Lol, another story. Some notes to keep in mind while reading this;

-(Almost)Everyone is Out of character, so don't get upset if they don't act themselves.

-Also, this story will focus on more conversational topics (Later in the story).

Now without further ado! I present to Euphoria. I hope you enjoy folks! :)

Dear diary,

I have just arrived here in neverland... Strange place to say the least. A nice mermaid gifted me this as a welcome gift. I guess I should introduce myself huh?

My name is Isabella Kijani, amigos and família call me 'Izzy' for short. I am seven years old and I enjoy reading, fairytales and having fun wherever I go. My mommy is Latina-Mexican and my daddy is African. I was the 2nd baby of my seven siblings, I miss them.

I don't remember how I got here, I only remember tripping and falling on to a rock. The Island is nice and hot it reminds me of home, there was a boy who woke me he has raven hair and dark green eyes, he told me his name is Jacob but to call him Jake. He showed me around the island and we talked from what learned;

-he's been here all his life.

-he's a year older than me.

-he doesn't know his parents.

But he has a friend named Peter Pan and he has a fairy friend named Tinkerbell. He showed me where we would be living together, it's in a mountain with a little cave that connected to the sea plus it's a waterfall. There isn't much to it but at least there is someplace to sleep and eat. Speaking of that, it's nearly time to eat and Jake is calling me, we have to go look for food tonight if we want to eat, wish us luck paper!

Yours truly, Isabella

Prologue: introductions

Izzy was awoken by the sound of banging noises coming from down the hall. She saw Jake wasn't in his cot so it must be him. Rising from the cot she rubbed her eyes, peeking around the corner she witnessed Jake banging wood pieces along the rocky terrain.

"Trying to create wooden walls?" She asked she noted that he was already in different clothes and that the wall had various holes in them along with wood surround Jake that was riddled with nails.

"I guess.. but" he hit the terrain again, "the rock isn't cooperating.."

"Jake… it's a rock wall, why not just keep like that?" She asked confused, "We are in a mountain after all."

"I guess... But I want to make it right." He hesitated.

"Why don't we talk about this over breakfast?" Izzy suggested taking the hammer from him and leading him along. The two made it outside to the beach to discover packages litter all over the beach ranging from large to small. The young children looked shocked was this all for them?

"Well... We can open these later." Jake shrugged, his shock wearing off. Izzy objected, "No! We should at least take them to a safe place! I remember reading a fairytale about neverland and-"

"What do you know?" he interrupted her with a nasty glare in his eye. "Didn't you just get here yesterday? I've lived here my whole life, nobody is going to take it!"


"No buts!" He shouted, "I'm the leader here so I make the rules!"

"Who appointed YOU as a leader?" She asked placing her hand at her hip. "Because so far it's only the two of us."

"Peter made me the leader. End of discussion."

"You got proof? Like a letter, degree or something?" she smirked when she caught his flustered look. "If you have no proof then there is no leader!"

Jake grumbled to himself as he thought of something else to say but before he could Izzy had already walked over to one of the smaller packages and opened it. "Oh lookie here! Its a few plastic cups how cute!"

Soon they opened the various packages ranging from small things such as toothpaste and toothbrushes to larger things like a washing machine?

"How are we supposed to get these in?" Izzy asked, "it's physically impossible for the two of us alone to move it."

"Nonsense!" Jake chuckled, "You're just weak! This should be a breeze to move! Observe!"

Izzy rolled her eyes, it was now very clear that Jake has never been to earth and saw what it had to offer.

What a sad boy.

Pushing up his nonexistent sleeves he stood staring at the large brown box containing the object. With all his might he pushed but it would budge. Izzy couldn't watch this knowing it was immovable she walked over to a medium-sized box to distract herself. Opening her eyes widen in surprise at the contents with in.. Various knives shapes and points and in the very bottom a medium-sized medieval ax.

Picking it up, it felt heavy but oddly it was pretty clean. Surely this must be to cut wood or kill game, still, it felt odd. A loud grunt came over from Jake as he sighed in frustration.

"I can't believe it!" He huffed, "It doesn't want to budge!"

"I told you so."

Jake rolled his eyes as he walked back inside, leaving Izzy outside. She looked out into the open water, it was there and went on for what seemed like miles. Sighing heavily was this her life now? Stranded on an island with a lunatic who believes in someone that may or may not exist.

What a lovely life.

After sitting there for a few more moments she got up and walked back into the mountain to change.

There wasn't much to her outfit, just some purple pants, and a light pink blouse and some dark red boots. Although it's only her second day on this island, the sun was brutal even at dawn. Lucky she found a darker pink bandana and it had little loops around the trim, hopefully, it would protect her hair. Stepping out of their bedroom she was greeted by Jake leaning against the wall.

"Oh, so you're done finally? You look nice." He told her uprighting himself.

"Thanks... Though I don't really see a point since we can't go anywhere." She replied, "We don't have a car... Or a boat."

"A car? What's a car?" He asked dumbfounded, now Izzy was also dumbfounded, "You don't know what a car is?" He shook his head as Izzy internally sighed in frustration. She didn't know how many years she would be stuck here but, all she knew was that this was going to be a long few years.