Hello everyone! I'm currently in the process of rewriting "It Started With A Spill" completely! It will now be called "Rise Above" and it's going to have an entirely new plot, which I will leave the summary of at the bottom of this. If any of my old followers are still here and interested in reading "Rise Above" I am going to add the story to my profile and I will begin uploading chapters hopefully in the near future. When I do start uploading Rise Above I will delete It Started With A Spill so make sure you go follow and favorite Rise Above.

I am currently looking for a bata reader for this story too so if you're interested in bata reading it, please message me :)

Summary for Rise Above:

At 23 years old, tattoo artist Tris Prior is trying to find her place in the world. After getting out of a toxic relationship and moving to a new city, all she has is herself and her job. Will the handsome stranger who shared her table have all the answers? Or will Tris quickly realize she isn't the only one lost on her journey? One thing she knows for sure is that fate has a sense of humor.

(please note the summary may change a bit when I begin uploading the story as it is still a major work in progress)