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For now, enjoy Chapter 2 and the beginning of the actual movie timeline!

"Hey Mia," Brian called, walking into the diner with his clipboard in hand. After meeting Leon and Jesse a few weeks back, Brian had started stopping by the diner for food if he had the time while delivering in the area, chatting with whichever of the three was in that day.

"Let me guess, tuna on white no crust?"

"That depends, how's the tuna?" Brian answered without looking up from the paperwork.

"Every time you ask, I keep telling you it's crap, why not just get a burger this time?" Mia asked with a roll of her eyes as she finished her notes and reached for the bread.

"Because the tuna tastes like heaven to me," Brian answered with a laugh, just as he had ever since the first meal. A scraping of a chair led to the cop raising his head, not realizing anyone else was around beyond the customers at the tables outside. A stocky guy in his late twenties had risen from his seat in the caged off back room to stroll to the fridge for a beer.

The two men locked eyes for a moment as the older man raised the beer he had grabbed for a drink before Mia cut off the stare as she set down the food.

"I still say you're an angel, Mia," Brian thanked with a grin as he slid an invoice to the girl. "By the way, we're having an issue with getting this part, even with Harry's associates. He said something went sour with a deal a few months back between two of them, so he's had problems getting certain parts in. We're trying, but it might be a few weeks still."

"Vince will be pissed," Mia muttered as she saw which part was missing. "He's been tweaking with the fuel map and the injector for weeks trying to get it just right without it." At that moment four cars could be heard roaring down the street. It didn't take a genius to guess that it was the rest of the Torretto crew coming to the shop. Brian decided it was a sign it might be time to head out - he'd heard about Vince's temper both from Mia, Jesse and Leon and the streets.

"That's my cue, I'll leave you to tell him the bad news," Brian replied as he swallowed the last bite of food. "He'll probably take it better coming from a pretty face."

"You saying you're not beautiful, Brian?" Jesse teased as he strolled by the blonde while the other three were checking under the hood of the Maxima.

"Certainly not as beautiful as you," Brian flirted with a smile while putting the money down and thanking Mia before heading back out to the truck to get to his next stop. He nodded to Leon as he walked by, trying to stay under the radar of the last two.

"Hey Buster, where's my part?" Vince called out as he passed.

"Talk to Mia, man, I dropped everything off with her," he called back, attempting to distance themselves. He certainly didn't want to start a fight and ruin the good vibes he had started - only a little more work and then maybe he'd have an in to the inner workings of the race crews.

"If you ain't bringing us our order why don't you try Fatburger down the street, get yourself a cheeseburger and fries for $2.95?" the burly brunette yelled back, clearly irritated at the dismissal.

"And miss out on the tuna?" Brian chuckled out, drawing a laugh from both Leon and Jesse. Clearly it wasn't the right thing to joke about to the older man, as suddenly Brian was pushed against his truck as he reached for the door handle.

Vince got the first hit in as Brian swung around, but from there, the bigger man couldn't land any as Brian ducked and danced his way around the flurry of wild throws. The racer in Brian wanted to hit right back, but the cop side knew he should make sure not to start anything, even in defense.

He could hear Mia yelling at Dom to get out there and reign in Vince, even Letty calling his name once. The boys stayed out of it until Vince finally tackled the blonde to the ground, then Leon jumped in with Dom to help pull them apart as Brian gave a few hits to try to get him to back off.

"Hey, he was in my face, man!" Brian reminded Dom as he was pulled up and pushed towards the truck, hands up to indicate he wasn't trying to start anything.

"Well, now I'm in your face," the bald man stated, placing his side before pushing a lunging Vince back again and pointing at him. "Don't push it, you embarrass me!" Leon grabbed him and pushed the brunette further back while Jesse grabbed up the wallet that had fallen out of Brian's pocket. Dom grabbed it from his youngest member, glancing at the license.

"Brian Earl Spilner - sounds like a serial killer name, is that what you are?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Seriously, that's what you get from that?"

"I suggest you find someone else to make these runs from now on," he responded as he tossed the wallet and turn back around.

"What? Oh come on, that's bullshit, man!" Brian yelped, thinking of all the hard work he'd put in so far into the scene. Surprisingly, he heard protests come from Mia, Leon and Jesse as well at the declaration.

"Push any further and you won't even have a job," the older man threatened. Brian scoffed and wrenched open the door to the truck, muttering to Jesse as he did that he 'wondered what Toretto had on his Uncle Harry if he thought he could get him to fire family.'

"Dom, what the fuck, he was just doing his job!" Mia exclaimed as her brother headed back to the break room.

"You telling me he really only comes around for his work and the tuna?" Letty scoffed at the idea from where she lounged at the counter with Jesse and Leon while Vince went back to checking out his mess of a fuel map in his car.

"Dawg, he'd be coming around for whatever we had fed him the other day," Leon defended the blonde. "Dude was nearly dead on his feet from hunger during that last rush of deliveries before the races - learned later from Hector he hadn't eaten or slept in like three days and that's why he wasn't out that night."

"You tellin' me he actually races?" Letty peered over her sunglasses at the duo next to her.

"Yeah, you heard about the new racer Snowman that hasn't lost yet? That's him - and yes, he hates that nickname, but Hector won't let it go," Jesse offered up next.

"That buster's been the one making a name for himself at the minor races?" Vince shouted as he slammed the hood down. "Bet he ain't shit if he started trying to roll against us."

"Well, we'll know soon. Hector said he's gonna see about throwing him in the next main event to get him ready for Race Wars in a few months."