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Shadow Moon

Chapter 1


Usagi had grown tried of how the others had been treating her as of late. She had grown tried of the emotional roll coaster that her "so-called" Prince Mamoru or Endymion. She could swear his name sounded more like a Pokémon then anything. But that was besides that fact.

Right now Usagi had just packed her bags and set them aside. She was waiting for her family along with Chibi-Usagi to leave to go on a family trip to the hot springs they went to early last winter. When she was trying to save Mamoru form his own darkness. Something she had to this very moment ever regretted doing. For when Chibi-Usagi had shown up Mamoru used it as an excuse to begin his mind games and slowly began mentally and emotionally abusing Usagi. At first, she didn't notice as she was too busy protecting the brat from the Dark Moon Family. But after awhile he began to push her around and one night as she stopped to ask him about Chibi-Usagi. He went out of his way to slap her and tell her to never darken his doorway again. With that Usagi returned home. She had stopped at a drug store and bought some make-up to hide the handprint and hid the mark. She didn't know who to turn to. For she knew her friends would take his side and Chibi-Usagi would just blame her for angering him over something so stupid.

So during the coming weeks before she was going to leave on the trip. Usagi had asked Luna to stay with Ami or Minako as she wasn't sure how long they would be staying and couldn't bring her along. Luna unknowing of what was going to happen agreed to stay with Minako as she and Artemins had some things they needed to go over and talk about how they wanted to change the girls training.

Her plan was coming together very nicely.

"Usagi." Called her mother from the base of the stairwell.

"Yeah mom?" Called back Usagi as she knew it was getting time to leave for their trip.

"Your father needs your bag to put it in the car and have you taken Luna to Minako's yet?" Asked her mother as she was waiting for her blonde hair daughter to appear at the top of the stairs.

Usagi walked to the top of the stair landing and looked down at her mother with a sad smile. "Yeah I just dropped her off about an hour ago. But, Naru just called me and reminded me we had a report due first thing after break and we haven't even begun it. For we both forgot about it with other school activities and all the studying I have been doing to get ready for High School." Lied Usagi as she knew her mother wouldn't allow her to go with some big project needing to be done.

A frown married her face as she looked up at her eldest child. "Oh Usagi. How could you two girls forget something so important like a project for class?" She asked her daughter as Chibi-Usagi rounded the corner.

"Because she is a big meatball headed dummy." Said Chibi-Usagi as she flipped Usagi off from behind her back as she pushed passed her future mother.

Usagi didn't say anything or even make a fist. She just smiled at her mother. "I'm sorry mom. I know this was going to be a family vacation. But I need to stay behind to get this done. It's very important that I do. There is always next break we can go somewhere fun." She told her mother with the same smile.

With a sigh she nodded her head. "Alright sweetie. Your father and I will leave you some money for food and whatever else you might need. Call us if you need anything or anything happens." She told her daughter with a smile. If only she knew this would be the last time, she would see her daughter. Or even remember her.

"Alright mom. Thank you. I promise to make it up to you and dad when you come back." Said Usagi as she turned and went back to her bedroom.

With that her family had left for their family trip none never knowing their lives will forever change and for some to never being born.

Usagi went to her closet and pulled out a black shirt with long sleeves and a black plaid skirt with red lines on it. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out her red leggings and quickly changed out of her baby pink sweater and powder blue skirt and pink knee-high leggings. She was going to be true to herself and stop acting as the weak little rabbit they all believed her to be. After dressing she put on her knee-high boots and took her hair out of the buns and pulled it into a high ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror. "This will do for now." She told herself.

As Usagi one day sitting in her room alone meditating she discovered that she could cut her links with Mamoru and the girls, long with the two cats. So slowly taking in deep breaths she focused on her task at hand and cut all her ties with her past life and her future that she wanted nothing to do with. For if the show of abuse that she is experiencing now is any indications of what to come. She was better off leaving now and cutting all ties with them all now.

Because even for a while now even her friends had been showing their true colors to her. That they didn't care for her and make fun of her and call her a pig for all the food she ate and always sided with the pink hair brat. Hell if they took a second to think about it. She needed to eat like she did. For her overpowered attacks took a lot of energy and calories. For she burned everything off within seconds. But no. She was a lazy overeating cry baby. That is all they ever thought she was. So why try to show them she wasn't that but just allow them to believe what they wanted. They soon will learn to regret it. For there is always a new enemy around the corner. "Rei always wanted to be the leader. Lets see how she handles things. Without me around they will not be getting any more upgrades either." She said to herself as she had finished cutting all her links with all those who have mistreated her. Now it was time to leave and start a new life. She was blessed her mother had given her a gift no one knew about. Not even Sailor Pluto that she could move freely between all worlds without being tracked. She will be just a memory a whisper in a wind.

With that Usagi took one last look at her bedroom and at the photos she had next to her bed. There was her and the girls and one of her and Mamoru. She had only taken the one of her and Naru and her other friends she had before her life changed and she had become Sailor Moon. Closing the door behind her she walked down the stairs and out of her family home for one last time.

Walking to the park to the docks by the large lake at the center of the park Usagi pulled out her locked. Looking it over. It looked like a cheaply made plastic toy. Opening it she removed the silver crystal and pulled out a black rose locket and put the crystal in the center of it. She looked at her old heart shaped locket. A single tear escaped her left eye as it fell on it. She felt a little sad at what she was going to do next. But what she has seen of the future to come. It wasn't one she wanted to take part in. Not if it meant having an abusive husband and a bastard of a child that doesn't respect or love her. She had come to terms with how she felt about Chibi-Usagi and within her heart she knew she couldn't give birth to a child like that. For she wouldn't be pure of heart. For what she had seen the crystal had already rejected her. That also left Usagi questioning if that child was hers. If the child could have been of a mistress of Mamoru. Something she wouldn't put past him.

With that thought she dropped her locket and began stomping on it until she heard it break under her weight. With a sad smile she looked up at the night sky. The moon was full and very beautiful.

Midnight Konoha

Naruto sat deep within the forest that surround Konoha. On his lap was the forbidden scroll. "So this is the thing the trader wants?" He asked himself as he looked around for anyone. No one was there. The Hokage trusted him with it as ANBU Commander. To suffice his boredom he open the scroll and began looking though it when he found a seal with his name on it. Looking it over, he studied the seal seeing it was a blood seal. 'Hmm… I wonder what this is?' He thought to himself as he bit his thumb and run his blood across it.

In a poof of smoke several large scrolls appear before him. One crimson with the Uzukage seal on it and another royal purple with the Hokage seal on it and a third one Silver with a crescent moon on it. He arched an eyebrow at this one. He just shrugged it off and picked up the three scrolls sealing them into a seal on his left arm in a seal tattoo he had hidden with chakra. With that task done he want back looking at the scroll and took out a note pad and wrote down the exploding shadow clones as well he copied the flying thunder god. For he wanted to move around quicker in battle in this accursed it village. "Those two will come in handy in battle." He told himself.

"It will come in handy kit. But I would like to see what's in those three scrolls that you found addressed to you." Said Kurama as he was sitting in a meadow.

At the age of three Naruto was attacked and saved by Commander Dragon. While he was in a mini coma, he had met Kurama and they had worked this out and become best friends and when he turned seven years old and was a full-time member of ANBU he had signed the Kitsune summons scroll. Making them their first summoner since the first Uzukage of Uzu. Unknowingly to Naruto his great grandfather.

'Yeah. Well when we are done with the bastard, we can give this back to the old man and check these out. But I wonder if I am going to be stuck on a Genin team after this or if I am going to go back to ANBU.' Naruto said to Kurama as he had zoned out as he had Shadow clone as his look out and he still had about three hours before Mizuki, or anyone would be showing up looking for him.

"True. I have a feeling those are from your parents and it's the last one. The Silver one that has me wondering what the hell it could be." Said Kurama as he had only seen that seal once and it was when his father had met a beautiful woman with glowing silver hair and haunting royal blue eyes. She was so beautiful, and she was heavy with child at the time of their meeting. But he didn't remember much for he was just a kit at the time and his brothers and sisters just wanted to play with the woman's soft glowing hair.

Just then a silver doorway with a crescent moon appeared. Naruto was thrown out of his mindscape as he was now on guard watching this door. He flared his chakra making sure it wasn't a genjutsu or any type of trap.

The door open as a girl with long blonde hair stepped out of it. She had beautiful royal blue eyes and stood about 5'6 about four inches shorter then himself as he stood about 5'9 and is still growing. She looked around the clearing she had stepped out in. Her beautiful eyes landed on him as they slightly widen as she saw him.

Usagi was taken back by the boy sitting before her. He had the most beautiful clear blue eyes she had ever seen. "Umm…Hi." She said gracefully.

Naruto just sweat dropped at the girl before him. "Hi. What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" He asked her.

Usagi tilled her head to the side as her ponytail lopped over her right shoulder. "To be honest. I don't know where here is. I just ran away from my home and away from my abusive boyfriend." She said looked away. She didn't know why she had been honest with him.

His eyes widen just a little at hearing her say she was being abused by someone she loved, and she had run away. She is standing up and putting the scroll down he summon a little kit to watch over it. He moved over to the girl. "What's your name?" He asked her.

She looked into his eyes once more. This time she had to look up as he was towering over her. A slight blush married her cheeks. "My name is Usagi Serenity." She told him. She didn't know if she was near Tokyo or even in Japan anymore. But she couldn't give her family name. She figure to give him her name of this life and her name of the past.

He smiled at her. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and it is a pleasure to meet you Usagi-chan." He said with a foxy grin on his face. Something that made her feel warm and safe.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Naruto-kun." Said Usagi as she didn't know why she was flirting with him. "Umm…Naruto-kun could you please tell me where we are right now?" She asked him.

He blinked and smiled. "We are in one of the forest that surround Konoha. The Village Hidden in the Leaf." He told her.

She blinked a few times before she spoke. "So we are not in Japan or anywhere near Tokyo?" She asked him. She was feeling foolish as she saw his puzzled look on his face.

"No. We are not. I'm sorry but I have never heard of these places. They might be across the great seas." Said Naruto as he was studying her now.

Usagi dropped her bags and walked up to the tree he has been sitting at and slid down it. "I don't know. But all I can say is they will never be able to find me here." She told him as the kit that was to protect the scroll jumped on her lap and softly purred as she petted it on the head.

Kurama inside of Naruto's mindscape just watch what was happening and was feeling the same healing and calming power he felt so long ago from the silver hair woman. 'Could she be the child that the woman was heavy with so long ago?' He question himself as Naruto moved to sit next to her.

"Can I ask why you ran away?" Asked Naruto as he was now wondering what would make her leave her family and friends behind.

Usagi looked up at him. Their eyes meeting and they both felt it. A pull a bound that went deeper than anything they had even known but what was it?

"I left for I was being mistreated by the man I thought I loved. By my friends who where siding with him and our future daughter. A child that was very wicked to me. I could not will myself any longer to pretend to love the man nor his child. I couldn't stand by as my friends belittled me and sided with those who are only out to hurt and use me for my gifts given to me by my mother." Said Usagi as another single tear rolled down her cheek.

Naruto lift his right hand and brushed away the tear on her left cheek. "I am sorry you had to endure that. You are more then welcome to come stay with me until you have your own place and figure out what you are going to do next." He told her.

She looked at him with shook written all across her face. "Why would you do that for me?" she question him.

He smiled at her. "I know how it is to be on your own. With no one to care for you or love you. To stand on your own while others tear you down for things that are out of your control. Also I can tell you're a good person at heart and you haven't really lied to me. Beside something to do with your name." he told her with a smile.

Her head went down and her bangs shadowed her face. "I just didn't give you my last name. For I feared if I did. Once my parents know I'm gone they will do all they can to find me and I didn't want you to turn me into them. But how it looks like I might be in a different world from the earth I know. I'm not worried. But I was being honest Serenity was once my name. The name given to me by my mother Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium and Moon Kingdom." She told him.

His eyes widen. "You're a princess?" He question as he was going to jump up and bow to the girl. She stopped him and pulled him back down next to her.

"Once upon a time I was a Princess of the Moon Kingdom. But that was so long ago. Before it was destroyed by a wicked woman that wanted the Prince I had fallen for. But I was a fool. He has only used and played me. For he just wanted the power my mother would pass to me when I took over the kingdom. My mother heartbroken defeated the woman and sealed us all away to be reborn. But unknown to my mother at the time. The wick woman was also reborn, and she came back after me for the power my mother left me and for the rotten prince. I was foolish and did all I could to save him and the world from her and the evil that fallowed her. In the end I won, and I got my Prince. But in time he had changed and once we met our future daughter and saw the future, we would lead together he had come cold and destined of me. To the point of yelling at me and blaming me for anything that went wrong in his life and the final straw was when he hit me two days ago. I had enough and waited for my family to take a trip and take the child with them. I left and came here." Said Usagi as now Naruto was holding her as she was crying. She had done her best to keep strong. But everything Mamoru and her friends and daughter have done to her. Just came crashing back down on her and she felt lighter talking to him about it. It was like he was healing her.

"That is horrible he had done that to you and the child you are to have in the future had been rotten to you. But, just remember the future is never set in stone. It is what you make of it. It is a future that you must want to set it in stone and that future didn't sound happy or did it seem to have any love in it." Said Naruto as he smiled down at her.

She hiccupped a little from her tears and smiled. "Your right. I have made it to where he nor the others could fallow me." She said with a happy smile.

"If somehow the bastard shows up here. I'll beat his ass and make his regret ever laying a finger on you." Said Naruto with a grin.

'So my feeling was right. She is of the silver hair goddess.' Thought Kurama as he just stayed quite. There will be time to talk to his kit about this girl.

Time had gone by slowly and Usagi had told Naruto everything about her and about her secret life she had lived for the past two years. That she was the pretty guardian Sailor Moon. The protect of love and Justice.

He enjoyed her stories about battling monsters and the people she had faced up until now and he had open up to her about becoming an ANBU at a very young age and how his mission now was to protect the last Uchiha and find out who his so-called Sensei was working for. Just then they heard a noise.

"Naruto what are you…..." Yelled the chunin that stopped midsentence as he saw Naruto and a girl cuddling together just talking.

Both Naruto and Usagi look at who just jumped down from the tree. With a mental sigh Naruto stood up and smiled at his sensei with a goof smile. Something Usagi caught. 'He wears a mask just like how I did?!' She thought to herself as she stayed sitting next to the large scroll.

"Wow Iruka-sensei you found me. Well I guess us." Said Naruto cheerfully. While mentally kicking himself.

"Naruto what in hell do you think you are doing out here and with the Forbidden Scroll and whose this girl with you?" Asked Iruka as he didn't know what was going on.

With a sheepish smile Naruto spoke. "Well you see Iruka-sensei Mizuki-sensei told me if I stole this scroll and learned something from it. I would be passing a secret test that is only given to a select few each year. He told me I was the lucky one this year. So do I pass sensei?" He question with hope and honesty in his eyes.

This made Iruka feel uneasy and not sure what to think of his childhood best friend. "Naruto. I'm sorry but what Mizuki told you was a lie. We do not have a secret exam we give select few each year." He told his favorite student.

Naruto frowned looking at Iruka. "So he used me to get his hands on this scroll?" He asked as he heard someone laughing up in the trees.

Usagi looked up and saw the silver-blue hair man looking down on them and the look he had in his eyes wasn't right. It left her feeling uneasy.

"Oh Naruto-kun I knew you would be so foolish to believe me. So desperate to pass that you would do anything. Also it didn't help that I messed with your exam when you made the clone. I knew you would had passed this time. For your clones had been getting better and I couldn't chance it. So I had to do something to make sure I had you as my scapegoat." Said Mizuki as he jumped down into the small clearing grinning like a madman.

Naruto's eyes flashed a violet color just briefly if one wasn't looking, they wouldn't had noticed it. But Usagi saw it and felt a dark energy inside the boy. One she had never felt before. But it also felt tainted for it once was pure.

"Well Mizuki-tame I have always known you where up to something and the few times you came to class reeking of snakes had made me question if you had began dating Anko. But I knew that wasn't true for she wouldn't waste her time on you and the only other that summon snakes. Well he is a stain on this village's history. The feeling I have here tonight. You want to give this scroll to that man." Growled out Naruto as he was standing tall and his childish goof personality was now replaced by someone strong and powerful.

Mizuki just laughed as he didn't know what was laying in wait for him. "You finally have something correct. I do work for Lord Orochimaru. He is my true Master. Not that fool of a Hokage that is too old to know better and allow a demon like yourself to walk freely in this village." He laughed baiting Naruto into doing something stupid.

"The old man is wiser then you'll ever be. You will sell your soul to the highest bidder if it ever came down to it." Naruto told him in a cool and calm voice.

Iruka looked at his friend with shock. "How could you do this Mizuki. The Leaf is your home? How can you betray us like this?" He asked as he didn't know what to do.

Mizuki just grinned. "You're the fool for befriending the demon that killed your parent's 15 years ago." He said as he looked over at Naruto as his grin grew even more demonic. "Naruto-kun did you know there is a secret about you that no one is allowed to talk about?" He asked as he looked at the boy.

Naruto was a little confused by this. He knew there was secrets surround his birth and once he finished this mission, he was going to be told who his parents are and another secret the old man looked worried about. "What are you talking about Mizuki-tame?" He question as he wanted to know what the hell was going on now.

"NO YOU MUSTN'T TELL HIM. ITS FORBIDDEN MIZUKI!" Yelled Iruka as he had panic in his voice and fear in his eyes.

Mizuki just glares at Iruka and looks back at Naruto. "The night you where born the Kyubi attacked. The 4th Hokage sealed the beast within a newborn child. That child was you Naruto. You are the Kyubi no Yoko or The Kyubi no Kitsune!" Said Mizuki with glee in his voice. He hoped this would destroy the boy so he could kill him and take the scroll.

Naruto just blinked and looked at Mizuki owlish before he began to laugh. "That's rich. Next your going to tell me that the old man is the Sage of Six Paths." He said between laughs as he already knew about Kurama. He had just never told the old man that he had met the fox when he was little.

Mizuki blinked and glared at the boy before him. This wasn't going as planned. "You knew you were the demon this whole time?!" He demanded.

"No. But I knew of the fox for awhile now. He told me what happen that night I was born and how he was sealed within me. But you have one thing wrong Mizuki-tame. I am not the fox. I am just his jailer as he is my prisoner for as long as I live." Said Naruto as he was growing tried of this little game.

Iruka looked on with shock written all across his face. He was unsure how his little brother was going to take this news. But he had taken it better than anyone would have expected him to.

"You bastard you must die now!" Growled out Mizuki was he was pulling out several Shuriken from his pouch.

Before he knew what happen there was a glow around his body was, he was standing in a large seal. The writing from the ground raced up his body sealing away all his chakra and whatever seals he may have had on his body. "Uzumaki death prison seal complete." Said Naruto as he looked at his old sensei now trader.

Mizuki fell to the ground in pain. His whole body was on fire. At this moment he wished his life was taken for he didn't know if he could withstand this pain much longer.

Just then the 3rd Hokage appeared before them along with his ANBU guards and another team.

"Naruto you have done well." Said Sarutobi as he looked at his grandson in everything but blood.

Naruto looked up at the old man and smiled. "Thanks. But I do want to know one thing." He said looking at the old man.

With a nod of his head for the boy to keep talking. Naruto just looked at him for a few seconds as the others watched on.

"Am I going back to my post or am I truly being forced back in the ranks as a Genin?" Question Naruto as he wasn't sure how to feel about this.

"You need to bond with those of your own age Naruto. As I told you in the past. ANBU was only going to be for a while. I know that you hold a high title within the ranks. But for now we need you to step away for awhile and make a name for yourself in the light of day as for the name you made for yourself in the shadows has built the highest anyone has even seen in the bingo book." Said Sarutobi as he looked at the boy.

With a defeated sigh Naruto looks at the old man. "I just have one request." He told him.

"What would that be Naruto-kun?" Asked Sarutobi with his grandfather smile.

"I do not, and I do repeat this. I do not want to be on the same team as Sasuke Uchiha or Sakura Haruno. They both have mental instability that I fear would get us all killed." Said Naruto as he looked over his shoulder and saw Usagi and smiled. "I wouldn't mind being teamed up with her." He said pointing over his shoulder at the blonde hair girl.

Now that Naruto had pointed her out. Everyone looked at her as she stood up and walked up to them with the large scroll in her arms. She bows to the old man with a soft smile on her face. "I am Usagi Serenity and I am new to the village. I am from across the great sea." She told him as this was the story, they had worked out together.

Sarutobi looked at the girl before him. He didn't feel she was lying to him, but he knew she was hiding something form everyone. "We will speak about this more once we are in my office." He said with a soft smile.

"Alright old man." Said Naruto as he took the scroll and pulled Usagi into his arms. She softly blushed being pulled so closed to him and they vanished in a swirl of leaves and blue flames.

"Lord Hokage." Said Iruka as he was coming out of his shock.

"Yes Iruka-kun?" Asked The 3rd.

"What just happen, and Naruto isn't a Genin but ANBU?" Question Iruka as he didn't know what to do.

"Yes, Naruto has been in ANBU for the past 10 years of his short life. He was placed their after his 5th birthday for protection and six month later he became one of my best agents." Said Sarutobi as he felt sad and guilty for making a child that young into a cold-blooded killer.

Iruka just nodded his head. For he knew if he asked anything else it would be getting to some darker areas that he wish not to know about.

I'm trying this out. This is a story where Naruto is strong and smarter then normal and is ANBU but is forced to retire for now. This is also a story where Usagi is driven away by her friends and future family and is abused by them. She runs away to find love and happiness elsewhere.

Naruto and Usagi will be paired together in the future but I am not going to rush it. They will grow as friends and then into lovers.