How in the world did this get so popular?

As the Spectre Speeder was inside of the Zone the other teens in the vehicle oohed and ahhed at the swirling green atmosphere. It wasn't as new to Danny, so he just relaxed his head on the headrest letting the ectoplasm fill his body. It had been too long since Danny had been in the Zone and it made him feel much more relaxed.

Though, Danny never let his guard down. He was still where his enemies reside in the open during the day so he was an easy target with all these people who know nothing about him being Phantom. Still, he was glad that he didn't have to hide from Star. It would make things much easier since he didn't have to lie to her.

Star watched as all of the other students pushed their faces against the windows of the bus, but she wondered if they were looking for Phantom or if they were truly interested in the Zone. It didn't help that it was just unsanitary. The thought of doing what they were doing made her shudder. She and Danny had sat in the back- Danny allowed her the window seat so she could look out the window.

Danny, Star noticed, kept his eyes closed; his shoes were resting on her lap. His lack of interest in the scenery of the Zone showed just how often he came into here, but she wondered whether it was a good thing or not. Sure, if something were to happen to them during this trip then his vast knowledge of the ins and outs of this new world for the humans. On the other hand, the ghosts could attack- probably knowing Danny's secret- and Danny would have to protect them all; risking his hero identity. Though, she was here to help him in case that was to happen.

Wanting to relax her mind, Star fiddled with Danny's shoelaces as she looked out of the green atmosphere around the Spector Speeder Bus; her blue eyes dancing from the floating doors.

"Danny," Star called. Hearing a soft hum from her left she looked towards him, "what are those doors for?"

Her question caused a bunch of heads to look towards them. It wasn't uncommon for Star to ask Danny questions about ghosts. They wondered why she wouldn't ask the older Fenton's instead of their youngest child? It wasn't as if Danny knew more about the Zone more than his parents. He wasn't the smartest academically.

"Yeah, Fentina, what are those doors for," Dash mocked. The A-list group smiled lightly at the blonde jock, a couple even slapped him on the back. Paulina rolled her eyes as she turned back to the window. "You probably know nothing about this place."

It was silent for a few seconds as Danny gathered his thoughts.

"They are the openings to a ghosts lair," Danny replied with a small glance towards Star. He pointedly ignored Dash; he didn't want to make this trip terrible for Star, she was excited to learn all she could about the Zone.

Though he kept his eyes shut for the most part. The ectoplasm was fresh and untainted and he wanted to enjoy the freshness of the air.

"Cool," Star heard Mikey whisper from in front of them.

"Though," he said as he then opened his eyes to look out the window, "some are doors to other realms. A few even lead to other dimensions."

"Do you happen to mean that there are more worlds' that aren't the Zone or Earth?" Star was intrigued at this. How could there be more worlds and not many other people knowing about it? Did anyone else know about this?

Chuckling, Danny got up to direct Star to the closest window on the ceiling. "Think of the Zone as a giant mansion. How many doors do you have in your home?"

"Fifty or so?"

"Each door leads to a different room, right?" Star nodded, commenting that some lead to the same room. "The same could be said for these doors. These doors provide access to other realms within theZone such as ghosts' homes or lairs. Some doors can take a being into any part of the world, like Antarctica."

"Whoa," most of the other students seem to agree with Star's statement. "Do you think there are alternate universes of our world?"

"I mean, I accidentally ended up on Mars once when I went through one?"

Maddie turned to look at Danny with wide eyes, "you went in here without us?"

Glaring at her, Danny ignored her and watched as they passed a castle. "See that large castle?"

The students decided to listen to Danny talk with Star. It was the only way they would get any answers from the guy. If it were someone other than Star, they feared they would be dead- or worse. Glared at.

"Yeah," Star said as she saw how old and dark it looked.

"That is the lair of Princess Dora," Danny said lightly. "She has a soft spot for me since I was able to defeat her brother and allow her to take over the castle- it used to look much worse than this. The castle was destroyed, it wasn't until Dora had taken over that light finally entered broke through the clouds."

"Which one is she again?"

"The one with the dragon amulet."

Nodding, Star gazed at the green atmosphere with wonder. If this place was going to be ruled by Danny one day, then would that mean he would have to live here all the time? Would he remember her and her sisters? Sure, it looked lovely, but it also looked lonely to rule over an entire dimension.

Moving a few inches closer to Danny- to see where he was staring at- she saw a castle in the distance. It as huge and seemed to be in the middle of the Zone, where everyone could see it. In one word, Star would say the castle looked cold. As it was surrounded by snow, it probably was cold. The outside was torn and ripped; the exterior was black and holey.

With a grimace, Star tugged on Danny's arm to bring his attention to her. He didn't need to focus on being king of the zone just now. Star ignored the stares people on the bus gave them. Opening her mouth to ask about the zone, but she felt way the Spector Speeder began to shake a bit. "Danny, could ectoplasm be used as a gas source?"

With a look that gave off as much annoyance with the question, "no. Why?"

The Spector Speeder then began to fall the hundreds of feet from where they were in the air to the closest rock form that was below them. When the Speeder crashed, Star was grabbed by the waist by Danny when an icy feeling covered her being. Despite her arms blocking her head, she knew she probably wouldn't have made it unscathed had it not been for Danny turning her intangible in the last second. With a heavy thud, the bus landed and she saw darkness.

Danny groaned lightly as he opened his eyes. His arm hurt- as did the rest of him. When he looked down he saw an unconscious Star with her head on his arm. She probably would wake soon, so he needed to get her out of the vehicle as soon as possible. Still, the shock of the crash would have Star weak in the knees, so they would need to wait until the shock wears off.

Danny had picked her up to carry her out of the Speeder bringing her to a clearing away from the bus he would be putting there. Sighing, Danny decided to begin to get people out of the bus- Star would be upset if she was the only one he got out of the bus. She already was making him care about the others, even if it was for her sake.

Many of the people who had come along the trip had various injuries; luckily there weren't any casualties. No one had died, yet.

"Fuck," Danny hissed to himself. He doesn't think he'll survive with the group that he came with; he just might lose all sanity that he had left. Or worse, he may become a Fruitloop as Vlad already is.

He managed to get everyone out of the bus, but they were all coming to. Panic was becoming the first thing they all did before more panic came around. The adults were all trying to calm the group down, but it didn't seem to do much.

"Danny," Star called gently. Danny walked toward her side. She had just woken up it seemed. She had her head between her knees. "I think you need to take charge..."

"We're stuck with idiots," Danny muttered as his face fell in his hand. "The A-list's won't listen to the teachers, so what makes anyone think that they'll listen to me?"

"Well," Star started slowly, "almost all of the school fears you..."


"I'm not afraid," she whispered. Lifting her head she gazed into his sky blue eyes. She tried showing just how much she trusts him.

They looked at each other with warm gazes, but it was interrupted when they heard many moans and groans. Students and the adults were annoying one another. They were in absolute pain as they had yet to get their wounds treated, so he might have to get to that if no one else knew how to.

Danny knew that Star was able to treat wounds as she and her sister had been injured a lot by their parents. Plus, she helps him with his injuries now that she knows his secret, but he wouldn't force the blonde to do so if she didn't want to.

His eyes glanced at the way Star was holding her left arm with gentle care. A sprain maybe? Reaching out, he grabbed her hand allowing his healing powers to transfer over to her. "Sorry about this..."

Pain flared in her arm, but she never moved away from his cool grip. Her eyes watched as an icy blue-green aura covered her skin. He was wrong, it was a small fracture. Slowly, Star felt the cool feel of Danny's powers entering her body as it began to heal her arm; it felt nice, she thought.

"That feels good," she said with her eyes closed as a small moan left her throat.

"Manson and Foley had said that it felt awful and really painful," Danny said lightly.

Star hummed thoughtfully, too focused on how Danny's powers made her entire being feel as if it were laying on a cloud. "Maybe it differs from person to person."

A smirk fell on his lips as he released her now healed arm before he watched each of the others get up. He pulled her up, keeping her hand in his as he used his powers on her. As much as this helped, he wouldn't use it on other people because Danny knew that it would scare others if they saw he was able to heal. That and he just didn't want to lose all the energy it takes to heal more than two people.

"Does anyone know any first aid," Maddie asked the crowd of students' and Lancer. When no one answered with a positive, Star and Danny rose their hands gaining everyone's attention. "Great, now help everyone with their injuries."

"Anyone could put a bandaid on a cut," Dash growled out.

"Doesn't mean they know how to fix any other wounds," another jock finished.

Kwan walked over to Danny and showed him his broken arm, "I trust them."

Rolling his eyes, Danny stomped forward with anger- his hand gently leading Kwan to a perch close to a trail of flat rocks. Star wasn't far behind as she tried to ignore all of the eyes that were on her and Danny. She removed her hand from his as she took one of the first-aid boxes that were handed to them as he took the other, and sat on one of the flat rocks. They patched up many of the others, some times having to stitch up a cut or two, in the span of a half an hour.

Though Kwan had tried to be brave, it didn't keep the fearful quiver from his voice when Danny did his job. He was good, but he never spoke about what he was doing and it made him nervous. A girl had gone to Star with a horrid gash on her leg. As the two worked silently, the adults took notice of how well the two got along.

Confused wonder fluttered in Lancer's mind. For the longest time, he had noticed that Danny had become someone most either avoided or feared- sometimes it was both. Then came Star becoming apart of Daniel's inner circle- where Foley and Manson once were- where she seemed to be protecting him. It confused Lancer as to why Daniel was so cautious and dangerous with those around him. Perhaps, this trip will help him understand his students better.


Danny was fucking done with the class. He was done with the fucking adults who happen to now be watching him super fucking closely. The raven-haired halfa was just about ready to rip the hair out of every person around, and he was afraid that if Star would happen to enter his danger zone she might get hurt in some way, shape, or form.

Lancer wouldn't stop goddamn analyzing him. Jack and Maddie kept their weapons aimed and on at all times, and it was beginning to piss Danny off as he was helping the others with their wounds. The constant hum of the weapons was grating on his nerves so much so, that the other teens would ask why he was gritting his teeth. It only added fuel to his chilling anger.

Dash and his buddies- even Paulina and her company- were loudly asking everyone about whether or not Phantom lived here as the other ghosts seemed to. They were so loud, that they were making their presence in the Zone known to the residents here. Not a fucking good idea, if one were to ask Danny.

"He is always to the scene when a ghost comes," Dash's red-haired friend said.

"So? He is still a ghost," Dash spat, "he has to live here."

Star, even though she wasn't doing anything wrong, was also annoying him with her concerned glances even though he noticed that she winced a lot more when she did something. He knew the blonde had been hurt when she had been friends with those A-lister asses and had to keep shut about her injuries.

Yet, she wasn't friends with them and she was his. Still, she wasn't telling him she was hurt and it was starting to rub him the wrong way. Why doesn't she ever ask him to help her?

Didn't she trust him? Doesn't she know he was beginning to worry about her? He was genuinely concerned for her, and there were only a few others he felt like this for. Though, he shouldn't be completely surprised when she seemed happy to tell Valery that she was fine to go. A genuine smile on her paling face, a visible sheen of perspiration coating her skin and drenching her clothes. Well, the Hazmat and his hoodie.

"Good," he spat at Valery, "get the fuck away from us." Her green eyes went wide, but she then sent Danny a withering look. He countered it with his cold gaze, making her wince and scurried off. "Strong! Get your fucking ass over here."

Other students groaned at having to wait longer for them to be treated.

"Danny," her tone was questioning with a hint of reprimand. Oh no. She was not going to reprimand him.

She walked slowly from her spot beside him, her arm firmly sticking to her side- her breath came in a forced relaxed way. Now he was beyond pissed- he needed to blast something. Star was one person who rubbed him the wrong way when she tried to act as though she were fine.

With a firm glare, he pointed to the rock in front of him, "now."

Sighing, then wincing after, Star sat on the rock he directed her to. She took off her shirt, not caring about the others in the area, and allowed Danny to assess her new injuries.

"I'm fine, Danny." He glared at her as he pressed her shoulder enough to that she winced.

Smirking slightly, Danny bent down and used his fingers to lightly graze her skin. He wasn't a sadist and Star being in pain wasn't what was making him smirk, no, it was the fact that she isn't afraid of him but she knew when not to fight back with him. Something about that made him pleased.

Her shoulder was badly bruised, so he made quick work to use his ice powers in his figures to numb her pain. "Who?"

"Red-head next to Paulina, she kicked me when I was treating her." His gaze went to her wrist, "a guy accidentally squeezed me too hard when I was stitching his cut."


"Not now," she said in a soft murmur. "We'll talk about this when everyone is sleeping."

Growling Danny jabbed her side, "now. We talk about this now." By now, they had gained everyone's attention as she tried to dissuade Danny from talking. "Leave, you mother fuckers."

"Daniel James Fenton," Maddie spat, "you will not talk to your friends and elders this way."

His icy blue eyes seemed to glow, his hand formed a fist as he glanced at Star, healing her right in front of everyone. "None of you deserve better from me, Maddie. In fact, I think this entire trip is stupid."

Having not paid attention to the healing on Star, Maddie placed her hands on her hips as Jack stared at Danny with utter confusion. "And why is that, young man?"

Laughing darkly, everyone- excluding Star- backed away from him; thinking he was crazy. Though, that could also be due to the glow around his hand and pulsing on to Star. Her wounds were disappearing before their eyes, yet the older Fentons hadn't noticed.

"Why? You are a complete and utter idiot! This is your first time in the Zone," shocked gasps, "and you decide to take an entire class into it. And for what? To explore the unknown? Listen here, Fenton," he spat at his mother and father, "I know this place as if it were the back of my hand, so you do as I say."

Stunned silence flowed through them, but it was enough to attract Ember. "Hey, Dipstick, what are you doin' here?"

Rolling his eyes, "fucking field trip, hot head."

Wincing, Ember gazed at his companions, "I feel you. Clockwork asked me to give this to you," she then threw a large container of gas at him. "Said it will get you home quicker, but with that wreck it took Technus-"


Danny groaned as he watched Maddie and Jack point their weapons toward Ember; ready to cause her pain. They probably would have, too, had Danny not grabbed their weapons and broke them over his knee.

Star placed a calming hand on his shoulder, but he turned sharply towards her. Not that it phased her since she kept her hand on his shoulder, instead, she began to lightly massage his shoulders. Slowly Danny turned his head away from her as he tried to control his emotions.

"Focus, Danny," she whispered in his ear, her arms curling around his left one. "If you lose it now, you won't be able to find yourself for a while."

He knew that. He wanted to blast her off of him, but instead, he mimicked her breathing as he tried to focus solely on calming down. Ember had left, the Spector Speeder Bus was still a wreck, and his parents were becoming even harder to bear. All he needed was to get everyone to help fix the bus, refill the tank, and then get the hell out of dodge.

If only things were ever that simple.