failed?"

Nala looked confused.

"Failed?" she questioned, "In what way?"

"Umm, as parents." Simba replied hesitantly.

Nala laughed.

"Simba, I know we've had this conversation before." she said teasingly, "We are not bad parents. You are not a bad parent."

Simba nuzzled Nala affectionately.

"Thank you, my love." he said through a small chuckle, "Deep down I- I know we aren't failures, but… It's hard to see the kids grow up."

Nala smiled.

"I think that's a struggle every parent has to face." she said understandingly, "It's never easy to see your kids grow up, but it doesn't mean you have to let them go."

Simba nodded.

"I want to be supportive of them." he stated, "Even though they aren't cubs anymore, I still feel the need to be there for them."

Nala yawned and stretched her long, slender body.

"A parent never stops caring for their children," she said calmly, lying down, "That's part of what tells me you're a good parent."

Simba smiled and laid down next to Nala.

"I guess, in a way, we are entering a new stage of parenthood." he said looking at his mate lovingly.

Nala's eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

"I guess we are." she replied, smiling.

"Mom? Dad?" a voice called from behind them. Both lions turned to see their daughter Kiara looking at them worriedly.

"Hi sweetheart!" Simba said, beaming at his daughter, "Come join us, we are just about to take a look at the constellations."

Kiara took a few steps closer.

"Actually…I have something to tell you." she said in a nervous voice, "I umm- have a boyfriend."

Simba was shocked. He couldn't believe he was just finding out about this now. He was beginning to get himself worked up about it when Nala shot him a stern look, signalling him to calm down. Once he had, he took a deep breath before responding.

"A boyfriend?" he questioned, attempting to sound as calm and collected as possible.

Kiara nodded.

"Yes, his name is Kovu. I've been seeing him secretly for a few months now." she said shyly, "Believe it or not, I was planning to tell you sooner, but after seeing how you reacted to Kion dating Fuli… I got too scared."

Nala smiled and walked over to her daughter.

"Honey, please never be afraid to tell us anything." she said caringly, "We are here to guide and support you."

"Your mother is right." said Simba, "It is very important to both of us to have a close relationship with you and Kion."

Kiara grinned at her parents.

"I'm glad to hear." she said happily.

Nala giggled.

"Now, care to tell us more about Kovu?" she asked playfully.

Kiara nodded and the three lions sat at the edge of Pride Rock to have a much needed, heart to heart conversation.

Fuli sat at the edge of the forest, watching the golden sunset over the Pridelands. She was feeling particularly excited because she was waiting for her boyfriend, Kion. Tonight was a very special night for the young couple, as they planned to mate for the very first time. Out of sheer eagerness and desperation, Fuli began to softly rub her pussy. She moaned loudly as she did so. A twig snapped behind her and she whipped her head around to see who was there. Her eyes fell upon Kion.

"Hey there, cutie pie…" he said with a seductive grin on his face.

Fuli smiled and purred.

"Hey, baby…" she said, getting up and walking over to him. "I missed you."

Kion giggled and nuzzled his girlfriend.

"I missed you too, babygirl." he said through a soft moan.

Fuli looked deep into Kion's amber eyes that she found so easy to get lost in.

"Baby?" she asked in a serious tone, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Kion nodded slowly. No more words were shared between the young couple, as they began to passionately kiss one another. Kion's large paws wandered every curve of Fuli's long, slender back, and Fuli found her tail gently caressing Kion's strong muscles. The setting sun reflecting in Kion's eyes drove Fuli all the more wild, causing her to become quickly aroused. Her tail made its way down to Kion's sensitive sheath, which elicited a loud moan from him.

"You like that, babe?" she said teasingly as she began to massage his sheath gently with her tail.

Kion groaned in response, and felt himself becoming hard from the loving touch of Fuli's tail. The two large cats gently lay themselves down on the soft grass, never once breaking their kiss. Fuli's tail began to vigorously stroke Kion's ever hardening cock, and his warm breath on her neck drove her absolutely insane. Instinctually, her pussy began to get wet, emitting its signature, inviting scent. Her body craved to be filled by a male. The powerful smell of Fuli's nether regions caused Kion's cock to double in its hardness, and he turned his attention downward.

"Want me to lick it?" he said, staring intently at her pussy.

Fuli shook her head.

"Just skipped the licking." she said desperately, "I need you inside me right now!"

The urgency of her statement aroused Kion even further, and he quickly swung his back leg over her, getting into a mating position.

"Ready, love?" he said, gazing passionately into her eyes.

Fuli nodded and stared back at him. Kion gave a quick smile before thrusting into her with great force. She gasped a bit as she felt his length penetrate her, but eventually the pleasure set in as he began to move in and out of her soft pussy at a steady pace.

"Oh fuck…" Kion moaned, closing his eyes, "This feels- so good…"

Fuli moaned as well as she felt his thrusts speed up. The pleasure overtook both of them as they shared this wonderful experience. Kion placed his paws on Fuli's hips to steady himself as his thrusting grew faster and faster. She continued to moan loudly, her muscles began to twitch as she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching. One look at Kion, and she knew he was close as well.

"I'm- gonna cum!" Kion screamed.

Both of them moaned loudly as they were hit by powerful orgasms. Fuli could feel thick ropes of cum shooting deep inside her needy pussy. Her whole body spasmed at the feeling of pure euphoria. After their orgasms died down, Kion gently pulled his softening dick out of Fuli, and lay himself down beside her.

"That was amazing." he said through heavy breaths.

Fuli simply nodded and kissed him passionately, savoring every bit of this precious moment. All at once, the two creatures were bonded for life, by love. All at once, the troubles of the world disappeared, even if only for a brief, shining moment. All at once, they'd found the love they had been waiting for.


Author's note:

Thank you all so much for supporting this series. I had so much fun on this journey through the Pridelands. I hope this chapter lived up to your expectations, because it was my absolute pleasure to write, and while this beautiful story is coming to a close, I hope to write many more series in the near future. Please, send in your suggestions for Lion Guard pairings anytime. Though I'm sad to say goodbye to this wonderful story that has been a part of my life since December, I'm even more excited for what's next. See you soon. :)