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There was no shortage of players when it came to online games. Players would flood in by the truckload to enjoy the such pleasantries.

One such player would be known in the real world as Alexavier Cathal, an 18-year-old boy.

He was known much more commonly as Alex. He continued to type at his computer. He had been talking to his father and turned back to his computer.

"Someone interested in basketball, dogs and swimming and yet you spend all that time cooped up on your computer." His father joked. Alex looked over his shoulder at the door where his father was.

"You bought me a computer for when I was 10, you want me to neglect it? You always said your brain is as important as all the muscles in your body." Alex said, his father chuckled in amusement.

"Son, if I had a problem with you playing on the computer, I would have said so…. You good?" He asked. Alex let out a small hum before he turned towards his door and set his computer aside.

"Yeah, I was just refining the code you started making…" He said, his father grabbed the computer and read over the code on the screen.

"I hadn't done much with it, you're the one with brains… Also, you forget what happened what happened to me the last time I tried sports… Ended up with an injured arm and nothing but a few laughs…. I like to think that I'm better as a thinker then a physical guy." He stated, he hummed and looked around the room again.

"I wish you weren't like that… But I'm not going to talk you out of doing what you want." His father said and Alex yawned before he turned back to the wall and kicked back and leaned a hand through his dirty brown hair.

"You going to work again soon? I heard that they were going to need you to pull a longer shift." He asked while his father sadly nodded.

"It puts food on the table. I promised to take you and your brother to the movies, didn't I?" His father asked, Alex nodded and turned to look at the side.

"Yeah, but I get it. I wish mom was…" He started to say before it went quiet.

Alex didn't get to know his mother well. He heard from his teacher, a friend of his family, had said she was a very smart and kind woman. His father had said she died of cancer. He didn't know if he said that because she did… Or if it was to point out that there was no hope for the woman and he shouldn't feel bad that she was going to die.

He didn't want to know the truth at the moment and if he did know… Something he guessed wasn't entirely true due to how his father talked about it, he probably wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Well, I'll leave you to what you're doing…. I hope you're doing ok, son." His father said before he turned and put the computer down.

He hummed and walked out of the room, Alex grabbed the computer and then he rolled his eyes.

"He's never here when me or my brother need him." Alex muttered and he turned back to his work.

He cringed at his tone, dealing with things alone couldn't be much easier than trying to walk over thumbtacks and broken glass.

He went to log onto his favorite vr game and put the helmet onto his head when the helmet started to spark. He went to look at it before it died down and his computer logged onto the game.

He blinked before he vanished into the game and his body went limp in the chair.


Alex had never played the game majorly, he had only a few hours put into the game. He groaned and looked around while he rubbed at his head and then at his eyes.

He said nothing and then climbed to his feet, he had no idea where he was at the moment and his pain wasn't helping him even a little bit. He yawned and then opened his crystal blue eyes while he brushed off his hands.

He looked around and started to walk forward, sighing as he did so.

Author Notes

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