An awkward silence filled the car for the first half of the journey, what exactly did we have to talk about, the last time I saw Dewey we were both lay on stretchers after my best friends tried to murder everyone we knew including his sister.

"You know I don't really think I got to thank you for everything you did back then" Glancing over at Dewey, I noticed he was staring intently at the road in front of us, but I knew what he was talking about.

It was the one thing people tried to avoid when talking to me, but I could always count on Dewey to not shy away from tough topics. "It's no problem," I whispered, playing with my fingers as the image of her cold body hit me.

I heard him let out a shaky sigh next to me "She had a great send-off, she would have loved it" I remembered getting an announcement of the funeral "I'm sorry I missed it" I told him as the guilt hit me.

Dewey just smiled softly as he patted my leg "It's okay. You were trying to get better" The hospital wouldn't let me attend Tatum's funeral as they thought it would set me back in 'my journey of self-help.'

"Yeah, better," I mumbled to myself, not only did I miss Tatum's funeral but Billy and Stu's. Mr. Loomis didn't really have a big funeral for Billy after the town caused an uproar about it, and the Macher's decided on a quiet private ceremonial.

"I know you two didn't always see eye to eye, but I know she would have appreciated what you did," Dewey said as he quickly faced me, high school dramas felt so petty now in the grand scheme of things.

My on-going fight with Tatum didn't seem so important now, if only I knew then what I know now.

"I wish there was some way it could have been different," I told him, swallowing hard as I fought my tears. "Sidney and me we're still here, and now moving on with our lives, everyone who died won't get to do that."

Dewey lay his hand gently on mine with tears of his own "You can't blame yourself forever, Kat."

I sniffed as I glanced up at the older man as my eyes swam with tears, "Can't I?" I asked softly because I had been doing such an excellent job of beating myself up, I was their best friend, how did I not notice they had been killers.

"Well, I guess you can but you shouldn't" Dewey sighed putting his hand back on the wheel "we had Billy in custody, and we let him go, should I still be blaming myself for that?" I shook my head, but I knew like myself he would do it anyway.

Glancing around my eyes widened a little when we passed the sign for 'Windsor College' as Dewey drove into the campus, my stomach tightened when I saw the number of students walking around.

"Wow, we're here already," I gulped before narrowing my eyes when I noticed not only students but also news crews and reporters "Dewey?" when I turned to look at him, I frowned at his uneasy expression.

"Your dad told me not to tell you until you got here" my nose scrunched up at his answer "Two kids were killed yesterday at the movies, they were seniors here" closing my eyes I sighed heavily.

It was the opening weekend of the movie Stab, it was a telling our 'life' story, they had taken everything that happened and turned it into a fucking spectacle. I haven't even seen who they cast me as yet "What happened?"

"Someone wearing a Ghostmask stabbed them in the theater, bystanders thought it was some kind of joke," Dewey explained as I lifted my gaze out into the crowds. "Your dad didn't want you being scared away from doing this."

I tapped my fingers on my thighs as my foot bounced. "He's right, I can't run away from this. People are going to be talking about it for years, the movies just making everyone crazy".

The older man nodded as he parked the car before pulling himself out of the vehicle, following his lead I watched with narrowed eyes as Dewey limped around the car "So - what up with that?" I motioned to his leg with a small frown.

Dewey gave his leg a pat as he smiled at me. "Severed nerve," he answered shortly but not angrily. "I'm still here, so I guess a limp is a price to pay" Dewey tried to joke, but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

Taking a breath, Dewey helped me take my bags from the car as he showed me the way through the campus with thoroughness. "You seem to know you're way around here pretty well," I asked in mock suspicion causing Dewey to turn red.

"Well, I did stake out the place a little when your dad told me you and Sid applied here" Dewey smiled happily when I nudged him gently. "I'm like the older brother you never wanted, huh?" he laughed as I stiffened up, "You okay?".

"Yeah, I'm good," I tittered nervously as I dragged my suitcase behind me, trying to control my face "Just excited to be here and get into the college life" Dewey nodded proudly at my words.

"You can do this, Kat, I know you can," The older man acknowledged as he stepped in front of me to open the door to the reception area as I repeated his words to myself with an anxious expression.

"Hi, how can I help you?"

My head shot up at the friendly voice and smiled falsely when my eyes met that of a middle-aged woman, the receptionist if I was hazarding a guess "Uh I'm here as a late starter," I forced out taping my finger on the desk nervously.

The lady grinned at me as she pulled out some files before turning back to Dewey and I "Name?" she questioned as my finger stopped tapping suddenly.

"Katherine Prescott"

Her gaze locked with mine when I noticed her smile falter, she knew, Dr. Myers prepared me for this. People would know my name and know everything that happened, but seeing the pity in her eyes, I wasn't ready for that.

"Well, of course, you are, dear," She replied as she quickly went back to her receptionist's duties before handing some papers, a key, and a map. "If you ever need anything, you just call on me, okay?".

Taking the items from her, I did my best to keep my face clear as I thanked her "Let's go" I hissed at Dewey, I would have left limpy behind to take the fall, but he looked just as uncomfortable as I did.

Pocketing my key, we headed back outside as I opened up my paperwork with the help of Dewey, who mind you didn't go to college, understood it better than I did. "That's your dorm hall," he pointed out on the paper.

"Okay, and that's over-" glancing back at the map we turned it around a few times before realizing where we were supposed to be going "-there" Dewey sniggers as I push him "I'm here to learn the film industry Dewey, not map reading."

The older man just shook his head as he read through the rest of my paperwork, only bumping into me when I stopped dead in front of him "Kat?" He questioned, sounding concerned until he followed my gaze.