(Disclaimer: Just like with the poem; I do not own the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." It is the creation of one, Dr. Seuss and this is meant to be a parody of that song. So, please...don't sue me.)

"You're A Tough Gem, Jasper Quartz"

You're a tough Gem, Jasper Quartz with fists as hard as stone. You find joy in crushing rivals or when you are breaking bones, Jasper Quartz.

Whenever you're not on the battlefield, people wonder what you do alone.

You're quite brutish, Jasper Quartz with a nasty, vicious scowl. You've carried this all with you, once you've burst from the earthly bowels; Jasper Quartz.

Human children often mistake you for a lioness, each day you grunt and growl.

(Musical cue)

You are vicious, Jasper Quartz; you have fire in your eyes. You crush insects underneath your feet and then chuckle, as it dies; Jasper Quartz

Each time such moments occur, I pity any other creature that swims or flies!

You're a warrior, Jasper Quartz; with unyielding strength and skill. The only thing that compares to both is your unshakable iron will, Jasper Quartz.

You're tougher than rusted nails blended with solid cement, stale popcorn kernels and three month old bread!

You terrify me, Jasper Quartz with your hostile heart and soul. You will never ever falter 'till you have reached your desired goal, Jasper Quartz.

Your presence on the battlefield is like a shroud of death, striking terror into the hearts of every Gem around you; turning them into quivering fools!

You're a mighty one, Jasper Quartz with your mighty well-made bod. You find pleasure in beating those you would call a clod, Jasper Quartz!

The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote; "SOD, SOD, SOD!"

You're quite pitiful, Jasper Quartz; you have vengeance in your heart. You continue to battle for a world that's all been torn apart, Jasper Quartz!

You are left without purpose, without leadership and authority. But alongside this truth, one other also exists; that you are now free to make a new start!"

(song ends)

(First AN: Much like with the poem, I'm sorry if the song doesn't make much sense. I'm more of a story writer, you see; not a poet)

(Second AN: To get into the right mood, I recommend listening to the original Grinch song by Thurl Ravenscroft while reading)

(Third AN: I tried to make each verse represent every moment she had in the series, past and current. I'm sorry if the rhymes didn't make much sense"

(Final AN: Even though it's not her last name, Jasper is referred to as Jasper Quartz in this; considering how she is considered the "Ultimate Quartz Gem.)