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The following week was filled with awkward tension and trying to not run into one another. It was easy enough throughout the day, Both Dimitri and I seemed to be trying to spend as little time as possible in the apartment. I didn't know exactly what he was doing, but I had chosen to throw myself back into training, taking extra shifts at the gym as well as focusing on my own work.

"He keeps asking about you, ya know.", Meredith, another trainer at the gym, had said this as we worked the front desk.

"Who keeps asking about me?", I couldn't help the little stutter my heart did thinking it could be Dimitri, but that didn't make sense, Meredith and Dimitri had never met, nor had I told her anything about my living situation.

"My client", she said exasperatedly. "His name's Adrian. Cute, tall, blonde. Rich enough to buy half of this city. He keeps asking about the 'pretty brunette' who he always sees here."

"Adrian? Why do I know that name?"

"Oh, he was going to be your client, mainly rehab, just got into a car accident and is finally done with physical therapy. Now he's working on regaining that muscle. But he asked to be put with someone else so he there wouldn't be a conflict of interest when he asks you out."

I stared at her bewildered. "And why does he think I'll say yes?"

"I get the feeling that not many people tell him no." She said it off handedly as she continued punching in the schedule for next week.

As if on cue, a cute, tall, blonde guy walked in. He wasn't as tall as Dimitri, but he would still tower over my 5'7" frame.

"Hey, Adrian! You ready to get started today?", Meredith called from behind me.

"Always, Meredith. Rose. How are you today?"

I didn't glare at him necessarily, but I certainly wasn't looking the most pleasant. It irritated me when people just assumed they could just get things handed to them. "How do you know my name?" I knew the answer, Meredith had just told me I was a topic of conversation for them, but I wanted him to fess up.

"I make it a point to know the names of extraordinary people", I maintained eye contact, but stayed silent, "and I was technically your client first."

"Ah! I can't be that extraordinary if you had to switch me out with Meredith."

"Well, Meredith is extraordinary too, just in a different way." He leaned forward onto the countertop, placing his hands under his chin as he stared back at me.

I copied his behavior, "And what way is that?"

"Ah, little vixen, I see. Well, Meredith is extraordinary in the sense that, because she exists, and works at this gym, and her schedule matches with mine, I could workout with her instead of you." I scrunched my nose ready to retort that none of this was sounding complimentary when he continued, "And you are extraordinary in the sense that you exist in the same city as me and happen to be talented as your job, caring, and more than a little…intoxicating."

I couldn't help the smiling smirk that came across my face at his words. He was charming, I had to give him that. And after everything with Dimitri, it was nice to have someone just come out and say what they meant.

"Are you flirting with me?" I asked.

"That depends. Is it working?"

I scoffed, "No!", but for some reason my lips twitched upwards and that caused him to smile too.

"Oh, Rose. Don't worry. I have training with Meredith right now-", he started following Meredith who had been patiently watching our back-and-forth banter, "-but, you have an open invitation to run me ragged anytime you like." He finished, turning back towards me to place a card on the counter top as they walked away.

I rolled my eyes as they went, checking in someone else as they walked in, but I did scoop up the card.


The past week had been hell. Rose had been trying to avoid me all week, never spending too long in the apartment, to the point where she would come home later and later to avoid having any awkward run ins with me. I let her too. What was I supposed to do? I needed to let her move on. If she could move on, then maybe I could too.

I tried reaching out to Tasha as well. We had talked about my hesitancy and wanting to start things a little slower. I didn't want her moving back in right away. "My name is on the lease, Dimitri. I can technically come back whenever I feel like it." I paused at her words, not liking the sounds of her just dropping by while Rose could be there, "I know you have another roommate now, so I won't just pop back up expecting to move in. You're a good guy, Dimitri. I know you wouldn't be able to just kick the poor guy out." I didn't realize I had been holding my breath until I sighed out in relief. "I mean, I could do it, but only if you want me too."

"No!" I answered a little too hastily and tried to back track, "No, that would be inconsiderate. They really helped me out of tight situation. They will be staying as long as they need to." I finished.

This shut her down pretty quickly, hoping that it would be enough of a deterrent for her to stay away until this mess was worked out.

"What about when your family comes? Will they wonder why you have another roommate? Are they staying with you too?"

I hadn't thought this far ahead yet, there was still so much that had been turned upside down in the past week. A part of me wondered if it would have been this hard trying to learn how to love Tasha again had Rose never found my advert.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm not sure what's going to happen with my family and who they will be meeting." I tacked on for good measure.

She looked baffled, "What do you mean? Aren't they specifically coming here to meet your fiancée?" she asked.

"That was the original plan, yes, but things change. I'm not sure what's going to happen between us, Tasha. I don't know if it's the best idea to drag them into all of this. I haven't even told them you had broken things off. Now, I'm not sure what the best course of action is". This was all true, and suddenly pounding in my head. They would be here in a little over a week, and I needed to figure out this whole mess in a way that made sense.


When I came home that night, Dimitri was already asleep, as per our unspoken agreement. He would sleep while I wondered in late enough so he could finish any business around the apartment. He was passed out on the pullout, on his back and there it was. Positively bulging under the thin material of the sheet. He had one hand behind his head the other invisible under the covers. I tried turning away from the sight but was transfixed. A soft groan escaped him as he lay there, and I unintentionally dropped my bag.

The sound seemed to stir him slightly, but he appeared to drift back into his deep state of sleep a moment later. "Mmmm, Roza", he murmured. Or maybe that was just me playing tricks on myself. It wasn't unheard of for a guy to get erect while sleeping, this was totally normal. But I couldn't stop myself from wanting to be something else; from wanting him to be dreaming about me.

I shuffled about the apartment, getting ready to take a shower and crawl into the nice warm bed. I kept and sensed Dimitri's restlessness as I moved about the apartment. He made more sounds that seemed to go straight to my core, making me stumble a bit every time my name or a particularly breathless moan. In the shower I couldn't help myself. I let my mind drift to something more pleasant, to man in the other room, the man moaning my name. My hand started to follow my line of thinking. Administering the pleasure I wish he was.

"Ooooo, Dimitri.", it came out of me without me realizing it. I clamped my mouth shut, hoping that Dimitri was well and truly asleep.


I had a vague sense of no longer being alone in the apartment. Her energy did that to me. I could feel her presence.

I grumbled. I had been having the most pleasant dream. Rose was there, curled up next to me on this dingy bed. I could feel her hair, her skin, her breath, all-encompassing and all consuming. She giggled when I inadvertently brushed against a ticklish spot. I grinned, about to seize an opportunity to have her at my mercy. She had found me so often at her's, it always felt good when she succumbed to me as much as I seemed to to her.

As if reading my mind her hand slipped pass the groomed hair that started at my base and ever so lightly caressed my now erect cock.

"Mmmm, Roza"

The sounds slipped from my lips and I heard her gasp against me. It felt so real, but a part of brain new that if it were real, I would have felt it against me, as it was, I could feel the room shifting around me. That thought almost took hold, but then my Roza distracted me by trying another pass at my hard member. I groaned at the feeling, slipping further into the sanctity of my dream world.

I rolled so I was on my side, pulling her so she was pressed to my front. I kissed her neck as she rubbed against me, moaning as I administered kisses to her exposed skin. She laughed when my hands slid over her ticklish spot, causing her to further squirm against me.

"Roza", I hummed out my content at her unintentional actions. She giggled again and I chuckled too. Why was this so easy with her? Why did it feel natural to be in bed with her? I slipped my hand down her hip, securing more fully to me.

"Ooh" she moans out, wrapping her free leg around my hip to push me onto my back so she now has me straddled. She shifted so she could free my member from our entangled bodies. She gave it a few brisk strokes before she positioned herself to be impaled by my now pulsating member.

I stirred, waking up when the bathroom light turned on before the door fully closed, the beam of light catching my eyes. It was jarring and I grumbled my frustration. It had been such a pleasant dream, I had been so close and now all I had was a painfully hard erection and the knowledge that the Rose in real life didn't want me. I growled out loud and then heard the shower turn on. I blamed Rose for my currently situation, even though I knew it wasn't her fault.

I was trying some deep breathing exercises to try and calm down my excited state when I heard her. "Ooooo, Dimitri.", any progress I had made in trying to calm myself down was wrecked as soon as I heard her moan my name. I swore outright at the ideas of what could be going on in that shower. Trying to make myself think of anything else. Anything other than Rose being under the hot spray of the shower we shared and taking care of herself. Anything other than her naked body quivering with a need that, up until this past week, I had been fulfilling. It was useless. I couldn't stop the images in my head anymore than it seemed Rose could stop herself from continuing. I heard her moan and coo. I heard her fall heavily against the bathroom wall and an almost strangled sigh as she finished. I bolted up right from my bed slipping on the pajama bottoms and shirt sitting my me. I grabbed my shoes and keys from by the door and slammed the door as I left.

This was all too much. Too much to handle right now.

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