Warning, I am not huge fans of Sam and Tucker so they aren't friends with Danny any longer. They also don't die this time.

I had changed the story a lot from the original- kind of.

Star Strong sat in her homeroom class trying to wake herself up some, not that it would work with the teacher babbling pointless facts about the book they were on. The lesson that Lancer was giving was just a substitution for melatonin. Which wasn't ideal seeing as it was the first class of the day, so she decided to look around the room to find something interesting.

She noticed rather quickly that many others were also having a hard time staying awake with Lancer teaching them about some guy who left the face of the Earth and began to live in the wild. The title was a bit unoriginal as it was called Into The Wild. Star liked the story at first, but once Lancer opened his mouth her interest left her. He has a way to make anyone dislike something just by babbling about it.

Sitting in the back of the class- surrounded by liars as the teen so often called the two around him- was a boy with a hoodie over his black hair. The boy looked to be sleeping, but if one was close enough they could hear the teen cursing as he held his hand against his cheek. She was only a row ahead and two seats to his left, so she could just barely make out those cusses.

She gazed at the boy with pitch-black hair and sky blue eyes as he glowered at the front of the room. Star thought he looked like someone had given the poor guy a hard time, probably trying to start a fight with the guy. Though, the boy often only retaliated when someone got physical with him or others that were like he once was.

A small smile spread on her lips as she watched as his 'friends' poked and prodded him about something, but when he glared at them they were quick to shut up. It wasn't unusual anymore; not after the first week of Danny doing it to his so-called friends.

Surprisingly, Danny had quickly become someone people feared when he glares at them. Star saw that he didn't like the outcome, but she knew from the look of relief that he got afterward that it was handy to have. His glare was cold and piercing, and Star was lucky to have only been glared at once. It had been an accident to have gained the glare. She had been running in the hall to get to the first class, but when she had bumped into his hard body- she went flying. By the time she looked up, she saw his glare and deep bags under his eyes. She apologized to him and gathered his things that had scattered on the floor.

It was that day that the blonde had noticed that Sam and Tucker had gotten much closer towards each other and often left Danny behind. Or was it Danny who was leaving them behind? Whenever he saw the two he often glared and stormed away- which is what happened when she had returned his thing to him. He did thank her before leaving her, so she didn't mind too much- hurt, but she didn't mind.

It wasn't unknown that Danny would come to school with a wound of some sort on his body. He would also leave class and come back with a wound. Star never had yet seen one on the teen's face until she looked at the hand that was on his cheek.

Blood. His cheek was bleeding. She quickly noticed that Danny had his hand hidden carefully under his hood to hide his bleeding cheek. Which was bleeding kind of bad. How had no one not even noticed? Well; it was actually well hidden, but still. Dash wouldn't have done something so visible to his victims, so who or what caused the wound on Danny.

Was Danny fighting in a gang? Was he getting mixed with the wrong people? Was he fighting people in gangs or dealing? Or was he fighting ghosts, like his parents?

When she noticed that Lancer had gotten up and gone into the hallway- she felt that luck was on her side for once-, she took that moment to rush over to Danny with a first aid in her bag- it was small, but it did the trick. When she reached him she gave the hoodie a yank off the quiet boy's head. The gash was wide and went from an inch under his eye to the corner of the right side of his jaw.

Thankfully, other students were on their phones or sleeping- so it made it so much easier to help the boy. Hurridly, Star grabbed the boy's hand and brought him to the corner in the back of the room to begin bandaging Danny's wound. Her hands were steady as she used her spare water bottle to pour water on a cloth so she could wipe the blood off his face.


"Shh," Star said lowly as she looked around to see if anyone was watching them. "I don't want anyone to catch us and get us in trouble."

Danny hadn't spoken again. Star gave a small smile as she wiped the blood- which had green specs that seemed to glow. When it was gone- the gash had clotted over on the outside- Star put some antibacterial ointment on, before taking a white cotton pad to place over the gash. It was flimsy, but Danny might find something better when he is alone. Placing two more on, Star began to tape them on his cheek to keep them in place.

"There," Star said with a satisfied look on her face.

Her deep blue eyes looked at his outfit she saw he doesn't wear that white and red shirt anymore. Danny had traded it in for a black shirt with a light grey trim and oval, over the shirt was a dark blue hoodie that was half-way zipped. His pants were even a darker shade than it had once been.

She noticed he was also much taller than he was before the attitude change. He seemed to have stopped the horrible slouching- which made his height and muscles much more noticeable. Star was glad he wasn't hiding any longer.

"Uhm," Danny rasped, "thanks?" He rose a brow at the blonde.

His voice sounded dry and scratchy as he spoke and Star flinched, "did you even drink anything today?"

Danny didn't answer, but she somehow knew that he didn't and sighed. When she heard his stomach growl she gave a small smile with a sigh. Star handed him her water bottle as well as her huge red apple, knowing that she was an A-lister she knew he would be kind of hesitant to take the treat and drink of water.

Thankfully, he decided to trust the kind blonde. His calloused hand grasped the space-themed metal bottle with the first smile he had in a long time. Just as she had it back in her hand the teacher came in, not even noticing that Star and Danny weren't in their seats. The two shared the apple after Danny cut it in half with a pocket knife. They stayed in the back away from prying eyes.

"Class," Lancer said in a clipped tone, "in a week we will be taking a trip with the Fentons into the Ghost Zone. The mayor had insisted that at least one class should be able to see how ghosts live their afterlife. Until the trip, all of your classes will be on hold while you learn all you can on ghosts and ghost safety."

All the students' in the room cheered, even Star herself was mentally dancing, but she noticed that the trio wasn't. Sam and Tucker had gone stiff as they heard Danny's signature growl. Danny looked angry, tired, and annoyed. The smile that was once on his face was long gone. This gave her a feeling that she should be wary of the trip if Danny was looking that way at his parents.

"Are you okay, Danny," Star asked lightly. Danny looked over towards her, seeing the trust and worry in her dark blue eyes, it made him feel compelled to tell her that his parents never even been in the Ghost Zone before. Before Danny could answer Jack Fenton screamed and charged towards Danny with his nose buried in some tracker. He stood in front of his son and the blonde with excitement, but it dimmed when he saw his son. Always his son.

"Mads," Jack whined towards his wife, "it's still locked on Danny-boy."

Maddie sighed and walked out of the room, but she stopped as she looked at the students, "classes will begin tomorrow. Wear the clothes you don't care about getting damaged."

Lancer pinched his nose, "you all are allowed to go home to get rest. Just grab a permission slip before you leave, and come here tomorrow so we can see who is going and who isn't."

Getting up Star walked to her seat and grabbed the things she hadn't already had, taking the last bite of her apple. She was disappointed that Danny hadn't responded to her and she had to leave school so early. She wanted to go to her culinary class, it was something she was good at that wasn't math. It was her little secret from the A-listers, so they don't bully her as much as they do already.

Pulling her bag on her shoulders, Star began to make a mental list of the things that she could do instead. The twins could be picked up, then she could take her sisters out to her to the Nasty Burger for a dinner. It was simple for a rich girl, but she enjoyed the simple life. She didn't want to make dinner tonight if she had a new class to prepare herself for.

"Strong," Sam yelled from the other end of the hallway. Her black combat boots clapped against the white tiles of the school floor.

"Hi, Sam," Star said lightly as Sam was now in her personal space. "Something wrong?"

"Keep," the black-haired girl hissed, "your A-lister hands off of Danny. He doesn't need you to bring him in a bad mood like you just did."

Behind Sam came Danny and Tucker coming to rush closer to the two women, Danny with a deeper scowl than what she left with, but she noticed that it was directed at his companions. "Hey, Danny."

"Star," Danny mumbled as he looked away from her. The sound of her voice pulled the headache back a bit, but Sam was making it worse. She eyed the cheek she had just bandaged, but she also noticed that he left his hoodie down this time.

Star smiled at Danny before she glared at Sam, who was now holding hands with Tucker, "why would you assume he was in a bad mood because of me? From what I noticed in the past couple of months he had been in a bad mood for a long time. I also noticed that you two haven't included him in the activities I see the two of you doing. At least when you aren't trying to devour each other's face off."

Sam growled, but Tucker went wide-eyed as he looked into Star's deep blue eyes and back to Danny; who was also staring with an amused look in his eyes a brow raised as well. Tucker's grip on Sam loosened so much that she was able to escape and throw a punch at Star. The blonde didn't even dodge it, however, neither girl noticed the black blur that stood in front of the blonde with a hard set glare on his face. Sam's small fist was now being held in a crushing grip in his larger one. Star bit her lip as she wanted to not get involved, but she had a bad feeling about the situation.

Danny was glaring heavily at the goth before him, the sounds of her bones breaking satisfied him a little. How dare Sam try to harm a civilian? She knew better...or did she. Star was right in saying that they never hung around him any longer, not since she and Tucker told him they wanted nothing more to do with hunting ghosts' with him. He didn't mind that, it kept them from harm's way, what angered him was when he was invisible hearing them talk about him. Their words hurt him so much.

"He is too dangerous to be around anymore."

"I actually kind of want nothing to do with him anymore, Sam."

"We'll pretend to be his friends for a bit longer before we run away from that freak of nature."

He hated those words. He hated the liars. What Star didn't know was Danny's feelings about the situation. Sure, he was hurt at first, but that changed when he overheard another conversation between the couple. Planning to use his identity as Phantom to the Guys In White to gain cash. He decided then that he would never talk to the two ever again about Ghost Hunting with him- more specifically where he would be and what he would be doing. Danny went as far as to find a new place to live when his birthday came around.

"Danny," a soft voice broke his thoughts, "let her go. You're hurting her."

Those gentle fingers unwrapped his vice grip from Sam. Once his fingers were removed from Sam he walked away, not before shoving Tucker into a locker. Star watched at the dark-haired teen stomped off. She knew something was wrong, and she wanted to help.