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Alex continued to walk around town, he wasn't mad at anyone, just insanely tired due to the grinding he put into the game.

He ran his fingers through his hair, more annoyed at himself for wearing down his own body then he was at not getting to be the champion of the game.

That was more a formality at the moment, and one he supported mostly because it was a goal to get himself to the top of the leaderboard.

Alex was about to sit down before someone cleared their throat at him.

"You know, just because both of us like relaxing, doesn't mean you should slack off on improving your stats, you know." He heard and looked over his shoulder at Ally as she crossed her arms over her chest.

The white sneakers, blue skirt and red jacket she wore made him chuckle as he leaned on the bench.

"You know, you're the one doing nothing but flaunting around how popular you are in the game. I haven't stopped playing till it was time to pass out just so I could come close to trying and matching your gear, every time I see you, your gear looks like it's gone up a lot more in things like stats." Alex rubbed at his temples, questioning a lot of the things he's done in the game recently.

"I'm still just trying to play the game… just like Jimmy did." Alex heard from Ally and turned to look at her.

"Who's Jimmy?" He asked, curious as to why she'd mention someone like that out of the blue, it was very curious for him considering they had only talked ONCE outside of the game.

"My brother, the person who used to play the game alongside me all the time. he's the one who started me off and helped build 'Alice' up… I guess it was thanks for how I used to help him and all that." Alex blinked, causing Ally to sigh and lean back on the bench.

"I used to get bullied a LOT in school when it came to things like me being a tomboy and playing video games… my brother, helped me make 'Alice'." She paused for a second to remember the details before continuing to talk.

"I used to play the game with my brother ALL the time, he got me into playing online over and over again. I had fun… until my brother got sick, we think it was cancer, but we don't know… he's been on life support ever since I was 10." Alex went to speak up before Ally held up her hand and continued to speak again.

"Alice is everything I want to be. Super tough, super smart, super powerful in fights. I use Alice whenever I get to the point where I'm sad and just trying to figure out what to do next, you know? she's the other side of the coin… What about you? you want to play the game for some special reason besides just what you told me?" Ally asked, it sounded venomous, but Alex guessed it wasn't directed at him.

He couldn't understand losing someone like that, even if they weren't dead? Things shouldn't be like that; it was downright barbaric to mock someone if they had suffering like that.

"I want to do something without a shortcut." Ally looked at her friend with interest.

"Every single player I've met has either cheated or did something to make it easier for them to grind. I don't want to do that; I've never liked people who use shortcuts to gain something rather than fight for it. use money to get something you can't get in game? That's fine, but it isn't fine if you're going to do something like try and cheat to get ahead, you know?" Ally heard from Alex as he spread his hands out.

"I don't play the game that much, not till I met you. I didn't have much reason to… but seeing as how you climbed the ladder from the bottom rung? It makes me want to play more, I want to win and show people you can only win and savor something if you earn it, there isn't a middle ground when it comes to things, you know?" He stated when it came down to things, it came down to a lot of things like him wishing to make something of his character and being tired of people who only played to rub their achievements in other's faces.

"I… think I can respect that, you know?" Ally stated as Alex nodded and the duo started to look at clouds.

"Still means one day I'm going to surpass you in the video game, you know?" Ally smirked and shook her head.

Blind, but determined, she could find joy in something like that when it came down to it.

Author Notes

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