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Reborn turned to Lal who was staring at her phone with a look of horror.

"What?" He growled at her, making Colonello make a face at the hostility.

"Stop being so mean, kora! Lal isn't at fault and your kid will be fine!" A slight blush appears on Lal's face, but she quickly realises this is not the time and composes herself as she sees the apoplectic rage smear itself across Reborn's face.

"It seems Baka-mitsu has landed in Namimori on the way to interrogate Tsuna on why he and his guardians have had a spat. If I know Iemitsu, and I do have to deal with his sorry ass on a regular basis, Iemitsu will blame Tsuna and go straight into throwing vitriol at his son." Lal can see Reborn's face flicker into something ugly before resting in the blank gaze that meant he was shoving his emotions in a little box.

"I am really getting tired of Vongola bullshit. First Timteo and now this? I wonder if I could get away with, say, removing some of Vongola's upper management. Tsuna would have to inherit early, but it would benefit the world to remove some of it's most stupid members." Shivers ran up the spines of the Arcobaleno. Reborn's voice was so utterly devoid of emotion that it screamed of a tightly leashed beast just begging to slaughter. The last time they had heard his voice like this, Reborn had murdered three entire conspiring Famagilia for daring to abduct and attempt to dissect Leon. Over a thousand people each, and not one survived that crimson month.

It was a voice that screamed blood.

It was this that really sobered the Arcobaleno up; Colonello biting his lip and grimacing whilst Fon and Viper subtly prepared measures to ensure Reborn would not hurt himself or others when he inevitably snapped.

"Viper, can you summon up a car to take us to Tsuna's?" Reborn asked in his silken voice of the reaper. Viper nodded their head and they made their way out of the Tokyo airport, Arcobaleno in tow, before weaving an illusion that materialised a vehicle large enough for them all.

"I will drive." Nobody argued.

When the one who makes death his plaything arrives, you don't argue, you merely pray it is not your time.


Tsuna stared at the door in disbelief as Bianchi dragged her brother away. Suddenly exhausted, he slumped against Mukuro's chest.

"What just happened?" Tsuna asked to the mostly silent room as his chest started to spark with new slivers of pain.

"The poison scorpion proved smarter than expected and provided concrete proof that the scum you used to call a friend was using you as a steppingstone in his career." Mukuro's smooth voice said into Tsuna's ear disdainfully. "I was rather looking forward to gutting her in front of the idiot, such a shame she had brains… now I have to use an illusion instead."

Tsuna grimaces but a small mean part of him purrs at Mukuro's words, "Please don't discuss that where I can hear it." He says wearily, tipping his head up to stare at Mukuro who smirked.

"I didn't hear a no?" He replied almost gleefully.

"I… I want to tell you that you can't touch them, but…" Tsuna sighs deeply and turns to bury his head in Mukuro's (bony too bony) shoulder, "it would be a lie to play the eternally forgiving martyr. You-you guys are mine and I didn't really know what that meant before, but I don't want to pretend to you guys and…" Tsuna bites his lip and closes his eyes, hiding from the suddenly serious atmosphere.

"I'm not perfect and some small mean part of me wants them to hurt, or at least H-hay-," his voice cuts out for a second and he has to summon the energy to continue, "him, but I know that that makes me a mean person or at least a selfish one and I don't want to think of myself like that, but I hurt and lying to myself would mean lying to you guys and that just feels wrong."

Tsuna was clinging to Mukuro and hiding in his shoulder. He couldn't see their faces and he didn't want to; he'd also closed his mind from their emotions partway through his confession. He could feel the despair fill him after he realises that they might have realised that he was a pitiful sky and wasn't worth their time.

Kyoya reacts first, reaching over to pull the little animal from Rokudo's clutches and to his chest. He nuzzled the brunette's hair as a purr rumbled from deep within him and he tries to resist the urge to mark the leopard as his. His little pack member was finally starting to show his fangs and Kyoya was so proud.

Mukuro made an annoyed noise at his sky being snatched and tried to steal him back just as Chrome proceeded to lift Tsuna from the skylarks lap. Mukuro then got to watch from the sidelines as Kyoya growled at his Chrome and tried to grab their sky back only to have Chrome fall into his lap. Kyoya decided he didn't mind that Chrome was attached to Tsuna and switched to snuggling and purring at them both.

Mukuro stares for a second as the view is temporarily swapped with one of the images that Chrome had shown him that morning, he bites his lip and blatantly ignores his traitorous imagination and slips forward to steal back his sky.

Kyoya feels the little animal start to relax against him and his purr ratchets up a notch; idly he notices the mist-carnivore sneaking closer and he shoves one of his arms out to snatch the light teen. Rokudo shrieks slightly as he's snagged, but Kyoya doesn't give and drags the mist into his lap to join the two little animals. He allows a moment to nuzzle his cheek against the carnivore's face to let him know that this was a time for snuggles and not fighting before going back to reassuring his sky.

Chrome grins and moves one of her arms to wrap around Mukuro-sama who was frozen in shock. Somehow I don't think you would be the one topping Muku-sama, she singsongs into their bond.

Chrome… what is happening right now? Mukuro's mental voice was confused and vulnerable and he didn't seem to even notice her statement. She smiles slightly and pulls Mukuro into her side.

You are accepted, Mukuro-sama. Our sky loves us and our cloud likes us enough to allow us to be near our sky when he's territorial. They care and we care, and… Chrome stops for a second, the emotions welling up and choking her, I… I think this is what family is meant to be. Nana-san offers love and affection without needing anything in return and the kids are adorable and like the younger siblings I never had and… I love you, and I know for a fact that I can love the other two, and…

I know Chrome. Mukuro's voice was heavy with emotion and she could feel the understanding rumble through them. She smiled and just let herself feel all the overwhelming emotions, embracing them instead of pushing them away. She let her tears spill silently into her sky's hair as she felt Mukuro's against her shoulder. She was finally home.

Tsuna was overwhelmed but so beyond grateful of the love and affection that he was being given. He was surrounded by warmth and when he'd let go of his mental shield the emotions had come rushing in; the overwhelming feeling of proudness from Kyoya, the confusion and adoration from Mukuro, and Chrome's own mix of overwhelming relief. He was loved. He could feel it running like electricity through them all and it made him press his face against his cloud's shirt to hide his teary grinning face.

Nana smiled as she hushed the kids away from the pile of emotional teens; they needed this, they needed to have some time to just recover.


Byakuran stares at his sealed ring.

His sealed ring stares back.

"That wasn't an alternate reality right? Like, you're not supposed to still be able to do that?" Byakuran states to his decidedly unhelpful ring. "If you make me go insane again I will stop feeding you marshmallow flames!" he says sternly, glaring mildly at the offending jewellery. He smirks as a small panicked tug came from it, "See, don't mess with mee~" he sing-songed and strolled out of his room.

He ignored the minute flinch his watchers gave with a practiced air and started ambling towards the kitchen and his delicious marshmallows. What had that dream been about?

When it had started he lived through his alternate screaming and trying to attack the Vongola's young lion with pain and hurt and insanity clutching at him. A small creeping suspicion made him think about how the young lion was his saviour's father.

The idea of someone hurting the deceptively-fierce sky made his chest hurt; that could most definitely cause him to lose it again. He really really hoped that wasn't the case. Insanity was not fun at all.

Byakuran finally reached the kitchen and stretched out his wings before taking a leap and landing gently on top of the cabinets. He liked it up there, there was space for him to stash his marshmallows and he could see the entire kitchen from here.

As his ring gave an impatient tug, Byakuran sighed and opened a marshmallow bag before channelling his flames into one of the heavenly treats. He barely had time to stabilise it before a white flame dragon launches itself from the ring and swallows it whole.

"Hey, you need to wait till I finish it, Shiro!" He chastises the mare-ring's spirit, "and I want some too, so you'll have to wait!" Blatantly stuffing a handful in his mouth, he stares down his friend and makes a face as he tries not to cough up the sheer amount of sugar he just stuffed down his throat.

A cold chill makes Byakuran curl his wings around him and drew his attention to the feathers. He… liked his wings, but he hated what they represented. A Gesso Sky-Childe… a line started with a scorned fae ancestor and they had to deal with the consequences of diluted fae blood. Eternally craving to live in the sky but knowing that he could never stay there.

Sometimes, when he lets himself think about it, he wonders if that was why he craved the attention of the other Trinisette skies. The craving to forever fly through the sky, tempered only by those of the sky themselves; it was kind of poetic when he thought about it.

Byakuran blinks back into reality as he hears the door creek and automatically he slips into the little darkened nook that shields him from sight. He watches as one of the Gesso family mooks starts to mutter about a meeting being cancelled and barely listens till the name 'Iemitsu Sawada' is mentioned and his dream comes back to him.

Fuck. The idiot must've cancelled the meeting to cause whatever made alternate him so unstable.

He stares at his annoying ring spirit and even through all the uncertainty and fear he lets a small smile lift up his cheeks.

He's going to go and see Tsuna.


Tsuna grins from ear to ear as he power-walks to the entrance to the Vongola Fortress. Byakuran, Yuni and Enma would be here any moment and he could not wait for them to have their usual skies-and-Enma sleepover.

"TSUNA!" was yelled from behind and he spun and pouted at the out-of-breath doctor. "That was pretty extreme walking Tsuna!" Ryohei said grinning and Tsuna snickered.

"It's sleepover day Onii-san, I will extreme walk if I want to." He states before settling down slightly and asking, "why'd you stop me? Is everything down at med-bay okay?" Ryohei waves a hand and Tsuna relaxes.

"No, I'm here to tell you that three of the sun recruits have finished their training and are ready for the field. Also, Kyoko wants me to tell you that she's gotten really into making cakes lately and if you wanted something special for your anniversary that she'd love to make it!" Tsuna smiled a gentler smile and nodded.

"I will, don't worry." he says quietly to his self-appointed brother. Tsuna ignores the small sky-flame twinge he feels any time he sees Ryohei, its not his fault, he didn't know and the moment he did he'd spent years proving how sorry he was.

Tsuna remembered how baffled he'd been when Ryohei had shown up at his house to hang out, how confused he'd been till he remembered that Ryohei had only wanted to stop fighting and hadn't said anything about leaving Tsuna. Now Ryohei was one of the best Vongola medics there was and spent his time either healing people or winning boxing championships. Not his sun, but still his brother and someone who supports his decisions with all of his extreme energy.

A giggle slips from Tsuna's lips as he thinks about how much better he is doing now.

"I gotta go! I don't want to leave the others waiting."


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