It was like everything went in slow motion as I watched my twin sister turn around, her eyes wide and mouth dropped open in shock, whether that was due to seeing Dewey or me again, I had no idea.

"Kat, Dewey" I heard her whisper as I stood frozen "Oh my god" she laughed as Dewey moved around me to pull her into a hug "Hey!" the smile she now wore seemed to brighten up her face as our 'surrogate brother' held her tight.

She looked so different now, she was no longer the meek little Sidney Prescott that promised to stay by my side forever before leaving me to fend for myself in a mental hospital.

Looks like being almost murdered and psychologically tortured does the body good.

Suddenly my sister's eye met mine again as she gave me a quick look over, I could see her eyes go from shock to confused before they settled on neutral as if she didn't have a hundred questions running through her mind.

"Oh my god, Kat..." Sidney breathed unwinding herself from Dewey as they both along with the group my sister was standing with turned to face me. "I had no idea you were going to be here."

Nodding I looked around her friends who all were looking at me in interest they'd obviously followed last years' events.

"Clearly," I muttered, biting the inside of my cheek in contempt. "Were you still hoping I was away at the crazy hospital" my sister physically flinched at my words, and it felt so good.

"Kat!" Dewey scolded obviously shocked by my evident distaste of my sister, but I ignored him in favor of glaring at the other half of me as she put on a sad face that made me want to be sick.

Sidney opened her mouth in shock as her eyes turned sad for a moment, "Kat…".

I quickly cut my sister off from her words that I knew would be full of self-pity, "No! You left me there to rot," I growled, stepping forward, causing her to recoil, and the guy standing behind her to steps ahead of Sidney protectively.

Giving him a sneer, I felt Dewey pull me back a little whispering for me to calm down, and I clenched my hands, remembering the techniques I had learned to keep my temper from flaring up.

"Hey Sid, Can we talk?" Dewey asked my sister as he rubbed his hands up and down my arms in comfort as my sister nodded sadly, taking her eyes off mine as I watched the two of them walked away.

Realizing what just happened, I turned slowly to face Sidney's friends who were all eyeing me differently, I had just been left with a bunch of random strangers who either look terrified of me or interested.

Quickly gazing back at Dewey and Sidney, I cursed their existence as the two of them glanced back towards me every now and then "So-" I grimace hearing an almost valley girl tone call from behind me.

Turning back to face the dark-skinned girl smiling nervously at me, "I'm Hallie," she gave a small wave as I nodded politely. "That's Mickey and Derrick, he's Sidney's boyfriend."

My eyes widened in surprise for a second at the news of my sister's new beau before giving the three of them a half grimaced smile, "I'm Kat... Prescott", I added after awkwardly, it had been a while since I had to play nice with strangers.

Derek's perked up a little at my words as he gave me a smile "Sidney's twin sister" this guy smiled like a puppy dog being praised as the other two just watched on in curiosity.

I rolled my eyes subtly before shaking my head and crossing my arms across my chest, "No."

Sidney's boyfriend physically deflated at my tone of voice and visible hostile body language, but I did hear a snort come from Mickey, which I'll take as a win. Grinning to myself, I tilted my head to the side. "You know Derrick, you're brave, dating Sid."

"Why's that?" The dark-haired man questioned predictably as he sent a nervous expression to Hallie who just shrugged, Mickey was the only one seemingly not nervous about my presence or threatening tone.

I sighed, "Because people who get close to us end up dead…especially boyfriends" I snigger at his wide-eyed appearance before hearing Dewey and Sidney getting closer to us.

"Dewey we should go find my dorm," I say, pointing over my shoulder, wanting to get away from, well, everyone.

"I can show you if you want?" Sidney offered a small smile as Dewey gave me a reassuring nod, but I felt dread pool in my stomach, was this it now? Was my sister going to forget I was ever gone and want to go back to normal?

Picking my bag up as I wrapped my arm around Dewey's I gave my sister an emotionless face. "I couldn't think of anything worse, and I spent two years in therapy," almost dragging Dewey away I passed him the map as if nothing happened.


Pulling my bag up higher on my arm I just sniffed "I don't want to talk about it" guilt hit me as Dewey instantly went silent as we walked across campus "I didn't mean to snap at you, Dewey" I said sadly as we stood outside my dorm "I'm sorry."

Dewey just smiled and patted my arm before looking up at the building. "This is it" pulling open the door I followed Dewey into the dorm as we looked for room 237 – my new home for the next few years.

Passing most of the rooms, I brightened up when I saw the metal numbers on the white door. "Dewey, it's this one" I call to the older man who hobbled straight passed the door as I took my key out of my pocket.

Dewey flushed red as he made his way back to me. "Sorry, must have overlooked it."

Sniggering, I pushed the key into the lock and knocked on the door as a second thought, I'd read a lot about college and seeing two people going at it wasn't how I wanted to start my first day here.

"Oh! Hi!" A voice called from inside as I opened the door fully, I carefully looked around the room before even moving over the threshold "I'm Tara" glancing at the taller blonde girl I smiled as she shyly waved at us.

She looked meek and timid, but that didn't mean she couldn't be dangerous.

"I'm Kat" short and sweet, just until I get to know her better.

"Oh, let me help you," Tara gasped as she quickly pulled a few of my bags into the room with a polite smile as she introduces herself to Dewey, who blushes as he gives her a nod.

Glancing around the room, I noticed the vast difference between her side and mine, her half was a lot darker due to the posters, bookshelves- full of Wiccan styled books and the red fabric wall cloths.

Tara smiled as she quickly showed me around the room before asking if I needed help with anything; after seeing me shaking my head silently, she gave me a grin before picking up a bag "So, before I go I should tell you that I probably won't be around a lot."

I turned to her with a confused look as Dewey moved my bags over to the empty side of the room. "My girlfriend is over at Stevenson Hall, and I'm there pretty much all the time, but if you need me, we're in room 214. Just ask for Willow if you get lost".

The corners of my mouth turned up as I watched her wave to us shyly again before leaving "She seems nice" Dewey says after a moment of silence, although Tara seemed like she lacked confidence she sure left an impression.

"They always do, Dewey," I frowned, dropping down onto the unmade bed that I would soon have to painstakingly put my sheets on, but at least I would pretty much have the room to myself.

The older man gave a small sigh as he awkwardly crouched in front of me "You're going to be fine, okay, I know you. No matter what, you always make the most of any situation. Remember there's only one Katherine Prescott".

My mouth twitched at his words before I gave him a smirk feeling more confident that I could do this "God help them all."