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Blurb: All human AU. Rose is looking for a new apartment after moving to New York to escape her past disastrous relationship. Upon moving here, her roommate Lissa get engaged and is moving in with Christian, leaving Rose in need of a new apartment. Dimitri has just been left by his fiancée, Tasha and is need of maintaining his image to his family. Of course, there is some information that's left out that leads to some…frustrating situations.

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Yes, there is some dirty stuff in the first chapter, but it's at the end.

Roommate Wanted
Looking for a short-term roommate
Preferably female
More details upon in person interview


When I saw the flyer, I thought it might have been a sign from God, I didn't really believe in him, but this particular sighting was almost enough to convince me. I ripped one of the little remaining numbers off the flyer and dug out my phone, ready to call immediately before some other lucky bastard could snatch up what I hoped would be my new apartment.

I punched in the numbers and waited for an answer. "Hello", the voice on the other ended was very male, with an accent that sounded like Romanian or Russian, and groggy, like he had just woken up or stopped crying

"Hi! I'm calling about your roommate search. Is this the right number?" When a girl sees 'female applicant' it can mean a few things, usually that it's a girl looking for another girl to room with.

"Yes" the voice cleared his throat and that's when I realized I didn't even ask a name, I checked the flyer to make sure it wasn't sneakily listed somewhere, but no, it wasn't. "I can meet you sometime today if you're available. I'm free all day. What was your name?"

"You first. There must have been a reason you didn't write it on the flyer. Why is that?"

I heard a chuckle, "Dimitri Belikov, I can bring all the information on the apartment when I meet you…"

"Rose. Rose Hathaway. Do you need anything from me?"

"A credit score would be nice, and any references you might have. When did you want to meet?"

"I can actually do right now. I just got done looking at a few other places so I'm kind of in that mindset. I'm at the 12th and Broadway place right now. There's a coffee shop across the street, I can meet you there."

"I know the place; I can be there it 5-10 minutes." His accent sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't tell if it was fear or arousal, but I'm sure I'd find out in 5-10 minutes.

"Sounds good to me, I'll be the one in all black with dark hair."

"I'll see you then." I heard the click of the disconnection and put my phone away, before heading across the street.

I ordered a hot chocolate and made my way to the back of the shop, facing the door so I could observe everyone who came in. It had only been about 3 minutes when a very big guy walked through the door. There was no other way to describe him, he was just big, with shoulder length brown hair and wearing a long leather looking jacket. He was dressed in some dark washed jeans and a black t-shirt that hinted at a muscular frame. Aroused, definitely aroused. He scanned the room and made eye contact with me, a tight smile crossing his face before he went to the counter to order. It only took a moment, so he couldn't have gotten anything fancy before he made his way over to me.

"Rose?" he asked it as question but I could tell he knew that it was me.

"Dimitri?" I asked back. He sat down in front of me. Placing some papers down in front of us.

"It's a rent-controlled apartment just a block from here, third floor, the elevator is a bit temperamental, so I usually recommend the stairs."

"Is there a doorman?"

"No doorman, but you're staying with me, I'm sure I could fend off most of your average predators. Most of the complex knows me too."

"So, who protects me from you?" At my words he his gaze jerked from the table and papers in front of us to my eyes. I'm not an idiot, I don't always make the best choices, but I know how situations like this can work out. "I mean, 'a female roommate', what's that all about?"

He paused for a moment then took a quick drink of his coffee before returning his gaze to me, looking like he was steeling himself to say what he wanted to say.

"Rose, can I be frank with you?"

"I thought you were Dimitri?" I joked but he just stared back at me, the corner of his mouth twitching just a little, "I'm kidding. What is it? It's not a weird sex thing is it?"

He sighed, "My fiancée just left me and I had planned on my family meeting her in a month. If I don't have someone, they'll be devastated and start worrying about me. They'll try and convince me to move back to Russia, and I honestly can't really think of a reason to stay, I know I don't want to, I would regret going back home just because of this."

I stared back at him as he finished, trying to wrap my mind around everything he had just said. I could tell he was looking for an answer, "Okay-okay. Um…wow. That was…that was a lot of information. I mean, valuable information seeing as how you're asking me to move in with you. But what exactly are you asking of me?"

"Basically, I need a roommate for at least a month, the rent might be controlled, but I would rather have it split to save money." I nodded back to show I sort of understood.

"But what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to pretend to be my fiancée while my family is here. I figured it might take me a while to actually find a decent fit, but with this amount of time I guess we could get our story straight."

I nodded again and he tilted his head at my nodding form. "Why are you looking for an apartment, Rose?"

"I mean, I need a place to live." He continued to stare back at me as if waiting for the rest of the story. I mean, I was going to be living with the guy, I guess I should probably tell him. "I-uh- I", I laughed a bit, "I was engaged and he turned out to be fucking every girl that walked by." The whole situation sucked. Finding out the guy you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with turned out to really like sticking it into anything that moved, sucked. I was angry, I mean…I looked pretty damn good. Most guys had no problem telling me just how hot or sexy they thought I was. I shook the thoughts out of my head and returned the very attractive man in front of me asking me to be his fiancée, well, his fake fiancée. But I mean, how much more fucked up was this situation than the one before?

"This was here in New York?"

"No, I moved here with my best friend. She wanted to be closer to her boyfriend, but they just got engaged and she plans on moving in with him. No way I could afford where we were staying on my own, so…here I am."

He nodded in understanding and then looked back down at his papers. "Can I see what you have?" he asks me. I passed my documents over to him and he looked over them quickly.

"What do you do, Dimitri? Like for a living?"

"I teach English classics at NYU, and you?"

"A Russian teaching English, I like it. I'm a personal trainer at a gym here."

He looked up at me, "When can you move in? Assuming you want to?"

I smiled at the look on his face. The roommate I was getting was a definite perk, but I knew the guy wasn't going to be ready for anything anytime soon, but still, he'd at least make good eye-candy. Besides, don't crap where you eat, right? Still, I was ready to start seeing more guys, a lot of guys. I needed to get the thoughts of Jesse out of my mind.


Rose. Rose had just become my saving grace. However, when I had first seen her in the coffee shop, I had to do double take, her dark hair had looked like Tasha's for the briefest moment. Once I had focused in, I could see that it was really a dark brown almost black, everything else was nearly the polar opposite of Tasha as well. Where Tasha was tall and slender, Rose was much shorter, curvier. She had been wearing a tighter top that had shown off her figure. Had it not been for the fact that up until 2 days ago I thought I was going to be marrying Tasha, I would have been in much more trouble, the girl was beautiful. I had kept my eyes down cast for most of the meeting as to not fall into her chocolate brown eyes, but when I had looked into them and seen her sympathy while I told her my fiancée left me. I could feel a little bit of the warmth I had lost when Tasha had walked return to my heart.

I was now reorganizing everything in the studio apartment I had just offered to share with my savior. I heard a knock at the door and I rushed to answer it. Rose stood there with a few boxes and suitcases. "Hey!" She said and kicked one of the boxes over the threshold of her new home. I let her in and scurried behind her to grab what else I could, setting it just inside the door, repeating the process until all her stuff was now inside.

"Um, Dimitri?" I looked over at her. "You didn't mention it was a studio apartment." She stood and turned in a circle taking it all in. It was a studio, but it was spacious, much more like a gallery apartment, and a steal at the price we were paying.

I smiled a bit sheepishly, "Didn't want to scare you off, and I might remind you that you already signed the contract." I had intentionally kept this a secret, but I was surprise when she hadn't even asked about it. She turned to me and looked a little pissed.

"I'm doing you a favor and you choose to withhold this information?"

There was another knock at the door and she went to answer it this time, opening it to a dark-haired boy with a dresser on a gurney. "Where do you want this, Rose" he wheeled it and I lost my train of thought as she gestured to where Tasha had had her dresser. I was staring at the boy who I had met before, when he was the nephew of my fiancée. What the hell had I just gotten myself into?

"Christian?" he looked up at me and swore.

"Dimitri?!" he turned to Rose, "You failed to mention that the Dimitri you were moving in with was Dimitri Belikov! Come on, Rose." He started moving the dresser back out before she stopped him.

"What? Why? How do you know each other?" she turned to me for an explanation.


"This is the guy Tasha was engaged to." He filled in.

"This isn't going to be awkward, Christian."

"Rose, this is a conflict of interest, come on, you can continue to stay with Lissa and I until you find somewhere else."

"What? No, I don't want to hear you guys having wild monkey sex. Do you guys not like each other or something?"

Christian and I exchanged a look and did some non-committal head nods and shakes. We liked each other fine, I think Christian knew what his aunt did was shitty, but felt a sense of loyalty to her.

"We're fine, it's just…" Rose looked like she wanted him to finish his thought, but he didn't.

"You know what, this is none of my business anymore. Rose I'll see you tomorrow night for dinner, Dimitri…" and with that he backed out of the room.

Once the door slammed Rose turned to me, "So you live in a studio apartment and you happened to engaged to Christian's bitchy aunt?"

I couldn't stop the laugh that came out at the last remark. She was a bitch. She just-

I looked back at Rose and really took her in. She looked gorgeous standing in my apartment-our apartment. She was wearing a v-neck shirt that showed off what Tasha lacked. Her black jeans hugged her hips that boasted about her round ass, the kind that you could only get with hard work in the gym and not surgery. And the look on her face, one that seemed surprised about my jovial tone at calling my ex-fiancée a bitch.

"Well, Roza, it's a small world." I was so screwed, no way was I going to be able to remain friendly with this woman, especially once she saw what was going to be happening with the sleeping arrangements.

The night wore on as I helped Rose where I could with her unpacking, but once I stumbled onto her lingerie drawer, she told me to go get dinner while she finished up. A good thing too, because I had to readjust myself once I was out the door.

It's not that Tasha wasn't a good lover; she just wasn't exciting. I thought I liked that about her, there were never any surprises, everything was planned out in a very practical way, which I appreciated. Routine and order were a part of my life. Her predictability was reliable, I liked that. That was why her suddenly leaving me and calling me boring was such a harsh wake up call, I had thought I was giving her what she wanted, there had been many other things I wanted to try with her, but she never seemed too thrilled at deviating from our usual routine.

I returned an hour later to find Rose pacing the place in some short shorts and a camisole, obviously ready for bed. "Dimitri, what the fuck." I set the two large pizzas on the kitchen counter.

"What is it?"

"You don't have a bed!" I looked around the room as if in sudden realization, though I knew this situation from the beginning. Natasha had taken the bed with her when she moved out, seeing as how she let me keep the apartment. There was only a pull-out couch.

"Huh, you're right, Rose."

"Where the hell do you sleep?!" she was more pissed then when she found out about the studio apartment.

"On the pull-out couch" I said innocently.

"And where the hell do you expect me to sleep?"

I chuckled at her reaction, which was the wrong move, "Where did you plan on sleeping?"

She scoffed at me, wondering closer to me, well actually the pizza, since she removed two sliced sticking them together and started eating them.

"I figured I would sleep on the couch! I got rid of my bed, because I thought it would look weird to your family to have two beds in an apartment you shared with your fiancée!" she went back to chewing, finishing the slices in a few bites before starting on the next two.

"Why are you eating pizza like that?"

"No. You don't get ask questions when you just duped me into the exact scenario, I asked you about in the coffee shop."

"This isn't a weird sex thing, Rose. So, we'll be sharing a bed together, do you not think you can adequately defend yourself against me?" I was just now getting a good look at her muscular physic, the women looked like she could definitely kick my ass.

She paused for a moment, considering my words. "Okay, fair point, but there was no way you could have known that before I had moved in."

"And most girls wouldn't just move in with a total stranger. Or throw their bed away before they moved in with said stranger."

She considered my words again, "Touché". She finished her slices before grabbing another two and starting the process over again, turning to her dresser and the last remaining box, placing knick-knacks on top of it. I turned to my dresser and started getting my stuff to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I came back out, she had the bed undo and had found the sleeping pillows I had in the closet, along with the comforter. She went back over to what had kind of become her corner. I got setup on my side of the bed.

She turned around. "Oh no. That's my side of the bed."

I raised an eyebrow at her statement, "And this is my bed." She grumbled something and then plopped down on the other side. I flipped off the lights off. I could feel her shifting into a sleeping position and I followed suit.

I was surprised how easily I slipped into sleep with a virtual stranger next to me, but something about Rose just made me feel so at ease. That was however, until I woke up to a strange sound in the middle of the night.

I looked over at Rose my eyes taking a minute to adjust to the dark.

"Rose?" I asked. She moaned in response. I could feel her legs rubbing together under the comforter, immediately making me hard. She rolled so she was now on her back. Her breathing was heavy, her hands moved to her shirt, cupping at her breast, she sighed out. She pinched her nipples and moaned loudly.

Her breathing picked up again, "Hhh-h- harder, please." My own breathing had now picked up as I watched Rose writhe under my covers.

"Roza", her breathing hitched and I gasped at the reaction. I leaned closer into her, "Roza" she whimpered and her hand snaked down to her core and with a single touch the girl in my bed was launched into ecstasy, crying out her pleasure.

Fuck. Fuck, this was not going to work.

Rose's breathing evened out as she relaxed back into a soundless sleep. Meanwhile I was so painful hard I didn't know how to take care of the situation. Realizing there was nothing else to do, but to physically take care of it. I sighed and got up to go to the shower.


It wasn't intentional, not really. But when I fell asleep, I was placed into a dream. A sex dream, one that actually involved my current bedmate. Dimitri was just so big and strong. He had leaned over me kissing me, I pulled him down to lay directly on top of me. I felt his hard erection press against my leaking core, making me moan.

He started kissing down my neck, "Rose" he said and I moaned. I moved underneath him trying to get him touch more of me. He chuckled in response to my desire I felt the squeeze against my breasts, I sighed in relief at the stimulating contact.

"Roza" he all but groaned out. He began tugging at my nipples. He slid into me, moving into me at a rapid pace, matching my need for a decent orgasm. "Roza" he groaned again.

I whimpered, desperate for release, "Hhh-h- harder, please." I begged, so close. His hand found my clit and that's all it took, my orgasm hitting me hard. I convulsed coming down from my high, letting my breathing steady back to a normal level.

I stirred when I felt the pressure in the bed change, the real bed not the one Dimitri had just fucked me in, but the one where he was peacefully laying while I had dirty dreams about him all over me.

I finally came back to reality and sat up in the dark room. The shower was running. Which was odd. I checked my phone which was charging right next to the bed. It was only 2 a.m. He had gone to sleep when I had, so I knew he wasn't just returning home. I got up, and felt just how much the dream had affected me. Damn it! I was already going to have to do laundry here.

I walked up to the door and knocked, "Dimitri" I called out, probably to softly. I pressed my ear to the door and my arousal from the dream slammed back into me.

"Roza" I heard him groan. His breathing sounded so heavy, then he grunted. I kept my ear pressed to that door, eager to hear him groan my name like that again, it sounded just like it had in my dream. The water shut off and I dashed back to the bed, slipping under the covers and feigned sleep until I could feel the man of my dreams returned to the bed.

This was not going to work.

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