I should be writing my SI fic but I found my notes on this from, like, a year ago and got inspired.

Mukuro, Chrome and Kyoya will stay his elements because honestly, do you really see these guys turning on him after they were won over with blood sweat and tears. Hayato was never really a friend and more a stalker, Takeshi is either pretty delusional or likes fucking with people and only really follows Tsuna due to some sense of duty, and Ryohei just got dragged along one day.

The only decent betrayal fic I found was Cielo Perduto by 27x18 but Tsuna was a girl and everyone was kinda whipped. So, I decided to make my own, it will probably be shit but I'll enjoy it so meh.

When Hayato asked Tsuna to meet with him in an unused classroom at lunch, Tsuna assumed that like the last fifteen times, his aggressive-but-lovable storm was just going to tell him that he had 'accidently blown up' something and that he was 'so very sorry juudaime'. But that was not the case.

Tsuna walked behind his unusually quiet right hand and wondered why his intuition was screaming at him to just turn around and leave. Dread pooled in his gut as he thought of all the things that Hayato could have blown up. Then again, Reborn had left yesterday on a trip to meet with the other Arcobaleno so he wouldn't chastise Tsuna for his friend's eccentricities. Apparently, Verde had managed to make something that would accelerate their growth though it was kinda terrifying to think of an adult reborn following him around.

They reached the classroom and Tsuna marvelled at how they had changed it from its previous state of disrepair to the deskless, clean space that provided a place for all of Tsuna's friends to meet for important conversations.

A small smile graced his face as he thought about the novelty of the idea 'friends', he had some friends as a child but that all stopped when he turned five and started to trip over everything. For years and years Tsuna had been alone, the disappointment, Dame-Tsuna. It made him feel warm inside when he thought about all of his people, his friends!

"Hayato, don't worry if you have blown something up again. We can always fix it, you don't have to worry." Tsuna said, cutting to the chase. If Hayato broke anything then they can just fix it, together.

Hayato turned around with storm flames burning in his eyes and Tsuna reeled back at the emotion that he had never seen Hayato direct at him.

Complete and utter rage.

"You have let me down!" The storm snarled flailing his hand just close enough to Tsuna that he instinctively stepped back. "I followed you because I thought you would be a good leader, a good Sky! But no, you keep pulling me and the others into needless danger.

You keep disrespecting my respect of your position! Disrespecting my duty as your right-hand man! I don't know how I managed to tolerate your weak attitude this long!"

Hayato's voice dropped from the growling shout to an even, emotionless tone.

"I refuse to follow you any longer! I Gokudera Hayato, renounce my position as Vongolia storm guardian and formally ask the 10th boss Sawada Tsunayoshi, to leave the famiglia."

Tsuna reeled, pain flooding him. Hayato had just located and hit all his insecurities in one fell swoop. Gods, he was such a bad person. Why would anyone want to willingly be his friend when he just pulled people into the crazy shit in his life. How could he keep Hayato from the greater things he was meant for, he was just Dame-Tsuna after all. His chest burned.

Tsuna's brain filled with static as he nodded and tried to ignore the stabbing prickles in his eyes and the hot-cold dreading feeling, swooping in his stomach and making him nauseous. Tsuna buried his emotions deep and tried to keep calm as Hayato threw his ring and Vongolia gear at him and strode out of the classroom.

He settled slightly as Ryohei, Takeshi and Chrome poke their heads in the room, but traitorous thoughts kept going through his head. Why would they stay if they had seen how pathetic he was.

"Tsuna, what was that?" Takeshi said, referencing the fuming Hayato. Tsuna almost doesn't say anything, scared of their reactions, but he knows that they would find out eventually.

"Hayato hates me because I'm weak. He gave up his position as guardian as well." Chrome made a sound and slipped forward to hug him, twining her arms around his back. There was a silence as Takeshi and Ryohei absorbed that sentence.

"We can give up our positions?" Takeshi said tentatively, Ryohei shifted uncomfortably.

"Is it possible if I EXTREMELY step down, Tsuna? Kyoko looks sad whenever I talk about it and I don't want to EXTREMELY let her down." Ryohei said quietly, the change in volume from his normal bellying his seriousness.

"Yea Tsuna, I'm all my dad has left. It was fun while it lasted, but its like we get pulled into one life threatening situation after another. I need to be there for him, alive, not in a coffin."

Tsuna froze, hands gripping Chrome like a lifeline. "A-Ah, um, i-if you want to, um, heh, I guess?" The words burned trails in his throat, the only thing holding him together being the presence of Chrome wrapped around him, her head buried in his shoulder.

"Great, thanks Tsuna!" Takeshi chirped, he noticed the mask that Tsuna had schooled his features into, noticed the pain he was inflicting, but he needed out and if that meant hurting Tsuna a little then so be it. He slipped off his ring and place in Tsuna's hand ignoring the muted flinch he gave. Tsuna felt something gouge itself out of his chest.

"You're EXTREMELY EXTREME Tsuna!" Ryohei said, plopping the ring by Takeshi's and Hayato's, completely missing the hurt radiating off him. Another tear in his chest; more pain.

The two exited the room, slipping away to their clubs. One ignorant and one keenly aware of the shattered teen they left in their wake.

"Bossu, just so you know… I don't plan on leaving… ever. You and Mukuro-sama saved me, cared about me. I won't leave. Not ever, but I understand if you need to run. I will hide you from those you don't want to see; and I will be there if you call for me." Something in his chest warmed reassuringly, but it wasn't enough to soothe the gaping wounds.

The feeble grip that Tsuna had on his emotions snapped and his breath started to come in short panicked pants. He needed to get out of here. Chrome was right; he needed to get out of here now!

Stumbling and struggling to breathe, Tsuna made his way through the throngs of students and across the school grounds in record time. Sprinting towards his house at a speed that would have made his DWM-self jealous, he finally got there.

A small hysterical "ouch!" was heard when Tsuna cut his finger fumbling around with his keys, trying to keep them steady enough to put in the lock so he could just. Get. In. Already.

Finally, it worked and Tsuna managed to get in just as he started to feel dangerously light-headed. The door slammed behind him as he slid down the wall to sprawl across the floor and try to breathe. There was a small noise directed at him, but he was too focused on the PainPainPain coming from his chest to take notice.

Slowly Tsuna's vision filled with spots and he collapsed forward.

When the door slammed Lambo, I-pin and Fuuta scrambled up from their spot in front of the TV.

"Mama wouldn't be back by now" Fuuta said as they crept towards the noise only to hear the sound of loud gasps and small whimpers.

They looked around the corner and were greeted with the sight of their Tsuna-nii collapsed against the wall gasping and choking on air.

"T-Tsuna-nii" Lambo's voice murmured, worry and fear etched in his face, but Tsuna was too far gone. He was grasping at his heart and had started making an awful keening noise that sent shivers up their spines. I-pin grasped onto Fuuta's hand and buried her face in his sleeve as she fought the memories of the weeks after her first kills; the weeks spent between drowning on dry land and dissociating as her thoughts recounted every detail of the bloody murders.

Lambo slowly crept towards the hysterical brunette and started to murmur simple facts like how 'the great Lambo-sama loves grape candy' and how 'mamas out shopping but she will be back soon', and 'you can have Lambo-sama's hugs because Lambo-sama doesn't really need them right now'; trying to pull him out of it with soothing words.

As Tsuna started to fall forward the children slipped forward wrapping themselves around his passing-out body as his breaths faded back to even. They shook him and checked his pulse fear, cloying in the air making them frantic. They worked together to bring him over to the sofa; he would be fine; he should be fine; they just need to find out what happened.

When he was plonked on it though, silent tears started to flow down his face, and he started to curl inwards. The children couldn't take their Tsuna-nii being hurt like that, so I-pin and Lambo snuggled into his chest and Fuuta curled around his back and they tried to provide comfort all the same. Tsuna wrapped himself around them and stopped crying but he was still making heartbroken sniffles, so the kids only ruled it a half win.

Had the three children been normal, they would have put aside the ideas of revenge. Fuuta, Lambo and I-pin, however, were not normal children.

Fuuta spent the first nine years of his life exploited for his ability; locked in a room without the key; only interacting with the greediest scum of the underworld and the speechless maids. He spent the tenth year running, sprinting for his freedom; living on the streets as he made a desperate beeline to the hope his ability promised. Then he met Tsuna-nii; he met a clumsy but utterly loving boy who protected him, gave him a family, gave him freedom. His next years were happy and safe because Tsuna-nii was there for him.

I-pin and Lambo knew the best ways to murder a man before they knew how to write their own names.

I-pin grew up the orphan survivor of a family with a powerful ability; kept only for her potential as an assassin. Her Shí-Shǒu tried to keep her away from the worst of it but he could not slow fate, she murdered a whole family at the orders of her triad; she can still feel the blood running through her fingers, the red staining her hands despite how much she washes it away.

She knows the stain on her soul will never leave, but Tsuna-nii makes it burn less; makes her not want to dig her nails into her own hands and just tear the blood stains away. He took her away from that life, the triads deciding she was worth more to curry favour with the future decimo than as an assassin. He took her away from that life and she was so truly grateful it bubbled up in her chest whenever she saw him; warm and safe and Tsuna-nii.

Lambo was an unwanted child, a painful memory of his older brother who died early. He read and learned so he could make them proud; absorbing information like he needed it to breathe, science, math, English, Japanese, everything and anything, he could get his hands on.

He found out that he was different from other children quickly when he realised he could see things that other people missed. He knew mamma took drugs from the way she held herself and acted; he knew that his nanny was spending far too much time in his papa's office for them not to be having an affair. He connected the dots where others looked at ink splotches.

It didn't make his parents proud though; looking through grief tinted eyes and seeing the child that should have survived instead of the child that did. He took to hiding his smarts and being obnoxious, anything to make them love him a bit more even if he had to be his dead brother.

Tsuna-nii didn't need him to be his brother, didn't need him to hide his intelligence from him. He loved and cared and was there for him even if he knew the answers to Tsuna-nii's homework before he did, he still cared. (They had even made a game of it; Lambo pretending to be dumb, but occasionally dropping hints of his intelligence that makes Reborn and Baka-dera twitch in confusion.)

They were mafia children; born to blood and death and hate. They spent their childhoods clawing their ways out of hell only to be saved from their torment by Tsuna-nii appearing with an elevator and a nice cold drink.

Whoever hurt their Tsuna-nii will regret it very soon.

It doesn't help the unanimously homicidal thoughts that, with all the craziness that Tsuna goes through, all the children have gained a bit of a cloud streak. Lambo was unlikely to ever activate his secondary as he was already active but Fuuta was sitting on a solid, strong latent cloud flame and I-pin had a worryingly strong latent storm-cloud mix, that honestly, was terrifying given both flames' tendency to fixate on something and murder anything that breathed near it.

Whoever hurt what's theirs is honestly not going to last much longer.

When Nana came home from the shops, she opened her front door to a quiet house. She reached for the kitchen knife in her belt, having kept one on her since the first assassin came after them 13yrs ago.

The silence had her heart beating fast as her motherly instincts screamed at her to find her kids and guard them like a dragon. Thankfully, her worry was unwarranted.

A smile crept upon her face as she watched her sleeping children, she may have only birthed one, but she definitely raised four. Tiptoeing forward so as to not startle them awake, she gave them all kisses on their foreheads. Stopping as she reached Tsuna and eyed his red swollen eyes, she thought about all the times he had come home like this.

All throughout his schooling he would have some days where he would just come home and collapse in a panic. Nana had thought it had stopped lately.

Tsuna shifted and tightened his death grip around the kids and warmth filled her stomach as she saw that he had others to comfort him through it. A mother could only do so much.

She made her way over to the landline and phoned Tsuna in sick with stomach-ache, put on some quiet, calming music as she went about her chores quietly.

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His guardians will be Mukuro, Chrome, Hibari, and the Arcobaleno minus viper cus I see her as Xanxus'. Maybe pulling Xanxus into his sky as a trancendent sky cus why the fuck not.