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"Just a few more finishing touches and... There!"

11-year-old Izzy smiled as she blew out the match she was using and placed it in the sink. She had just finished baking a batch of heart-shaped S'mores cookies for Red Jessica's valentines day party that'll be held later that day. But she had been up earlier as one, she couldn't sleep and two, she was just excited. It was the second time of the year where she could pig out on sweets and have a good time too.

Also, it was the perfect time to tell Jake how she really feels about him. Izzy blushed at the moment, The moon would be high, the stars would twinkle brighter than ever before and love would definitely be in the air! And once the moon would reach its peak the two would proclaim their love for one another and kiss under the stars! It would be just like a fairytale she had read over and over and over again.

It would be oh so romantic! The only thing that could possibly ruin their moment would be those dreaded Dark Pirates and their hijinks. For some reason, they keep getting invited to events around neverland even when they cause destruction. At last year's party which was held at the coral castle, the three of them had bought actual arrows shooting them at various guests at random for their own entertainment. What's worse is that they had the bright idea to dress as their pirate crew! Needless to say, they were a hot commodity for the wrong reason at the party that night. Because of this, she didn't get a chance to confess, but this year was the year! By morning they should be boyfriend and girlfriend, as they were too young to get married.

Using a spatula she removed three of the best looking cookies out of the batch and placed them on a tissue sheet then placing them in a wooden heart-shaped boxed that was decorated in red and pink paint along with some small flowers taped around the box. As finishing touches, she placed some speckles of gold leaf on them. Closing the box she placed them in a cupboard, footsteps could be heard coming down the hall and smiled.

"Good morning Cubby!" She greeted, sweetly.

"Morning..." he mumbled rubbing his eyes as he sat down at the table. "Wh-What.. Are you doing up so early..?"

"I just couldn't sleep... I'm so excited about later!" she exclaimed, " Tonight the night cubby! I can feel it!"

"What if he rejects you?" He asked, slightly annoyed "What if something goes wrong?"

"Nothing will go wrong cubby!" Izzy proclaimed, her voice proud, "I made sure that everything will go right at the ball me and the women talked it over. We planned everything! If something goes wrong all that work would go down the drain!"

"Besides... Who would reject Neverland's angel?" She winked.

Cubby signed in annoyance as he gripped his head and cringed internally, he heard this ALL since last year. Ever since she came home one day and she was (Her words) "bleeding out red wallpaper", it's like her emotions and sense of maturity spiked up it was really weird. On the contrary, it's like Jake has somehow regressed in age especially now that he's a captain, he became cockier and more self-centered. To him, they aren't the same people that he met when he was six. Hopefully one day they'll mellow out and be normal again.

"Speak of today~" Izzy giggled, "Cubby are you going to tell Stormy how you truly feel?"


Izzy had a playful smile decorated on her face as she sat across from him, "Oh you know~ you Love for her."

Cubby blushed and groaned as he placed his hands over his eyes, "Izzy... How many times have I told you? I don't like her! Only as a friend!"

"LAIR!" She slammed her hands on the table, making cubby jolt. "You Love her! I know it! It's all across your face!"

"WILL YOU SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH UP?! ITS MORNING NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR HORRENDOUS VOICE! " Jake screamed making his entrance, causing both of them to jolt in surprise.

Both looked and faced Jake, he looked irritated and grumpy as he stomped his way over to the table. Izzy quickly put on a sweet smile as she greeted him, "Good Morning Cap-"

"Where's my food?"

"Food... oh right breakfast.. I am so sorry Captain Jake I got so caught up that-"

"I don't care about your sob story! Just cook something!" He shouted.

Izzy quickly scurried away to the pantry as Jake watched her tapping his foot impatiently. Cubby's eyes shifted between the two as sighed as he buried his head in his arms.

The stars clearly do not align for these two.

It was noontime now but only Jake and Cubby were on neverland, as they were on an errand run for Red Jessica. Izzy was away on crimson isle helping her set up there.

"I can't we have to be busboys for Red Jessica!" Jake complained, "She should have done this already!"

"Stop your whining! At least it's easy all we're doing is collecting things!" Cubby told him, the small boy was actually shocked he got through that sentence as if he were Izzy. He would shriek at her to shut up.

Jake only looked back at cubby as he shook his head, "As a captain, I shouldn't have to do this."

"Oh too bad, Izzy isn't here-"

"Speaking of Izzy, she is really giddy today... What's today?"

"It's Valentine's Day. Which is why we're you know collecting things? Ya know for the party." Cubby raised his brow.

"I know it's Valentine's day... but why is she so giddy." Jake questioned as he tapped his finger on his chin. This is the one question that was on Jake's mind for now at least. Cubby was wondering if he should give Izzy away or let Jake figure it out for himself.

"Weill I think it's pretty obvious she has a crush on someone, maybe she's excited to tell her true feelings." Cubby shrugged maybe he'll take the hint.

"Really...? Let's ruin it."

"What? No, don't drag me into this!"

Jake turned to face him an angry glare on his face at first, then it softens as an evil smile crept its way onto his face. "Fine. I don't need your help anyway! I'll do it myself. Besides, you'll probably be busy telling stormy how you truly feel about her. I see the drawings you do."

Cubby blushed as he felt himself grow pale on the inside, "Y-you wh-what?! No! Jake you got it all wrong! I just use her as muse-!"

But Jake had walked away he was heading somewhere off into the jungle. Cubby just sighed embarrassed and shook his head, "Aw coconuts..." he mumbled, "Somebody's feelings are going to get hurt."

"And that's the last of ye! Izzy! Are you almost ready?"


Suddenly the pirate girl came running into the ballroom, her dress flowing behind her and a ribbon in her mouth. But she was going too fast and it didn't help that she was wearing ballet slippers, trying to slow down she found herself sliding right into the buffet table.

That would be if red Jessica didn't catch her at the last second. The older lass grabbed the pirate girl and spun her to the other side.

'Woah there!" The woman chuckled, letting her go " You could have made a real mess there! All that food would have been gone within an instant."

"I know... Thanf you for faving mf!" Izzy muffled her dusting off her dress, she removed the ribbon from her mouth, "Could you tie the back of my hair please?"

Red Jessica nodded taking the ribbon, the girl turned to face the ballroom and looked around. The ballroom was beautiful... The chandelier was decorated in red rubies and pink diamonds, the tables were scattered around the room they were decorated in white tablecloths with a set of either pink or red bouquet of roses in a vase was the centerpiece. Even the chairs were decorated in white cloth and tied red silk made into a bow in the back. The foyer's double staircase was decorated with candles along the side and the banister decked out in red and white speckled roses. The balcony which was overlooking the whole room was more extravagant. There was a big open space in the center, which she assumed was the dance floor and right under the chandelier. Where the two were was the buffet and drink area and far off to the left was the balcony that was decorated in red and pink roses, you also get a great view of the rose bushes and the Never Sea.

"Do you think that he'll return my feelings?" Izzy asked sheepishly, as she twiddles her thumbs, "What if he doesn't like me?"

"Don't try and think about it too hard Izzy. You two are bound to be! He would be foolish to reject ya!" Red Jessica exclaimed. She had just finished tying the ribbon into a neat bow in her hair.

The girl turned to face the older woman a frown on her face, "But..."

The woman placed her hands the lasses shoulders, "Izzy... you have nothing to worry about ma dear... you're dressed like a princess and you look beautiful. If any think Jake should be worried about you getting swept away." Red Jessica chuckled.

Izzy blushed slightly and twirled a piece of her hair, "..Yeah.. your right. Thanks, Red Jessica. Thank you for everything."

The older lass smiled softly as she gave the girl a shoulder pat, she wasn't the one that generally grew attached to kids but the three little trio couldn't she couldn't help it. They were adorable.

"Now come on help me get dressed!" Red Jessica ushered her out of the ballroom and into the hallway.

_Time skip_

"I must say M'Lady this is your finest ball." Hook walked up to Red Jessica to bottles of beer in tow.

Red Jessica now dressed in a Red lace top sleeveless off the shoulder with a satin brush train. A black and red rose as her hairpin. Captain Hook in a more elegant red and golden trim captain attire even his traditional silver hook was traded out for a Golden one.

Red Jessica smiled graciously as she accepted the other bottle and looked down at the party. "Oh James I doubt this will be my finest... either our wedding or.." she pointed down to Izzy who was currently dancing with Marina who had a pair of legs for this occasion.

Hook looked confused.

"The fish and popinjay..?"

The older woman giggled as she punched him playfully, "No Jaimes not them of course. I'm talking about Jake and Izzy...speaking of Jake where is the young Captain?"

Hook waved his hand dismissively and rolled his eyes, "PAH! Who cares about the little runt? All he did was raise a sword n' piazza! He's a Captain, he didn't have to go through what we went through."

"Aye maybe he didn't... but," she pulled him closer her finger tracing along his jawline, "If it weren't for him I wouldn't have you here with me."

The Captain then found himself blushing as she pulled him in for a kiss.

"And if you're a goood lil Captain the rest of the night you'll get a lot more than a kiss~" she winked

The great and glorious Captain Hook was at a loss for words.

Cubby found himself gently tapping to the beat of the tune as he looked over the options at the buffet table.

He must admit the party was pretty lively as various pirates and couples came from across the never sea to enjoy one another at this party. He actually saw the dark pirates earlier in the night. They didn't seem to be up to no tricks. They were dressed rather decently, Blake in a black tuxedo with a blue rose in vest pocket, Charlie in a fancy shirt along with red decorative vest and pants. Lizzy looked the most dramatic of all with a face full of makeup, her dress was a black black tulle overlay, plunging V neckline, open back with spaghetti straps, with double thigh-high slit. Cubby only guess is that she wanted to look mature.

The one person he was actually worried about was Jake. He hasn't seen him since they entered.

"Cubby! There you are!" Stormy called out. The mermaid girl had legs but was wearing a purple top and long green skirt.

The chubby pirate smiled, "Ahoy! Stormy! Happy-"

"Come here! Come on I need to talk to you!" She urged him, pulling him along.

Cubby just shrugged as he let her, she took the balcony. The moon was high and stars had a twinkle to them. You could almost see everyone's ship from here.

"Listen cubby," she scratched the back of her head, looking at him then out to the sea. "Imma be honest with you cubby..."

"Yes..?" Cubby urged.

"...I like you.. but.. only as a friend." She trailed off, she looked for a shocked or hurt expression on his face. But he just stood there, this prompted her to explain further.

" It's just that I'm not really looking for love! Plus you're like one of the coolest and best guy friends I've ever had! And I didnt wanna ruin that relationship if we got into a serious one! I hope you understand and that we can still be friends!"

Cubby smiled, "Yeah! Of course stormy.. honestly I feel the same way! Everyone has been really admitted about us and it just been annoying. I like you! But I'm not interested in love right now besides we got a while to live, what's the rush?"

Stormy giggled as she felt relieved that he felt the same way. It would hurt if it turned out he was crushing on her. She pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you cubby." She whispered. "Happy Valentine's Day."

Cubby smiled to himself as he blushed slightly, "Happy valentine day to you stormy."

The two pulled away smiles both decorated on their faces. Cubby then held out his hand, "Care to join me on the dance floor?"

"Aye!" And with she took his hands and the two friends made their way back into the party.

Izzy scanned over the options at the desert table, she was getting so nervous about her confession to Jake that she just needed to get her mind off it somehow. The answer? Food of course.

She had the box of s'mores cookies with her too she was thinking after the two confessed they could share them. But she found herself stalling hoping Jake would walk up to her instead.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." A voice commented, it sounded like Jake but a bit deeper.

Izzy quickly spun around to her surprise it was Blake. "Oh! Blake... uh I guess.. What about you? Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yeah, I suppose so-"

"Back off Blake." Jake growled coming behind the two.

Blake raised his hands in defense, " I was just trying to make friendly conversation."

"I don't care I need to talk alone with Izzy."

Blake didn't protest, he just walked away, leaving the two alone. Izzy felt her cheeks began to warm up as Jake walked up to her.

"What a prick. He didn't do anything to you, did you?"

"N-Not at all! A-Anyway you wanted to talk to me?"

A smirk formed on Jake's face as he took Izzy's hand leading her to the end of the dessert table where the main dessert centerpiece was...

... a 22 tier red velvet, chocolate and vanilla bean cake, dressed oh so elegantly.

The two stood in front of it before Jake could speak Izzy spoke instead.

"Jake... you are one of the most important people to me." She started, "you make me so happy whenever I'm feeling down, whenever I look at you my heart beats out my chest, and when you look at me you set my heart on fire. You and me we're meant to be... so will you be my valentine?"

From her back she pulled out the heart box of cookies she earlier revealing to him, "I know it's not much but I heard the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

She looked up at Jake with a glimmer in her eyes. Jake looked stunned at first then A smile crept to his, which then began to chuckle then laugh, and laugh and laugh harder. The pirate felt a pang to the heart. Why was he laughing?

"Jake.. what's so funny?" She asked confused.

"Yay hey! You..? A lowly girl like yourself will never be with someone like me! I'm a CAPTAIN Izzy, I don't need to date some dirty girl like you."

"Dirty..?" Izzy whispered she could feel her heart cracking.

"Infact!" His voice was growing louder, " You're subpar anyway! I could probably find someone better than you anyway! And another pixie girl or mermaid girl ten times better than you! You're useless to our team already! I don't need a useless girlfriend to add to my other problems!"

"Useless...?" Her heart cracked even more.

"Not only are you dirty, and useless. Don't think I see you flirting around with other boys and even Girls?! I have a reputation to keep up and I don't need to be associated around a DIRTY, Useless and more importantly a WHORE."

That's when she felt her heart break into two, tears threatening to fall as she clutched the wooden box to her chest.

" Infact...Get AWAY FROM ME!"

With as much force as he could, he pushed her unfortunately she tripped on her skirt, sending her crashing backwards into the table and the cake.

The entire room was silent and watched the two pirates. Jake with a satisfied smile on his face and Izzy covered in cake in tears. Unfortunately without warning another tier fell onto Izzy covering her hair and face.

Embarrassed flowed throughout Izzy's body as she felt all eyes on her. The silence isn't comforting but it definitely didn't help once she heard whispers. She just knew she couldn't stay in this cake the entire night. Finding strength within her she got up and made a beeline to the exit.

Jake watched with a frown on his face. This wasn't how he wanted that to go. He expected her to have a backbone and stand up to him. Not for her to cry. He would have accepted her confession if she did.

Jake felt someone tap his shoulder, he turned slightly only to be met with a fist to the face. Falling to the floor he looked up to be greeted by the dark pirates, cubby and Stormy and even Marina circling him.


"Sick 'him."

And before he knew it he was being stomped on and none of the adults stopped them. Blake got a few stomps before running off to find Izzy luckily it was pretty easy thanks to the trail of cake.

"My goodness how far can this girl run?" Blake thought to himself as he turned back to look back to see where he was. He was far from Red Jessica's castle now it looked pretty small, he guessed he was getting close to the dock which seemed to be the direction the cake was leading him.

After about another 10 minute walk, he found the girl sitting at the edge of the dock. He could hear her crying.

"Izzy?" Blake approached her slowly and sat next to her.

"Go away, Blake." She grumbled, frantically wiping her face.

Blake shook his head and stared at the water, "We beat up Jake for ya'. I feel bad he was being such a douche to you, Izzy."

She turned to him with a wet face, her eyes widen in surprise, "R-Really? Blake you all didn't have to-"

"Yeah we did, you didn't deserve to be called any of those things, nor to be thrown into some cake."

Izzy smiled softly, "Well.. thanks Blake.. I didn't know you had the heart to be nice."

Blake shrugged, "Just don't mention it. I mean it. I can't have my reputation to be ruined, ok?"

Izzy couldn't help but giggle at the dark pirate, "Sure, Blakey." She teased as Blake scowled at her.

"Shut up." He grumbled.

It was then silent between the two the only noise between them was the waves gently crashing against the ships. It was calming. Blake peered over at her, she seemed to have calmed down. That when she turned to him.

"So... Blake.. you got a valentine?"

She asked.

"No, Why?"

"Oh well! It's just that you look really nice and pretty handsome. I'm kinda shocked." She admitted, wiping some of the frosting off of her and throwing it into the sand.

Blake scoffed, "Who would want to be my valentine? It's not like I'm a good person or anything."

Izzy looked away, "Well, I think you have some good parts."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Well," she looked back to him, "there's obviously something there. Otherwise, you wouldn't have beat Jake up for me. That shows your caring."

Blake shrugged.

"Plus you got looks going for you.." she giggled pinching his cheek gently, "Don't mention this to anyone but, I think you're rather handsome."

Blake raised an eyebrow as he turned to her, "Really?"

"Yeah.. you're also a gentleman at times."

Blake started to smile but the frowned, "You only think I'm handsome because I look like Jake. He's your crush!"

"Used to be my crush. Now, I'm not so sure. Plus, you two have your differences." Izzy crossed her arms and pouted.

Blake couldn't help but think she looked cute, even covered in cake.

"Aw well thanks doll face... you're not bad looking yourself.. even in cake."

Izzy blushed at that compliment, "Aww thanks that's one of the nicest things someone said to me tonight." She then noticed the blue rose in his vest pocket, "Oh my goodness that a beautiful blue rose!"

Blake shrugged, "Oh this? I just stumbled upon a bush full of them. I thought one would look nice with the tux."

"I've only seen maybe one or two in a rose bush full of other colors on neverland..." she gently touched it with her fingernail, " lucky you."

Blake watched her fingers and felt his face warm up, "You know... you could have it if you want?"

Izzy looked up from the rose, "Really?!"

Blake nodded and pulled it from his tux, "Yeah, why not?" He tucked the rose behind her ear.

A big smile grew into Izzy's face as she touched it gently, "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise I'll cherish this!"

Without warning Blake felt himself being pulled into a kiss. He could taste some of the frosting from her lips and he couldn't lie this kiss actually felt good and he found his cheeks getting pretty hot. However Izzy must have came to her senses as she quickly pulled away in shock and was pretty flustered.

"Yay hey.. No way! Blake! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I was just in the moment! I'm sorry!"

Blake stared at her speechless.

Izzy looked away, "I really didn't mean to..."

After Blake had taken a moment to process the kiss, he did his best to play off how flustered he was feeling. "It was just a kiss, Izzy. No big deal..."

"Are you sure?"

"Y-Yeah! Just let's just keep this a little secret between us ok?" He told her, holding out his pinky finger, "Pirate's promise?"

The pirate girl didn't hesitate as she took her pinky in his, "Pirate's promise."

The two nodded, and after the exchange Blake needed to get his mind off the kiss. That's when he noticed the heart shaped box behind Izzy.

"What's in the box?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh... well, it was just a treat for Jake...but I think you deserve it more."

Blake's curiosity was immediately sparked, "What is it?"

"A cookie. Wanna split it?" She asked, opening the box for him to see inside.

Blake shrugged and smiled, "Sure why not."

Izzy took one of the cookies and broke it right down in the middle giving the other side to Blake.

She held up the other half of the cookie the way you would hold up a champagne glass to toast.

Blake laughed and held up his half the same way, "Cheers."

Izzy smiled, "Cheers."

"To being covered in cake and leaving douchebag crushes in the dust."

The two then ate their halves of the cookies.

She scooted in closer giving Blake a loving kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you so much for redeeming my Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day, Blakey."

"Anytime, Izzy.." Blake returned his gaze to the water. "And Happy Valentine's Day to you too."

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