Family Line

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Chapter 05: Family Reunion

Kami and Nene returned to the Death City and knocked at Maka's door.

"Hey," Soul smiled as he greeted them, "come on in."

Kami smiled; after a while, they did start to relax. "We brought you guys souvenirs."

Nene just smiled, carrying in the heavy bags, "Where are our girls?"

"Over here." Maka sounded off from the living room.

On the floor, she and Eu were playing with Niko and Will, the youngest pair laughing in the hands of their big sisters.

Kami smiled, "Eu! They're not crying around you anymore."

"Nope." Eu gave a kiss to Niko, "We spent the weekend together, and they're not scared of me anymore."

"That's good," Nene smiled bright- "wait."

Both Nene and Kami paused as they turned to Eu.

Eu wasn't wearing her usual armor and purple dress; she was wearing a white blouse and dark blue skirt and most notable smiling.

"Eucliwood?" Nene whispered.

"Hello, Naegleria, or should I say, mom, other mom?"

Kami was speechless, and Nene's eyes filled with tears; it had been so long since they heard her voice, so long since she spoke without pain or fear or illusions.

Maka smiled, "We have a story to tell you."

Kami and Nene didn't even bother as they pulled their girls into a big hug as they cried tears of joy.

Soul looked on beaming at the sight, Kami's hand grabbed him and pulled him in. Kami kissed his head and hugged him too. The babies were giggling at the embrace.


"A terrible cursed was undone!" Excalibur bellowed, "two evil queens were vanquished. Yes, there was some turmoil afterward, but neither of the kingdoms actually liked them. The Monarchs of Summer and Spring took over Winter. One of the cursed, a magical garment girl known as Chris freed, charged into Villiers and took over. Ousting a terrible unfit teacher Ariel and making peace with the Underworld. It did help that Nene was friends with Chris. So, overall, a happy ending for all."

Excalibur cheered ontop of the sofa.

Niko and Will, now eight years old, looked on.

"Wait," Niko questioned, "We couldn't have transformed that early."

Will Transformed her arm into a very dull long blade.

"Your mothers think your underworld blood gave it a kick. I credit it more to my influence."

"Hey," A red-haired boy of five years old raised a hand.

"Kiri," Excalibur pointed to Maka and Soul's son.

Kiri took after Soul and Spirit, getting Soul's sharp teeth and spiky wild hair thought in Spirits color. Though everyone joked that he got it from Nene to drive Spirit bonkers, he kept his hair in a headband like his father.

"So does that mean I won't turn into a sword or scythe?

"Fate will decide. If you are lucky, you will take after me like your aunts."

Will smirked broadly, holding out her partial transformed arm.

Next to him was the two-year-old Kana, she had hay-like blond hair and red eyes. A small cat-eared hat from her aunt Blair sat on her head.

Next to her was Kanade; she looked like Eu except her eyes were amber just like her father's Ayumu She was two, but people wondered if she'd show magic like her mother. No one knew if Kanade and Kana liked each other or hated each other, they'd grab each other and fuzz with each other but they were both so expressionless.

Kotaro, a boy with a brown-haired boy a little young than the twins, tried to pull the babies away. He was Kanade's older brother, "Come on! Stop it!" He had a habit of yelling. "Stop bitting me!"

"Now, now," Excalibur tutted, "your mother's asked me to take you to Yuki's birthday, and we are to pick up the reaper's litter on the way."

Niko nudged Will, and they both picked up the babies as Kiri helped gather their things as they left.

Excalibur followed along.

They had family, a strange one, and Excalibur would miss them when they passed, but he was happy to remain and watch and care for each new generation.

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