Family Line

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Notes: This is a sequel of sorts Wild Hunt, but I did my very best to make this easy to follow even without reading that story.

Chapter 01: Family Life

It was dark outside, and the world was quiet. There was something peaceful about it, sure most people didn't like it, but she didn't mind it.

Maka Albarn could appreciate the peace. Maka didn't even remember when she had been afraid of the dark for a very long time.

When Maka was little, her parents got her a nightlight. Her parents told her that there was nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

That was a lie; they knew well enough that there was plenty to be afraid of in the dark. There had always been monsters in the dark waiting for their prey, and people like her often found themselves fighting them off.

Maka had come to terms about the dangers of her life; she'd nearly died more times then she cared to recall. She tried to be careful, but there was only so much she could do.

When Maka woke up at nights like these thoughts filtered her mind. It made her think of how her life might end, and just countless worries filled her mind.

She shuffled in bed when she felt Soul's arms tugged on her.

"Maka?" Soul's voice crept in the dark. "You up?"

"Yeah," Maka whispered.

It wasn't all that common, but sometimes she just woke up and thought, nothing massive or anything just thoughts that kept her up.

"Do you want to talk?"

"No, I'm fine," Maka reassured Soul.

Maka and Soul had been dating for a while now. They lived together; they shared a bed and spent most of their time together. Maka found his hand and took it in her; she found great comfort in having him by her side.

There weren't that many certainties in her life, but she was sure that Soul was one.

"Well," Soul began, "since we're both up..." Soul tried to be subtle.

Maka let out a quiet laugh, "Soul, I know you're up. I can feel you."

Soul gulped as the cool guy persona he was trying to put up crumbled down.

Maka chuckled to herself and turned, so she nuzzled into his chest. Soul smiled as she kissed him.


Maka hummed to herself as she fixed her hair in the morning. She turned her pigtails into a braid around her head. It gave a more mature look. It was just part of her morning routine, she was an early riser, but on the other hand, Soul was still fast asleep and drooling.

She'd get ready breakfast and let him sleep a little longer. Today was going to be a busy day, so she wanted to start it off right. She had long since given up on Soul waking up early by himself.

Maka found this time of day the quietest, Blair had moved out some time ago. Blair told them it was to make more room for the two love birds. Sometimes that cat would even joke that they would need her room for the soon to be a baby room, Blair loved the expression Maka would make hearing that.

Maka sometimes missed that cat, not that they didn't get to see her often.

Maka finished cooking food and when it was ready dragged Soul out of bed.

While Soul Eater ate, Maka was diligent around the apartment, making sure the place was clean and tidy.

Soul chomped on some eggs as he watched Maka dust a shelf for what seemed to be the tenth time since he started eating.

"Uh, Maka?" Soul Began, "I don't think more dust clomped up there since the last time you dusted."

Maka turned her eyes to him in a glare, "I'm just making sure everything is clean."

Soul knew what this was about, he knew he couldn't stop it, but he should try. He shook his head and sighed, "Maka, I know your mom is coming, but she's not that picky. She's one of the chilliest people I know. As long as this place isn't a pig stye covered with roaches and rats, she won't care."

With that thought, Soul put down his fork.

He knew for a fact that Maka's mom could be messy since she got remarried; she hadn't been as uptight, and her new spouse was bit dirty.

Not like they needed to have an intervention for hoarding, but even someone like him thought they might need to clean more. Maka just did one last sweep, "I know, I know, I just want to have everything good and ready."

"You are ready," Soul confirmed.

"I don't think so; I'm sure that something is wrong."

Maka's Mom, Kami, got married, and it seemed like a happy ending. But the thing about happy endings is that they aren't the end, the story goes on, in one way or another. In this case, Kami became a mother again, or again-again.

Maka was pretty cool about it, she didn't have any weird angst about it and was delighted by it. The only thing that did make Maka act a little odd was that she was almost overbearing and nuts when she went overboard, trying to help her mom out and make sure everything was great. Soul had to stop Maka from making her food daily.

No, the issue here was that they had babies, and they were now over a year old. Having new babies at this later age did have a hit on Kami, they were tiring her out. Soul was having a hard time believing that he'd seen her fight monsters and never break a sweat, but now a couple of babies were keeping them half exhausted.

So, seeing this, Maka suggested that they take a weekend to them, and Maka would watch the new family members. Soul had no issues against it, he thought he was pretty good with kids, but Maka was going nuts.

"Maka, calm down, everything is fine.

Maka took a breath, "I know," Maka did eventually admit, "It's just that I want to make sure everything-"

"Everything is great, we covered up the plugs, there and no pointy ends or anything the babies could choke on. I won't even transform if it makes you feel better. We got a baby room set up for the weekend, and your mom is an experienced traveler; she will be back Monday, and everything will be fine."

"Right, right."

Soul eventually finished his food, and they cleaned the dishes, and Soul tried to keep Maka from panicking.

Eventually, there was a knock on the door, and Maka bolted from the couch to the door.


"Hey, Maka. Are you calling me mom now?"

Soul snorted at the comment.

At the front door, there was a young-looking woman with bright amber eyes and long dark red hair with two red twin-tails held in bat hair decorations. She was a tall woman and rather buxom, which Soul had learned never to mention.

That was Nene, Kami's wife, and dual new mother; she was carrying bags, some of the baby bags full of baby stuff, and some bags of luggage. She didn't seem to have any problem holding all that stuff.

"Hey, Nene," Maka smiled before leaning in for a hug.

Nene returned the gesture and then handed her some of the baby bags.

"Ugh!" Maka almost toppled over at the sudden weight.

Soul hurried and helped her up.

Following close behind her was Kami pushing a stroller with two red-haired babies, both little girls had green eyes like their mother.

"Hey mom," Maka greeted her, "Hey Niko and Will."

Maka smiled at her little sisters. Maka wasn't exactly sure how it happened; it was a magic device or something that had allowed Kami and Nene to have children together. Those little girls were both biologically theirs, and it showed. Thought Maka wondered if it was a good idea for both of them to get pregnant at the same time, Maka wasn't sure that they didn't make a mistake there. It was super hard for both of them to be pregnant at the same time. Maka didn't care; after all, they were both precious to her. Also, she made it a habit not to try and think of how her family had children.

Not after she found out that Excalibur was an ancestor. Like, how could he and a woman-

NO! No. No.

Maka forced that thought down; She still had disturbing dreams after she figured that one out. She shook that thought out and focused on the babies.

Little Will, which was short for Willaertia a name from Nene's home, was in her seat chewing on a teething toy. Niko was nuzzling a teddy bear that seemed to be ready to sleep.

"Hey, Maka," Kami said a little less than thrilled.

"Mama," Maka smiled, "You look tired, did you get enough sleep?"

"Nope!" Nene announced. "She was busy last night trying to make sure she packed everything. I was half sure she packed everything."

"Like mother like daughter," Soul whispered.

"Mom looks like you need a break." Maka smiled at her, "I'm sure you'll have a nice vacation."

"Are you sure you can handle them? Like, it's okay if you can't, you don't have to." Kami looked at her babies.

Both Nene and Soul just looked on, both mother and daughter were just unsure about this whole thing.

"Kami, Maka, and I have this covered. You two have a great vacation and relax. We will see you on Monday." Soul Pushed the stroller in.

"He's right," Nene leaned towards her babies and gave them a couple of kisses, making them giggle. "Mamas love you, and we will miss you, but we will see you soon. Until them, you got your big sis Maka watching you. So be good for her."

The babies didn't reply, there was a gurgle, but that wasn't anything.

Kami looked at her babies like this was the last time she was ever going to see them. "I love you two so much."

Nene knew where this was going, so with one arm, she lifted their bags, and with the other one lifted Kami over her shoulder.

"What?!" Kami shouted.

"If we don't hurry, we will be late," Nene told her.

Kami just blinked. "Uh! Call us if anything goes wrong! We can come back at any time! Just call!"

Nene waved, "Bye! We love you lots."


"Goodbye, mom!" Maka waved

"Wave bye-bye," Soul leaned over and waved the babies hands.

Kami yelled as she was being carried away, "Bye! Bye! I love you!" Kami tried to struggle against Nene, "Nene, let me down! I can move on my own!"

"Yeah, sure you can."

Soul closed the down thought he heard them bicker a little as they kept heading out.

Soul was glad that Nene was doing it, he doubted they would otherwise get Kami to leave those babies. Maka took the babies out and settled them out and put them down on one of those nice baby cages they borrowed.

Soul never could remember what those things were called.

He didn't pay it much mind Maka was already busy playing with the baby girls. Soul unpacked their baby bags and got them out some toys and started to get everything else ready. A few bottles of milk, he quickly put in the fridge along with some other snacks. He took out some other stuff and put them where they would be most useful, like the diapers. Soul wasn't exactly eager to use those, but he put some effort, and he was sure he could handle it when it was time.

As he set everything aside, he paused as he watched Maka with the babies as she held out a couple of toys and held them up for the babies and making them move all the while telling them a story. Soul couldn't help but smile; he loved that his tough as nails meister could also be so sweet and kind.

It was pretty cute.


The babies were sitting in their high chairs, Soul and mostly everyone else called them twins because they were both born on the same day, and they looked so much alike. Maka never wanted to say that since they weren't.

As Maka feed them with some baby food, which even she had to admit, smelled something wrong. The babies seemed to like it, so she didn't make it an issue.

Maka scooped up some more food. "Okay, here comes the plane? Who's going to be the landing pad? I wonder who."

Niko just stared at the spoon that was whirling around before them. Will was slamming her hands on her plastic table, much of food all over her face.

"Oh, I wonder who it's coming for?" Maka said in a rather playful tone. "Who's hungry? I think-"

There was a knock on the door.

Soul was taking a shower, so she put down the spoon, "I'm coming." The babies were close by so it should be fine,

She rushed to the door.

"Hi, how can I help you?"

Are they here?

Maka blinked at the notepad that was suddenly in her face.

Standing before her was the silver-haired Necromancer, Eu. Her sister.

Kami had adopted her, and Maka loved the silent little magic-user. Eu was short and very pretty; she looked like a princess from a fairy tail except her face was emotionless. Eu's purple dress almost seemed medieval; she even wore pieces of silver armor of it.

Both babies began to cry out as they saw her.

Yeah, that was the thing. Eu couldn't speak or show emotions because a cursed caused her powers to go nuts when she did. She wore armor made by Nene to keep everything under control.

The problem was that this always caused the babies to start crying when she in eyesight.

It pained Maka; it probably was worse for Eu. Maka knew that Eu like her adored and loved those babies, but they always cried when she got near.

Eu wanted nothing more than to play with her new little sisters to show them love and affection.

Maka silently cursed the woman who cursed Eu into this state; she was sure if Maka ever ran into her, she would make her pay.

Outside, the wind rushed slamming against the windows, almost as if a storm was rolling in.


A young-looking woman, one that looked more like a young girl, held something like a soft plush lion. She smiled as she looked into a mirror.

"Are you sure it's time?"

The mirror rippled as something dark appeared in it, the air around the mirror, and the whole room seemed to shiver at the presence.

"Yes," the voice spoke coldly.

The girl almost felt cold just at the words.

"The woman must pay; she must be forced to suffer."

"We could kill her. It would be easy."

"It would be quick."

"My curse is super effective."

"Your curse can be twisted; even if it could not, she would spend the rest of her days in the hope of breaking it even if her lover could not undo it. No, break her heart, shatter it beyond repair how best hurt a mother than make her children suffer. All her children are in one place and away from their mother. Now we move, and we will make them pay in her place."