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Chapter 11

Stepping out of the shadows is a young man with blonde hair with his face hidden behind a reaper mask. His eyes glowing crimson. "I wouldn't trying anything if I were you." He told the young maiden holding the ice kunai to his neck as another stepped out of the shadows holding a kunai to her neck as needles formed from the shadows around her. Slowly the ice kunai melted from her hand and she told a step back.

"What do you want?" growled out Zabuza narrowing his coal colored eyes at the two brats that got passed Haku and himself.

"Well for starters. You will abandon this mission. For it is a fools mission. For all the awaits you at the end is death." Said Naruto as he throw a large duffle bag at him. "Inside there is the money that Gato has promised to pay you for bring him the head of the old drunk." He told him as he looked over at the shadow walker standing next to him.

Zabuza nodded his head over to Haku who quickly reached down to the bag and open it up to find out if the money is real or just a genjutsu.

The Demon Brother's held onto each other with fear. "What? How are you here?" They asked as one.

Death looked over at them with his glowing crimson eyes. "Do you two frighten demons believe you can escape the grasps of death so easily?" He question them as his voice distorting frightening them even more.

They took a quick step away from him. Mostly hiding behind Zabuza now. The large man just roles his eyes at them.

"I am honored that Death has graced me. By the looks of it War is by his side?" Question Zabuza looking at the shadow walker standing next to Death.

War's golden eyes looked over at Zabuza. "War and Chaos is my calling. Pick a battle with me and you will not walk away alive. As Death shall claim your soul." He told him as his glowing golden eyes look over at Haku who looks over at Zabuza.

"We'll leave this place. We have what we need to fully pay for the rebel armies needs." Said Zabuza as he stood up his eyes locked with Death's glowing crimson's eyes.

"Then we shall allow your group safe passage back to Kiri." Said Death as the giggles of two females could be heard from the shadows of the treehouse.

Zabuza and Haku's eyes widen as they never felt the other two riders around them.

"Don't worry about us. We shall not attack as how Death has promised." Said Strife as white glowing eyes appear in the shadows looking at the man.

"Unlike others we do not go back on our word. We keep our word in this cut throat world of ours." Said Fury as glowing silver eyes appears in the shadows across from Strife.

"Very well then. We shall be gone within the weeks' time." Said Zabuza as he looked to the Demon brothers who nodded their heads and Haku who bowed her head to him.

"Take all the time you need Demon of the Mist. For Gato shall fall by the rise of the crimson moon." Said Death as Strife, Fury, War, and finally Death vanished once more into the shadows they had stepped out of.

Zabuza sat down once more on his massive chair looking to Haku. "There is more money there than what Gato had promised us for this job. More than enough to win the civil war back home." She told him looking out the window she stood next to.

Tazuna's house

Asuma jumped out of his skin as the shadows swirled to life just within the dark living room as he sat in the quiet dinning room waiting for his students to return from their mission.

"Did we frighten you Sensei?" Question Naruto in a playful tone in his voice.

"I really hate you four. That trick is getting on my nerves." Said Asuma as he lets out a sigh.

Shikamaru smirks. "Well I am the first in a very long time in my entire family that is able to shadow walk and as well able to shadow walk with a large group of people." He told the man before him.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm oh so proud of you Shikamaru." Said Asuma as he rolls his eyes at the teenage boy standing before him.

Naruto's eyes harden. "How are things here?" He asked as he looked around.

"It has been pretty peaceful. His daughter had suffered some injuries but will not speak of it to anyone. So maybe Ino and Usagi could find out what happen in the morning?" Asked Asuma as he looked at the two girls.

"We can do that." Said Usagi as she looks at Ino who nods her head.

"I take it there is a child living here as well?" Question Shikamaru as he saw children shoes by the door.

"Yes, his daughter has a son about the age of 9. But he doesn't think we will be able to save anyone and will all die." Said Asuma as he ran his left hand across his face as he had spent the evening dealing with the small boy throwing a fit.

All four nod their heads to this. "Also where are we staying for the night?" Question Naruto as a woman appeared from the stairs.

"Well the boys can stay in one room and the girls in another. That I have set up for you upstairs." She told them as they all turned to her.

Naruto bows to her. "Thank you for allowing us to be staying with you and going out of your away to setting up rooms for us." He told her.

She waved them off as they noticed that her right arm is bandaged up and her left leg is also bandaged up. "Allow me to show you to your rooms." She told them as she turned to walk up the stairs. The four teens followed after her as they didn't want to be rude and they figured after they saw their rooms, they could meet up in one of the rooms and talk with their sensei a little more and tell him what they had been up too.

Asuma walked up behind them and walked into the room set up for him and the boys. He walked over to the corner and sat down. 'I wonder how their side mission when. How they look it went well for they do not look injured or even appear to have fought anyone. So that is a plus. But with Naruto you never know as he can spam shadow clones like it's no one's business.' He thought to himself as he let out a sigh.

Naruto sat under the window as he unsealed a bottle water and a sandwich. Shikamaru took the wall across from him doing the same unsealing something to drink and something to eat as they looked to their sensei. "Once the girls are here, we will give you our mission briefing and I will be sending off a scroll to Jiji to let him know how far we have gotten so far." Said Naruto as he took a bit out of his sandwich as the girls came walking into the room with their food and drinks.

Tsunami watched the girls take food and water bottles into the boy's room as they chatted about something. 'They are so young and are already season killers. What father told me when we went upstairs. The blonde hair boy is a high rank then their sensei and has taken over this mission. But just looking at them they all have so much life they still need to live.' She thought as she let a sigh escape her lips as she closed her bedroom door and walked over to her bed and sat down looking out the broken bedroom window. A single tear rolling down her cheek. "Never again." She whispered as she made a fist grabbing her sheet.

"We bought off Zabuza. But that took all my fun money from all the damn SS-rank mission I took. So Gato will be paying me back and in tomorrow night is the blood moon. That is the night we will be riding in and taking the little trolls head." Said Naruto looking a little annoyed about losing his fun money from all his high rank missions.

"We did tell you not to give him that much." Said Ino laughing at him.

Naruto pouted and glared at her. "Yeah but if I didn't. He wouldn't have taken our pay off. For you heard what that money is for." He told her.

"He is using that money to pay for the rebel army in Kiri." Said Shikamaru as he looks over at his team leader. "So he is going to be leaving here by dawn and stealing a boat to get to get there quickly as the rebel army is getting pushed back." He said looking up from his notes.

"Wow. You have been going over all the notes from Naruto's spy network." Said Usagi looking over at Shika as he just rolls his eyes.

"Well our team needs to know what is happening everywhere all the time. Also he doesn't always have time to deal with his own network. So when I don't have anything to do or if I can send a clone. I do." Said Shika as he looks down at his notes as he was working on something that was troubling him for a while.

"We need to look into what is happening in the Land of Tea. For if that Snake is hiding there in that new village. That could be trouble for us." Said Shika as the others nod their heads.

"That is why we are taking out Gato. For he is one of his suppliers for Slaves and drugs." Said Naruto as his icy baby blues harden as the room grows cold.

"With Gato out of the picture that will only leave him with three other slavers. For the three ANBU groups I have out their working taking out slavers. We are taking them out faster than what they can regroup and reopen as we blow up the base as well. So they can use it anymore. Even though we have found some trying in the past." Said Naruto as he even open his own little notebook.

"I heard that it was Team Demon, Yami, Shadow. That are heading up those raids." Said Asuma as he looks at Naruto.

"They are. But they are due to return to the village to rest and a new team to take over under a new names. For once the names are known. That means the teams are endanger." Said Naruto looking to his sensei.

Asuma nodded his head. "That isn't good." He told his student.

"No. Also it doesn't help we have about four or five spies in the village working for the snake. As well I had to crack down on the bitch that ran the orphanage as she was selling kids to the bastard. So now we have new people heading it and ANBU watching over the kids now." Said Naruto as he let out a tried sigh.

Everyone's eyes widen at this. "Does the Hokage know of this?" Asked Ino with horror in her voice.

"Yeah. But there was nothing no one could do for we needed to catch the bitch and when we did. Ibiki gave her soul to the devil." Said Naruto looking out the window to the moon that was a light orange color.

They just nodded their heads as they didn't know what to say.

"But with Gato gone we will cut one of the largest Drug and Slave traffickers we have. But we might have to deal with his bastard son later on maybe for Gato was grooming the little shit to take over when the time came. But when the little bitch hears about his father's death. There will be nothing he can do. For he will not have that much power for I will be taking control of Gato's Shipping and other companies he has and used to cover his dirty dealings and cleaning house." Said Naruto as his eyes flashed crimson as he wanted nothing more to kill the little bastard.

They all just nodded their heads in agreement as they understood what their team leader was talking about and wanted to do what they could to do some good for their screwed up world.


Sailor Pluto stood before Sailor Uranus and Neptune. "I am shocked you two have awaken with the Princess not here." She told the two Sailors before her.

Uranus crossed her arms over her chest. "I do not know what happen. But we awake when the Dark Moon Family was attacking." She the Guardian of Time.

Pluto nodded her head. "I guess something knew our Princess was going to be leaving our world and our strongest would be needed to protect our world." She said more to herself than the other two.

"That it might be. But we will not work with the little brats of the inners that helped make our Princess run away." Said Sailor Neptune as she seen them and wanted nothing to do with them.

"As you wish. As we never worked with them in the past. We are strongest of them all. Well besides our Princess." Said Pluto.

Before the three women a fairy of a woman appears.

They pale and bow to one knee quickly. "Queen Serenity." They say as one.

"My outer Guardians. It is a blessing to see your lovely smiles once more." Said the Fairy like Queen of the Former Moon Kingdom.

'"My Queen what brings you here?" Questions Sailor Pluto.

"I have come to tell you. My daughter is safe in her new world and as well to bring you Sailor Saturn." Said Queen Serenity as she holds a baby girl with purple eyes in her arms. "Please take care of her. Her powers need to waken once more as I have saved her from having Mistress 9 taking over her body. But Saturn has forced her back into her infant state to regain her energy once more." She told them as their eyes open wide with horror and shock as Mistress 9 was an agent of an enemy they faced so long ago.

"Will we ever know where the Princess has vanished to?" Asked Sailor Neptune as she was wondering to why the Princess would leave the way she did.

"Yes in time. In time those who she wishes will come to her." Said the Queen but she frown looking down and back at the three woman before her. "But I fear that her trust inner court has fallen from her favor and will never have her favor ever again. With that you four will be the one to be her new protectors when the time comes." She told them smiling at them with tears slowly rolling down her cheeks.

"We understand." Said Sailor Neptune as she has noticed that the inner scouts have slowly been losing their powers and gifts from the moon family have given them all to protect the royal family.

With that the Fairy Moon Queen faded away.