The work day had ended at the Great Lakes City Pokémon zoo. Izzy and Sid, who were friends despite their age difference, walked out of the zoo's large, elaborate exit that didn't impress or amaze either of them any longer due to having seen it so many times. There was a potentially more important topic on their minds anyway.

Izzy: So, how come your mom wasn't here today?

Sid: I was hoping you knew. I just came here after school today, expecting to see her, and...

Sid was cut off by a loud, futuristic sound coming from above their heads. They looked up and saw Ronnie Anne riding on her hoverboard with Lincoln holding onto her really tight.

Sid: Yay! Ronnie Anne's here!

As the hoverboard came down, the younger of the two zoo employees noticed something off about her white-haired acquaintance. Neither of them noticed the austere expression on Ronnie Anne's face.

Izzy: Is Lincoln not wearing shoes? Ooh! Can I take off my shoes?

Sid: What are ya' askin' me for? I'm not your mom. By the way who is your mom?

When Ronnie Anne landed the hoverboard, Lincoln immediately got off and laid down on the ground.

Lincoln: I am never getting on that crazy thing ever again!

Izzy: What's with your lack of shoes? Is wearing just socks a new Michiganian fashion trend? 'Cause no one was doing it here today.

Ronnie Anne: We've got bigger fish to fry.

Sid: Is it serious?

Ronnie Anne: Very!

Sid: Oh my God, what's up?!

Ronnie Anne: Well, it's gonna be hard to listen to, so let me ease you into it.

Earlier that same day, Lincoln was walking home from school when he heard the sound of Ronnie Anne's hoverboard. After he looked up at her, she lowered down and jumped off. She didn't yet know about the serious thing she told Sid about, so she was more calm.

Ronnie Anne: Hey, Linc. You're not walking home with Clyde today?

Lincoln: He wasn't at school today, since he's unfortunately in the hospital with appendicitis.

Ronnie Anne: Oof. That can't be good.

Lincoln: Nah, it's alright. The legendary Dr. John Cena is treating him, so he'll be just fine.

Ronnie Anne: Good to know. So anyway, the reason I'm here is because I wanted to give my condolences in person. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your niece on Thanksgiving. I thought I was having a bad Thanksgiving just because one of Izzy's friends was being really rude, but that's nothing compared to a major family member death.

Lincoln: Thank you, but it sounds like you didn't hear the whole story. She only may have died. What happened was she went back in time to try to change the past back to the way it was in her original timeline, but she never came back.

Ronnie Anne: Well then why don't you go back in time too to see if she's okay?

Lincoln: Because, well, I...I want to hold onto the hope that she's still with us. I don't want to have to say I lost two family members in just over a year. But on a more positive note, Thanksgiving was also the day Leni got pregnant, so even if the Loud family lost someone on that day, we'll be gaining another one in August.

Ronnie Anne: ...But didn't Leni & George agree to let Korrina adopt the kid?

Lincoln: Still counts.

Ronnie Anne: Okay then. So anyway, since I'm here, you want me to give you a ride home on my hoverboard?

Lincoln: Thanks but no thanks. I'm beyond terrified of riding it.

Ronnie Anne: It's him, not it.

Lincoln: ...Is it really, or...?

Lincoln was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. The ringtone that played was the one for video chats from Lola. But when he answered, instead of seeing his little sister, he saw a familiar-looking man.

Ronnie Anne: Is that one of the people from Friends?

Lincoln: I think so. Matthew Perry, why are you at my house, using my sister's phone?

Chandler: It's Chandler Bing, actually.


Lincoln: Why is she screaming for help?

Chandler: Well, if you must know.

To reveal what Lola was screaming about, Chandler moved the phone further away from his face. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne could now see that he had Lola pinned down to the living room floor.

Lincoln: What? No! Wha-What are you doing?! GET OFF MY SISTER!

Ignoring Lincoln's plea, Chandler shot red lasers out of his eyes, aimed straight at Lola. Being hit by this attack caused Lola to cough and slowly struggle to keep her eyes open.

Lola: Good bye, Linky.

The second Lola shut her eyes, she transformed into a glowing orb with a rainbow-colored aura coming from it with a picture of herself on it. She had been turned into a Spirit. She then floated into a brown cloth sack that Chandler had. Before he closed the bag, Lincoln could see Spirits of several of his other family members were also in it.

Lincoln: What the dang heck, Chandler?! Why did you just...? Is that my entire family in there?!

Chandler: It sure is.

Lincoln: But why would you ever...?

Before the confused and freaked out teenage boy could finish his question, Chandler placed a giant Gooey Bomb on the coffee table and then slammed Lola's phone on the floor, breaking it and ending the video chat.

Ronnie Anne: ...Well, this has gotta be some kinda gag, right?

Lincoln: ...I'm sorry. What?

Ronnie Anne: I'm just saying. This must be Luan pranking you.

Lincoln: No, no. She never does anything this big unless it's April Fool's Day.

Ronnie Anne: Okay, but still. It's a 90's sitcom character who's apparently evil turning your family into glowy balls by shooting lasers out of his eyes. Something this ridiculous could never possibly be real. You're with me on this, aren't ya'?

Lincoln: ...A few years ago, I would've been. But you live with a family of vampires, my niece from the future moved in with me, and I did a livestream with a living LEGO recently. At this point, I'll believe anything. Now forget what I said about being too scared for a ride. I need to get home ASAP.

Ronnie Anne: And so, we got on my board and flew to the Loud house.

Izzy: Was Lincoln scared?

Ronnie Anne: Terrified. But that's not what's important. When we got to his place, we...Umm...

Ronnie Anne looked at her white-haired buddy, giving him a look that asked non-verbally if he was okay with hearing about the traumatic incident she was about to explain.

Lincoln: Go ahead.

Ronnie Anne: So, we get to his house, and...

When they were about halfway to their destination, a couple of their fans spotted them from the ground below.

Fan #1: Hey, look! It's Lincoln & Ronnie Anne!

Fan #2: Ooh! Look how tight he's hugging her. I knew they would get together. I'm so glad they finally did.

Fan #1: I thought they already were.

Fan #2: Hey, Ronniecoln! Kiss!

Fan #1: Yeah, kiss!

Lincoln was usually kind to his fans when they thought Ronnie Anne was his girlfriend or wanted her to be. However, it was impossible for him to be in the right mood for that with the stress from worrying about his family overpowering him. So, to his fans' surprise, he threw his shoes at them.

Lincoln: We're just good friends!

Ronnie Anne: You want me to go down there and get your shoes back?

Lincoln: My family is more important than my shoes. Now speed up!

Ronnie Anne: Every time I do, you tell me to slow down like two seconds later. Make up your mind.

Out of nowhere, there was a black flash in front of them. Before them appeared a hooded half-demon that neither of them recognized.

Raven: Oh, hey.

A person suddenly in their way made Ronnie Anne have to stop the hoverboard in midair without a chance to warn Lincoln. He almost fell off but was able to regain his balance in time. The two got a good look at Raven and Lincoln was not happy about what he was seeing.

Lincoln: Are you...a Teen Titans Go! character?

Raven: A Teen Titans Go! character and proud.

Lincoln: Oh, this is just freaking fantastic! This day just keeps getting better and better!

Raven: Well, I was gonna help you guys, but if you're gonna be that way, see ya'.

Raven began to float away but got less than an inch away before Ronnie Anne grabbed the Titan's arm to try to get her to stay.

Ronnie Anne: No, don't! He's sorry. You are sorry, right, Lincoln?

Lincoln: No! We don't need his help anyway.

Raven: I'm a girl.

Lincoln: Okay, that I'm sorry about. But we still don't need your help.

Raven: You may think that, but wait 'til you hear this.

Another black flash appeared above Raven's head. Her book of ancient legends fell down from it and she caught it as it opened to the page she needed.

Raven: Several centuries ago, two evil kings used dark magic to mind control an innocent man and make him transform a certain family of people that they wanted out of the picture into Spirits. For an unknown reason, likely either to show just how serious they were or just for poops and giggles, they also had the man destroy that family's home. Luckily, the family was rescued by a white-haired warrior, his wife who always wore purple armor, a vampire, a young child, an Italian gentleman, and his talking hat.

Lincoln: How is any of this relevant, you CN trash?!

Raven: If you had just let me finish, you would know. I believe the events of this legend are happening again. You're no warrior, and you two are obviously not husband and wife because you're too young to be, but you've got white hair and she wears purple, so I suppose that's close enough.

Ronnie Anne: But...Lincoln's house wasn't destroyed.

Raven: You're about to be standing corrected.

Raven used her magic to teleport the three of them to where Lincoln lived along with the hoverboard. Once there, their eyes were met with the sight of the Loud family's Pokémon standing in front of the shattered remains of the house. Horror was in everyone but Raven's eyes and Lincoln quickly ran up to the pile of rubble.

Lincoln: No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Raven: Chill out, Oscar from Summer Camp Island.

Lincoln's despair instantly changed to rage, causing him to turn to Raven and point at her threateningly. He began to yell at her, but she had no emotion towards anything he said.

Lincoln: My family is freaking dead! Right now is the absolute worst time to be making dumb jokes! And if I am any TV character other than myself, I am Jasper from Henry Danger!

Raven: You mean that trashy show about superheroes who don't take their responsibilities to protect the city they call home seriously? You'd have to be completely brainless to enjoy crud like that.

Lincoln: ...Go away and never come back to this universe ever again.

Raven: Okay. Sure.

Using her magic once again, Raven teleported back to her home universe.

Lincoln: This is absolutely terrible. This is the worst day of my entire life!

As Lincoln began to sift through the rubble that his house had become, Ronnie Anne started getting her hoverboard going again.

Lincoln: Where are you going?

Ronnie Anne: Well, Lori was in that bag too and she was probably at my place when it must have happened, so I gotta go home and make sure everybody else is okay. Afterwards, we need to find Sid & Izzy.

Lincoln: Sid & Izzy? Why?

Ronnie Anne: I think we're supposed to do what the people in that legend did. They're obviously supposed to be the vampire and the kid. While I'm gone, start thinking about who the talking hat and...

Lincoln: Don't worry. I already know the only possible answer to that.

Ronnie Anne: Okay, good. Smell ya' later.

Lincoln: I told you to stop saying that!

As his friend hoverboarded away, Lincoln went back to sifting through the rubble, searching for his magic wand. If he found it, he would be able to turn into The Cheese Fairy and magically undo all of the awful things that had happened on that very strange day. Between not being able to find it and the fact that the only person who lived in his house who might still be alive was the one he couldn't stand, he felt like all the times he got accused of being bad luck were right for the first time.

Ronnie Anne: And then I went back to our building and saw that everyone in my family, along with yours, all got turned into those glowy ball things too.

Sid: What?! That's horrible! We've gotta do something.

Izzy: That must be why your mom wasn't here today. How did the Loud house get destroyed?

Lincoln: That squishy thing Chandler put on the table was a bomb. I'm surprised by how much damage it did though. But there's no time for questions. We've gotta get going to Reflection Cave so we can find the last two people we need for our team. I get a feeling they'll have a better idea of what we're supposed to do.

Ronnie Anne: It pains me to say this, but everybody get on my board.

Sid: No need, buddy. I've got a better idea. Izzy, this is the perfect time for us to try to do that thing I told you about.

Excited for what Sid was referring to, Izzy jumped onto the top of her head. With her friend now laying on top of her, Sid started trying to concentrate all her focus on Izzy. But the faces she was making, bulged eyes, clenched fists, and tight lips, made it unclear to Lincoln what she was doing.

Lincoln: Is she pooping?

Ronnie Anne: Just wait.

Sid: I can do it! I just gotta have faith in the power of love!

Izzy: Johnny B. Goode is better, but whatever it takes.

Sid let out a scream and then in the blink of an eye, she and Izzy had transformed into Noibat.

Lincoln: What the?!

Sid: We vampires are able to change not only ourselves into Noibat, but also non-vampires we have a strong positive relationship with. I've wanted to do it with Ronnie Anne too, but she said she doesn't consent to it.

Ronnie Anne: My preferences and lack of desire to do a certain thing most people would want to are not the important issue right now. Let's get going!

Sid: So, where is Reflection Cave exactly?

Ronnie Anne: Just follow me. I know the way. Lincoln, are you getting back on or were you serious when you said you're never riding this again?

Lincoln: We have to get there as fast as possible, so I don't have much of a choice. Just one second.

To the girls' surprise, Lincoln started banging his face into the hard concrete ground.

Ronnie Anne: Why the heck are you doing that?

Lincoln: I'm trying to knock myself out so I won't be awake during the ride.

Ronnie Anne: Oh, just get on, ya' big baby!

When Lincoln was forced onto the board, he laid down on his stomach and grabbed the bottom with both his arms and his legs. The four then flew off towards Kalos.

In a completely different universe, Chandler approached the two Smashers who had mind controlled him, King Dedede and Ganondorf. Since he thought he had finished his job, Chandler handed Ganondorf the bag full of Spirits he had collected.

Chandler: Here ya' go, guys. I wasn't sure which one was Lori, so I had to turn a few extra people into Spirits too.

Ganondorf: That's no problem, it just means more innocent people are suffering. I love that! Let me just be sure you...

Ganondorf opened up the sack, quickly looked through its contents, and was disappointed by what he found inside.

Ganondorf: You didn't get all the Louds.

Chandler: Yeah, I did. You said there were 13, right?

Ganondorf: Yes, exactly. There's only 12 of them in here. You didn't get the boy.

Chandler: There was a boy? I...I swear I counted 13.

King Dedede: Retake math then. I'm not even lookin' in the sack and even I know you didn't get 'em all. Only because Ganondorf said which one was missing, but still.

Ganondorf: This is just great! Now he's gonna come here and try to get his family back.

King Dedede: He's just a little boy. We should be able to defeat him no prob.

Ganondorf: Normally, I'd completely agree with you but this is Super Smash Bros. He's a lot lighter than us, so that probably means we're at a disadvantage.

Chandler: I'm sorry, I'm very sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Ganondorf: Of all the Louds for you to leave out, it had to be the one who sometimes goes by the name Link?! Get out of here!

Chandler: Get out of here?

King Dedede: You heard him. Go away! We don't need ya' anymore anyway.

Chandler: Okay. How do I get home?

King Dedede: This is how!

King Dedede then hit Chandler in between his legs with his hammer, making the mind controlled man vanish away.

Ganondorf: Did that really send him home?

King Dedede: Maybe.

Ganondorf: I still can't believe you were able to mind control him and give him powers he's not supposed to have. How did you do that?

King Dedede: I'm King Dedede. I can do whatevah I want!

Ganondorf: ...Sounds like a flawless explanation to me. So, what should we do when Lincoln gets here?

King Dedede: What we should-a did in the first place. Mind control HIM and make him do whatevah we want for the rest-a his life.

Ganondorf: I like the sound of that, but it won't get to last for long. We have to kill him or else we won't accomplish what we started doing this for. If a member of the Loud family is still alive, Anthony will still be able to write fanfiction about him. But once the Loud family is no more, Anthony will go back to writing fanfiction about us, like he never should have stopped doing.

Instead of saying something back to his teammate in this evil plan, King Dedede raised an eyebrow and stroked his chin.

Ganondorf: What?

King Dedede: I just realized something. We ain't got no reason to care if this Anthony fella writes about us. We don't gotta rely on him writin' 'cause we got us Nintendo to give us stuff to do.

Ganondorf: You know what? You are absolutely right. Even if we did need fanfiction, it wouldn't have to be from Anthony. There's plenty of others writing fanfiction about us as well.

King Dedede: Why are we doing this then?

Ganondorf: ...You don't think we're being mind controlled too, do you?

King Dedede: ...NAH!

Back in Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's home universe, a 10-year-old girl was at a friend's house in New Bark Town, Johto. She was watching King Dedede and Ganondorf's conversation on a TV in the living room. She turned the TV off and stepped outside, where she began touching her fingers together evilly. She looked very similar to the female Pokémon Trainer playable in Ultimate, but younger, wearing eyeglasses, and with more brightly colored brown hair. She was also wearing a Team Rocket T-shirt.

Karli: It's all going according to plan!